Sunset on the Malecon

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

On our last evening in Mexico we walked along the La Paz Malecón before dinner. It’s a 5 kilometer boardwalk along the beach and the center of activity in La Paz. We showed up about an hour before the sun went down, and there were tons of children and families walking up and down the beach, enjoying warm summer night.

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

It’s a pretty darn good spot to watch the sun set.

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

It always amazes me how quickly the sun goes from this…

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

To this…

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

And it’s gone.

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

It can happen in seconds.

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

I took this one out the window of a moving vehicle on our way to dinner.

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

The next day I flew back to LA, and I watched the sun set again from the plane.

Sunset on the Malecón | La Paz, Mexico

I could not get over how fiery red the sky over LA was immediately after the sun set!

Here are three of the restaurants we ate at in La Paz, just in case you find yourself there and need some recommendations.

Steinbeck’s – All fresh, all local. The steak, potatoes, and churros here were worth writing home about!
at the Costa Baja Resort and Spa

La Barcaccia – How Mexico does Italian. The shrimp risotto. Yes.
Costa Baja Marina
La Paz, Mexico
Within walking distance of the resort

Buffalo BBQ – Possibly my favorite meal in La Paz!
Madero 1240
Col. Centro, La Paz 23000

Have a beautiful weekend!


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32 Responses
  1. Olga

    Hi. i have your blog on my favourite pages, i have tried your recipes and i live in Cabo.. it is really nice to see you went to La Paz, i lived there for 5 years aswell… i just found it funny.. i cant way to try your BEST CHOCOLATE CAKE EVER… you do you think it would work without the chocolate puding.. it is hard to find here…

  2. Ana

    Oh wow, that is an incredible view! I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a spectacular sunset, so now it’s definitely been added to my list of things I MUST see! I can’t take my eyes off of these pictures!!

  3. Tina Thunell

    You pictures are very beautiful, you are a very talented photographer. , I am missing your old blog, recipes, decorating, scrapbook stuff, projects. The bake shops and hotels are not quite as interesting. I keep checking in though, but it feels more like a travel blog now.

  4. Karen Melbourne

    My ultimate favourite photos of mine have always been sunsets and gosh darn did you capture them beautifully. Absolutely stunning photos, wish I was there with you :)

  5. Lotus

    I sooo love sunsets! These are amazing shots you’ve captured. Have you taken pictures of Autumn sunrises? My job starts before sunrise in the Autumn and I am just in awe when I have the opportunity to absorb them before driving! BTW, I drive a city bus… ; )

  6. BECKY

    Prettiest sunset I’ve ever seen. You are way talented in photography. You capture the awe in the moment along with such vivid colors and crispness. Thanks for sharing them with us. Hugs, Becky

  7. Donna

    The sunsets you have shown us are beautiful! It is amazing how quickly the sun actually sets, you’re right! I showed one of the grandchildren a sunset one evening on the coast, and they said, “OK, do it again!” Children keep us on our toes, for sure.

    Thank you for sharing!
    Continued blessings,

  8. Bonnie A

    Amanda….I follow several bloggers and I have to say I enjoy yours the MOST! You have such great variety to offer. I have tried several of the products you have blogged about. The Sanuk flip flops are the MOST fantastic. I have bought 4 pairs and 1 for my son’s girlfriend. We are nuts for them. I enjoy how you write and the wonderful pictures! So glad I have found your Blog.

  9. Angie

    Oh my word, Amanda! Those sunset shots are so amazing. You need to come up with something creative to do with them – they can’t just stay on your computer!! Thanks for sharing.

  10. Casey @ Pocket Full of Sunshine

    Sunsets are my favorite types of photos—these are stunning, Amanda! Just curious—do you edit much in Photoshop, or were the colors just that gorgeous? I find that most of the time, I don’t need to edit sunsets all that much!

  11. Michelle Barrow

    Amanda, I think these photos are some of your very best. Absolutely beautiful. The sunsets were stunning, and I love the colors in the boardwalk photo! Great job!

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