Best Things To Do In Vienna, Austria

Planning a trip to Vienna? Use this guide to make sure you don’t miss any of the best things to do in Vienna Austria. We went to Vienna on a Gate 1 Travel cruise.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Best Things To Do in Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria is such a colorful, charming city! If this is your first time to Vienna, here’s what you’ll definitely want to see and do in the capital of Austria:

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Mozart Statue in the Burggarten Garden

I loved these fun pink flowers planted in the shape of a treble clef in front of the Mozart Statue in the Burggarten Garden. Unfortunately the Mozart Statue was being renovated when we were there!

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Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Austrian Parliament Building

This Greek architecture style house of parliament comes complete with fountains and a statue of Athena out front. Not only does this building have committee rooms and libraries inside, but there are also lavish dining rooms, bars, and even workout gyms!

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria Town Hall

The circus was in town in Vienna Austria!! There are often festivals and markets set up in front of Town Hall. There is always something fun going on! Around the holidays there is a huge Christmas market here.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

St. Peter’s Church

How breathtaking is St. Peter’s Church in Vienna Austria? It’s so quiet and not crowded at all here because everyone is over at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. But St. Peter’s is definitely worth seeing too, and it’s free!

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Be sure to turn around and look at the organ and clock!

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Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a gothic style Catholic church located right in the heart of Vienna. The ornate spires can be seen from all over the city, and are a major sight and symbol of Vienna Austria. I loved the horse drawn carriages out front!

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

There are definitely more people here than at St. Peter’s Church, but we got right in with no line (it’s also free, with an optional donation box), and it didn’t feel too crowded inside.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Der Liebe Augustin — Cafe in Vienna Austria

Loved this lush courtyard in Vienna Austria.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

So much charm here. The ivy, the flags.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

And this narrow, secluded passageway.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria


How funky is this apartment building in Vienna Austria?? Young, hip residents of Vienna apply to live here, and once accepted, are allowed to live here for a few months at a time.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Hundertwasserhaus Fountain

How fun would it be to live here?? There is not a straight line in the entire architecture inside or out! I wonder what the rooms look like??

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria


Xocolat was voted one of the Best Desserts Around the World by Travel + Leisure for their chocolates, truffles, and pralines. Of course we had to try some! I loved their creamy hazelnut truffle!

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Demel Eiscreme Shop

How cute is this cafe in Vienna Austria? This traditional European cafe is perfect for popping in for a treat. Be sure to get the hot chocolate with whipped cream!!

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Schönbrunn Palace Vienna Austria

Schönbrunn Palace was the 1,441-room summer home to the Habsburg emperors of Austria. This wasn’t even their regular palace, ya’ll. This was just their summer place. It’s modeled after Versailles, and even has it’s own Hall of Mirrors. Marie Antoinette grew up here, before moving to Versailles.

Best Things To Do In Vienna AustriaPhoto via Stephanie.

Like Versailles, Schönbrunn has large, beautifully sculptured gardens in the back.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

The sun sets directly behind the fountain for the perfect summer evening view. The structure at the top of the hill is the Gloriette, which houses a cafe with panoramic views of Vienna Austria.

Best Things To Do In Vienna AustriaPhoto via Stephanie.

Neptune Fountain

Another notable fact about Schönbrunn: Napoleon used the palace as his headquarters in the early 1800s when he occupied Vienna. He also married a member of the Habsburg family.

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

The rooms and apartments inside are gorgeously decorated and are very similar to those at Versailles. It’s definitely worth seeing if you are ever in Vienna Austria!

Best Things To Do In Vienna Austria

Tree Tunnel, Schönbrunn Gardens

The gardens are the perfect spot to spend an afternoon wandering and exploring in Vienna Austria.

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Vienna Austria

Vienna Austria

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23 Responses
  1. Tori

    Hi, I really like your blog. Your stories are always very colorful and interesting. Great photos. Next year I plan a trip to Vienna. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Seb - The Traveloid

    Great post, I enjoyed looking through the amazing photography! One thing I would recommend for anyone visiting Vienna in the winter is to check out the Christmas market at the Rathaus, particularly after dark. The illuminations on the Rathaus with the market in the foreground is an incredible sight!

  3. Absolut Pia!

    Aww, I just love Vienna. I live in Vienna, but it never gets boring here :) There are so many things to do! And the old buildings which are around have an interesting history.

  4. Jolanta | Casual Traveler

    Great overview on what to see in Vienna! Thank you for including all those colorful photos! Now I can’t wait to visit this place.

  5. Chelsea

    Hello! Your pictures are beautiful! We are going to Vienna this fall. I want to ask, what kind of camera did you use to take this amazing pictures!!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Chelsea! You can click on any image to see the camera, settings, and lens used. :) Hope this helps! :)

  6. Beatriz @ My Napoleon Complex

    I’ll be visiting Vienna for a weekend soon and, as always, your pictures get me super excited to go. Can’t wait to see all of these places in person!

  7. Karen @ On the Banks of Salt Creek

    Dang! I miss Austria! When I was in Vienna (Wein) I saw “Cats”. It was awesome. Love that city. I hope you go to Salzburg. My favorite place in all of Europe. Next would be Greece. Go there too. The food is awesome.

  8. Kristen

    Oh my! The pictures of St. Stephens are absolutely breathtaking. I went to Austria years ago, but have never been to Vienna. Seriously, of all your travel posts you’ve done the past several months, this one is absolutely my favorite. Thanks for sharing your travels!

  9. Tina

    Wow your travels are so impressive! You get to vacation more in one month than I probably will my whole life! :( Have fun and thanks for sharing!

  10. Jennifer @ Show Me the Yummy

    Gorgeous! Every time I read one of your posts, I am more and more inspired to travel all over the world. Can’t wait to read your next one :) Vienna looks insanely cool!

  11. Lana

    Your pictures are beautiful. I am so enjoying my armchair tour through you. I want to go everywhere you have gone. Thanks for a wonderful blog.

  12. Stephanie @ Plain Chicken

    Beautiful photos!!! I wish we had more time in Vienna, but we obviously got to see a ton. Looking forward to the next post!

  13. Sara Lynn

    I abosolutely love your pictures and that apartment building looks AWESOME!!! I would love to see what the inside looks like!

  14. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    I’ve always wanted to see Vienna after seeing Amadeus. It looks stunning! I would need at least 4-5 days there to soak it all in!

  15. Tessa / Bramble & Thorn

    Vienna has to be one of the best cities I’ve every visited! So many gorgeous old buildings – Schonbrunn has to be seen to be believed. The town hall is gorgeous too – when I was there they had a food and film festival going on. So much fun!

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