Layover in Amsterdam

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

On our way home from Greece, we had a layover in Amsterdam. We decided to book an extra couple of nights to spend a few days in this fun city! Amsterdam is always one of my favorites.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

We stayed at the Hotel Pulitzer Amsterdam, a gorgeous hotel in a converted canal house. Love the flowers in the lobby!

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

How cute is this room! Love the purple and yellow.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

The Hotel Pulitzer has such charm. We had a beautiful view of the Prinsengracht canal right from our window.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

Dying over the bathroom!!!

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

All the rooms in the Hotel Pulitzer are unique.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

How fun is this music themed room??

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

Definitely want to stay here next time!

The Diary of Anne Frank Spanish Version

The Hotel Pulitzer is just a 5 minute walk from the Anne Frank House, so it’s the perfect hotel if your goal in Amsterdam is to visit this powerful museum.

Where to Eat in Amsterdam

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

The Pancake Bakery

I recommend getting to the Anne Frank House early… there will already be a line forming before the museum opens at 9 AM. Afterwards, definitely head next door for breakfast at The Pancake Bakery! They have a huge variety of traditional Dutch pancakes with every topping you can imagine.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

The Happy Pig Pancake Shop Amsterdam

This was another awesome breakfast spot right by our hotel. You’ll see these decadent waffles all over Amsterdam, but here they make them fresh to order and you can get lots of fun toppings with homemade sauces. I got mine with fresh strawberries, salted caramel, and lots of whipped cream! Love!

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

Van Puffelen

Ohhh my gosh you guys!!! This was one of the most amazing meals ever!! Our hotel recommended this restaurant when we asked for something casual with traditional Dutch cuisine. It’s less than a 5 minute walk away from the hotel. This salmon was TO DIE FOR.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

The ravioli was incredible! We also got the burrata which I forgot to photograph, but it was amazing! Highly recommend a meal here for traditional Dutch cuisine.

Canal Houses of Amsterdam

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

Here’s a quick peek at our 48 hours in Amsterdam.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

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The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

The I Amsterdam City Card makes traveling in Amsterdam so easy. With the city card you get free entrance to most museums, unlimited public transportation, and also a free canal cruise!

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

Getting around Amsterdam was a breeze. It was so nice being able to hop on and off the streetcars in Amsterdam with our I Amsterdam City Card. Public transportation in Amsterdam was very easy to use and figure out, especially with the Google Maps app. With the app, you just type in where you want to go, and it tells you exactly what bus or streetcar to get on, where the bus stop is, how many stops you’ll make, and when to get off. The GPS will show you your route and where you are so you can make sure you’re going in the right direction.

The Perfect 24 Hours in Amsterdam!

Until next time!

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10 Responses
  1. Jeremy Smith

    Great article! Only one little note to the readers, if you are looking for help in public transportation the “street cars” are called trams (you might get confused looks with the term “street car”).  -American living in Amsterdam

  2. Annika M

    About the Anne Frank House: Get tickets online as soon as you know you’re going to Amsterdam.  Last year,  admission was by ticket only until mid-afternoon and first-come, first-served after that.

  3. Bhavana Alvares

    Hey….love all the pictures you take and the lovely feedback you put on the places…I will be travelling to England in May.
    could you please suggest to me things do in London and Scotland…please…

  4. Laura

    Beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing! I love your blog, I may never have he opportunity to visit all the mazing places you have been, but thanks to your blog I can admire how beautiful our world is :) Those canal houses are incredible, do you know if they have flooded? the windows are so close to the water!

    1. Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

      And I was just thinking that Amsterdam is the one place Kevin and Amanda have posted on that I’ve actually been! I never thought about the flooding issue, even when I was there. I guess I was too busy eating like a crazy American. The funniest part about my trip to Amsterdam is how many natives there were asking me directions because they thought I’d actually had a clue. Then we both cracked up laughing when they realized I was American, clueless and couldn’t speak their language.

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