Seaside Florida — One Of The Very Best Beaches In Florida

Looking for the best Florida beaches? Seaside Florida is one of the most amazing beaches in Florida and if you haven’t visited it yet, you must! This guide will help you plan your trip so you don’t miss any of the best things to do while visiting this beautiful Florida beach.

Seaside Florida

What Makes Seaside Florida the Best Beach?

In Seaside Florida you can walk or bike anywhere. You don’t need a car. The narrow cobblestone streets are lined with charming beach cottages, white picket fences, and picturesque storefronts.

Seaside Florida

In the center of town there’s a field that hosts a weekly farmer’s market, outdoor concerts, and movies under the stars.

Around the town square are renowned restaurants, quiet cafes, gourmet food trucks, stylish clothing boutiques, art galleries and a quaint book and record store. There’s also the famous Modica Market with every gourmet grocery item you could ever dream of. They even have coffee ice cream made with beans roasted at the local coffee shop.

It’s the idyllic life.

Seaside Florida

The Sand at Seaside Beach Florida – So Amazing!

There is nothing quite like Florida beaches. The sand is white as snow and soft as baby powder.

Seaside Florida

The water is crystal clear and turquoise blue.

Seaside Florida

Why Seaside Florida is One of the Best Beaches for Families

The waves are normally gentle and easy, making Seaside Florida one of the best beaches in Florida for families.

Seaside Florida

Things to See At Seaside Beach:

The Seaside Florida Tower

This is the iconic Seaside Florida beach-access tower.

Seaside Florida

Seaside Florida Post Office

How cute is this teeny post office in the center of town?

Seaside Florida

Looking for a Seaside Florida Rental?

Seaside is not like other commercialized beach towns. There are no skyscraper hotels or giant condominiums. Instead there are quiet, cobblestone streets with pastel-colored beach cottages and white picket-fences. Instead of being cramped in a tiny hotel room, it feels like you’re actually living at the beach.

Seaside Florida

If you’re looking for the best Seaside Florida rentals, we highly recommend the Cottage Rental Agency!

Read More: Our beach cottage rental in Seaside Florida

Seaside Florida

The Truman Show in Seaside Florida!

Did you know The Truman Show was filmed in Seaside? It is one of my favorite movies and we brought the DVD with us and watched it one night to see if we could recognize anything. The Seaside Beach Tower and Modica Market are totally recognizable!

Best Seaside Florida Restaurants

Seaside Florida

Great Southern Cafe

Great Southern Cafe is a must if you are anywhere near Seaside Florida. They are famous for their old fashioned southern brunch. We started with the beignets and they were fabulous. Then I had the corned beef hash eggs benedict. It came with smoked gouda cheese grits and they were AMAZING!!

Seaside Florida

Stinky’s Fish Camp

This Key Lime Pie from Stinky’s Fish Camp is without a doubt one of the best things I have ever eaten. Not just one of the best key lime pies I have ever tasted, but of the BEST THINGS I have ever eaten, ever. It is pure heaven. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and tart with the perfect texture and ratio of pie to crust.

If you are ever within 100 miles of this place, no matter how full you are, this key lime pie is a MUST order. You can even call ahead and get a whole pie to go!

Seaside Florida


Pickle’s is famous in Seaside Florida for their burgers and shakes!

Seaside Florida Restaurants

We had breakfast here and just about died over this french toast! It is soft, sweet, and delicious. The owner told us the secret. The french toast is dipped in a melted ice cream based custard before it is grilled. Melted Ice Cream French Toast!!

Seaside Florida

Food Trucks in Seaside Florida

The main street in town is lined with the cutest food trucks in Airstream campers. I wanted to eat at all of them!

Seaside Florida

The Melt Down

The Melt Down has so many decadent varieties of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. We got one of each and shared so we could try them all. My favorites were the Three Cheese, the Smokin’ Turkey (with bacon, avocado, and jack cheese), and the Strawberry Goat Cheese.

Seaside Florida

Frost Bites

How cute is this shaved ice truck?

Seaside Florida

Kevin loves shaved ice and got his two favorite flavors together: grape and banana!

Seaside Florida

The Shrimp Shack

The Shrimp Shack in Seaside Florida has the BEST sunset view on the beach. If you want a special dinner in Seaside be sure to make a reservation here!

Seaside Florida

Blue Mountain Creamery

We LOVE the  ice cream from Blue Mountain Creamery! I loved their “Cookie Doughlicious” ice cream. It’s cookies and cream ice cream with chunks of cookie dough!

Seaside Florida

Charlie’s Donut Truck

These doughnuts are so famous in Seaside Florida that they are usually sold out every morning by 9 AM! We got there right when they first opened at 6:30 AM and there was already a line!

Seaside Florida

Fortunately we were still able to get one of each doughnut they had.

Seaside Florida

The raspberry and blueberry filled doughnuts were amazing!! I usually don’t like jam-filled doughnuts because the filling tastes too sweet and fake, but these were perfect!

Seaside Florida

They had a delicious red velvet doughnut and an old fashioned doughnut as well.

Seaside Florida

How fun is this chocolate sprinkles doughnut??

Seaside Florida Shopping

Seaside Florida

Deja Vu

Deja Vu is one of my favorite boutiques ever. They have the cutest most unique clothes. You know no one back home will have anything like it. One of my favorite tops (I’m wearing it in the first photo in this post) came from Deja Vu.

Seaside Florida


Perspicasity is a big outdoor market in Seaside Florida.

Seaside Florida

They have fun clothes, jewelry, purses, scarves, and more.

Seaside Florida

It’s the perfect place for sitting outside and people-watching.

Seaside Florida
Perspicasity outdoor market in Seaside Florida

Seaside Florida


And last but not least, don’t miss the iconic Seaside Style shop!

Seaside Florida

The most popular souvenir from Seaside Florida is the classic t-shirt from this shop.

Seaside Florida

They have them in every color of the rainbow!

Have you been to Seaside Florida?

Did I miss any of the best things to do in Seaside Florida? What is your favorite thing to do there? Do you think it’s one of the best beaches in Florida?

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Best Beaches in Florida

Best Beaches in Florida

Best Beaches in Florida

Best Beaches in Florida

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51 Responses
  1. Sophie

    Hey, Amanda!

    Lovely blogpost! As if I were there with you, guys!
    Im already daydreaming of next year, when me and my husband are moving to Sabbia Beach Resort ( ), near Pompano Beach, South Florida. I hope it would be exactly like on your pictures!

    P.S: You are really inspiring! I’ve been reading your blog for a while. (writing a comment for the first time though)
    I wish you a even sunnier life :-)


  2. Renee

    I have been 3 times in the last year and have fallen so in love with that area that me & my husband are making plans to move there! Your pictures and stories prove that we are making the right choice!

  3. Lori

    Florida has always been my favorite vacation spot. Our best trip was to Sanibel Island when my daughter turned two and was able to enjoy the beaches and shells. She is 6 now and still loves going to florida!

  4. Jennifer Lassiter

    We have been taking our family to Seaside for the last 8-10 years! Not very many people know about it, we drive 12 hours to get there. I was shocked to see that you went. Did you get the custard stuffed snow cone at Frost Bites? It is to die for. Also, I hope you went to The Red Bar at Grayton (its 5 miles from Seaside), they have the best key lime pie I have ever eaten. I’m so glad you loved it!

  5. Susan 30A EATS

    So glad you enjoyed your stay in my home town! If visiting again, give me a shout at 30AEATS! Would love to connect! Loved the photos, and that you were able to visit many of my favorite restaurants and shops! It is a blessing to live and work in such a beautiful place. Best, Susan Benton

  6. Amanda

    We were stationed in FWB for years, and I was so sad to leave. Specifically, because of Seaside. We’d spend weekends and spare moments there because we loved it so much! It is, however, a driving town. There is just limited parking, so it’s easier to walk/bike. We will be visiting there again soon.

  7. Rachel @ Baked by Rachel

    What a cute photo of the two of you! Your description of living in a small town plus the beach is absolutely perfect. I’ve always wanted to be in a place like that … for an extended stay or permanently!

  8. Melanie Fontaine

    Wow, this place is just stunning! And the food you had just makes me swoon – I would love to have a piece of this Key Lime Pie! (Or, rather, the whole thing! ;) )

  9. Janna

    As a panhandle girl, this made me homesick! You make the “redneck riviera” look fabulous! Thanks for capturing it so beautifully! Keep up the good work! :)

  10. michi

    After having terrible wanderlust while looking through this post, I start flipping through the channels and what should happen to be on tv…. The Truman Show! :) I’m adding seaside to my list! Thanks for the great post!

  11. Roz

    This is so crazy Amanda because I was just going through my t-shirts this morning and I picked up my absolutely favorite t-shirt that I purchased from “Pickles” in Seaside, FL when we first visited that darling little village of a town several years ago. I remember every building that you photographed here. The water on the “Emerald Coast” is (in my opinion) hands-down more beautiful than any other Florida waters. I hope to return again soon! Thanks for a lovely post!!!!!


  12. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    Someone just mentioned Seaside, FL to me the other day — so coincidental! And now with all of these beautiful pictures, I think I’m going to have to get there sooner or later!

  13. Rebekah

    I want you to teach me how to take pictures. You are so talented! Also, I love seeing pictures of your dogs! I have two boston terriers and a weenie dog. I will have to send you some pictures of them sometime.

  14. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    What a beautiful place! I don’t know anything at all about Florida, so it’s nice to get some details about an undiscovered treasure!

  15. Ashley

    First, WAR EAGLE! Second, we stayed in Seagrove Beach (about 2 miles east of Seaside) last month and it was AH-MAZING! We, too, ate at Stinky’s Fish Camp and I have to agree with you on the Key Lime Pie! And then those gouda cheese grits at Great Southern Cafe – to DIE for…I had them in their shrimp & grits dish. Good grief it was good. Love your pics – makes me want to go back like right this minute! :) Here is my post on our amazing family trip:

  16. Milynn

    Beautiful trip! I’ve lived in FL most of my life and never made the trek there yet! Beautiful place, and that post office is just darling!

  17. Stephanie DeArco

    These photos really made me miss home (Fort Walton Beach, FL). I haven’t been to Seaside much when I lived in FL (but Destin a lot). So thanks for opening my eyes to what cities near by have to offer :)

  18. Lynne

    My husband and I just spent 10 days in Destin and accidentally stumbled across Seaside.
    We loved it so much that we went back several times. Grayton was also fun. Love your pictures.

  19. Christa Graham

    What an awesome post! And amazing pictures! The town look so quaint and beautiful. I love writing up trip reports on my blog, too. I recently did one for a trip back to Ohio and our mini vacation in South Carolina. Next up is Washington DC at the end of the month!

  20. Kristin @ Little Corbin Hill

    Absolutely beautiful! I live in FL and sadly, I’ve never been here! Definitely putting it on my list =)

  21. annie

    We got to Rosemary Beach every year. There is not a spot on 30 A that isn’t drool worthy. Each little beach village is amazing. You did a wonderful job showcasing all that Seaside has to offer. I haven’t tried some of the places you suggested, so I’m going to have to on our next visit. I hope we can make it there this year! I need a beach trip BAD!!! Beautiful pictures! Now, I’m on dreamy vacation mode! Happy Wednesday!!

  22. Shelby

    We went to Seaside for the first time this year for their annual Half Marathon and 5K. It is a great place, and you should have eaten at Pickles. The food is great! :) There were a lot of people driving when we were there, but I would have loved to ride around on bikes like you guys did. It is very dog friendly, surprised not to see pictures of Miley and Howie! I bet they were jealous after they saw those pictures! ;)

  23. Pauline

    My husband and I have been looking for some place to visit for our 25th anniversary. I think we found just the place. Thank you so much Amanda!

  24. Sommer @ ASpicyPerspective

    What a beautiful little town! Love the photos of the beach!! Glad you guys had a good time!

  25. Mary F Brown

    I am so happy that you and your hubby have a great life traveling together. I believe you make every day the best day possible Amanda. Thanks for encouraging me too. Love your postings.

  26. Tieghan

    I am really small……next time can I squeeze in your bag????

    These pictures are beautiful and It looks like and awesome trip! So jealous! I need to go vist ASAP!

  27. jill

    So glad you enjoyed it! We have a place in Seagrove, and I’m heading down next weekend. The Great Southern Cafe is a fave…their black and blue salad is to die for. And I love the bookstore in the square!

  28. Ali b.

    Aw man – wish I would have known you were coming to my HOME!! Haha you definitely do Seaside justice with your beautiful photos – so glad you enjoyed yourself and had fun :) Can’t wait for your next post!

  29. Sara pendarvis

    I really wanted to just jump in your pictures! The beach is beautiful and how cute is that town!??! I love it!! You are very lucky to have so many wonderful opportunities to travel and blog about it! :)

  30. Angie

    Your really making me miss home. We grew up just outside of Panama and would take trips to Seaside after they developed it. It’s so perfect! And 30A, so pristine! You have to come to Celebration, Fl too if you haven’t it. They based the town on Seaside, Disney planned and developed it, it’s so cute too!

  31. Lisa

    Seaside sounds amazing! I’m definitley putting it on my wish list to visit. Thnaks for sharing your great pics!

  32. Suzanne

    What a wonderful vacation! I only live a about 2 1/2 hours from Seaside and have only been one or two times, but this post makes me want to go back immediately. You really did a wonderful job capturing that beautiful little place by the sea :)! Can’t wait for Friday’s post!

  33. Dora

    You must had the time of your lives there! I didn’t know that the Truman Show wasn’t filmed in a set, but in an actual location..! It’s one of my fav movies, too!

    Have a great rest of the week Amanda! :-)

  34. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Thank you for making me feel like I just went on vacation! :) What an awesome post and that water is so BLUE and perfect and stunning!

    And the donuts. Pretty stunning as well :)

  35. Amy Brock

    My husband grew up very close to Seaside. Now we are a military family living in Northern Italy with our four children. Your pictures are amazing and such and wonderful taste of home for us. Thanks for bringing back such sweet memories! (Tell Kevin we said Roll Tide)
    Amy & Steve

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