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free fonts


It’s Free Font Friday! If you love fonts, head on over to Fonts for Peas and check out all the new free handwriting fonts up for grabs.

There are 10 brand new fonts today!

The Fonts for Peas are all made from your submitted handwriting samples

And your incredibly cute doodles too!


free fonts

There are even fonts submitted by boys. This is Gabe’s handwriting. It kinda reminds me of Dawson’s Creek.


free fonts

And check out this incredibly intricate, medieval-esque hand drawn font from Pea Danley. Ultra cool!

Get these fonts and all the rest over at Fonts for Peas.


Your Handwriting as a Font?

Would you like your handwriting or doodles as a font? I’m always accepting new submissions! I’d love to make your font.

Click Here to Send Me Your Handwriting

Look forward to hearing from you! Have a great weekend!

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21 Responses
  1. Morgan

    This is going to sound totally nuts.. but could you do a cute font for Greek letters? The standard symbols are sooo incredibly boring and it would be awesome to have some cute options for our sorority stuff!

  2. Amy W.

    I just wanted to thank you for doing all of these fabulous fonts for years now! I still get a smile on my face when I see that you have my font on your website as part of it’s directory (MORE FONTS {Pea Superamy}) Such a compliment! I hop you have a very merry holiday!

  3. Rebecca

    Thank you SOOOOO much! I’m hoping some day you could add a few of the letters that are used in spanish with the symbols so when I translate the papers to send home to my students I can use some of these fun fonts on some of the notes. I feel bad that the English side is in the cute handwriting fonts and the spanish side is in traditional fonts. Thanks again! Love these so much!

  4. heidi

    Dear Amanda,

    I love fonts! I have tons on my computer. But how do I keep track. Sometimes I want something that I remember seeing in a font and it takes so long to figure out what key makes the image. I thought of printing a “font guide”… then I did look on the internet for programs that may help keep track of fonts… just didn’t seem to find the answer yet…Just wondering how you do it…


  5. Andrea

    I always get so excited when I see you have new fonts! Thanks for being so helpful to my husband with the birthday ideas. And way to go trying to plug getting me a Silhouette…didn’t get one yet but I’m hoping all the hints will be enough that it might happen someday in the future! :)

    I’m so excited about having my own domain!

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