Friday Fonts: Special Edition

I am so honored to share this special collection of fonts with you today.

Earlier this week, I got together with some of my favorite bloggers to work on a project. We wanted to do something to benefit the victims of the recent tornadoes here in my home state of Alabama. The damage in our immediate area was minimal comparatively. There were trees and limbs down everywhere and flooding in the neighborhoods near us. The entire city was without power for 5 days. Kev and I are very grateful and fortunate that there was no storm damage to our home.

So here was the idea. I sent out a request — I asked them to send me their handwriting for a project, a special collection of handwriting fonts from some of my very favorite bloggers. And they did. These are just a few of the blogs I read every day, and there’s a good chance you do too. If there are any of these you haven’t heard about yet, these ladies are worth checking out.

I’m thrilled to share their fonts with you today.

Here are the lovely ladies that submitted their handwriting for these fonts:

Bridget – Bake at 350
Jessica – How Sweet Eats
Amanda – I am Baker
Rachael – La Fuji Mama
Ashley – Make It and Love It
Sara – Our Best Bites
Jenny – Picky Palate
Rachael – Rachael Rossman
Layla – The Lettered Cottage
Cheryl – Tidy Mom
Maria – Two Peas and Their Pod

You read their blogs… now… Can you guess what their handwriting looks like? :)


































Could you figure them out? :) Here are your answers!



















(Complete with the famous TLC smiley! Just press the $ sign.)






(Sara even did some fabulous doodles for us, don’t you love these??)













A huge thank you to these sweet bloggers who participated in this event! Now if you’re still with me, I’ve love to tell you about a worthy organization that holds a special place in my heart, and is dedicated to administering help to tornado victims.

Since I was born and raised in beautiful Auburn, Alabama, I’m honored to mention Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa.

Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa has organized an all volunteer state-wide effort to provide food, shelter, clothing to thousands of people around Alabama affected by the April 27th Tornadoes. We will not rest until every person affected by this tornado has access to the assistance they need.

If you enjoyed this special edition font round-up, feel free to check out Toomer’s For Tuscaloosa and consider making a donation for these fonts. I’ll be putting up the images for these fonts over on the Fonts for Peas blog later today, but they’ll only be available for download right here, in this special bundled file. Hope you enjoy! And thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Click this button to download all Special Edition: Blogger Fonts – May 2011

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95 Responses
  1. lacey

    adorable, but Im new and im having issues cause its a zip file. And I have no idea how to unzip it so I can open it with my silhouette. please help anyone

  2. Natasha B.

    Thanks so much for providing these fonts! I loved them so much that I linked to you on my blog (it’s fairly new, though) because I just had to share! I love typing with these!

    They also give me some ideas for my room makeover…. (SIGNS!)


  3. Sarah@Neoteric.Traditional

    Some major events have kept me from any creative endeavors for many (many) months, but last night a few “unusual” things happened. 1. I wanted to post a funny picture of me on fb with a note on it in handwriting font & I had time to do it. 2. I opened up photoshop for the first time in ages but only 2 Peas fonts were in there – what?! Yep, only 2 Peas fonts loaded on my computer. Where did they go? 3. Only a few Peas fonts in my “fonts waiting room” Where did they go? 4. I had to move on and momentarily forgot about my missing fonts, but then I decided to open Pinterest after my kids went to bed where I saw someone’s pin of Tidy Mom’s post on this. 5. I remembered my mystery and took the time to remedy it. I downloaded the fonts you still have bundled, and then began to work on individual ones. Just as I was going to give up I noticed your lovely, wonderful, button “Download All”. Thank you THANK YOU for that button. Now when I eventually get back into my hobbies I will have all your lovely fonts to work with still/again.

  4. Melissa

    I downloaded the fonts above and chose the “save” option but don’t know what to do from there. The fonts do not show up under font choices when I open my word program. Help! (thanks in advance!!)

    1. Paula

      To Melissa…. Let me see if I can help…. After downloading the fonts by “saving” them, you must go back and “install” each one separately. You need to know where on your computer they were saved. So…… First, do you know what file you saved them to? If not, that’s OK.
      (I made a file in My Documents and labeled it “FONTS”. When I dowmload any free fonts, I click the arrow next to the “save” button, which opens a little box. Then I click on “save as”, and a window opens from my computer where I then choose my “FONTS” folder under Documents, so I know exactly where they are saved)…. Anyhoo….

      If you know where they were saved, go to that file….. but, if NOT, click the Windows Flag Start Button on the bottom bar, then in the search bar, (“Search Programs and files”), type in “Downloads”. A menu of items should come up. At the top it should say “Programs”, and then indented under that, it should say “Downloads”. Click on it, and a new window will open where you should see a Zip folder from kevinandamanda… that’s the file with all the downloaded fonts!

      Second… You must unzip and “Extract” the files by right clicking on it and choose “extract”. Depending on program used to ‘extract’, either another window will automatically open where you’ll then see the individual font files, or you’ll stay where you are, the zip file will look exactly the same, but then there should be a new regular file folder in the same window, with the same name as the Zip file. Click on it to see the individual font files.

      Third… For EACH font – double click and at the top of the box that opens, click “install”. Then “allow” the changes to be made and…. Viola! The fonts should now be available to you in Word!

      I hope you can follow these instructions okay. And I hope this helps!

  5. Kara

    I just found your website tonight and I was soo excited! Thank you so much for sharing all of these fonts and for FREE!! The fonts are so cute and fun and I will definitely be using them for all kinds of projects! And I blogged about your site too because I loved your fonts so much! Good luck with your cause!

    Thanks again,
    Kara @ The Big Green Blog

  6. Deb

    I love these fonts, but how do I get them to load into word or any other program after I download them? The file will download and I can open and see the fonts. . . Do I need to drag and drop to a certain location? If so where? They are not dragging. Sorry, I really don’t know. I thought I saw somewhere, too that if we wanted to use them for commercial purposes there was a flat fee of $10.00 to cover all of them – Is that right? What is the link to pay or make a contribution. I noticed with other fonts, not from Kevin and Amanda, that if you turn them upside down some letters look the same. . . like a b and a q and d and a p. Not good if you put them on single cubes for kids to play with, who are learning to read. I emailed your links to family and friends to let them know about your fonts. I haven’t created an up and running blog or website yet. For websites hosted by other servers or browsers . . . how do we know if the fonts will show up? Or how do we make them show up? Deb

  7. Vera

    Amazing, thanks for bringing them together! And I hope you raise a lot of funds for the organization you featured :)

  8. Sandra

    For some reason I don’t know how to reply! Haha. But I just wanted to thank you guys and Amanda for helping me out with the MAC-font question.
    I love using these fonts sooo much! Hope to see more new ones soon!!!

    Also – Amanda, your site is sooo awesome. I love it! :)

  9. kelly

    I just love your blog and all your fonts and especially the DOODLES! Always looking for fun new doodles, silhouettes, images to be able to cut and heat press – keep em coming! Your ideas are wonderful! Thanks for sharing and caring : )

  10. Charli

    Wonderful idea!! Thanks for sharing the fonts and I’ll be helping out this cause, as well.

    Best wishes,
    Charli oxox

  11. Leslie

    Hi there! These fonts are great… I linked here from makeitandloveit and I downloaded the fonts, but a message pops up saying this is an evaluation copy only and is only good for 40 days. When I clicked on the information for buying them, it wasn’t clear what I should do. Could you perhaps clear this up for me? I scrolled through the other remarks, but seem to be the only one that has had this issue. Thanks so much for the awesome fonts and ideas! What a great benefit idea!


  12. Kira =]

    Awesome idea to get people to donate! We were up in Haleyville & Russellville this weekend for the Mark Forester Price of Freedom Race. We had to drive through Hackleburg and Phil Campbell- the damage was horrible. And majority of the people staying at the same hotel as us, had lost their homes in Hackleburg. It was very humbling. We were able to donate some blankets to Phil Campbell on our way out of town yesterday.

  13. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    They all turned out so beautiful!! Sorry I flaked… if you only knew what my life was like right now. It’s a miracle if I remember to pick up my son from school!! Hopefully things will calm down soon. If you feature blogger fonts again sometime, I’d be happy to participate!

  14. Ryan

    Hi! Thank you so much for the fonts! Gotta questin though… Once I download the fonts, how do I apply them to write on a document?


  15. Sharie T

    I love Free Font Friday, I love Free Font Friday….come on sing it with me…I Love Free Font Friday!!
    One day I will have you do mine too :)

    Thank you so much!

  16. Renee - Kudos Kitchen

    What a great idea this is! Brilliant even! Everyone’s handwriting is just so beautiful and perfect. They are just the fonts I’ve been looking for. Thank you!!!

  17. Karen Skeens

    Hi Kevin and Amanda….I am a new fan and I have a tech quest. if you can answer it easily….I purchased WinZip to open the fonts…..but how do I get them in my Microsoft works so I can use them??? I love the fonts but now I am stuck??

  18. Molly Beach

    I just love these fonts. They are going to make such a difference in so many things I do! I can’t wait to get started!
    Thanks again,
    Molly Beach :)

  19. Julie

    So great you doing this. I’m still not through looking at everything here (my Mom either) glad you didn’t personaly have damage to your home and feel for everyone who did. Passed the note to my brother and he will be happy to hear. Thank you so much.
    Take care~

  20. Amanda R.

    Oh what fun! I had fun guessing and seeing what each talented lady’s handwriting looked like. And what a great way to help out. Wow, I can’t wait to start creating documents now. I’ve been living off the Window’s default fonts for WAY too long. Your site is incredible- wish I had discovered it ages ago. Donation made to the great charity. May beauty come from ashes. Many, many thanks.

  21. Carrie Briscoe

    You have no idea how much you just made my day with these FANTASTIC fonts and easy explanation on how to put them into fontbook. THANK YOU!! XOXO

  22. Lauren

    Thank you. These fonts are fun. Doing labels and signs in a handwriting font makes them seem casual and accessible….and a nice neat handwriting font is definitely better looking than my chicken scratch.

  23. Denise Webster

    Love the idea… .so creative and a great way to involve those wonderful blogger friends. thanks for all the good you do!!

  24. Tricia Richner

    Not currently following any of those blogs, but sure to be after this. Such a great idea. Really enjoy the fonts, the recipes and especially the puppy stories.


  25. Courtney @ Sweet Tooth, Sweet Life

    What a GREAT idea! These fonts are all so gorgeous, too. Thank you so much for sharing…I’m so glad I saw the link on Facebook! :)

  26. Trish

    Thank you so much to everyone for the free fonts and what a great charitable cause. AND I really loved looking at everyone’s blog.

  27. Kate

    These are just delish! Please please please get them into google fontlabs so they can be used on sites easily. There are beautiful examples here that leave some of the google handwriting fonts for dead!

  28. Alysa (InspiredRD)

    What a cool idea! I am loving this, thank you! It’s so fun to see the personalities through the handwriting.

  29. Tracy

    What a wonderful and cute idea; I love it!! Some of my favorite bloggers are in there…and some that will become new favorites I’m sure!!

  30. Lindsey

    I’ve been meaning to submit my handwriting for, oh, 3 years now? LoL I’m putting it on my to do list, would be so fun to have it as a font :) Thank you for this post and for the opportunity Amanda!

  31. Kristin in Mobile

    Hi – I found you through “OBB”, and headed over to check out your blog from her post…… you have any idea how excited I was to see an Auburn shirt on your homepage???!!! Instant love! :)

    What a great idea to help in the disaster relief – its unbelievable. I’m originally from B’ham but now live in Mobile – we didn’t have any damage here, but I was anxiously awaiting word on friends & family to the north.

    Can’t wait to check out your full website! War Eagle!!

  32. megan @ whatmegansmaking

    This is so fun! I could guess most of them, and it’s funny how their handwriting matched how I guess their personalities to be! :)

  33. Suz

    These are amazing!! AGAIN!! I juuuust love these fonts, thank you so, so much!! :)
    (Only problem that i’m from Finland, so we have these funny alphabet, like Ã…, Ä, Ö, but that doesn’t matter!!!)

  34. Toiny

    Oh my! I wished my handwriting looked half as good as any of these. Thank you! Handwritten fonts are my absolute fave. Thank you.

  35. Megly

    WOW – these are the cutest fonts ever! Can’t believe they all have such beautiful writing. Incredible…nice work :) handwriting fonts are my favorites.

  36. Jenn

    Hello – I found your website through the Lettered Cottage. Thank you so much for these fonts. I will enjoy using them. I think that this is such a wonderful way to support your community. I already made a donation to Toomer’s. Thank you!

  37. Jenni

    Hi Amanda,

    Thank you for the fonts… I shared with my friends also.
    Glad I can help support this cause. Have a great weekend!

    Hugs & Joy,


  38. Sara @ Our Best Bites

    So fun Amanda! I love seeing a personal side of some of my most favorite bloggers. Thanks so much for including me, I was seriously giddy when I saw this in my inbox! You’re such a great person to put your time and talents into this- and what a great cause to support. Can’t wait to share with my readers. Muah!

  39. seashoreknits

    Kevin and Amanda –
    I found you through Layla’s blog.
    Thank you so much for this generous gift.
    I live in southern Alabama and so was not affected physically by the tornados but, like all southerners, have been very affected otherwise.
    I’ve hopped on over to Toomer’s site and have made my donation – thank you so much for this.
    And these fonts? They are so great!!

  40. bridget {bake at 350}

    So honored to be a part of this….even though my handwriting leaves MUCH to be desired! We lived in Alabama for a few years, so this charity touches my heart. Thank you for including me!!!

  41. Cathy

    I haven’t seen that logo for Toomers for Tuscaloosa before. I love it. Great fonts too. I’m so thankful my parents weren’t harmed during the storms. Very blessed. And War Eagle too!

  42. Leasa

    I love all your fonts and think I have downloaded them all as well. Thanks for the new ones. I too live in Alabama and was not affected directly due to where I live but I do have many friends that were. Thanks to Toomer’s and to you.

  43. Brandi Johnson

    Such a fun idea, love all these ladies and it is fun to see more of their personality through their hand writing! My prayers are with all of the communities that have been damaged and working to rebuild! It is amazing what strength we have when we all pull and stand together!
    Thanks again!

    1. Amanda

      I’m not sure Susan, I have a Mac too. These were made on my Mac and are installed and working – they were used in Photoshop to create the images. On my Mac I just download the file above, open the folder, double click on a font, and it pops up a screen with an “Install Font” button. You may need to restart the program or reboot for the fonts to appear in your program. Hope you are able to figure it out!

  44. Jenny Flake

    This is so awesome Amanda! I just love that you did this. So happy to be apart of it! See you next week!! xoxo

  45. Demetria

    Awesome get of fonts!!! I know that the people of Tuscaloosa will be very appreciative of all the donations made by the creation of this font pack. My family thankfully was not drastically affected by the storm of Tuscaloosa as they live a couple of miles west of the storm in Northport, but man it could have been worse.

    Thanks for everything you do Amanda!!! Prayers still going out for the people in Smithville, MS and residents in our sister state of Alabama who were devastated by the storms

  46. Sandra

    Are these fonts available for MAC use as well?
    I think I might be blind {ha ha} ~ I can’t seem to find this option.
    These are all amazing though…and thoughts and prayers are to those affected in states where there is tornado destruction.
    Great idea Amanda!


    1. NikkiFB

      Sandra, I’m a Mac user with a boatload of K&A fonts… just click that download button and let your Mac do all the work! LOL :)

    2. Amanda

      You’re right, Nikki! :)

      Sandra, on my Mac I just download the file above, open the folder, double click on a font, and it pops up a screen with an “Install Font” button. You may need to restart the program or reboot for the fonts to appear in the program you want to use it in. Good luck! :)

  47. bonfire

    This was fun, and I love the fonts. Thanks to all your colleagues for participating. Happy to send a contribution to T for T – it’s good to know which organizations are actually making a difference to people affected. Sending best wishes to all….

  48. Sydneylyn

    Thanks for all of the fonts and for making a “download all” button ^^ I love your blog even though I’m just a new reader! :D

  49. Lesa

    Amanda you have been so generous with your fonts (and other creative ideas) of course I headed right over to make a donation for your home state! Thank you for sharing and I’ll be continuing to think of the people of Alabama!

  50. Cecilia

    Lovely fonts!!
    I have used your fonts for a lots of crafty stuff at home! I really love them
    Thank you so much for sharing!!


  51. Averie (LoveVeggiesAndYoga)

    That is sooo fun! I loved it! I instantly knew Jessica was #5. She’s a wonderful friend and hello, trainer + bacon, had her name written all over it.

    I loved this one, Amanda! :)

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