Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}

Set of Three Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}


FREE High-Res downloads of this Splashing Fruit Photo Series! (No Watermark!!!)

I took this series of splashing fruit photos years ago when I got my first DSLR camera. I used Bazzill scrapbook paper as the background, borrowed a friends wine glasses, and set up on our back porch with a tripod and a pitcher of water while Kevin dropped fruit over and over. He swears he must’ve done it a hundred times, but I don’t think it took that long. ;) My XTi back then only shot 3.5 frames per second — I can only imagine how much easier this would’ve been with my camera now, lol! One of the main reasons why I chose the Canon 7D over the other cameras on the market at the time was its 8 frames per second capabilities. I love action shots. :)

Anyway, I have had these fun splashing fruit photos in my kitchen for years. I love them, and I thought it was time to share!

Set of Three Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}

Here’s a look at each print individually. You can click on any of these photos to see the camera, lens, and settings I used. (Spoiler alert! I used the Canon 85mm lens.)

Sassy kiwi.

Set of Three Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}

Sweet strawberry.

Set of Three Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}

And a tart little lime.

Click the download link below (11 MB) to get three full resolution photos sized for printing. The images you download will not have a watermark.

Free Photo Print High-Res Download – Splashing Fruit Series

Hope you enjoy!! :)

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41 Responses
  1. Maria

    Love this! Love this site too. I’m relatively new to the blog, so maybe you have covered this, but I’m wondering, especially with a picture like this, taken with a nice camera that is great quality, where does one go to get quality prints? I just bought my first dslr camera (60 D) an upgrade from canon powershot sx20 is, but even when I used that camera and was able to capture good pictures, I wa always dissipointed no matter where I got them printed. If you’re not a professional, which I’m not, is there any place that doesn’t crop or alter your images like the drugstores and some online places seem to?

    1. Amanda

      Hi Maria! When I got these printed (about 6 years ago — eek!) I got them printed through White House Custom Color. Now that I have a Costco membership I get my photos printed there. LOVE the quality — the Lustre finish is gorgeous!! And I love that you can upload them to their website (really easy user-interface) and pick them up immediately (1-hour photo). One thing I have noticed is that my prints always come out slightly darker no matter where I get them printed, so I always edit the photos I’m going to have printed to be just a bit brighter. Slight cropping will always occur around the edges, but the trick to not get them to crop to much is to save them at the size you want them to be printed out. So if you want a 4×6 print, create a 4×6 size background in Photoshop or something and put your picture over it. At least that way if there’s cropping, you can choose where it will crop. And if you don’t want it to crop, you can just shrink your image so that there’s white space around the edges, and then you can just cut off the extra white space when you get your prints. They won’t be regular sizes for frames and stuff, but you could use them for scrapbooking or whatever. :) Hope this helps!

    1. Amanda

      So sorry! I have tested on both Mac and Windows and it downloads and unzips without any problem. Sometimes certain computers can have security features that block large downloads. If the issue continues, I would try seeking advice from someone who’s good with techy stuff :) Good luck!

  2. Carol

    Hi! At first I was bummed when I saw the watermark. Then, I was so-o-o excited when I saw that you were making them available without. Thank you so much! Love your new home and your creative decorating skills. :0)

  3. Romina

    Awesome pictures. Thank you for sharing. The colors are perfect for our upcoming new kitchen. As someone who is trying to take better pictures and learning how to use my DSLR, I truly enjoy every little bit of photography lesson you dispense.

  4. Karie

    Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful pictures! I love the idea of using them in my kitchen so again thank you!

  5. Jean Punt

    Thank you for sharing, my husby and I are full time RV’rs and these prints are just the perfect fit for a space that was crying for a little interest. Also, my granddaughter Carlee, 16, is a wonderful photographer and I am recommending your expertise as you share. Again, thanks!

  6. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Very cool! Super fun for your kitchen area and a good reminder to eat your fruit and drink your water! :)

  7. Adrianne E.

    Thanks so much for sharing these fun photos! I am definitely going to use them in my kitchen. I always appreciate your generosity!

  8. Susan

    Thanks so much. This might just be what was missing in my kitchen — can’t wait to see :) Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  9. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    Ooh, nice! I love that you took these when you got your first DSLR camera. They look great! I tried the same but immediately deleted those photos. ;)

    And I love how bright and sunny your kitchen is. I’d never want to leave there!

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