Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

How fun are these little Taco Cups made in a muffin tin?? I don’t think I’ll ever find another taco recipe I love more than these wonton tacos. They have double layers of crunchy taco shell, seasoned beef, spicy tomatoes, and gooey cheese all in one perfect bite!

These crunchy taco cups are such a huge hit because, I prefer soft tacos but Kevin prefers crunchy tacos. So whenever we had taco night, we always had to make two different kinds of taco recipe. BUT, this taco recipe the best of both worlds. The outside is satisfying crisp and crunchy, but the inside is soft and melty! Just how I like it. We both loved them!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

How to Make Taco Cups (Step by Step)

To start, you’ll need one pound of ground beef, browned and drained.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Add a packet of taco seasoning… I am using our favorite homemade taco seasoning recipe here!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

And one can of diced tomatoes and green chilies. You can also just use regular petite diced tomatoes if you don’t like spicy.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Stir it all up to combine.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Now generously coat a standard size muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray. This is where we’re going to assemble our wonton tacos!

Make these fun Southwestern Chicken Cups using Wonton Wrappers in a Muffin Tin! Great for using up leftover rotisserie chicken or boneless, skinless chicken breasts.

Wonton Tacos

Wonton wrappers are the perfect size for these crunchy taco cups! You should be able to find wonton wrappers in any grocery store. In our store they’re located in the produce section between the tofu and fresh ravioli.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Assemble the Taco Cups

Line each cup with a wonton wrapper…

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Top with 1-2 tablespoons of the taco recipe…

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Then top with about 1 tablespoon of cheese.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Press down and add another wonton wrapper and taco recipe layer…

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

And top with one more layer of cheese.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Bake the wonton tacos at 375 degrees F for 12 minutes, until heated through and edges are golden.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Gooey, cheesy, melty, crunchy…

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

These wonton tacos are seriously the most delicious hand-held snack ever!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Top with sour cream and cilantro if that’s your thing.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Deliciousness!! Hope you enjoy this taco recipe as much as we do!!

Crunchy Taco Cups Video

Watch the video to see how easy it is to make Crunchy Taco Cups!


Taco Cups

Crunchy Taco Cups

  • Prep Time: 20
  • Cook Time: 12
  • Total Time: 32 minutes
  • Yield: 12 taco cups 1x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Cuisine: Mexican


Crunchy tacos made in a muffin tin!



  • 1 lb lean ground beef, browned and drained
  •  1 envelope (3 tablespoons) taco seasoning
  •  1 (10-oz) can Ro-Tel Diced Tomatoes and Green Chiles, drained
  •  1 1/2 cups sharp cheddar cheese, shredded (or Mexican blend)
  •  24 wonton wrappers


  1. Preheat oven to 375 degrees F. Generously coat a standard size muffin tin with nonstick cooking spray.
  2. Combine cooked beef, taco seasoning, and tomatoes in a bowl and stir to combine. Line each cup of prepared muffin tin with a wonton wrapper. Add 1.5 tablespoons taco mixture. Top with 1 tablespoon of cheese. Press down and add another layer of wonton wrapper, taco mixture, and a final layer of cheese.
  3. Bake at 375 for 11-13 minutes until cups are heated through and edges are golden.

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

Crunchy Taco Cups — The Best Taco Recipe for Wonton Tacos!

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269 Responses
  1. MB

    This was f’n (freaking) amazing!! Going to use this for pizza cups, rueben cups, and philly cheesesteak cups!

    I used what I had on hand: I used chicken drained and paper towel dried seasoned with my taco seasoning, Muir Glenn organic Roasted Diced Tomatoes, drained and just set on top of chicken, not mixed, mix of mild cheddar and monterey jack cheeses. I’ve tried before with beef and bottoms were soggy, the chicken made a big difference there. Garnished with sour cream and black olives served with Salsa. Also, mid rack my oven only took 9 minutes, FYI. Thank you!

  2. Terri

    I just made these and took them to a dinner party and they were a big hit! I will definitely make them again! Super tasty and easy to make!

    1. Patti

      First time making them .. i guess I didn’t push the second layer down enough so I ended up smushing them afterwards and they cracked inside. How do you get them out of the pan so that you can actually hold it in your hand without calling all over the sides of your hand?. Thanks

  3. Sandy

    Ok well this is a review before the taco cups are baked. First, my issue, I did not carefully see that the original Rotel is spicy. I didn’t see it mentioned in any review I read. I decided to make half chicken and half beef …1 lb each using two mini muffin pans. The recipe was easy to put together. I chose to cut the wonton wrappers in quarters then overlap using 3 pieces. For both I had about a 1/4 lb left over. I used packaged low sodium taco spice based on other reviews saying the regular spice is too salty. I am surprised how spicy the mixtures are but will be excited to see how they are when baked. I’m a little nervous knowing some coming to our Cinco de Mayo party don’t like spicy foods. More to share later.

  4. Susan Frisbie

    These are so amazing! I may or may not have had 6 just on my own. :P The wonton wrappers are such a great idea. Thanks for the new dinner option!

  5. Lilyy

    I don’t have any wonton / eggroll skins and don’t plan to shop for the skins during the stay-safe quarantine in place.

    What do you think of using flour tortillas ? I do have that in the refrigerator. Do you think I have to prebake or use just as is ? Any input is welcomed.


  6. Elizabeth

    I love many of your recipes and this one is a favorite with my family. Tonight I used ground chicken instead of beef. That worked out.  I made the homemade taco seasoning recipe that was linked to a different site. For the first time this was really salty. What amount of  homemade taco seasoning do you add? Maybe I added too much. ?

  7. Lisa Bryant

    These were delicious and the hit of the party! Thanks for the great recipe. I followed some other suggestions and cooked the 1st wrapper about 7 minutes. Then followed recipe exactly as shown. And topped with sour cream, green onion, tomato and cilantro. Everyone loved them.

  8. LizzyD

    These little gems are amazing. I made these in a mini version. I cut the wonton wrappers into four pieces and lined a mini muffin tray with them. Only one layer of meat mixture was needed.  These one bite  (or two) wonders were a hit with everyone… even my hubster who isn’t a taco fan. This made 24 servings.

  9. Sara

    I’m doing frozen meal prep for my sister who is due Nov 6 with her first baby. Do these freeze well? If so how would you reheat? Thanks!!!

  10. Heather

    I discovered your recipe while searching for Super Bowl snacks two years ago.
    Your Crunchy Taco Cups have now become one of my fiance ‘s favorite treats. :)
    I thought to leave a comment today because I had to stop by to write down the ingredients to make them again.
    Thanks for sharing!

  11. Nancy Potter

    These are the cutest things! They are very good but was wondering how would i get the bottom to be more crunchy? It was very soggy.

    1. Heather

      Hi Nancy :)
      I know you wrote a few months ago, but in case you’re still wondering… I spray the muffin tin with quite a bit of vegetable oil spray and let it sit for a minute or so and then, with a paper towel, rub all of the settled oil into the sides and bottom of each cup. The paper towel soaks a bit of the oil up, but leaves enough behind to keep the bottoms crispy but not burnt. :D

      I hope this helps!
      Oh! P.S.
      Also, try separating maybe 3/4 of the liquid from your cooked meat (before adding other ingredients to it) before using it.

      Good Luck!

    2. Breather

      This is a p P.P.S. To my last reply to you:)

      I noticed after replying to you, in reading other people’s comments, that some may not have drained the diced tomatoes and green chilies. This would almost definitely make the bottom soggy.

      Happy June!

  12. Handful

    These look fantastic! I will prebake the bottom layer to crisp, then use refried beans on the bottom as it is less soggy then the neat. Meat second layer, then topped with guac and sour cream.

  13. Renae

    Hi guys, I love this recipe, just wondering if I was able to make them a week ahead and freeze them and re heat them when i have my party

    1. Sheri

      Did you try to freeze these?   If so, did you freeze first and then bake when defrosted?  How did it work?

  14. P M

    It was super hit. I used different stuffing which I usually use for Vegetarian quesadilla. In our first batch I used more stuffing in cups so some were not too crispy so in next batch I used little less and it turned out amazing!

  15. Judith Davis

    I am the only one in household. Can I freeze left overs and thaw in refrigerator and reheat in oven at 375° F (190°C.) or other temperature and for how long to reheat if I do it that way?

  16. Christine

    Tried the recipe tonight and the homemade taco seasoning. Too salty, I need to add more of the other seasonings to cut it down for the next use of the taco seasoning I made up.

    1. Judy

      When recipies call for taco seasoning, I use a tablespoon of chili pwd. and a tsp of cumin. I cook low salt. It’s much cheaper too.

  17. pat

    I want to make these for a bridal shower this weekend. Someone commented they baked the wontons before adding meat to make them crispy – Kevin and Amanda – do you do that as well?
    How large are the wontons wrappers? I found some square shaped ones but wondering if they are too small for regular muffin tins. You made these in regular muffin tins right?

    1. Paula

      This is the question I want to know…no one is answering it…? I’m 2 days out from a potluck…do I leave them in fridge or freeze,? ..please help

    2. Judy

      I haven’t tried to freeze them, but I have 55 years of cooking experience and I would freeze them uncooked, thaw in the frig and cook as directed. If they go in the oven cold, they might need an extra 2 minutes.

  18. Christine

    This is absolutely delicious, it was a big hit at my mexican dinner,and so easy to make and they look good too.
    I recommand them for appies as well.

  19. Darlene Serrano

    Hi, they recipe looked awesome as it did when I took them out of the oven. Only thing was that they were a tad salty and since I greased the pan generously,  as directed, the wontons were a bit greasy.  I used less cheese than the recipe called for because I’m sure that would have resulted in even greasier wontons.  I dabbed the taco shells with paper towels and reheated them in the oven. Also had yo add more meat to lessen the saltiness. 

  20. Keri

    I decided to make these today for our Mexican themed New Year’s Eve party.  After reading the reviews and comments I took the time to test the different ways of cooking these little appies. We liked the following method the best- using a non stick mini muffin tin I lined each cup with two wonton wrappers(no need to spray the pan), filled each cup with the taco meat mix and then the cheese.  Baked at 375 for 13 minutes. They came out crunchy and unlike the other methods did not have a soggy bottom and were the  perfect size. We felt they were lacking a little something based on the recipe as written so we finished each taco cup with a little sour cream and then topped that with a bit of salsa and to our delight they were delicious. I fact my husband said he thinks he will eat the entire platter by himself? Thank you for sharing your recipe and to those wanting to try making them just do it they are nummy!

  21. Tina

    Hi was just wondering about freezing these?

    Maybe freeze them before cooking as the wonton wrappers may not freeze well ……
    What do You Think?


  22. karen

    Hi kevin and amanda!
    I made these for the first time for a party.  I made one to see how it tasted and they were AMAZING,  BUT the bottom of the won ton was soft and not crispy.  I also drained the meat too.  I then baked the won ton wrapper first for ABOUT 7 MINUTES OR SO then added the ingredients. It turned out crispy.  

  23. Rebecca

    Hi there, I’m wondering how far ahead these little cuties could be made? I have an event coming up but I’ll need to make 200 of these. Do you think I could pre cook them the day before and then just reheat them before serving time? Thanks

  24. Karen M.

    Great!  I made these for a party and everyone loved them (didn’t have any left).  I didn’t change the recipe and they were perfect.  This will be my go to now.  Thanks for the recipe.

  25. Dina Wunderlin

    These were so good and so easy to make. My husband loved them!! I will definitely make them when we have our fall chilli supper. I exchanged a can of green chillies for the roitel. I don’t like stuff too spicy.

  26. Kim Gutierrez

    I made these for a kitchen warming party and they were a huge hit. People asked for baggies so they could take some home! thanks for the recipe!

  27. Tina

    Can these be cooked ahead and frozen, as long as they are wrapped airtight? Then thaw in fridge and zap in microwave a few seconds?

  28. Angie

    I made these for a potluck at work and they have been requested every time since. I’ve made them with beans and without. Good all around!!

  29. susan sigmund

    Plan to try this using mini muffin tins. Will use tips for crispier bottoms, but also would like to know if cut- to- size flour tortillas may be substituted for the wonton skins. Any advice would be appreciated Having a get- together next week!

  30. Txschic

    These were very good, followed the advice of some of the reviewers. I used only one wrapper per cup and I pre-baked them for about 6 minutes. I used non-stick cupcake pans and did not oil them, they slid right out without sticking. I also twice  drained the liquid from the meat, once after browning and then again after cooking, they came out nice and crispy. Thanks for the great recipe.

  31. Crystal

    I’m making these tonite for adult game night and I’m so excited!!  Meat and bean combo with homemade taco spice!  Thank you for the inspiration!

  32. Janet

    These were excellent, but I found the bottoms of the wontons remained a little soggy,not really cooked,  did you cook yours a bit prior to filling them or maybe it is just me?.

  33. Kevin W

    These were a huge hit with my family!  My 9 year old son ate more than I did!  I cubed a couple of baked chicken breasts that I had seasoned with a little of Picky Palate’s Taco Seasoning for the meat.  I also added a can of black beans drained and rinsed.  Contrary to many of the prior comments, I agree with you and actually prefer the softer bottom and crispy top, best of both worlds!!

  34. manofimagination

    I made these for New Years. I followed the recipe to the T. Normally I wouldn’t use pre-made seasoning or canned chilies or even pre-shredded cheese but I doubled the recipe and I had no problem taking some ‘shortcuts’ to get them done! They were great! I could only use 1 wanton wrapper but they still held together fine.

  35. LaTisha

    Hi Amanda, I literally just finished making these for the family. And my, oh my!!!! They absolutely loved it. I topped them with lettuce, a dab of salsa, Pico de Gallo, and sour cream…and I mixed black beans in the ground beef and they ate every bite. I have a hard time getting them to eat regular things so to make it way changed it up a bit. For the side, I made mexican rice. They are stuffed laying on the couch now, including my fiancé, whose snoring now. Thx for this. I will be making this for the Superbowl! !!!

  36. Cheryl

    OK, I just experimented with these for a party tomorrow. I tried both mini muffin cups and regular sized ones. I put a small drip of olive oil on the bottom of the pans, and pressed one layer of egg roll into each cup, then prebaked them for 6 minutes at 375. This ensured the bottoms get nice and crunchy because after you fill them, they won’t bake any more. So then I added the filling into the mini cups, topped them with cheese and baked them again until the cheese was melted. In the bigger ones, I added the 2nd layer as indicated in the recipe. I kept these in the oven until the 2nd layer was golden on the edges. Here are my findings….the mini ones popped out of the pan very easily, and still had their crunchy shape, and were eaten in 2 bites. The larger ones were a little softer due to that 2nd layer of egg roll, which didn’t get crunchy because it’s not possible for that middle area to do so without the edges burning. That one was a little harder to get out of the pan, and it was a bit softer, not bad, just not as crunchy as the minis. It was also a bit sloppy to eat and required more bites. So if you have an appetizer party, I would use (and I am going to) the mini cups instead with one layer of egg roll wrapper. If it’s more of a sit down thing, the larger ones are more filling, and you can lean over your plate to eat it.

    1. Dawn

      Thanks for the tips. I went with the mini muffins, it definitely helped to crisp them up a little bit in the oven.  I also added a little bit of refried beans in the bottom and then topped with a dollop of sour cream(from a piping bag with #21 decorating tip), cilantro and black olive. I do think it could’ve used a little bit more color on top if I hadn’t use the diced tomatoes in the meat a diced tomato on top would be perfect.  Just for looks next time I might try that diced tomato anyway .

    2. Tracy

      Great tips Cheryl! Will try your suggestions next time. 

      These were ridiculously easy. I substituted TVP for the meat since I’m veg. So so good, now I’m going through all the possibilities! Burrito cups, chili cups,  cheeseburger cups, pizza cups…..

      Thank you! 

  37. krystyna rasera

    If I were to freeze them would I do it as cooked or not? Then reheat from the freezer to the oven or uncooked? I am wanting to try these for a large crowd

  38. Anne

    I am planning on making these tonight for a party at work tomorrow. How do these stand up if they get microwaved? I want them to retain their crispiness. 

  39. Karen

    These were fabulous!  I used ground chicken instead of beef and everyone loved them.  They were not greasy or soggy at all.   Healthier and still so tasty.  A jalapeño on top was also a good addition.  Thanks for this delicious recipe.  

  40. Lori Marquart

    I made these tonight and they are so good. I love them. I made them for work tomorrow so I hope they reheat well.  I will make them again.

  41. Laks

    Looks yummy. Would love to try right away ..But,  got to wait until tomorrow morning to get wonton wrappers from store ?
    Plz let me know what can I substitute(vegetarian ) instead of meat?

  42. laronda birmelin

    These were a absolute hit with my daughters volly ball team!!  Great treat for all ages!!!! I will be making these this weekend for the buckeyes game to go with our drinks.  Amazing!!

  43. Amy

    Made these for a taco party and WOW they were great! Super easy to make, to eat, and they look gorgeous. I stuffed them a little too much so the meat didn’t go as far and the won ton wrappers didn’t crisp up as much as they could. These were user errors and not the recipe :) I will definitely make these again!

  44. Sandie

    I made these for dinner tonight and they were good except for the fact that the bottoms were soft and chewy not crispy. I followed your instructions did you get yours crispy on the bottom? 

  45. Heather Berthold

    This has been a party favorite in our house & I love to make these but the bottoms of mine are always soggy. Sometimes they fall out as I take them from the pan. I make sure that the meat isn’t juicy. Any suggestions or tricks?

    1. Sandie

      Same thing happened to me. Hopefulky someone can tell us where we went wrong. I am wondering if I should oreheat the muffin tin before putting the wonton wrappers in? 

  46. Jo Anne

    Made these yesterday. They were delicious. Great way to use leftover taco meat. I used Muir Glen medium salsa instead of Ro-tel because I already had that opened. Will definitely make again.

  47. Frances

    I was looking for a recipe that would be a good for a pre-teen birthday party. Since my granddaughter loves tacos, I believe that this is just what I was looking for. Her party is next Saturday. If I make these a day before, would it be better to bake at that time or wait until Saturday. Thanks you for sharing.

  48. Kathy

    I made these tonight. I didn’t have Rotel so I used a cup of medium Pace picante & they were delicious! Super easy to make too. Thanks for sharing!!!

  49. Susan Briggs

    They were a hit with my husband’s shift last night. They’ve even asked me for “MORE, MORE, MORE”. I used a 24 mini muffin pan for bit size taco cups, but only used one wonton wrapper. Guacamole and a Dollop of sour cream (or squirt with new daisy sour cream squeeze) was a treat. They were really easy to make. Thanks ya’ll, for the recipe !
    (also a hit when I took them to a large bunco party)

  50. Lois on Maui

    I made these for a neighborhood gathering yesterday. They were a big success. I made several substitutions. I used Boarshead turkey, which I ground in my cuisinart using the sausage attachment. I used fresh local tomatoes cut in tiny pieces and New Mexico green chiles also cut into strips and then tiny pieces. I fried the turkey in a cast iron frying pan and once semi-crispy, added the tomatoes and peppers. I did use the taco seasoning but not the Ro-Tel Tomatoes and Green Chiles as I wanted to use the New Mexico Green Chiles I ordered directly from New Mexic0. We always have smoked NM chiles in our freezer. I did use lumpia sheets rather than wontons. Lumpia is a rice based ‘pasta’ and the wontons are ‘flour’ based on what I learned on the internet. The lumpia squares were too large and had to be cut down. Next time I plan to use lumpia sheets again, but will cut to smaller squares that will fit a tiny muffin tin, not the standard size. I ended up cutting the ones made in the standard muffin tin into quarters. All were gone with some eating 2+ of the tiny bites. Great recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  51. Susan McLeod

    Can’t wait to try these.  Your photographs are beautiful and tell the whole preparation story.  I just love people who are willing to share their creative ideas. Thank you!

  52. Everette

    I made these for the ladies in my Bridge Club and served them as appetizers.  I used the mini muffin tins and only one wonton and one layer of meat and cheese.  I garnished all with sour cream, some with a jalapeño slice, and others with guacamole.

  53. Jeni

    A friend and I made these for a bridal shower, she did beef and I did chicken. They were AWESOME! The ladies were raving over them. So delicious and crazy, crazy easy.

  54. donna green

    Amanda, can I make them a week prior, freeze+ then reheat them?…would add sour cream+cilantro after I reheat them..they look awesome! thanks for advise.

    1. Elizabeth Lewis

      I have the same question, I would love to make this for my school lunches but I would have to reheat them at school.

  55. RHC

    These are a great idea, but definitely not crispy on the bottom.  I used a nonstick pan, maybe that is why they stayed soft. I took them out and toasted them, but they never did crisp up.  Another similar recipe I saw said to pre-cook the shells, then fill. I think I will try that next time.

  56. Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

    I used to make appetizers like this, but filled with an artichoke heart/lemon/garlic mixture. I love your idea of turning them into little tacos! Super customizable – so I could leave out the cheese for hubs, who is lactose intolerant, make it vegetarian for me and my daughter – and I could even add some sausage for our son! Love it!

  57. Marjorie Sharick

    Would love to make these to take to a party this Saturday night. I would have to cook them at home then transfer there. Will also need quite a few. Any ideas how well they will taste/ holdup.

  58. Tamara

    I loved the idea of these as a party snack for Family Game Night. However, I felt that the spice mix needed to cook out with the meat for a while and didn’t think the short time in the oven would be enough to really allow the flavours to blend. I sautéed some shallots, garlic, Jalapeno’s and red Chilli peppers in the pan, removed them once they were soft, and then browned the meat with my own blend of taco seasoning. I added the sautéed veggies back to the pan after the meat was browned, added the diced tomatoes and let it simmer for a 30 – 45 minutes. That gave the flavours lots of time to simmer and blend together before assembling with the wonton wrappers and cheese. I have to say that these little treats were a huge hit and devoured in very short time. I will definitely keep these on the party-rotation menu. :) Thank you!

  59. Bonnie

    For those of you who made these ahead of time, did you bake first and then reheat, or prepared and cooked just prior to serving?

  60. Jordan

    Loved them – I will try without cooking spray next time as they were pretty soggy on the bottom.

    Also, my husband demands these be called WonTacos from now on.

  61. Paulette

    so I made these easy pecy takes more time to assemble then anything loved them now plan to take 4 batches to a party . Would they taste as crispy if I made them say 7 hours ahead & kept them in the fridge would they taste as good. I would like to prepare at noon to cook at 6 any advice ?
    Thanks for any advise I get its for this weekend

    1. Paulette

      Had to come & tell you all Made these 2:PM baked at 7:PM delicious made way to many
      brought home one whole tray kept in fridge all night baked Sunday night at 6:pm just as good
      So note can prepare the night before . Thank you great we all loved them

    2. shro

      Did they turn out fine? I would also like to assemble them the night before and make them in the morning but I’m afraid the wonton wrappers will harden! How was your experience>

    1. Tima

      SO I did these for NYE and they didn’t stay on the plate long! This is a GREAT recipe! SO much that my sister wanted me to make them again for New Years Day, just to have as a snack! This will definitely be a go to in the future! THANK YOU!!

  62. Autumn W

    I made these several months ago, and there were some leftover ( I doubled the recipe ) and my husband tossed them in the freezer. I kinda panicked because I had no idea who the won ton wrappers were turn out. Well, the next night we put them in the oven straight from the freezer, and they were just as crispy, fresh, and so yummy!! I am finally making them again for NYE, and I couldn’t be more excited!!

    1. Caroline

      How did you freeze them? Before cooking? And freeze in the tray or did you take them out of the tray before freezing? I’m teying to meal prep for my kids 

  63. Debra

    So simple, but so inspiring. Will try this with beef & chicken, also like the bean idea. My head went somewhere and I’m thinking a Greek version may be in the mix. Ground lamb, hummus, a pickled cucumber & red onion mixture, feta cheese. Hmmmm…..

    1. Kylie

      Hi Debra – by chance did you ever makes these with Lamb, hummus and Feta?  I love he idea of them like this and wondered if you tried them.  Thank you in advance, Kylie

    2. Kylie

      Hi did you ever make theses with the lamb, feta, pickles and hummus?  Just curious if you did and how they worked out. Thanks in advance Kylie

  64. Jo

    These were an excellent addition for my birthday party this weekend! So easy to make and add extra ingredients to fit your preferences. They ate every last one of them!

  65. Betty

    ThAnks for the response Amanda! I was so happy to see your response! I’ve been to two things max and have not been able to find it :( can you tell me the name of the company that makes it? I think it maybe on the serving board somewhere – anything helps! Thanks so much :)

  66. Betty

    Hi Kevin and Amanda! I am in love with your wooden/black finish serving board! I have been trying to find that exact board but haven’t had any luck. Can you share where you got it?! Thanks so much!!!

  67. Someone

    Dude, these were stupid good and easy… So good, I’m restraining myself from eating the whole batch! Thank you for this recipe!

  68. Gwen

    I’m thinking of trying your crunchy taco cups and for an event this weekend and wondered if they could made a day ahead, waiting to bake until serving time? Wasn’t sure if the meat mixture would make the wontons soggy?

  69. Andrea

    I bookmarked this recipe a while ago and today was a perfect day to give it a whirl! OMG, good things come to those who wait, right?! These yummy tacos will certainly make you never go back old school! Tyvm!!!

  70. Cindy Contrastano

    I made theses tonight and the taste was delicious but my wontons were not crispy. I followed the recipe exact but wondering if maybe I was too generous with non stick spray. Any suggestions?

    1. Tara

      I’ve made something similar, and I pre-bake my wonton cups to crisp them up before adding the innards (then baking again). Also found greasing the muffin tin was unnecessary (there is flour on the wonton skins that keep them from sticking). Works perfectly.

    2. Jane

      Mine did not crisp on the bottom, so I wondered the same thing.  I drained the meat filling to keep it from making things soggy, but it just never crisped up.  Next time I’m going to just lightly spray the muffin pan and see if it makes a difference.  If not, I may try a light oil or butter instead of the spray.  

  71. Diane Eck

    Amanda, I can’t wait to try these out!! I may just have to make them for my women’s Bible study tomorrow night! Thanks!

  72. Haley B.

    I have been on a roll trying all your recipes! Last night was Italian Sausage Tortellini, tonight’s Salsa Verde Chicken pasta! We finally finished the Cheesy Party Burgers from Sunday during today’s lunch, hehe! I’m thinking this will be an easy Friday night dish, since Crispy Lemon Chicken is on tomorrow night’s menu, haha!

  73. Rosie

    I’m trying this tonight. They look easy enough so that my daughter can help. I like Sara’s idea, as well, so I might try half of them with the beans.

    1. Janet Kay Gallagher

      Or you might put the beans in one wrapper and meat in the second one. Both flavors but with a little separation for more of both tastes.

    1. Amanda

      Hi Leanne!

      I didn’t, but you definitely could. Especially if you’re using homemade taco seasoning, it would probably make things easier. If you’re using a store-bought envelope, they usually have flour in them that helps the juice from the tomatoes thicken and stick to the beef. Either way, just make sure too much liquid doesn’t get into the cups. I just kinda drained any excess off as I was scooping the beef into the cups. Hope this helps! :)

    1. Allyson

      Love the idea of refried beans already was on your level! However because I don’t eat beef, have you made them yet

  74. Christina

    These look great! Will definitely be adding this to my ‘must try’ recipe list!
    Question regarding wonton wrappers – recipe ingredient list states 24 wonton wrappers, however the directions state to use one wrapper in each cup, and the recipe makes 12 cups. Do we use two wrappers in each cup? Thank you for clarifying. Chris

    1. ColleenB.

      After rereading the instructions it does say to layer; using 2 wrappers for each cup so you have double the yumminess per muffin cup

  75. ColleenB. ~ Texas

    I make something very much like this but I use the tubed biscuits or Rhodes frozen dinner rolls along with mini or regular size muffin pan when making what is called ‘Breakfast Bites.’
    using pork sausage in place of burger meat and the Ro-tel is drained really well.
    Was wondering, in your recipe; do you not drain the Rotel?
    My grandkids would love these Taco Cups.
    Thanks 4 sharing the recipe.

    1. mrsmylen

      I wouldn’t drain the Rotel. You would have to add water to the taco seasoning anyway for regular tacos. I imagine the juice would replace the water.

  76. Vika Lynn

    Hi amanda.. thanks for this great recipe, cant wait to try this.. can i switch the wonton wrappers with spring roll pastry?

    1. Leanne

      Hi Vika…. Did you try the spring roll pastry?
      Im just about to cook a couple and see how they go ?

    2. Handful

      Spring roll wrappers are technically rice papers. If you are thinking the egg roll wrappers, yes, they are the same thing. Just quarter them.

  77. Sammie

    These look amazing and date I say – easier to eat than Tacos?? As I’m in the UK there are a couple of ingredients I’d have to switch up – Wanton wrappers for FILO pastry and plain tinned tomatoes adding the chilli myself. Thanks for the inspiration and these would be perfect for a hit buffet!!! Sammie

    1. Vanessa casas

      Hi sammy, I know this post is really old but just incase you still read. I’m struggling to find wonton wrappers anywhere.  Does the filonpastry work just as well and can these be prepared night before the party or should it all be done on the day? Thank you xxx 

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