Disneyland Paris

Paris is a beautiful city as it is, but did you know that it has its own Disneyland? If you love Disney, you’ll love learning about the Disneyland in Paris. There is so much fun and magic there, it’s like discovering Disneyland all over again!Disneyland Paris!!

Visiting the Disneyland in Paris

Oh my gosh you guys. No matter how old you are, Disney is always so magical! I was so excited when Kevin and I got to go to Disneyland Paris this summer. Taking those first steps through the gate, walking down Main Street…. I felt like a kid again!! The happiest, most magical place on earth… in the most romantic city on earth! I wanted to get Mickey Ears, Disneyland Paris souvenirs, ride all the rides, and of course eat all the food! ;)

Disneyland Paris!!

Getting to Disneyland Paris is very easy from Paris city center. It’s about 20 miles outside the city, and you can take a short, 40-minute train ride right to the front gate.

Disneyland Paris!!

How to get to Disneyland Paris from Paris city center

From one of the departure stations below, buy a ticket the morning of and get on the RER A (Red) train towards Marne-la-Vallée. Trains start around 5:30 AM and leave every 15 minutes. We planned to get there about 30 minutes before the gates opened.

Departure Stations: Charles de Gaulle Etoile, Auber, Chatelet Les Halles, Gare de Lyon, Nation

Disneyland Paris!!

The very last stop on the train is Marne-la-Vallée / Chessy, right at the front gates of Disneyland Paris. You don’t have to worry about changing trains or missing your stop!

A one-way train ticket is 7.60€ (as of August 1, 2016).

Disneyland Paris!!

Our Experience in Disneyland Paris

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by the band! It’s so hard not to be happy when you’re at Disney!

Disneyland Paris!!

Had to get a Mickey Ears picture with the castle! :)

Disneyland Paris!!

Some of the rides were the same, some were totally different! Loved Space Mountain… it even went outside for a second, unlike at Disney World and Disneyland in the US. There was never more than a 5 minute wait for Space Mountain!

We went in July, and in our experience, most rides were never more than a 15-20 minute wait. There were a couple popular rides that were a 60-minute wait, but they always had single rider lines, which is what we did, cutting the time down to 20-30 minutes.

Another fun thing… the characters on the rides speak French!! Loved hearing Buzz Lightyear speaking French! :)

Disneyland Paris!!

The Haunted Mansion is always one of my favorite rides… at Disneyland Paris it’s called the Phantom Manor! :)

Disneyland Paris!!

For lunch we stopped at Pizzeria Bella Notte…

Disneyland Paris!!

I had to get this fun Mickey pizza!!

Disneyland Paris!!

And right next door is Fantasia Gelati… couldn’t resist!

Disneyland Paris!!

There are two parks at Disneyland Paris… Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios Park. After the spending the morning at Disneyland Park, we walked right next door to check out Walt Disney Studios Park!

Disneyland Paris!!

The Best Rides in Disneyland Paris

Here was my FAVORITE ride in the entire park… Crush’s Coaster!!! It’s a roller coaster, but you’re in individual cars, like the one above… and they SPIN AROUND!!! Oh my gosh, it was SO fun. We rode three times!! Plus hearing Nemo and Crush speak French was the CUTEST thing ever.

Disneyland Paris!!

Magic carpet ride!

Disneyland Paris!!

And my favorite… Tower of Terror!!! :)

Disneyland Paris!!

Couldn’t resist this chocolate pretzel! :)

Disneyland Paris!!

That night we headed back to Disneyland Park for the parade and fireworks.

Disneyland Paris!!

It was a fun music and fireworks show with lots of lights and lasers.

Disneyland Paris!!

Such a fun, magical day at Disneyland Paris!! :)

Stay tuned… just one last post from Paris!! It’s the one you’ve been waiting for… everything we ATE in Paris!! :)

Until next time!!! :)

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  1. Chinh Chinh

    Would you say it’s doable to do both parks in a day and be able to do everything or should I do a day for each park when I go to fully experience?

    Thank you for writing this blog up! It was very helpful.

  2. Laura ~ Raise Your Garden

    Ok, not making it to Disney Paris, but going to Orlando in a month. ANd I’m going to try to mimic your pics so I finally have some decent shots. Can’t wait to eat in Disney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Marilyn

    Thank you so much for your blog! I know this is sort of random but I came across your blog around 7 years ago when in search of some fun free fonts. Today I was looking for a chicken enchilada recipe and this blog was the first to pull up. I remember you guys well because it was at the time when I first started my blog and I remember really appreciating your free fonts and detailed explanation tutorials. Thank you! I am still a newbie in the blogosphere but I try. ;) It felt like I was seeing old friends when this was the first page that came up for chicken enchiladas today. Thank you for your beautiful pictures, fun adventures, and for sharing as you do. I have never met you and yet I feel like you are my friends. Sorry that sounds a little dorky but its true. Thank you!! :)

  4. Diane @ An Extraordinary Day

    Amanda, I always love your photos and your travel tours. Also, I love your re-design… it’s very fresh.

    Merry Christmas!

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