Where to Eat in Amsterdam!

If you’re planning a trip to Amsterdam and looking for restaurant recommendations, here’s our review of everywhere and everything we ate in Amsterdam!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

Lanskroon Banketbakkerij
Singel 385, Amsterdam

We couldn’t go to Amsterdam without trying a famous Stroopwafel! A stroopwafel is two thin waffles with a caramel filling in the middle. We tried this famously dutch treat at one of the most popular bakeries in Amsterdam.

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

Van Stapele Koekmakerij
Heisteeg 4, Amsterdam

This bakery in Amsterdam only makes ONE thing: an ultra decadent chocolate cookie stuffed with gooey white chocolate. There is always a line out the door! A must-try in Amsterdam.

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

The Pancake Bakery
Prinsengracht 191, Amsterdam

The Pancake Bakery is a MUST in Amsterdam!! We came here for breakfast after visiting the Anne Frank Museum. It’s very close by.

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

They’re also open for dinner and serve sweet and savory Dutch pancakes. You can choose from some of their famous specialties or create your own from their huge list of toppings and ingredients! Stephanie got ham & cheese, and Erin got bacon & cheese. I LOVED my Nutella pancake!!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

They also serve Amsterdam’s famous “poffertjes” (pronounced kinda like poffer-chez) with melted butter and powdered sugar. Swoon!! These are also a must! :)

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europePhoto via Stephanie

Burger Bar
Kolksteeg 2, Amsterdam

Our first night in the city, we had a delicious burger at Burger Bar. Add your own toppings (even a fried egg!) to create your own custom burger.

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

Lo Stivale d’Oro
Amstelstraat 49, Amsterdam

One of my favorite, most unforgettable meals in Amsterdam was at Lo Stivale d’Oro. It was the sweetest Italian restaurant run by a mom and her sons. One of the sons was softly playing the guitar and serenading the restaurant in Italian. The other son was our server. The mom was in the back making everything from scratch, from the bread to the ravioli.

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

They’re famous for their homemade ravioli and sage, but unfortunately they were out when we went there. They substituted decadent, pillowy soft gnocchi instead. To die for!!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europePhoto via Stephanie

Pancakes & Waffles
Oudebrugsteeg 29, Amsterdam

There are sugar waffles ALL over Amsterdam!! This hole in the wall, run by just one guy who makes everything fresh right when you order it, was our favorite out of all the places we saw.

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

We got a sweet sugar waffle topped with Nutella and whipped cream. Love!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europePhoto via Stephanie

Ice Bakery by Nutella
Leidsestraat 102, Amsterdam

Oh my gosh you guys!! There is a NUTELLA BAKERY in Amsterdam!!!!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europePhoto via Stephanie

They have Nutella EVERYTHING and there are giant jars of Nutella everywhere!! It’s like a Nutella museum!!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

How gorgeous are their sugar waffles?? You can get Nutella ice cream, Nutella milkshakes, Nutella hot chocolate, Nutella cookie sandwiches, Nutella waffles, Nutella pancakes, Nutella poffertjes, Nutella muffins, Nutella everything!!!!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

I had to try the Nutella ice cream!

BEST Restaurants in Amsterdam!! #travel #amsterdam #netherlands #europe

And Nutella poffertjes!!! So, so fun!!

That’s all for Amsterdam. Thanks so much for looking!! Have a delicious day!!

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28 Responses
  1. Danielle

    I went to the Nutella place today (Sept 2017), and it is a regular chain bakery now. They have some things with nutella but it’s not a special Nutella Museum. 

  2. Natasha T.

    Oh gosh I’m going in a couple months and I’m already drooling! My sweet tooth is going to explore. Must try the pancakes!

    Natasha T. 

  3. Kevin

    Kevin & Amanda,

    Thank you for this post. Humorously, my girlfriend and I (Share your names) recently came back from Amsterdam and now are second guessing our meal choices. These are very good suggestions, and if I may include one by us, “The Mook”, it’s a pancake all natural ingredient-type of places. The blueberry and coconut pancakes were phenomenal, as were their banana and peanut butter ones also. When we go back, we will certainly give your suggestions a visit. Thank you again!

  4. Kayla

    What an excellent presentation! The food in Amsterdam was all amazing. I like Nutella.. it makes everyone excited..
    Maybe you can try the local restaurant at the Middle of Drenthe as well. With Drenthe offers meadow meat, organic dairy products and herbs from the herb garden. Everything at Drenthe will satisfy you. Visit Drenthe at

  5. Diana

    OMG!!! I’m having some serious food envy! Love your food pictures. They all look absolutely mouthwatering. Maybe because I’m hungry 😂I hope my pictures inspire the same mouthwatering feeling!

  6. dahi.

    wonderful! this makes me want to get to amsterdam immediately! fortunately we’ll be there next week. gotta try the poffertjes!


  7. June

    As I reach the last part of Nutella Bakery I scream hahaha…. Nutella makes everyone excited ! Hope it still there when I visit next year.

  8. Dominique

    From a Dutch girl that grew up in Mexico, if you go back to Amsterdam try the following:

    – Go to the famous store called HEMA. They always have a ¨snack-to-go¨ section. Order a ¨halve rook worst¨, this means a half smoked sausage. It is the most famous sausage throughout the dutchies and it has become a must everytime I go. You can put mustard on it, but I normally like it plain.

    – At the typical french fry stands ( Order ¨patat¨ or ¨friet¨ in a ¨puntzak¨…this means fries in a cone.) What do the dutch put on top of these fries? Mayonnaise and ¨pindasaus¨(peanut sauce). It may look weird and mushy, but you need to try it, it is sweet and salty. Very good and very dutch.

    -Bitterballen: You can compare them with spanish ¨croquetas¨. It is a meat based snack, crispy breaded rounds with a savory beef filling. Put mustard on them.

  9. Shelly VanB

    Stroopwaffles are delicious but they aren’t caramel filled, it’s “stroop” which is syrup!
    So good…especially hot off the griddle.

  10. Cookin Canuck

    Holy cow…it looks as though you hit some amazing places. I love that the bakery makes only one thing….and it looks as though they do it very well.

  11. DessertForTwo

    I think you could start a whole separate blog with photos of delicious cookies in front of historical monuments. Seriously. And I would read the heck out of it!
    Thanks for the travel tips :)

  12. Mei & Kerstin from

    Oh no, I’m SO hungry now! And it’s midnight :( Otherwise I would jump in my car and drive to Amsterdam right away! :D Thanks for the incredibly beautiful food pics!

  13. Stephanie @ Plain Chicken

    What? No apple pie?! No ribs?!

    I am still dreaming of that pizza and those poffertjes. YUM!

    The food in Amsterdam was all amazing!

  14. Elle @ keep it simpElle

    I went to Amsterdam this summer for the first time to run and LOVED it! Will defo be there again! We hit up the pancake bakery twice in the time we were there! It was amazing! thanks for all the other places! Will visit those when I am there again!

  15. Super Stamp Girl

    *drool, drool, drool* OMG! This entire post just makes me hungry for carbs and Nutella! Thanks for sharing all your yummy treats!!

  16. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    As usual it all looks wonderful. You always know the best places to eat!

    Thankfully I have a banana with nutella on tap for tomorrow morning so I’ll hold out and not dive head first into the jar. ;-)

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