Best Places to Eat in Krakow, Poland

Planning a trip to Krakow? If you’re looking for the best traditional Polish food, and want to make sure every meal in Krakow is a home-run, here are our favorite Krakow restaurant recommendations.

Polish Food


I’m always excited to visit new places and experience local cuisine. I was especially looking forward to having my first authentic perogi! Krakow absolutely did not disappoint. I was in perogi heaven!!

Perogi is basically like ravioli. The dough is a bit thicker and chewier, and traditionally perogi is filled with creamy mashed potatoes instead of cheese like ravioli. But in Krakow you can get perogi stuffed with just about anything your heart desires! We had lamb perogi, perogi topped with bacon, and even dessert perogi!

Polish Food

Miod Malina

For truly traditional Polish food with an amazing menu, beautiful presentation, and charming atmosphere, I highly, highly recommend Miod Malina. The inside of the restaurant is beautiful, but on nice days they also have a gorgeous terrace!

Polish Food

Here you will find AMAZING perogi!! This is perogi topped with bacon! So, so good.

Polish Food

They also have a traditional Polish sausage soup served in a bread bowl. Loved this.

Polish Food

This was a tender veal knuckle with cheesy mashed potatoes.

Polish Food

Baked spare ribs. Honestly everything we had here was amazing!

Polish Food

These fried potato pancakes (bottom right) are another traditional Polish food.

Polish Food

And of course we had to try the dessert perogi! They are stuffed with strawberries and topped with fresh cream. SO good!! Highly recommend Miod Malina!

Polish Food

La Campana

La Campana is an Italian restaurant in a historic building on one of the oldest streets in Krakow. The outdoor terrace is beautiful.

Polish Food

Here you can find Italian classics such as spaghetti carbonara, lasagna, bruschetta, and caprese salad. Wonderful atmosphere!

Polish Food

A Home Cooked Meal with Traditional Polish Food

One of my favorite dining experiences in Poland was with Eataway is a website where home cooks invite guests from all over the world to eat with them at their homes. After a long day of travel, nothing beats a home cooked meal. If you like to meet new people, try new types of food, and want to live live the locals live for a night, I highly recommend Eataway.

On our first night in Poland we ate in the home of Magdalena. She prepared fresh Polish mountain cheeses, Polish sausages, brined herring, a traditional chilled beet soup, and incredible lamb perogis. Her husband is a French pastry chef, so for dessert we were treated to homemade mille-feuille. And of course there was lots and lots of Polish vodka! ;)

I could not have asked for a more perfect first night in Poland.

Polish Food

Food Trucks in Krakow with Traditional Polish Food

On a Friday night, Krakow’s food truck scene is hopping! I love street food and food trucks, so on our last night in Krakow we headed over to the Kazimierz historical district — also known as the Jewish Quarter — for some food truck taste-testing. I loved the pulled pork sandwich and fries! You can get all sorts of gourmet dipping sauces for the fries. The tomato basil I got here was phenomenal. You can even find the famous rolled ice cream at one of the trucks!

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3 Responses
  1. Lisa

    Great recommendations! I have been to Poland few times, but never in Poland. After this post I want to got here so bad! From places in Poland I know Warsaw best, because I usually go there. There are so many incredible places, especially culinary ones, you would love that! The one place that I go back to is a bar called Bubbles. They serve champagnes and sparkling wines, but also delicious food. And it is so cozy and friendly that I never want to leave :p

  2. Gabbie

    Wow, great article and photos! I must admit, that even though I visit Poland quite often I have been to Krakow only once or twice, but after seeing your photos I want to go there. I usually stay in Warsaw because my friends live there. There also many great restaurants there. My favourite one is definitely Akademia Restaurant. It elegant and romantic but cozy at the same time. Perfect for a date;) And their food is incredible – a great combination of tradition and modernity. I go there every time I visit Warsaw.

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