This Italian Sausage Tortellini is made with cheese tortellini and fresh Italian sausage in a homemade tomato cream sauce. It’s one of our favorite tortellini recipes.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

This Italian Sausage Tortellini is bursting with flavor. It’s definitely one of those recipes that everyone would rave over at a restaurant — but you can make it at home! Make this the next time you want everyone to RAVE over your cooking!!

My favorite thing about this tortellini recipe is that it’s another one of our signature One Pot Meals. It’s so easy to make, and everything cooks in one pan so you only have one dish to wash at the end of the night!

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

What is the difference between tortelloni and tortellini?

They’re the same shape, but tortelloni is a little bigger!

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Italian Sausage Tortellini Ingredients

Here’s all you need to make one of our favorite tortellini recipes: Italian sausage, tomatoes, chicken broth, diced onions, cheese tortellini, cream, garlic, and fresh baby spinach.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Here’s what the Italian sausage looks like. You can usually find it in Mild, Hot, or Sweet. Johnsonville is a popular name brand that we love! I’m using mild today, but any version would work well here. Try Hot if you like a little spicy!

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

How to Make Italian Sausage Tortellini (Step by Step)

Start by heating a bit of olive oil in a very large (at least 12-inch) skillet. You could also use a Dutch oven.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

When the oil is very hot, add the diced onions.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Next you’ll want to immediately add the Italian sausage. See the casing on the sausage here? For a long time I avoided cooking with Italian sausage because I didn’t want to deal with removing the casing. It just seemed like a pain. But I’m going to show you a trick that makes it SO ridiculously easy. Like so, so easy. I wish I had discovered this years ago!!

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Just start near the end and squeeze.  It comes right out. So easy. You can squeeze it directly into the pan. No muss, no fuss.

Now, I took a picture of me doing this, to show you exactly how easy it is, but let’s just say… It did not go well. It ended up looking…. uh… less than family-friendly. So, needless to say (since my mom reads this blog) I will not be subjecting you to that picture here. However, you’ll not be surprised to learn that I did immediately text it to all my friends and we very maturely dissolved into a fit of uncontrollable giggles.

It was pretty bad. Kevin just shook his head and rolled his eyes, but I could tell he was mortified.

ANYWAY. Hopefully the picture above is sufficient. It really is easy.

Oh, and I’m sorry I said “squeeze” while pointing at a sausage. SORRY!!!

Please still make this recipe.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Use a spatula to break up the sausage into bite-sized pieces. I made mine about meatball size here, but you can them chop them up to any size you want, even crumbles.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Cook, stirring occasionally, until the sausages are browned.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Add the garlic and stir for 30 seconds until fragrant.

What kind of sauce to put on tortellini?

Personally I think a tomato cream sauce is the best for cheese tortellini! Add Italian sausage and you have honestly one of the best tortellini recipes!

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

How do you make tortellini sauce?

Add the broth, tomatoes, cream, and tortellini to the skillet. For this tortellini recipe you can use fresh or frozen tortellini. If the tortellini is frozen, you don’t even have to thaw it first.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Bring it all to a boil, then cover, reduce heat, and simmer for 15 minutes.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

After 15 minutes, the tortellini should be soft and plump, and the sauce slightly thickened. Taste the sauce and add plenty of salt and pepper as desired. I used 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Finally, add a couple big handfuls of fresh baby spinach. If you’re skeptical about the spinach, it’s totally optional, but gives the dish a nice bright green color. I promise you won’t be able to taste it at all.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Gently stir just until the spinach is softened and wilted.

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Serve it up and enjoy!! Hope you love this Italian Sausage Tortellini!

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Best Tortellini Recipes: Italian Sausage Tortellini

Italian Sausage Tortellini

Italian Sausage Tortellini

  • Prep Time: 10 minutes
  • Cook Time: 15 minutes
  • Total Time: 25 minutes
  • Yield: 4 servings 1x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: Italian


A quick and easy tortellini recipe with cheese tortellini, Italian sausage, and a creamy tomato sauce.



  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 cups diced onions
  • 1 lb mild Italian sausage
  • 23 cloves garlic, minced
  • 3/4 cup chicken broth
  • 1 (14.5 ounce) can petite diced tomatoes
  • 1/2 cup regular or heavy cream
  • 9 ounces tortellini (fresh or frozen)
  • salt and pepper to taste
  • 2 cups fresh baby spinach, loosely packed


  1. Heat olive oil in a 12-inch skillet over medium heat. When the oil is very hot, add the onions. Squeeze the sausage from the end of the link to remove it from its casing and add directly into the pan. Use a spatula to break up the sausage into bite-sized pieces. Increase heat to medium-high and cook, stirring occasionally, until the sausage is browned. Reduce heat to low, then add the garlic and stir until fragrant, about 30 seconds.
  2. Add broth, tomatoes, cream, and tortellini to the skillet. Stir to combine. Increase heat and bring to a boil.
  3. Cover, then reduce the heat and simmer for 15 minutes until tortellini are tender and heated through. Taste the sauce and add plenty of salt and pepper to taste. I used 1 teaspoon of salt and 1/2 teaspoon of pepper. Add spinach and stir until softened and wilted. Remove from heat and serve

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187 Responses
  1. Jennifer W.

    My whole family loves this recipe. It’s sooo good! It has made its way into our rotation. And tonight is the night we get to eat it again! Thank ya’ll for this deliciousness!

  2. Larice Murphy

    I am having a friend get together an Italian Theme. I am wanting to make this soup but I have a lot of things on the menu to make so can I make this ahead of time and keep it or possibly freeze it to save me time.

  3. Jane

    I love this recipe. I’ve made it countless times and every time it’s delicious. I’ve made this for my friends and family and everyone has enjoyed it! I’ve made this following the recipe exactly and I’ve switched it up depending on what i have on hand. Sometimes I add diced red bell peppers, kale instead of spinach, milk instead of cream, etc. and we always enjoy it. I never leave reviews on recipes but I’ve come back to this one so many times that I felt i should :). I’m about to make it again tonight! It’s easy, quick, and delicious!

  4. Stephanie S

    This was simple and delicious! I used hot Italian sausage for a nice kick. It was a great way to use the extra half of the family sized bag of I had on hand. I’ll definitely be making this again, thanks!

  5. Kim Thoman

    One of my favorite recipes. I use hot sausage cuz we like it spicy :). I serve it with caesar salad with my homemade croutons.

    1. Brandy

      I’ve been making this recipe for years and I absolutely love it! I’ve used all different kinds of meat including italian sausage, ground turkey, and ground venison/elk. Today I didn’t have any canned tomatoes and couldn’t go to the store due to the current stay home order in my area, so I diced up two fresh tomatoes and it was great! Love love live this recipe!

    2. Robin

      Amazing recipe!! My family all really loved it. I added and additional sausage and tortellini because I had and it was still perfect ! :)

    3. Danielle MArie Krolick

      Want to try this recipe! If you are using frozen tortellini do you cook it first or just add the frozen tortellini to the pot?

  6. Maddison Rutherford

    This was amazing, 5 stars! I did substitute the meat with a vegetarian protein and it was still incredible. I will be keeping this recipe in a safe place to pull out again! Thank you. 

    1. Amanda

      So sorry to hear that! You can use less chicken broth and make sure you heavy cream is 35%. Hope this helps! Good luck!

  7. Kim

    I’ve made this several times and cannot get over how good it is!! I usually add a bit more broth and heavy cream, along with freshly grated Romano cheese. We love garlic so I always add extra. My friends at work always rave about it when I bring it for them, and have shared this recipe with several of them. Looking forward to trying more of your recipes Kevin and Amanda!

  8. Adriane

    This was amazing and I cannot wait for the leftovers!

    I did not add any salt or pepper–I don’t think it needed it! (I used regular chicken broth, but perhaps if you used low-sodium chicken broth, you’d want to add seasoning).

  9. Jennifer

    Wow! This was SO good! Thank you. I’m big on seasonings and there was minimal here, so I did throw in basil and red pepper flakes. All three kids loved it and my son insists we have it again next week. I believe he sent me a text stating how he was having the best left-over lunch EVER the following day.

  10. Jenn

    So, I switched it up a bit. I used spicy sausage in place of the mild sausage and ended up using a small cornstarch/water mix because the sauce didn’t seem thick enough.  Added some hot pepper flakes (we like spicy).  This was , hands down, the best meal we’ve had in quite a long time!!!!! Easily something we could have ordered from an Italian restaurant.   It was amazing!!!! 

  11. Jess M

    I just want you to know that as I stand here making this recipe on Christmas Day that I make this recipe SO often. It is in our TOP 5! Love it. Thank you for sharing!!

    1. Jess M

      Me again! Christmas Day 2019 and making this again! Thanks so much for helping us create such a delicious tradition! Love from Texas! 

  12. Edie Kuhnsman

    I changed this a bit…less sausage, only about a half cup of onion, 1 cup of chicken broth. Added about a half cup of bell pepper. No cream handy, so used a jar of tomato basil spaghetti sauce and 2 teaspoons of pesto instead of the garlic. So yummy I look forward to the leftovers.

  13. Jasmin

    Delicious !!! I always use hot sausage and I even add some red pepper flakes *spicy*. Going to try uncooked penne tonight instead of the tortellini!! 

  14. Jenn

    Absolutely awesome!
    I did not use the spinach because I am the only one who wouldn’t pick it out. I also used hot Italian sausage to kick it up a notch!!

  15. JoyinChaos

    We love this recipe. It’s part of our regular dinner rotation and everyone is always excited when they see it on the menu. For something so simple, it’s delicious.

  16. meg

    I have found the perfect ration. I double everything but the sausage. Replace the diced tomatoes for tomato sauce. I have made this recipe many times and now it’s perfect

  17. Bonita Blackaby

    I made this and it’s very good. I added a little Italian seasoning, and chopped green pepper. I used softened cream cheese mixed with milk since I didn’t have cream. I used more than the recipe called for, so instead of chicken broth, I threw in a bullion cube. The taste was delicious. The sausage gave it real heat.

  18. Faye

    I have been making this recipe for sometime.  Always a huge hit. Made it when my family came for Christmas everyone loved it.   The only thing I add to it is Italian seasoning.
    Thank you for sharing a wonderful recipe!!!

  19. Seth

    My girlfriend Kelbie and I made this dish last night. Absolutely amazing. For how quick and easy it is to make this is definitely one we will be adding to our cookbook! Thank you so much for this recipe

  20. Gloria

    Another easy way to take the casing off of sauage is take a paring knife, slit it along side 
    the sauage through the casing, open it up, remove casing, all done, shape as you wish

  21. Donna

    This is one of my family’s favorite dishes.  I’m doing some freezer cooking for another family and was wondering how well this would freeze.  Have you ever frozen this recipe?

  22. Haley

    Omg.. this is sooooo good! I followed the recipe religiously, as I have never made this before and I am surprised how easy and delicious this turned out. Took me a total of 30 mins to make.

  23. Nilsa

    This recipe was awesome! My boyfriend and I rate it a 9 out of 10!! Will always recommend this recipe. Very filling! I definitely can not wait to look at some other recipes of yours!

  24. Kristina

    The most delicious recipe I’ve ever made! Like this is incredibly good my family ate it all within minutes!! I’m gonna make this all the time and tell everyone because this recipe is so soooo good!! I used regular ground sausage and cake out amazing. 

  25. Jessica

    I’ve made this three times and it is great! I want to make it for lunch but forgot the heavy cream. I have half n half, evaporated milk, and regular milk. Are any of those a decent substitute?

  26. Kim

    Oh my stars!!! This was “epic” as my 12 year old described it!! This recipe turned out great! My kids and I loved it!! This will be a regular meal for my household. I have 7 children’s so I needed to make a lot for servings. So along with the tortellini I boiled some bow tie noodles and added those as well. One of my new favorites!!!

  27. Kat

    I made this today and I’m not sure how but the sauce came out really runny and tomato-y. My husband doctored it up with some italian seasoning and mozzarella and a bit of parmesan cheese. Once he did that it tasted superb though I’d recommend a little less spinach(it tasted good in this recipe but 2 hand fulls or 2 cups was just a bit much) we also only did 2 onions because it seemed like plenty and that was under 1.5 cups so the listed 2 cups we felt would have been too much. The baseline was a great start and I’m sure it still would have been great if it hadn’t been so runny(we thought maybe because the tomatoes were supposed to be drained but the recipe didn’t say so it’s just a guess) but the doctoring we did came out great so yeah lol

  28. Sara Welch

    This has become a go to recipe since I discovered it! We make it for the two of us or when friends come over. Most recently I made a batch and sent it to work with my husband for the ER staff. Everyone loves it!

  29. Jen

    I made this for probably the 10th time today.  I made it with the freeze dried tortellini and would suggest using fresh or frozen (as you stated in the recipe).  These cooked well, but seemed to soak up too much of the sauce.  Still, it’s one of our favorite recipes

  30. Kim

    I love this dish.  Simple, one pot  (translation:minimal clean up), and delicious.  I don’t always have every ingredient on hand, but even when I substitute items, it tastes great.  I’ve made this several times in the past few months and will continue to use this recipe in my dinner rotation.

  31. Rachel G.

    This was a delicious recipe!  I had everything on hand except the cream, so I substituted canned evaporated milk.  It was great, and less fat as a bonus.  My husband is a man of few words when it comes to my “Pinterest experiments” but even he liked this recipe!  I have just enough left over for lunch today and I can’t wait to eat it!  Thanks for the great recipe!  

  32. Monica

    Delicious recipe! I’ve had a package of tortellini in my pantry forever and this morning googled tortellini recipes and I’m so glad I stumbled across this one! I did find the sauce was a little runny- my family loves thick tomatoey sauces- so if any one else’s family is that way, next time I think I’ll use half the broth and replace it with a can of tomato sauce instead. Otherwise, two big thumbs up!

    PS- your description of unwrapping the sausage was hilarious! I never knew how dangerous Italian sausage could be! ?

  33. Billie Sherlin

    This recipe is awesome! Just found on Pinterest and made for the first time. I was a little curious of the nutrition information and the serving size. It says serves 4 and under the nutrition info it says for 409g.. is that one serving?

  34. Inge

    I made this tortellini dish last week and it was a great succes. Here I couldn’t find Italian saucages but I used Catalanian, worked out great. I added a bit more tortellini, stock and cream and Italian dried herbs.
    We loved it, so thank you for this fast and easy recipe.

  35. Jessica

    hi! I have no idea how I came across this, but boy am I glad I did! I make it for ALL of my special guests and everytime, without fail, end up sharing the recipe! Thanks for such a tasty dish.

  36. Celia

    Made this last night for a group of friends and it was a huge hit! I added 2 cups of green peppers in addition to the onions, I thought it was a nice touch. No leftovers! Next time I’m going to try with spicy sausage :)

  37. Heather

    Seriously this stuff is so darn good. I had never had tortellini before and wanted to make it the right way, week this it!! I squeezed my sausages just right and added some mushrooms, sun dried tomatoes, oregano, thyme and fresh basil. Then we garnished with some parmesan. It was a huge hit and the kids loved it! Thanks so much, I’ll certainly make again.

  38. Taren

    Oh my gosh this is so delicious, first time cooking with tortellini but will not be the last. This recipe was so good and I thank you for it, I doubled the recipe cause I have a big family!! Easy to follow, inexpensive ingredient list, and short cooking time. Thank you!

  39. Kate

    I made this last night and it was SO great! It’s definitely in our permanent rotation. As other commenters suggested, I added a small jar of tomato sauce. I had to up the amount of chicken broth in order to fully cover the tortellini. Because of this, my final product was more like a stew than a pasta dish, but it’s better for wiping up the sauce with some crusty bread!
    My husband did say that it was a little heavy on the sausage. Whaaaaat? He’s a total carnivore, so this took me by surprise. Fortunately I had a couple more ounces of tortellini and cooked them up to add to our leftovers.

  40. Allison

    Has anyone tried this with fresh basil instead of spinach? I was wondering if it will be too pungent of a taste difference.

  41. Lorraine

    Made this last night for an Italian Menu Dinner with friends …………. it was a huge hit !! Added a small can of tomato sauce, some Italian seasoning and some fresh basil ………… I can see I will be making this over and over, thank you so much :-)

  42. Christine

    Absolutely amazing recipe!!! I’m always fighting with my 5 and 7 yr old  to not pick out the vegetables in their food tonight was a victory! they ate their first plate then went back for seconds and thirds. Definitely a keeper, thank you so much for posting it was absolutely delicious. 

  43. Dee Marie

    This was excellent! I used sweet Italian turkey sausage, omitted the onion, and used lemon bowtie pasta since I did not have tortellini. I did not drain the tomatoes, and that gave it just enough liquid. Wonderful flavor, very addictive! And so easy! I’m saving this to make again.
    *Make sure you have a very large pan! The one I started with is large but I transferred to an extra large one to be able to stir it without it falling out over the sides.

  44. Joyce

    I made this tonight and boy was it good!! I tweaked it a bit for our taste. I added a small can of tomato sauce because I felt like the sauce needed a bit more body. Threw in a bit of dried basil and oregano, too. Loved the effect of adding the cream. So delish and will definitely be on our rotation.

  45. Katie

    I made this a few weeks ago, and it was SOO delicious! I can’t even wait to make it again. I served it with some garlic bread and salad, though it’s very filling in itself. Thanks for this easy recipe!

  46. Cait

    Ok. I absolutely adore your blog!!! I’ve used it for SO many recipes. I love the way you give us your recipe but also encourage us to try and make it our own dish. You’re like well this is how I did it but do it however you feel most comfortable. Pleaseeeee never stop posting recipes because I’d be lost without ya!! Oh and I made this recipe tonight, added some whole roasted garlic cloves in it and my family LOVED it. Rock on!!??

  47. Tina

    I just found your blog on pinterest! Boy am i glad i found it. I made this recipe last night, i substituted canned tomatoes with real tomatoes that i diced myself. One word: AMAZING! My husband loved it too and hes super picky! The flavors worked so well together! I loved that the sauce was a bit watery and not so thick! It was absolutely delicious! I cant wait to make more of your recipes

  48. Malin Andersson

    I am going to try this Italian recipe on my birthday party because it is looking very yummy and attractive. I never tried any Italian recipe this will be my first time. Thanks for this nice recipe.

  49. Beth

    So, I didn’t comment the first time but hubs just requested I make it again so I guess it’s a winner…. Or maybe he just wanted to see me remove that sausage casing again. He sure got a kick out of that! Jokes on him because I read the comments and use the knife and slit down the center method this time! Ha! This meal is seriously delicious!

  50. Isis Kearney

    I love this recipe it has become a favorite in my house. The only thing I changed was I use spicy Italian sausage gives it a little kick.

  51. Traci

    Made this tonight but i had to improvise a little . Bought the 19oz bag of walmart tortellini so i figured i had to double the sauce a bit. So i used the 3/4 c chicken stock but added 1c of half and half and 2 cans of tomatoes (with garlic, basil and orgeano). Dumped in the tortellini and didn’t cover while cooking, wanted the sauce to cook down a bit. Turned out great!!! Not sure how much salt i put in , just kept dumping till it tasted right. Everyone loved it!!!

  52. Martina

    So excited to try this tonight! As a true Italian — I normally shy away from americanized italian dishes — but this looks INCREDIBLE! Would y’all mind if I shared it on my blog — I would DEFINITELY credit y’all and link it!



  53. Stacy

    Really, you have to stop doing this to me. Your recipes are so good that I don’t want to send the leftovers to work with my husband. I want them all to myself.
    No, I’m totally kidding. Don’t stop doing this. Your recipes rock my face off.
    This turned out SO well – I used a pound of ground sausage because that’s what I normally buy…and it was super good! I used frozen spinach and it worked just fine.
    Keep ’em coming! :-)

  54. Stephanie

    I made this last week and had to tell you just how awesome it was! I used bulk hot Italian sausage and the little kick of spice was great!

  55. Brenda

    Thank you for posting this recipe – I get nervous with very complicated dinner recipes, and this was easy to follow and resulted in an amazing dish. It’s SUPER good with bread to sop up all that delicious sauce.

  56. Ashley

    I made this recipe tonight, and it was delicious, however, the sauce was a bit watery. Any tips for thickening the sauce a bit? Maybe use less broth or add a little cornstarch?

    1. Lorina

      Funny enough, I had the exact opposite problem of not having as liquidy a consistency as shown in the photos, even though I added a little extra broth. I think on my part it came down to simmer temperature (though I did have it on low) or simmer length. My tortellini were slightly over plump and soft. Maybe in your case you could simmer a little longer or at a higher temp?

  57. Cady

    I just wanted to let you know how much my husband and I LOVE this dish!! I am making it right now as I type this, for like the 100th time this year :)

  58. Angela

    This is absolutely scrumptious! It has been a favorite in our house for months now. We make it and devour it regularly! Great to have meals like this that my husband and 2 little guys (under 4) enjoy so much! (I love it, but love it even more that they love it too!!)

  59. Mylène

    This was very easy to cook and very good!

    I checked the nutritional informations and paniqued a little bit, but then I remembered that I chose non salted chicken broth and tomatoes, 5% cream (milk and cornstach would be alright too), brown pasta and only put 2 sausages. I also used less salt than you did.

    So for people like me that are looking for healthier recipes, I would suggest to do the same. It was still VERY tasty.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  60. Tyler

    I was thinking about replacing the canned tomatoes with some fresh tomatoes from a local market. While this will increase prep time, I am trying to reduce the amount of canned goods I consume due to the BPA environmental impact. Thoughts? Concerns?

  61. Caren Ross

    Yum! I was searching for an easy recipe for tonight and came up with this. Since my kids love spinach in everything (oldest wants me to put it mashed potatoes, lol), I think I will add some frozen spinach to it.
    As for the removing of the sausage from the casing, do you know how hard it is not die laughing? I was afraid my students would think that I had lost it and want to know what I was laughing at. …..;-)

  62. Beth

    I got a laugh out of your description (or lack of one!) of squeezing the sausage out of the casing… but thought I’d share what I do instead. I hold it from the middle, squeeze lightly there to indent, and then twist it completely in half while squeezing firmly. (Not sure if I’m saying this clearly!) The sausage squeezes evenly out of both ends of the casing and I find it a little less messy that way. Definitely not as entertaining as your method, though! :-)

  63. christina goodman

    Hi. This recipe looks yummy. I am actually making it tonight! It combines all of the ingredients my family loves the most. The recipe calls for 2 cups of diced onions. Isn’t that a lot? Should I use less if I am using a fresh onion instead of frozen as pictured?

  64. Michelle

    This looks delicious! I’m planning to make it tonight, but am worried about the fresh tortellini falling apart cooking so long. Would you add them later, or go for the full 15 minutes? Thanks in advance!

    1. Michelle

      Update: I made this last night, and thought it was delicious. Used Chicken Italian Sausage which wasn’t quite as savory as pork sausage would be, but the flavor was good. I used homegrown tomatoes, whole milk instead of cream, and basil instead of spinach (all because it was what I had on hand). It was a bit soupy so I had to cook it down uncovered…probably why the tortellini fell apart a bit. All in all, I will make it again!

  65. LeAnn

    Made this for dinner tonight and it got a thumbs up from all 4 of us, including my husband who isn’t a tomato fan unless it is smooth marinara or ketchup. It will be added to our menu rotation!

  66. Stephanie

    Hi! Really want to make this for my family next week. I was just wondering if this is an easy recipe to double. In order to double it, would I have to double all the ingredients, or could I just increase sauce and pasta? Thanks!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Stephanie! Yes, you could easily double this recipe. Just make sure you have a very large pot or dutch oven. I would double everything. Good luck! :)

  67. Sarah

    We made this for dinner tonight and added a little spice to it. We found these spicy peppers at a farmer’s market and bought way too many. We added a few of them while we were cooking the onions. We also bought the spicy sausages, as well as the diced tomatoes with green chilis in them. Needless to say, ours definitely had a kick to it! I don’t think our sauce ever got as thick as yours, but it was okay. It was delicious, though, and is definitely a keeper!

  68. Hilda

    I made this for dinner tonight. Definitely a ‘keeper’!!!! Hubby kept sneaking into the kitchen to get a taste from the pan. Yummy!

  69. Kathy Stone

    Another easy way to take the sausage out of the casing is to just slit it down the middle and scrape it off the casing. I actually find this method to be less messy!

  70. Chell Carter

    I made this and it was absolutely delish! So good and easy to prepare. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us.

  71. Jenn

    Oh my word was this yummy! I added more tortellini so in turn added more liquid which turned out to be too much liquid so it was more like a soup. My family LOVED it. Thanks for a great recipe.

  72. Gina

    Made this last night – hard to have a dinner conversation when my husband was making “yummy” noises all through dinner. It was VERY good. Thank you for this and all you do. Love your blog!

  73. Beth

    The Italian Sausage Tortellini recipe is FANTASTIC!!! My entire family and a guest just raved about it to no end. It was so easy to make too. Thanks for sharing it.

    By the way, I also thought that your sausage comments were funny. I did want to mention that I can often find mild Italian sausage packed like hamburger meat, thus eliminating the need to “squeeze” it out of a casing. :)

  74. Peggy

    Amanda, I’m so sorry you were hacked! You said to let you know if we had any issues. I have tried to print your Italian Sausage Tortellini recipe. When I click “print page” it takes me to a page that says
    “Oops. Apparently the page isn’t here anymore”. I am using chrome.

  75. Yolanda

    Wait, you had a recipe after that “squeeze here” photo!? Haha…j/k – I was laughing so hard throughout your description and then when it got to the part where you say, “Please still make this recipe” I lost it completely! I LOVE reading your blog and as always, the recipes and photographs are fabulous! Thanks for sharing! xo

  76. Angie | Big Bear's Wife

    Oh my gosh haha, I was dying while reading about your casing removal photo haha. But yes, still totally making this haha

  77. Lois

    First let me say how sorry I am to hear about your hacking!!! :( I love your blog! I have a Boston, too – her name is Olive. LOVE seeing your two crazies!! LOVE your recipes and here is my problem. You said we were your eyes so here goes………since the hacking I can’t print any recipes :( It totally disables my printer. I then have to remove & reinstall it to be able to use it at all. And I still can’t print any recipes from your site. Anyone else having this problem???

    Hang in there – we are all rooting for you! Hope things get all fixed up for you.

    1. Amanda

      Hi Lois!

      Thank you so much for letting me know! I definitely appreciate it. You are for sure my eyes and ears!! :) That is very odd for sure. Unfortunately I am not able to duplicate the error on my end. I am able to click the “Print Recipe” button under the recipe, and a printer-friendly version of the recipe pops up. From there I can either go to File > Print or click on the “Click here to print” text down at the bottom right.

      What browser and operating system are you using?

    2. Peggy

      Hey Lois, just confirming Amanda’s results. I used the “Print Recipe” button and it took me to a print preview page where I was able to print. I’m using Chrome. (Don’t judge me.) Now that I’ve printed it, darn, I guess I’ll have to make it! ;)

    1. Cam

      I used Polska kielbasa instead and it worked great. I think it’ll work with whatever taste of meat you want.

    2. Lori Koczur

      i like it w/ sweet sausage. turkey sausage is good too! i always double the tomatoes, i just like it w/ alot of tomatoes.. everyone loves it, and its quick! its a keeper.

  78. Rosie Bent

    Thanks for sharing really awesome and informative blog especially for the food lovers and professional chef and of course those people who love travelling in their vacations. To visiting news places and taste the different variety food makes the life rocking.

  79. Karen

    First let me say, I love your blog! It is so down to earth, and the recipes are so user friendly. I am going to suggest your blog to all those newly out of the house kids whether they are going to college or off on some other adventure, because your recipes are that user friendly, and delicious. I was cracking up with your description of getting the sausage out of t he casing. I use a kitchen scissor and slit my casings all the way down and dumb in the pan…maybe a little less fun than your way! Thank you for your refreshing blog and wonderful recipes. I love on top of the stove recipes too!

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