sublime doughnuts atlanta-01

Last May when I was Atlanta for BlogHer Food (photos here) Jenny and I stopped by Sublime, an incredibly cute little doughnut shop. Sublime had so many fun doughnuts that day — Nutella, Dulce de Leche, Boston Creme Pie, and Red Velvet just to name a few — we grabbed a big box and brought them back to our hotel room early one morning. I sent out a tweet to our blogging friends at BlogHer and told them to get up to our room for some treats!

sublime doughnuts atlanta-02

We had plenty to share, like this crushed Butterfinger topped doughnut.

sublime doughnuts atlanta-03

And this chocolate Wild Berry fritter. Or the chocolate Nestle Crunch doughnut.

sublime doughnuts atlanta-04

Our favorite was The Elvis. This was a banana filled doughnut topped with chocolate and peanut butter. Definitely the highlight of the day!

sublime doughnuts atlanta-05

Here’s a S’mores doughnut and a Butter Toffee doughnut with chocolate caramel icing. Love.

sublime doughnuts atlanta-06

Oreo doughnut. This one was not only topped with Oreos, but also had a cookies and cream doughnut batter.

sublime doughnuts atlanta-07

With a surprise inside. The sweet, fluffy filling tasted just like the middle of an Oreo. With a way more satisfying filling-to-cookie ratio.

Next week I’ll have some more doughnuts to share with you. I was in Portland, Oregon on Wednesday and stopped in this seriously fun doughnut shop. I absolutely loved it.

Here’s the info on Sublime. Have a great weekend!!

Sublime Doughnuts
535 Tenth Street NW
Atlanta, GA 30318
(404) 897-1801