Free Font Friday! Fifteen New Fonts

Hi guys! It’s Free Font Friday! I have fifteen fabulously fun and brand new handwriting fonts to share today. Yay! If you love collecting fonts, head on over to the Fonts for Peas section of Kevin and Amanda to check out all the new free fonts up for grabs. I love making handwriting fonts, and love sharing them with you guys. Just something I like to do in my free time! :)

The Fonts for Peas are all made from your submitted handwriting samples

And your cute doodles too!

Just look at these doodles from Pea Stylist today. How cute is that adorable owl?! Love him! You can download him and the rest of the fonts here.


Would you like your handwriting as a font?

I’m always accepting new submissions! I’d love to make your font :)

Click Here to Submit Your Handwriting

Look forward to hearing from you! Hope you enjoy the fonts. :) Have a great weekend, friends!

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39 Responses
  1. Lil

    I love your fonts. I think they are great. I need some structured fonts as well.
    Looking for font packages to purchase that are similar to tiny prints. Any suggestions?
    I am a photographer and I design cards. Help!

  2. Deb RUnyon

    Hi! What a fun site you have!!! I have downloaded a couple of your free fonts but can’t seem to get them to install. Any suggestion? I teach school and would love to use some of your fonts for my classroom. Thank you for your help with this!

  3. Andrea

    The darling gal behind Pea Stylist is one of my dearest friends! Since we were teenagers I always thought someone should make a font of her handwriting. I am super excited to download this cute little font and all of its doodles! It’s like our notes from middle school have been immortalized!

  4. Christi Kirzner

    As always thanks for your creativity and for sharing….I was trying to download the new fonts and the file indicated it was only supported by a Windows based system….is there a way I can download and use on my Mac??? Thanks!

  5. Erin @ A Crafty Cook

    Hurray! Just yesterday I was thinking, it’s been a while since I’ve seen any new fonts posted. I guess I spoke too soon.

    1. Amanda

      So sorry about that Julie!! I think I fixed it. see if it works now, and let me know if you’re still having any problems. :)

    1. Amanda

      So sorry about that Michell!! I think I fixed it. see if it works now, and let me know if you’re still having any problems. :)

  6. Lesa

    As always thanks for you generosity Amanda! They are so cute but for the first time I’m having trouble downloading because it says ‘only for windows’ when I click on the download link :-( Am I doing something wrong or has anyone else had this? Thanks for help!

    1. Amanda

      Oh my gosh, I am so sorry about that Lesa!! I think I see what the problem is, and I just tried to fix it. See if you can download them now, and let me know if you can’t! That is actually cracking me up because I have a Mac too, and these were made on a Mac, lol! :)

    2. Lesa

      You ROCK! It’s working now! Thanks a million! That is too funny that they were made on a MAC and then there was a glitch ;-) After you fixed it everything worked as usual! Supercute!

  7. Elizabeth

    I love your fonts Amanda! Thanks so much for the work you do to create these fonts and for sharing them for free.

  8. Maureen

    God bless PW, because I found your site through her and I just love it! These fonts are adorable and I downloaded them all. Thanks so much for sharing them with us and for FREE, too generous!

  9. Andrea

    Fonts are Wickedly A-dor-a-ble Amanda!!! ;) But more than that I love, love, LOVE the choice of song lyrics you used to display the cute fonts!! It’s my favorite!! :) Thanks for all you do!!

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