Free Fonts for Monday!

Happy Monday! I’ve got 10 brand new free handwriting fonts for you today over on the Fonts for Peas section of Kevin and Amanda. There are over 500 free and unique handwriting fonts all made from your submitted handwriting samples!

10 Free Handwriting Fonts with Matching Doodles!

Above is a quick preview of the 10 brand new fonts. I think you can get a better feel of how a font looks when you see it in a paragraph, as opposed to just seeing the name, the alphabet, or a single sentence. So to make things fun, and because because we had to leave Paris yesterday, and because I love the movie Sabrina, today I thought I’d share 10 fun trivia facts and quotes from the movie Sabrina. The new one, with Harrison Ford. Sorry Audrey Hepburn fans! Each fun fact is represented by one of the new fonts. That way you get to read fun facts about Sabrina and you get to see cute fonts! :)

Let’s take a look at the new fonts below. Click on Fonts for Peas to download them all.

P.S. Use CliqueMe to “Like” your favorite font, and I’ll be sure to make more like it! Enjoy!! :)


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


500 Free Handwriting Fonts


*Facts via IMDB.


Want to get your handwriting turned into a font? Submit your handwriting here.

Thanks so much for looking!! Have a great week! :)

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12 Responses
  1. Sara


    I would like to use your fonts on products that I make to sell on Teachers pay teachers. Do I need a license for this? Do I need to add your website information to give you credit on my products?

  2. Connie Miles

    Thanks for the great fonts and for making me laugh out loud (Sabrina)!! Now I’ve got to go watch it again!! And maybe even scrap a favorites page using your Sabrina quotes and fonts.

  3. Debbie Christianson

    I’m so glad there is someone else that loves that movie!! Whenever I want a pick-me-up, or to just grin from ear to ear, I put in Sabrina. :)

  4. Teri

    Love the fonts! Have a question, does anyone else have problems reading the name of fonts when installed from the selection bar? They are very scratchy looking and are hard to read, could it be a installation problem?
    Thanks for the help.

  5. Brittney

    love this movie SOOOO much! I looked at your fonts before reading your into, and saw the name Patrick Tyson, and the first part of the quote, and you have NO IDEA how excited I got! :) I LOVE getting your emails, and reading your posts! Your photography is seriously stunning! Thanks you for doing whet you do! you make a lot of people very happy! :)

  6. Heidi

    Thanks a whole bunch for the new fonts!!! I’m a fonts JUNKIE!! I LOVE the movie Sabrina-the new one and the old one! Audrey was exquisite and mesmerizing! What a unique way to give us quotes from the movie! Thanks again for your time in putting this together!!

  7. Beth

    THANK YOU for such wonderful fonts! I use them for different projects DAILY and I am thankful for the time you have invested in making them!

  8. Christina

    This is one of my favorite movies. Thanks for the smiles this morning! And thank you for the fonts! Wonderful as always.

  9. jeani b

    i ‘found’ your pea fonts years and years ago and love love love them. i’m so glad you’re still making them and that this time i’m on your list to receive updates when new ones are available! thank you!

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