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DIY Kitchen Utensil Drawer Organizer — Easy!!

October 14, 2013
custom wood diy kitchen utensil drawer organizer cheap-12

I saw this idea over on the fabulous blog Restoration Beauty and was immediately inspired to try it on my own kitchen drawers! She made it look so easy, I had to try it for myself. You guys, this was so easy, cost less than $10 to do, and I am SO THRILLED with how […]

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Dog Crate Bumper Pads Sewing Pattern

April 11, 2013
Dog Crate Bumper Pads Sewing Pattern from

Remember this cute photo of Miley and Howie and their custom crate covers? :) (I just feel like I need to warn you, that post is from way back in 2008, so prepare yourself to be jolted back in time if you click!) It has been going around Pinterest lately, and I’ve gotten lots of […]

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Cupcake Party

February 9, 2012

One evening last month, I invited a few girls over to help me eat the enormous amounts of chocolate I amassed in New York over my birthday weekend. We drank hot chocolate, made s’mores, and stuffed ourselves silly with french truffles and 14 different kinds flavored chocolate bars. In between all the chocolate tasting and […]

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Chocolate Taste Testing Party!

January 5, 2012
Dylan's Candy Bar Chocolate Taste Testing Party

Hey guys! So, oh my gosh. Have y’all heard of┬áDylan’s Candy Bar in NYC? Oh my gosh. It is this giant candy store with three entire floors filled with every kind of chocolate and candy you can imagine! It is all about the chocolate from candy bars and truffles to chocolate fashion, jewelry, and chocolate […]

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A Fun & Fuzzy Boston Terrier Shirt

November 23, 2010

This little fuzzy boston terrier tee is so fun! I used the Silhouette craft cutter for this project and I was seriously shocked at how quick and easy it was to put together. Usually I can muster up the energy to make something once, and then I’m done- no more for awhile. But I could […]

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Make a Ringlet T-shirt Scarf for Fall

October 29, 2010

This little ringlet scarf made out of old t-shirts is so fun for fall! There’s no sewing involved (hallelujah!), and you can make it while sitting in front of the TV in less time than it takes to watch a really good, trashy show on E. Since I have an abundance of orange and blue […]

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Glittered Fall Pumpkins

October 8, 2010

Hi friends! I’m running around San Francisco this weekend, trying to keep up with Jenny at Picky Palate at the BlogHer food event! :) While I’m away, my other friend Jenny is taking over my blog for a fun fall tutorial. Take it away, Jenny! I am so excited that Amanda is trusting me to […]

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Make a Ruffled Camera Strap Slipcover

October 1, 2010

I am in love with anything ruffly and flirty – I’m totally digging the ruffled camera strap trend. And I’m really loving all the purpley grays, berry pinks, and olive greens I’ve been seeing everywhere for fall. Gorgeous. I love the idea of a camera strap slipcover that can easily be changed out with new […]

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Tutorial: Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display

July 16, 2010

This fun little shabby chic earring stand, made from an altered picture frame, is a great way to hang and display all your beautiful, dangling earrings. I had the idea for this project after we talked about my love affair with dangly earrings and how to display them. I don’t know about you, but I […]

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Oh, for the love of Scarf. Make a T-shirt Scarf!

March 25, 2010

A few weeks ago (after I professed my undying affection for scarves) my lovely and creative blog pal Allie Brownie sent me this super fun link: Make It and Love it: Knit Scarf *gasp* … How FUN! An adorable, shabby scarf I could totally make! :) And what a cute site too, huh? I’ve already […]

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A Photo Rag Quilt!

October 31, 2008

I had so much fun making my first rag quilt, I immediately had to start another one! And I had *just* the project in mind. Several years ago I was browsing through a craft store when I came across printable fabric. Yes, printable fabric you put in your printer and print digital pictures from your […]

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Shabby Chic Rag Quilt!

October 27, 2008

I have been seeing these super cute rag quilts lately and have been dying to try one! I’ve always wanted to make a quilt (despite my glaring lack of sewing skillz) and these rag quilts looked like something I could handle. I am really *so bad* at sewing, so I always have tons of extra […]

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