Top 3 Best Things to do in Ronda, Spain

Planning a trip to Ronda, Spain but not sure what to do while you’re there? Discover the top 3 best things to do in Ronda, Spain. These must see destinations are absolutely magical and our simple guide will help you plan your trip so you don’t miss anything!

Ronda Spain at sunset

The Top 3 Best Things to Do in Ronda, Spain

Ronda is a charming hilltop town in Andalusia, a mountainous region in southern Spain. The city is built right on the edge of a cliff with dramatic views over a deep gorge. If this is your first time to Ronda, use the guide below to make sure you don’t miss any of the BEST things to do in Ronda!

Ronda Spain

Best Things To Do in Ronda #1 -Puente Nuevo

The first thing you’ll want to do in Ronda is see the Puente Nuevo (New Bridge). This famous bridge is the focal point of the city.

Ronda Spain

Construction for the bridge started in 1759 and it took 34 years to build. The bridge spans a 390-foot gorge over the Guadalevín River and divides the city of Ronda into New Town and Old Town.

Ronda Spain

There’s a small room inside the bridge above the middle arch that was once used a prison and torture chamber. Captured opponents were thrown from the windows to the rocks at the bottom of the El Tajo gorge. Now there’s a museum inside the chamber that you can visit if you want to check it out!

El Tajo Gorge in Ronda Spain

Best Things To Do in Ronda #2 — El Tajo Gorge

From the Puente Nuevo there are a few observation decks to take in the dramatic views of El Tajo Gorge in all directions.

El Tajo Gorge in Ronda Spain

You can see homes built right on the edge of a cliff!

El Tajo Gorge in Ronda Spain

The rolling hills, farmland, and mountains remind me of Tuscany.

Ronda Spain

Best Things To Do in Ronda #3 — Path To Guadalevín River

There’s a fairly easy paved walking path down to a scenic viewpoint of the Puente Nuevo. If you search for “Mirador de María Auxiliadora Ronda” on Google Maps, the path starts near there.

Puente Nuevo Bridge in Ronda Spain

From here you have beautiful views of the bridge and a waterfall on the Guadalevín River.

Puente Nuevo Bridge in Ronda Spain

Where Should You Stay While Visiting Ronda, Spain?

You can easily visit Ronda as a day trip from Malaga or Marbella. However if you will be spending the night, the best place to stay in Ronda is near the Plaza España so you will be within walking distance to the Puente Nuevo area.

Airbnb is a great option in Ronda Spain. We booked an entire, private apartment with a living room and fully-equipped kitchen for less than $54 per night.

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Ronda Spain

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Ronda Spain

Ronda Spain

Ronda Spain

Ronda Spain

Ronda Spain

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3 Responses
  1. Peter

    Great article and pictures!! Ronda is such a magical place. I love the views from the Pueste Nuevo and groge. The old town is also fantastic

  2. Peter

    Nice article and pictures. Ronda is such a magical city, love the Puente Nuevo and the gorge. The old town is also very nice

  3. sabrina

    beautiful, wow, you really top the photographs I’ve seen of this bridge with a more dramatic shot showing the whole, vertical thing, I’ve only ever been to San Sebastian and other parts of northern Spain like Pamplona and Pyrenees, never made it to the south, great inspiration, thank you

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