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How to Hike Rainbow Mountain in Peru

Hiking Rainbow Mountain Peru is one of the most popular day trips from Cusco Peru. There are countless number of tour agencies offering day trips from Cusco if you want to go with a group. But did you know you can also go on your own?

Rainbow Mountain Peru

Going to Rainbow Mountain Peru On Your Own

It’s super easy, so much more convenient, and definitely more comfortable to hike Rainbow Mountain on your own. And if you’re at least 2 people, the price is almost the same. The group tours leave Cusco at 3-4 AM, but if you go on your own, you can sleep in, miss the crowds, and have Rainbow Mountain Peru all to yourself. I highly recommend this day trip from Cusco!

If you want to do this hike on your own, you do need to be prepared. Keep reading below for everything you need to know about hiking Rainbow Mountain on your own.

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