Cupcakes at Disney

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

So you guys know I couldn’t go to California without sneaking in a day of cupcake taste-testing with with my best gal Jenny, right?! :) Love this girl, she is as passionate about cupcakes as I am. We love checking out as many bakeries as possible whenever we can get together. :)

We met at Downtown Disney in Anaheim to check out the new cupcake kiosk, The Cupcake Store.

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

We weren’t quite sure what to expect from kiosk cupcakes, but the nice girl behind the counter assured us that the cupcakes were made fresh every morning and brought in from a bakery in Mission Viejo. And they definitely got an A+ for cuteness! Just look at these neat individual carriers to keep the cupcakes from getting smooshed. We picked out 4 cupcakes to sample.

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

The cupcakes were *gorgeous* so we definitely had to snap a few photos first! :) Disney was all decorated for Christmas, so we snagged a table right by the huge Christmas tree and used it as the background for our photos.

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

Here’s the “Celebration” cupcake. Definitely my favorite of the day! It was incredible. The vanilla confetti cupcake was perfect and that buttercream frosting…. Oh man.. Talk about super light and delicious. Loved it!

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

So fun! These would make the cutest birthday cupcakes ever.

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

Here are the two chocolate cupcakes we picked out. The one on the left is Cookies ‘N Cream. Loved this one! The frosting wasn’t as whipped as the Celebration cupcake, which made it supremely rich and dense. Delish!

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

And finally, a vanilla cupcake with a yummy strawberry filling on the inside.

The Cupcake Shop @ Disney with Picky Palate

Loved every single bite! Please excuse our cupcake carnage. :)

After Disney, we headed back to the Picky Palate kitchen and created some cupcakes of our own! I’ll be posting my photos later this week, but you can get a sneak peek on Jenny’s blog. :) Can’t wait for our next cupcake adventure! :)

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46 Responses
  1. Megan

    OMG – we walked past that EXACT SAME KIOSK on Friday night. Didn’t even think to stop! WHY?? (crying) Why couldn’t you have posted this a week ago? Next time, I’m stopping! I love that you took pics of your cupcakes! :) Too cute!

  2. ImAprilE

    Amanda, how in the world do you scour this nation for fab food and stay SO DANG THIN?! OK, don’t answer that… ;) Love the tips, pics, etc., as usual!

  3. Meredith

    Putting this on my list of to-dos next time I am in Disneyland… :)

    My favourite photos are the ones of each of you – taking photos! hahaha…

    Now I will have to hunt down some cookies n’ cream anything to satisfy that craving…

  4. Michele


    your photos are beautiful! Next time you two are in OC, I’d love to meet you both. I follow your blogs and check for new things all the time. :)

  5. Sara

    HOLY SCHMOLY! Those look so yummy my tummy just stared growling! I agree with the others, your pictures are outstanding! I would so love to spend a day with you on one of your outtings!
    Happy snapping!

  6. Brittney Leavitt

    What?! We used to get these cupcakes whenever we went to Disney, but on our last trip in October the kiosk was all shut down! We were bummed. They must be reopened. Lucky you.

  7. edyB

    Oh My Gravey ~ these cupcakes are killing me! Yummy! Thanks for sharing. But tell me this ~ how do you gals stay so slim. Just looking at the photos adds pounds! hee hee hee

  8. teresa

    Oh this makes me SO HAPPY!
    The BEST kind of MAGIC!!!
    How FUN for you and Jenny to be CUPCAKE Besties!
    LOVE IT!
    Sharing a CUPCAKE just makes life so SPECIAL!
    And let me say…these are for SURE a couple of your BEST “food” pics EVER!!!!!!!!!

  9. Dorothy

    I love the sparkly blurs behind some of those photos. Beautiful! I just wanted to stop in and Thank YOU for the free scrapbooking fonts. We got a new laptop and of course it is devoid of anything fun and cute, so your website was one of my first stops to download lots of cute fonts. Thank you so much for having them available!

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