Nashville Cupcakes

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

Hello, cupcake!

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

Last weekend Jenny and I were in the hoppin’ Music City of Nashville, Tennessee for the Food Blog Forum seminar. The Food Blog Forum was such a fun conference – great people, great speakers, great events – I always learn so much and feel so motivated after attending blogging conferences. If you ever get the chance to go, do it! I think the next Food Blog Forum is in Orlando in March.

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

You know Jenny and I can’t get together without finding cupcakes! Can I just say I absolutely love this girl? On Sunday we went on the hunt for some Nashville cupcakes and found our way to The Cupcake Collection.

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

This was a cozy little bakery and they had some delicious cupcakes.

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

First up is their original sweet potato cupcake with cream cheese frosting. If you’re a fan of carrot cake, you’ll love this cupcake!

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

Personally I’m a tried and true buttercream gal myself, and this chocolate buttercream spoke to me. So fudgy. So buttery. Loved it!

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

Oh how fun is this Snickerdoodle cupcake? It’s a vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream topped with a crunchy, sugary, cinnamon topping. Great texture on this cupcake.

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

And oh yes. My favorite. Vanilla cupcake with fluffy vanilla buttercream. Glorious. A vanilla cupcake with vanilla buttercream is my favorite cupcake of all time, and the standard to which I judge all cupcakes. And this was an excellent vanilla cupcake.

The Cupcake Collection | Nashville, TN

Oh so soft and fluffy. I could eat a dozen of ya.

And since I drove to Nashville, will someone please remind me why I didn’t bring a whole box home? That’s a puzzler for sure.

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45 Responses
  1. Tonisha

    Hi name is Tonisha Brown and I am the marketing assistant at The Cupcake Collection. Your pictures are amazing, we’re so glad you got to try them. We’d love for you to visit us again if you’re ever in Nashville. Same place, same great cupcakes! We’ve even added more flavors like strawberries and champagne, lemon berry, gingerbread and more to our lineup since your visit in 2011. We also ship as well. ;)

  2. Kim Dickerson

    I have to agree with Haley, who already commented. DEFINITELY check out Ivey Cake. She has the CUTEST little shops….one in historic Franklin and one in Brentwood. Y.U.M. I live in Indiana, but was traveling last Feb, and happened upon Ivey Cake. BEST spontaneous cupcake stop I ever made!

  3. victoria

    looks yummy…peanuts and candy corn are a great combo, too. Even if the m’s don’t taste like candy corn, you will have to mix peanuts and candy corn together for a great, yummy snack…and go ahead and throw some m’s in there, too!

  4. Jenni

    Wow! Yummy… I want one now. I just made Pumpkin Muffins on Sunday. They were good too. I posted the recipe on my blog. I betch’ya we could make those into mini cupcakes with the right buttercream frosting…. gosh now I’m hungry! Always enjoy your posts Amanda! :) {Hugs & Joy}, Jenni

  5. Christy

    I am so glad you made your way to Nashville. If you ever make your way back and need tips of where to hit up let me know! Nashville is a great place for great food and as you know, cupcakes! :)


  6. Heather Mayberry

    i am from nashville, the next time you are there you should try gigi’s. they are amazing! also, there is a truffle shop called the cocoa tree that is worth a visit! it is right next to the germantown cafe that is an awesome lunch spot. i have never commented, but i love your blog. i found it through erin cobb.

  7. Angie

    Oh wow!! Thank you so much, I don’t live far from Nashville and I am a BIG fan of cupcakes so I will be checking this out when I go next time!! Thank you so much!!

  8. Kelsey

    As a Nashvillian, I’ve done my fair share of cupcake tasting and Cupcake Collection is my absolute fave! The Red Velvet is to die for and their frosting to cake ratio is just right. YUM! Glad you got a great taste of Nashville. :)

  9. Kelly

    Cupcake Collection is the BEST in Nashville by far!!! I love them so much! My all time favorite there is Lemon/Strawberry or the plain ole Lemon is great too!! But I will take their plain ole Vanilla any ole day of the week!

  10. Melissa

    I’ll have to check this out next time I’m in Nashville. I have family there and don’t get there as often as I used to. I enjoy your emails and seeing all the places you’ve visited. My favorites were when you were out west esp. Washington State because we lived there for 17 years and our two youngest sons were born there (they’re now 20 and 21 y/o). :)

  11. Annie

    here i am in nashville, and never tried cupcake collection. dang! and…wish i could have seen you ’round town too! that would have been fun! glad you enjoyed nashville. come back anytime!

  12. Haley Bragg

    Cupcake Collection is GREAT, but you also need to try Ivey Cake next time you’re in town. I didn’t know a cupcake could be that good.

  13. Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    Yes indeed, why didn’t you bring home a box?! I’d have been in cupcake heaven there, looks really tasty.

  14. Caitlin

    I love all your cupcake posts – they make me want to seek out cupcake places whenever I’m traveling :). I’m live pretty close to Nashville so I’m definitely going to check out these cupcakes next time I’m in town. Yum!

  15. Jenny Flake

    Oh how I love our cupcake hopping. Wish we had time for a few more in Nashville, but sounds like we picked the perfect spot if we just had time for one :) Until next time girl!! xoxox

  16. Lesley

    I am SO SO glad you found Cupcake Collection. They’re the best in the city. In fact, I was talking about them Saturday morning at FBF and raging against the local big franchisor, GiGi’s cupcakes, which we have re-dubbed “Chi-Chi’s Crisco Cupcakes.” They are terrible. Life’s too short to eat a bad cupcake.

  17. Lisa H

    There’s one other little gem of a cupcake place that you missed…..Dulce! They have flavor combinations that make my heart sing! They really make all their creations with love!

  18. Jessica

    Looks like you girls had a blast! I love all those photos….makes me crave a cupcake for breakfast! …wait who am I kidding? I am always craving cupcakes for breakfast! :-D

  19. Malia

    Y’all chose the BEST place to get cupcakes! I love me some Cupcake Collection! And the sweet potato cupcake is definitely my favorite. I’ve not tried the Snickerdoodle one yet, need to get on that!

  20. Suzanne

    I live in Nashville and those are some of the best cupcakes around! I need to get in the know about these Food Blog Seminars! Which hotel did you stay in?

  21. Suzanne Shepherd

    Love your last line on this post…. “Will someone remind me why I didn’t bring a whole box home?” Yes, I will! Because you are one smart cupcake yourself and knew the box might be empty by the time you got home. And everyone knows that eating cupcakes and driving is just as risky as driving while using your cell phone! ;)

  22. Jessica

    Cake is my favorite sweet treat – over any other. Your pictures are making my mouth water! If I could have anything, I would choose a vanilla cake/cupcake with fluffy vanilla buttercream. Mmm, my little piece of heaven. Most people I know think it’s dull and they like things like chocolate cake with vanilla frosting, or chocolate with chocolate. I’m glad to learn I’m not the only one who enjoys the simple things. :-)

  23. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Well well, the hubs and I will just HAPPEN to be on a major road trip next month with a stop through in Nashville to and fro. Guess where I’ll be going!? (So glad to see someone else who uses the vanilla/vanilla cupcake to judge all others as well!)

  24. Dora

    They seem delicious, as it happens always with your food photography!:-)
    Once this summer, I tried to bake some myself, but the frosting recipie was not good and it didn’t come out as planned. Next time I’ll post pictures and try a different recipie!:-)

    Hugs from Athens,

  25. MacLeod House

    Lawsy. After reading your food posts, I get the darndest cravings. Right now I’m mentally checking my baking cupboard, wondering if I have all the ingredients to make vanilla cupcakes with buttercream frosting – I’m keen to try out that cinnamon/sugar topping…

  26. KunstStücke

    I`m so happy, that I`m not alone:
    Taking pictures of everything eatable…
    My husband and my kids are often asking, if I`m ready now – Can we eat???
    We don’t have that much cupcake bakeries in Germany, so I`m glad to take a small look in your world…Thanks a lot…
    From overseas

    Hope I didn`t make too many grammar mistakes…

  27. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    I love all the cupcakes and where ever you go, I always know that you will be shooting cupcakes, i.e. San Diego, LA area, NYC, etc…and I love them all! Except Mexico, dont think you shot cupcakes on that trip? :)

    I heard that Todd & Diane did a workshop at FBF. That alone would have been worth the trip!

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