Thank you so much for your sweet emails and comments. I love hearing from you! I would so love to be able to sit down and chat with each and every one of you, and especially answer any questions you may have. I’m so sorry if I’m unable to directly respond to your email or comment, but know that I did read it and I am so grateful to have received it. Below are a list of a few frequently asked questions.

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About Us

Location: Alabama

How We Met: We met in an Arby’s parking lot during Kev’s senior year at Auburn. It was a Sunday night after church, and a group of friends decided to grab dinner at Arby’s. I didn’t really like Arby’s, but I went to hang out with everyone. When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw a few of my friends standing outside talking. Kevin was with them. When I walked up, they were talking about the movie Good Will Hunting. I mentioned I’d never seen it and they all exclaimed it was the best movie ever and I definitely had to see it. Since I was really in the mood for pizza that night, I invited everyone to come back to my house and we’d order pizza and rent the movie. Kevin came too.

Later, after we started dating, I learned that Arby’s is his favorite restaurant and he doesn’t really like the movie Good Will Hunting. He came that night because he thought I was pretty. Aww.

Pets: Miley and Howie, our two extremely insane, extremely sweet, and extremely stinky Boston terriers.


The Webpage

Who designs the webpage?

I do all the the designing, coding, updating and on occasion, tearing my hair out. I’ve actually had a webpage long before there was a “Kevin and Amanda”. I had an old Geocities webpage (for those of you who remember!) when I was in high school. We didn’t have blogging, Flickr, or Facebook back then, and my page was just a way to share photos and keep in touch with friends and family. As I took more pictures and the webpage grew in size, I quickly outgrew the data limit for a free Geocities account. By that time I was dating and engaged to Kevin, and he understood my frustrations with the lack of features and space on the free accounts. For the one year anniversary of our first date — we were not even married yet!! — Kevin bought me the domain name kevinandamanda.com. I loved it!!! What a perfect, thoughtful, nerdy gift. And what a romantic gesture, our own domain name. Back then Kevin had his own webpage too — An Auburn Tigers Baseball site. When kevinandamanda.com first launched, I had “my side”, with photos, essays, and all things wedding related, and Kevin had his side with the Auburn baseball stuff. After he graduated and we moved away from Auburn, he kinda stopped updating the baseball site and I took over and have been the sole contributor to kevinandamanda.com ever since.

How do you design the webpage?

I taught myself HTML when I first started my webpage. I would find other websites I liked, view their code, and add, change, or delete it until it did something. Anything. Sometimes it completely broke the webpage, sometimes it did what I wanted it to do! Through all that trial and error, I eventually became familiar enough with HTML to be able to write it myself. When I turned Kevin & Amanda into a blog , I had to learn a new two new coding languages, CSS and PHP. Fortunately, CSS is similar enough to HTML that it was fairly easy to pick up on. PHP was more difficult. I still use the same trial and error method as before. I search Google for tutorials and have a test site for practice. I’m slowly picking up on it. It’s also similar to a language that Kevin programs in, so he can usually help too, if I get lost in translation.

Any tips for starting my own webpage?

If it were me, I’d definitely start with a Blogger.com blog and a Flickr photo account. They’re really easy to navigate, and there are tons tutorials out there for customizing your Blogger blog. If you want to learn more about HTML and CSS to customize your blog, w3 CSS Tutorials is a great site to get you started. If you decide you want your own webpage or domain name, I have mine through Dreamhost.com. I think you get a discount if you use the code kevinandamanda. Or just tell them [email protected] referred you.

What blogging platform do you use?


The Scrapbook Room

Where did you get your scrapbook desk and the paper holders on the shelves?

My dad made them for me.

Does your dad have plans for the desk or paper holders I can use to make my own?

I’m sorry, he doesn’t!

Will you send me the dimensions for your desk/paper holders?

Sure! Here we go…

The Scrapbook Desk

The scrapbook desk is 4 pieces: the three cabinets with drawers and the L-shaped counter top (it’s one big piece). The desk is made out of birch plywood and the counter top is laminate. The drawers on the left cabinet are 17″ wide. The top 2 drawers are 4.5″ tall and the bottom drawer is 10″ tall. The drawers in the middle and on the right cabinets are all 11″ wide by 4″ tall. All the drawers are 23″ deep. The middle cabinet also has a large, 24″ x 26″ open cabinet in the corner under the counter top. The L-shaped counter top– the “computer” side is 7 feet long and the “scrapbook” side is 7.5 feet long. Both sides are 31″ deep.

The Paper Holders

21″ tall x 13.5″ wide x 13.5″ deep, with 19 shelves (20 slots for paper) and 0.75″ between each shelf

The inside of the paper holders looks like slat wall. And the shelves just rest in those slats. The slats stop about 0.5″ from the front edge of the holder so the shelves do not come out. Then there is a top, bottom, and back of course. The paper holders were also made out of birch plywood.

Everything else about the scrapbook room (like where I bought something) can be found here.


The Fonts

For answers to the most frequently asked questions about the free fonts, please check out the Font FAQ.

And here are some other links you may find helpful:

How to get your handwriting made into a font
Commercial Terms of Use


The Camera

What camera do you have?

I have the Canon 7D. I love this camera. The white balance is great, and I love the 8 fps speed.

What’s your favorite lens?

24-70mm f/2.8
. This is my go-to lens. If I can only have one lens with me, I want it to me this one. This is the lens I take with me when traveling.

What other lenses / photography equipment do you use?

Check out our Amazon store for a full list of my current equipment.

How do you take photos?

Here’s a quick DSLR guide I wrote that covers the basics. For more, check out the photography tutorials section of Kevin & Amanda.

What settings do you use?

They’re nowhere near perfect, but you can find them here!

How do you edit the photos?

I use Photoshop CS5, and here’s a tutorial using my all-time favorite action.

How do you take your waterfall pictures?

To get the soft, silky look for waterfalls, I set the shutter speed on my camera to 1/4 or slower – works like a charm. You pretty much have to use a tripod for this, but if you can steady the camera on a rock, tree, or fence, and have a pretty steady hand, you may can get by without it. I used a tripod in the photo above, and I was hand-holding the camera in the photo below: