Breakfast Casserole

easy breakfast casserole

Breakfast Casserole – It’s not just for Breakfast! We always have it for dinner. :) And it could not be easier to make! That’s a good thing, because Breakfast Casserole is one of Kevin’s Most Requested Meals so I make it a lot. :p

Wanna make it? Here’s what you’ll need:

1 pkg crescent rolls
1 lb mild sausage, browned and drained
6 eggs, beaten
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese

Preheat your oven to 350. Take a 9×13 pan and spray it with Pam. Roll out crescent rolls in the bottom of the pan:

easy breakfast casserole

Top with an even layer of browned and drained sausage:

easy breakfast casserole

Then pour in beaten eggs:

easy breakfast casserole

And top with cheese! :)

easy breakfast casserole

Bake at 350 for 30 mins.

If you want to have this for breakfast, you can brown your sausage the night before and keep it in the refrigerator until morning. Then all you have to do in the morning is put everything together and you have a quick and easy breakfast! :) Breakfast Casserole also microwaves up well if you have leftovers. We usually hate leftovers but this is one thing Kevin will actually eat the next day. :)

easy breakfast casserole

Breakfast Casserole
  • 1 pkg croissant rolls
  • 1 lb mild sausage
  • 6 eggs, beaten
  • 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 350. Spray 9x13 baking dish with Pam. Brown sausage in skillet. Spread croissant dough in bottom of 9x13 dish. Add sausage, then pour eggs over sausage. Generously top with cheese. Bake at 350 for 30 minutes.

easy breakfast casserole cooking recipe blog scrapbook layout

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Hi Amanda,

I tried this tonight however I didn’t have some of the stuff so I made do.

I used pizza crust instead of the cresent rolls and I added other cheese. I also used chives and dry mustard. I loved it. Thanks for the recipe.

I have been making this for 10+ years and the whole family loves it.
I use croutons instead of cresent rolls, you have to refrigerate it (uncooked) for at least 4 hours I usually do it overnight.
Right before I bake it I open a can a cream of mushroom soup and drop spoonfulls all over the top of the casserole, and it is delicious!

Yum! Sounds delicious just the way you make it. I wouldn’t change a thing when I make it! I bet it would be great for dinner and then again the next morning too. Thanks for all the great recipes and keep em coming! ~Kim

This is easily a 5 star dish. I make this with cubed bread instead of crescent rolls and also added 1/2 tsp. dry mustard for extra flavor. Everyone raves over it. Even me. YUMMMMMMMmmm

I made this last night and all I can say is YUMMY! It was so good. My husband loved it. I think next time I’ll experiment more and put green peppers, etc in it. I didn’t make a big pan and should have. Thanks for the great recipe!

i just stumbled upon your site and i you are officially bookmarked as a fave. i have to try this tomorrow and see how my honey likes it. thanks for your wonderful ideas!

I was given this recipe from my mother in law. We Love it! However, ours bakes higher for some reason. We also add onions and green peppers.

I stumbled upon your site one night and I come back all the time for more recipes! They are always a hit. I just made the breakfast casserole for the first time. My husband is from New Mexico so I added green chile and pepperjack cheese.

Thanks for sharing!

I have made this 2 times now. Instead of cooking it in a 9×13″ pan; I make the mixture into muffins. I made it last time with bacon and sausage(I had bacon that was going to go bad so I fried it up and used it in here) And WoW… I should have made more than 12 muffins… They were gone in about 10 minutes! So easy!

Thank you so much for sharing this recipe!! It was so delicious. My husband and I loved it. I knew it was good when my husband automatically started doing the dishes after her finished eating lol. I will definitely be using more of your recipes!

The breakfast casserole is absolutely delicious! Wanted to thank you for the Wonderful recipes you have online! My husband and I stumbled across your website and check it periodically for new ones, Thanks Again!!

Made this tonight and it was super yummy! What a great breakfast and dinner! I think it’s also great for those cold nights (like we’re getting here) to have to keep our babies’ tummies full and warm. Thanks again for your recipes!

We make something similar called Farmer’s Casserole, but we don’t put the crescent rolls at the bottom. I’m gonna have to try that! Thanks!

We’re trying this tonight! Can’t wait. May I suggest also putting it in the breakfast category? I went to the market to get the stuff and came back to view the recipe….looked in the breakfast category and couldn’t find it. I saw you were re-doing the website and thought you took it off {hehe}

The fettucine alfredo and chicken were delish. I love your recipes!

OMG! My mom makes this casserole every holiday for breakfast:) Sometimes i was just as excited to see what the easter bunny left me as well as eating this delish breakfast casserole!! Its to die for!!:):) Love all your recipies Amanda! Your so creative in every way!!:)

I made this for dinner last night….My daughters and my husband ate the entire thing!! Thanks for the simple yet delicious recipe. I used Sage Sausage (YUM you have to try it) and instead of crescent rolls I used White Wheat Bread 4 slices crust off and flattened a bit, just put them in the bottom…It worked out perfect and saved some calories!! Oh, I also saved some calories by only sprinkling 1 cup of shredded cheddar on top…it spread thinly and worked just fine!

Thanks for the recipe. I am making this dish as i type. I added green bell peppers to mine. And yes this will be me an my wife’s dinner.
We Love Breakfast!

I started by researching things like this to make. Just simple breakfast ideas for the weekend. I came across your Breakfast Casserole and loved the idea the moment I saw it! I can’t wait to try it this weekend, it looks delicious! :) I love your website and all it has to offer! Keep the great recipes coming!

I made this dish today and it was a HIT! I added an extra egg becuase i usually use jumbo but only had large eggs. Everyone was raving about this dish and it was gone in less than an hour. It is by far the easiest and one of the best dishes i have ever made. I will probably make it again tomorrow.

I made the dish again today but substituted breakfast sausage for chorizo. Once again everyone loved it! Don’t worry I gave you all the credit!

I’ve tried lots of your recipes, and we love all of them. Your red beans and rice is a favorite.
I just took this breakfast casserole out of the oven, and it’s beautiful. Can’t wait to dive in. I added a little chopped, sauteed red onion with the sausage (because it was lonely in my fridge).
Trying your ice cream recipe next. Oh, my.
Great web site! Thanks, Amanda and Kevin!

Hi K&A!!! I stumbled upon your lovely website looking for a good breakfast casserole recipe. That search didn’t take long b/c yours popped up right away. Made this and added green peppers and red onions. D-LISH! I love your website and have it bookmarked. I’ve shared it with many friends and families. As a photographer I also enjoy your photos and as a pup mom I love looking at your sweet furbabies.

Keep up the good work and keep bringing us your yummy recipes-Thanks!

I made this casserole this morning. It was so good that after taking one bite my husband asked when we could have it again. So easy and delicious!!!

My husband and I made this recipe for the youth at church on Sunday morning. It was so easy and quick to put together but the best part is that the kids LOVED it! We’ll be making this again soon!

i love this recipe it is so good i made it for my family and they loved it so every week we have it some time in the day

I made this last night for dinner ~ hubby loved it and we had the leftovers for breakfast today. Found your site via Tumblr post about your mini lasagna cups.

I made this dish for my co-workers since it was my turn to bring in breakfast for the team. Usually we get donuts or bagels and I wanted to spice things up and try something new… was a hit!!! My inbox was flooded with emails saying how amazing it was! So thank you very much for the idea. I did change the recipe slightly, I doubled the recipe for the same size of pan so 2 rolls of croissant rolls (I also baked them for 4min to give them a little fluff), a dozen of eggs, 4 cups of cheese packed on top, and I also added bacon pieces in with the sausage. The baking time had to increase a little, but not by much 40min instead of 30min and it was ready to go. Thanks again!

Hi, I made this, except I use frozen hash browns or tater tots, because my son is allergic to wheat/gluten. Now it is gluten free :) It is a great recipe

Jenny, thanks for the suggestion. My son is autistic and his diet is very limited. I’ll be using your modifications for dinner tonight :)

Kevin & Amanda

You guys totally rock!! I have made a few different recipes on your website and they were awesome. The breakfast casserole has turned into a tradition in my family. Whenever I visit my parents or relatives I am expected to make this for the couple days that I am there for breakfast. I do not mind because it is so simple and delicious. Keep up the great additions. Look forward to coming back to website. Tracy

Amanda- We also love a variation of this recipe. A friend had given me the recipe, and her’s calls for OreIda Potatoes O’Brien (which has the peppers and onions diced up in it). We add a splash of milk to the eggs, add the cheese, and then sprinkle itwith parmesan cheese. I make it in a large springform pan. It is very thick, this way (more like a quiche) and takes about an hour to bake. We call it breakfast pizza. Thank you for sharing your variation. I recently found, and love your blog. They are family friendly, and I love the calorie counter. There are so many recipes I plan to make.

Hi. just wondering, how many hungry men does one feed? I’m going to try to make it for a super bowl draft.


I made this just like the recipe says on Christmas Eve…. my family loved it, we heated up the leftovers Christmas Day. They have been begging for it all week. Went to the store last night, just put one in the oven. They will be very happy when they wake up.

This is a great recipe that we enjoy, espcially when we have company. It makes so much and you can do so much with it by substituting with different meats or veggies. Thank you so much I truly enjoy cooking and it looks like you guys do as well. I can’t wait to try some more of your recipes.

This was a hit with my boys and husband. I used bread because I try to stay away from premade stuff like crescent rolls. Also, I ended up needing 9 or 10 eggs to totally cover all the sausage but that was fine because we normally eat two eggs a piece anyway! :) Thanks for a great recipe.

I love this recipe except there are a few things i do differently. 1) add i can mushroom soup to the 6 eggs. beat well. add 1/4 c milk to egg mixture mix well. 2) 6 slices of bread cubed, instead of the pillsbury dough. 3) once everything is put together i seal and put in refrigerator over night. Bake in the morning YUMMO :)

Hi! I found this recipe on your blog and was excited to make it! I cooked it and everything was delicious but there is one thing I had a problem with! When I poured the egg mix into the casserole, it all kind of plopped in to one place. It didn’t really “pour evenly”. Thus, we got stuck eating it with some parts egg and some parts not. It was still yummy, but clearly not the way it was intended to be! Any tips or suggestions for how to make it work for me better next time?!

Does this do well in the freezer? I am trying it tonight but since its only three of us, I thought about freezing half!

I made this for breakfast this morning and it came out really well. I had to make a few changes because I bought 2 bags of the prepackaged sausage crumbles made by Jimmy Dean and it was three ounces over the 16 ounce meat directions, so when I poured the six eggs, it wasn’t enough to cover it all. So I added two additional eggs (a total of 8 eggs) to compensate for the extra sausage crumbles, and it worked out perfectly. Everything else, I did as instructed. Great recipe, and the kids loved it, even my four year old, and she’s an EXTREMELY picky eater!

Hi- I’m trying to make this for 150 people for a college retreat! eek! My question is… can I cook it and freeze it overnight and reheat it in the morning? I need to make 25 casseroles and serve them for breakfast the next morning. Advice? Thanks!

This is great! So simple. We need something simple for Sunday mornings and this is perfect. I can get up and make it before waking the kids and it will be ready when they are. Thanks!

Thanks for your web site. I found this recipe yesterday and made it for my wife and in-laws this weekend. I added onions and green peppers and cooked the whole thing last night and just re-heated it this morning. It was a hit!

Your recipe is perfect. Minimal effort for something totally yummy. I can see myself making your breakfast casserole regularly from now on :) Thanks for sharing!

Thank goodness for websites like yours..I have made several of your recipes and all are amazing. I tried this with hills hire farms turkey kielbasa chopped up and sautéed with a little olive oil and buffalo wing sauce and only used half the cheese on top of the casserole. Just a little spin on it and came out pretty good :)

I just stumble upon this recipe and was so excited to try it! I am a vegetarian so I substituted the sausage for vegetarian crumbles. It turned out amazing! Super easy and cheap recipe for college use.

What an amazing accomplishment! My casserole came out wonderful! Your website helped from all the others showing step by step and giving visuals of the steps. I’m a very visual person so it helped a lot in my favor. Thank you!

great recipes. Sorry your family dislikes leftovers . Leftovers makes a flavorful and affordable way to eat meals with or without a large family.
I make a turkey meat loaf with potatoes added, it is delicious leftover as a cold sandwich.
Enjoyed the pictures. Thank you

I have made this recipe for some time with a little alteration. I cook the bottom layer of crescent for about 5 min before adding the ingredients and then after all the ingredients are added I top it off with another layer of crescent rolls. An easy way to stretch this is to add more eggs and stick with the same amount of meat.

Hi, this looks great and I’m definitely thinking of making it for Father’s Day tomorrow, but the recipe you have listed at the top calls for *crescent rolls* while your recipe book and bottom recipe listing calls for *croissant rolls*. I’ve checked and found that they are not the same, so which should I use?

I made this for breakfast guests this morning using maple flavored sausage and it was a huge success, everybody loved it and raved about it. The best part?……it is so easy, no complicated ingredients that you can’t find in the grocery store and only takes 30 minutes to cook, just long enough to pour the mimosa’s. Super Yum.

I make it on Sunday and my husband and I eat it for breakfast all week long! I added hashbrowns and a couple more eggs! With maple sausage!! Yummy!!

I’ve made this for years. I also add O’Brien Hash Browns on top of the sausage layer. If you aren’t familiar with O’Brien’s they are potatoes with red and green bell peppers and onions mixed in. You can find them in the freezer section.

Saute the hash browns in a bit of oil for about 5 minutes to thaw them.

Hi Amanda & Kevin!

Thank you for sharing this recipe. By the way, your dogs are adorable. I, too, have a Boston Terrier (Roscoe).


Any recommendations if you don’t have that size pan? I only have casserole dishes and tried to cook it this morning. The insides aren’t cooked :-/

I use bread without the crust as the bottom layer, and refrigerate overnight. I also add ground mustard and chopped green chilies

I am cooking this right now and im using a gas oven. For some reason the eggs arnt cooking. Its now been 45 minutes in the oven and eggs are still goey. I have upped the temp and im still confident about this recipe

I made this and my family loved it. I put it together, but didn’t get to cook it until the next day. I just put it in the refrigerator and it baked it the next day. Turned out great! My son has asked me to make it again. That’s a first since he is a picky eater!

We love this! It’s a Saturday morning breakfast staple. Any leftovers freeze well in individual servings too for quick weekday breakfasts.

We also like to add onion and bell pepper to the sausage. My hubby loves when I use some pepperjack cheese too!

Have you ever made this with bacon? I am making this for church Sunday and wanted to do one sausage, one bacon :)
Thanks for sharing. I can’t wait to try it!!

…making this for food day at work. Looked so yummy and simple!! I added peppers and green onions to make it more colorful!! Looking forward to co-workers loving it!!