Gate 1 Travel Reviews — Our Danube River Cruise Experience

Looking for Gate 1 Travel Reviews? If you’re thinking about taking a Danube River Cruise with Gate 1 Travel, read all about our experience here!

Gate 1 Travel

Gate 1 Travel Danube River Cruise Itinerary

We recently took a 9-day river cruise with Gate 1 Travel from Budapest Hungary to Munich Germany. We saw 4 countries and 7 cities. I loved waking up in a new place every day! We explored fun cities like Vienna and Salzburg, and wandered through quiet Bavarian villages along the river.

See below for our cruise itinerary and what we did on each day of our cruise.

Gate 1 Travel Day 1 – Travel to Hungary

Gate 1 Travel - Budapest Hungary

The first day of the cruise is a travel day. However we arrived to Budapest a few days early so we could explore the city on our own. If you have time  I highly recommend arriving to Budapest 1-2 days early so you can experience of Europe’s most beautiful cities!

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Gate 1 Travel Day 2 – Budapest

Gate 1 Travel - Budapest Hungary

The cruise begins with incredible nighttime views of Budapest as you sail out of the city.

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Gate 1 Travel Day 3 – Bratislava

Gate 1 Travel - Bratislava Slovakia

The next morning we woke up in Bratislava. We had a tour of the city with a local guide and had free time to explore on our own.

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Gate 1 Travel Day 4 – Vienna

Gate 1 Travel - Vienna Austria

Gate 1 Travel provided us with a very informative tour by a local tour guide in the morning. It was extremely helpful in getting us oriented with the city. We also had free time to explore on our own.

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Gate 1 Travel Day 5 – Wachau Valley / Melk Abbey

Gate 1 Travel - Danube River Cruise

This was one of my favorite days on the cruise! In the morning we visited the tiny Bavarian village of of Durnstein, one of the prettiest villages on the Danube River. In the afternoon we cruised through the scenic Wachau Valley with spectacular views of vineyards, castles, hilltop ruins, and monasteries. Later we visited Melk Abbey, one of the world’s most famous monasteries.

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Gate 1 Travel - Melk Abbey

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Gate 1 Travel Day 6 – Salzburg

Gate 1 Travel - Salzburg Austria

In every city we visited we had a local guide who gave us a tour of the city. They were all very good and informative, but our guide in Salzburg was my favorite!! Our guide was fast-paced, to the point, told us all the exciting stuff, and skipped the boring stuff.

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Gate 1 Travel Day 7 – Nuremburg

Gate 1 Travel - Nuremburg Germany

Nuremberg is located right in the heart of Bavaria, one of the most beautiful regions of Germany. The most famous Christmas market in Germany is hosted in the main square of Nuremburg!

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Gate 1 Travel Day 8 – Regensburg

Gate 1 Travel - Regensburg Germany

Regensburg is one of Germany’s largest and best preserved medieval cities. You can see ancient Roman ruins in Regensburg that are over 2000 years old!

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Gate 1 Travel Day 9 – Munich

Gate 1 Travel - Munich Germany

On the last day of the cruise you will be dropped off at the airport in Munich Germany. We decided to extend our trip in Munich and go to Oktoberfest!

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Gate 1 Travel Reviews

About Our Gate 1 Travel Cruise Ship

Now I’ll take you on a tour of the ship! Here were are embarking our ship in Budapest Hungary.

Gate 1 Travel Reviews

Our ship was called the MS Sound of Music.

Gate 1 Travel Reviews
The Lounge

The ship felt very cozy and not too big. There were only about 120 passengers on the boat. This was the lounge, with panoramic windows all around.

Gate 1 Travel Reviews
The Dining Room

And this was the dining room. The dining room was very fancy!

Gate 1 Travel ReviewsSpa & Gym

There was even a spa on the ship!

Gate 1 Travel Reviews

Our Stateroom

This was our room for the week. We had an Outside Cabin with French Balcony on the Danube Deck. There was plenty of room for two people, even with our two giant suitcases! The room was in a great location (on the main floor, near the restaurant) and I loved being able to relax in the comfort of our own room with an amazing view of the scenery as we cruised by.

Gate 1 Travel Cruise Tip:

If you have multiple electronics you want to charge at night (phones, camera, laptop, iPad, Kindle, etc) be sure to bring a power strip with multiple outlets. There were only 2 outlets in the room, both on the desk. If you like to have your phone on your nightstand when you sleep, you may want to bring an extension cord as well. Make sure they are just plain, cheap power strips and not surge protectors. Surge protectors could short out because of the voltage difference when traveling internationally.

Gate 1 Travel Reviews

The Bathroom

And here’s a peek at the bathroom! It had surprisingly good lighting, water pressure, and counter space, and it came with all the amenities, like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, bar soap, liquid hand soap, sewing kit, vanity kit, hair dryer, etc.

Gate 1 Travel Reviews

The Food

All the food on the cruise was GORGEOUS!!! Just look at some of the beautiful, locally inspired dishes we were served! Lamb, prime rib, crepes, fried mashed potatoes, and some of the most beautiful desserts I’ve ever seen.

Gate 1 Travel Reviews

If you have any questions about our Gate 1 Travel cruise experience, please let me know in the comments! Have you taken a Gate 1 Travel cruise? How was your experience?

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Gate 1 Travel Reviews

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27 Responses
  1. iolaire mcfadden

    Thank you for this post. It’s amazing it’s years later and seems to be about the only in depth review of the Gate 1 river cruise product. We leave on the same route, different ship (Monarch Queen) in a week.

    1. Paige Ponted

      I am taking the Gate 1 9 day Rhine river cruise on the Monarch Queen from Basel to Amsterdam next year. I’m having a hard time finding posts about that ship and passenger experience. I’m very curious about your experience. Would you mind sharing your impressions on your experience, the rooms, food, etc? I would much appreciate it.

  2. Milad

    Hello all you nice people out there.
    You truly appreciate the meaning of life. And you like to share your best memories with us. This is a Virtue.
    Please let me know how can I get more info such as pricelist for this wonderful cruise. Since I am single, I’d like to know is there room for solo travelers on the ship? Once again thanks for sharing and insight about those gorgeous cities. ??Have a wonderful day milad gilani

  3. Milad

    Hello all you nice people out there.
    You truly appreciate the meaning of life. And you like to share your best memories with us. This is a Virtue.
    Please let me know how can I get more info such as pricelist for this wonderful cruise. Since I am single, I’d like to know is there room for solo travelers on the ship? Once again thanks for sharing and insight about those gorgeous cities. ??Have a wonderful day milad gilani

  4. Reagan

    Three of my favorite cities: In Salzburg- you MUST buy the eggs: there are many stores that sell them, but the one just near the Mozart home/museum was the nicest lady & she ships! We sent dozens home & they all made safe travels. Also in Salzburg, ask for the beer hall that is an old church. Such a embrace of their culture- it’s incredible! Enjoy!

  5. Helen

    In Budapest, be sure to see the war memorial along the riverfront. It is a line of Shoes that look as though they were just stepped out of. Story goes that the Nazis tied the Jewish people together, shot one and the rest drowned in the river. The memorial will give you chills as the shoes are obviously of women, children, old men, etc, etc. very moving.

  6. Anne

    Oh, how I envy you! I loved Budapest! The Taj Mahal is the best place for indian food. There are several great kosher restaurants in the jewish quarter. Try to find time to go to the Rudas-Bath. I wanted to go there, but we didnt’t have any time left. And when you arrive in Munich it’s probably still Wiesn season (rhymes in German). As I am bavarian of course I’m partial here, but a beer and a chairoplane ride with my best friend just can’t be beat in my book. My advise would be to try and go on a Monday afternoon. Can’t wait for your posts on this trip, especially the pics! Enjoy yourselves!

  7. Teresa

    I live in Munich and have lived in Regensburg before. If you Need some suggestions for these cities- just contact me! First advice: dont go to the Oktoberfest in the weekend, go there early during the week (remember: October 3rd is a holiday over here) and dont wear a fake and too short Dirndl (the traditional dress for women in Bavaria)… :)

  8. Norma Saenz

    Be sure to go to the opera in Vienna and to watch the Lippizaner horses there too. The palace is beautiful and the flea market is fun. In Munich, be sure to go to the Hofbrau House. If there’s time, Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial outside of Munich, is a must. Might be depressing but what an eye opener.

  9. Mary

    Amanda, you are going to love Budapest! I was there a few years back and am looking forward to returning. I can’t wait to read about your adventures! Enjoy!

  10. Amanda E

    I LOVE Vienna, and the rest of Austria for that matter, enough so that this is where we went on our honeymoon. A few of my favorite restaurants: Bio Bar von Antun (in the pedestrian zone around St. Stephens which is a MUST see), Nice Rice ( (right by the Naschmarket which is another must see), Steiereck (if you can get if a reservation), Meierei am Stadtpark for brunch/lunch, and then any local place serving knoblauchcremesuppe (creamy garlic soup). Other awesome sites to see are the Prater, Sacher Cafe, Schönbrunn Palace, Burggarten, Stadtpark, Volksgarten, and any pastry stand you see!

    We did the Danube bike ride from Melk to Creme, complete with a stop at the Abbey. We grabbed lunch stuff at the local Billa (along with Ritter Sport bars and Paprika crisps) and then hopped on our bikes! We elected to bike on the vineyard side, instead of the “town” side which was fantastic. We still had the same fantastic views but less crowded pathways, and plenty of vineyards for quick stops. This area is known for their white wines, as well as their peach liquors – so be sure to try some.

    In Bratislava the hike to the castle is worth it, especially going thru the neighborhood – lots of little paths. The pedestrian zone is also fun with lots of decorative statues, including a guy popping out of a manhole cover. My family would be upset if I didn’t mention Zlady Bajant (sp?) which is THE beer of the area and insanely dark.

    Let me know if you need more information, my Oma/Father is from Vienna so I’ve been there almost a dozen times (to include Salzburg) – and I did my semester abroad just outside of Bratislava. I was born in Germany, but haven’t been to the cities you listed since I was very small so not as many recommendations but can ask my relatives over there if you like! I also spent a weekend in Budapest but feel like this post is already rather long.

  11. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    I can’t wait to see your pics of Salzburg and Vienna. I’ve always been curious if those cities would be worth the trip!

    1. Laura @ Raise Your Garden

      Salzburg is on my dream vaca spot too!! Can’t wait to see your photos. I’ve watched the same Rick Steves video on Salsburg and many other places too and love it! Sound of Music, here I come =)

  12. Erin | The Law Student's Wife

    SO exciting! Budapest has long been on my travel bucket list, and I have a feeling that once I see your pics, I’m going to bump it right to the top. Bon voyage!

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