A New Adventure…

9 Day Danube River Cruise on the MS Sound of Music with Gate 1 Travel

So excited to be heading back to Europe this week for another fun adventure! Earlier this week I hopped back on a plane for a ten and a half hour flight to Budapest, Hungary. Yes, Budapest!! I am spending a few days in Budapest with my fearless travel buddy, Stephanie from Plain Chicken. This weekend we embark on a 9-day cruise along the Danube River with Gate 1 Travel.

I’ve been keeping a Pinterest board of some of the fun things we get to see and do on the cruise here:
Danube River Cruise Pinterest Board.

We will be taking tours of Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, and more. And at the end of the cruise, we will be spending a few days in Munich for Oktoberfest!!


I have never been to ANY of these places before, and I’ve never even been on a CRUISE before, so if you have any advice for me, I’d love to hear it!!


We just arrived in Budapest yesterday for the beginning of our adventure. Be sure to follow along with us over the next couple of weeks on Instagram and Twitter!! Here’s where you can find me:

Amanda Green Bottoms @kevinandamanda on Instagram

Amanda Green Bottoms @kevinandamanda on Twitter


Thanks so much for looking! Keep in touch!! :)