My Favorite Knife Ever (Winners Announced!)

Time’s up!

The winners of the Wusthof 7″ Santoku knives are:

#1 Sara Fehling
#90 Sarah N
#394 Pam
#1378 Kevin
#2219 Rebecca

Congrats you guys! I’m so excited for you. That was a fun giveaway — how often does the first comment win?? Plus we have a “Kevin” winner. How fun. I’ve sent y’all an email!

Hi guys, I’ve got a fun Tuesday giveaway to share today. This Wusthof 7″ Santoku is my favorite knife ever. It literally changed my cooking life. Before I got this knife I avoided recipes that required a lot of cutting, especially cutting chicken. Talk about limiting my options. But what a difference a good knife makes! I feel so much more confident to try new recipes with this thing, because it makes cutting so quick and effortless. Prepping for recipes is a breeze.

I love this knife and I want you guys to have it too. I’ve got five (5) of them to give away today, courtesy of Wusthof.

Wusthof 7″ Santoku Knife Giveaway

Five (5) Kevin & Amanda readers will win a Wusthof 7″ Santoku knife, courtesy of Wusthof.

To be entered to win, just answer the following question in the comments section of this post: What one thing do you chop the most?

Contest ends Sunday at 8 pm CST. One entry per person, please. Winners will be chosen by and notified by email.

Check out Wusthof on Facebook.

Good luck!!

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2,310 Responses
  1. Erika

    green peppers. There is just something satisfying about chopping them. I usually buy a bunch when I find them on sale and freeze them.

  2. Cat

    Potatoes!! I LOVE potatoes, mashed or boiled with butter or sliced and thrown in the oven with some olive oil and salt and pepper…y-u-m-m-y!!

  3. chinamommy

    I mostly chop veggies!! I don’t have a GREAT knife and never have, so I’d love to win this!! Maybe I’d even like to make dinner??

  4. Laura

    Veggies- Tomatoes, Peppers, Onions. I try to add veggies to most of the meals I cook in the evening. Dice and freeze and ready to use!

  5. Melinda

    Definitely chicken. I prepare my chicken for the week on Sunday’s. Makes the week so much easier when everything is ready.

  6. Amanda

    For me it depends on the season. Right now tomatoes out of our garden. Overall, I would say onion and garlic. Thanks for the great giveaway.

  7. Steph and PB&J

    Chicken here too! :) And it makes me nervous because I’m not very good at it! Didn’t think about it being a bad knife, so this is good info, thank you! :)

  8. Larissa

    Herbs! And they require a nice sharp knife in order to chop them correctly. Otherwise it’s a pain in my patooky!!

  9. Stella Navarro

    onions and celery. I love to make homemade green salads and chicken salad for lunch. This knife would be a great help. Thank you for offering.

  10. Natalie

    It is either garlic or lettuce. I put garlic in most things I cook. And I make a salad every day. We go through a lot of lettuce here.

  11. Cindy May

    I am chopping tomatoes, onions, peppers and cilantro for fresh salsa almost everyday now that my husbands garden is being harvested. My whole family loves it! I would have to say onions would win overall for the whole year though. I just can’t hardly make anything without them.

  12. Nichole

    Honestly, the things I cut the most are for my 17 month old daughter. Grapes, pearl mozzarella, chicken, watermelon….you name it, I cut it.

    Thanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!

  13. Jane K. Schott

    Onions, garlic, firewood, just kidding, and anything else that I can throw in a pan and heat up.
    I am taking your word on this being a top shelf knife as I have been looking for one for 3 months. I needed a recommendation and you guys came through.
    If I don’t win, I am going to purchase one anyway…but it would be great to get my hands on this beauty.

  14. Debbie from Illinois

    Onions!!!! I usually chop a big batch of onions at one time so I will have them in the fridge for the week.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  15. Tracy

    I chop onions & celery most often. Carrots are usually right there too. Followed by potatoes. Lots of comfort food here!

  16. Dagmar

    This knife seems AWESOME!!! Exactly what I need. I love to cook. I follow as many recipes as I can find online or that are passed on to me. I have made many of your recipes many times and my family loves them. I cut so many thing and I end up using the same old, bad knife for everything. Therefore, a would love a great knife to replace it. I cut many, many foods, fruits and vegetables, but the one I cut the most and would love to have a great knife for is TOMATOES! Love them! I have several plants. I cut them them in half and roast them to have them for the winter and use in almost everything. So, TOMATOES is my answer! lol :)

  17. Nicole Hutchison

    I chop/slice/dice/julienne/mince anything and everything. When I’m visiting my parents in KY, we’re chopping onions, green peppers, jalapenos, and tomatoes for relishes. Last summer, I chopped 250 pounds of onion in ONE DAY!!!!! I’m the official Onion Chopper of the family….my eyes don’t water!

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway, I’d love to own one of these knives.


  18. Kiea

    Yep, I definitely chop onions more than anything else! I just chopped up a couple pounds of them for dinner last night (goat cheese and onion pizza). We love onions in our house!

  19. cheepincharge

    Vegetables of all kinds….chopping…chopping…chopping. Trying to help my husband loose weight, so doing a lot of stir-fry and salads w/ crunchy veggies.

    What an awesome give-away!!

  20. Alison

    We are always chopping onions and peppers. Having a better knife would make it so much more enjoyable! :)

  21. kim

    seems like we’re all chopping the same thing! garlic and onions! sad that it isn’t stuff like chocolate and fruit for pies! ;)

  22. Wendy Carlile

    The thing I chop the most is garlic….I love garlic, the smell, the taste, the flavor it adds to just about everything it touches including my hands!!! :)

  23. Kristi

    Almost entirely fruits and veggies. I chop onions more than anything, but need a good knife for things like squash and melons. The wrong knife with a tough rind is always a disaster!

  24. Arilla

    It’s funny how a good knife makes you want to cook more and I would definitely love to have one. The one thing I chop most is …. nothing!

  25. Rachael Foulks

    Onions, chicken, cucumbers and strawberries. I’m almost always cutting some of those on a daily basis. I could use a great knife to replace my cheap one!

  26. Connie

    Fresh fruits and vegetables — all kinds. I live alone and it would be easy to fall into a simple ‘junk food’ mode in life if not careful. Keeping lots of fresh foods on hand makes me stay on a healthy road. Chop chop chop/slice slice slice!!!

  27. josie

    Tomatos…I am always slicing or dicing them for sandwiches or salsa and guac…esp in the summer fresh from the garden.

  28. Sue Braithwaite

    It would have to be onions….. they seem to be in every recipe I go to make.
    Thanks for the give away!!!

  29. ikkinlala

    May Canadians enter? Like a lot of other people, I probably chop onions the most.

    ikkinlala AT yahoo DOT ca

  30. Julie Goble

    I would have to say onions as well as many other veggies…potatoes being the most important one to me LOL. My all time favorite dish is fried potatoes with onion….ahhhhh….This beauty of a knife would do quite well with that combo! thanks for the chance to win this great knife!

  31. Jill

    veggies here—all kinds, broccoli, onions, zucchini and the like but I find tomatoes are the worst without an AWESOME knife

  32. Blair

    tomatoes, garlic, onions, and cilantro- love a great knife to help out! Still using my college silverware to get the job done and it is not pretty!! haha- help a young, single professional!

  33. Debora Julien

    Vegetables… Celery, carrots, onions… they are the base of almost everything I
    cook.. soups/stews/salads.. I could use an Excellent Knife..Fingers are crossed ;-)

  34. Rochelle

    Like others, veggies are the most chopped in our house! I cut a lot for the kids’ plates – carrots, peppers, cukes, etc.

  35. Marilyn Bronson

    Onions are it and my son has that knife and loves it. I bought it for him for Christmas a few years back and I should have bought one for me too!

  36. Kami

    I cook a lot, therefore I chop lots! Onions, green peppers, garlic..the list goes on and on. Confession-I don’t own a chopping knife, never have. Everything I chop is done with a steak knife, embarrassing I know.

  37. Jill

    I would chop anything out of my garden. I can’t wait for more tomatoes to ripen so I can make more tomato juice and salsa!!

  38. Tricia

    onions!!! just like everybody else…what’s funny about it is that i’m not a huge fan of onions…i normally pick them out. thanks!!

  39. Kristen

    Onions, peppers and tomatoes!! Would LOVE this knife – I don’t have a great set and it would be awesome to have an amazing, quality knife. Thanks so much for a great give-a-way! :)

  40. Shannon

    I do chop veggies by the bundles — mostly tomatoes and onions. I need an awesome knife to cut sensibly tomatoes. Thanks for the opportunity!

  41. PatriciaD

    I have to agree with many others that onions is what I chop the most of…almost every day and almost every meal it seems like.

  42. Marty

    I don’t think there’s a day that goes by where I don’t chop food! I chop mostly vegetables such as onions, carrots, zucchini, red peppers, mushrooms and cucumbers. During the summer months it’s fruits galore! Thanks for the giveaway!

  43. Linda Hare

    I chop a lot of vegetables, but mostly onions. I also cube a lot of cheese. Is that bad? You don’t have to answer that.

  44. Tring

    I would have to say onions and this knife looks like it would do it faster and that would help in avoiding the tears.

  45. Gwen Templeman

    Fresh Garlic! Makes every savory meal better. Could not live without it. Onions and fresh basil come in a close second and third!

  46. Tiffani

    Chicken. We have it for like half of our meals. And I could use a good knife to ease my chicken-chopping pain. :)

  47. Katie

    I would love a knife like this! I would say onions are what I chop most, I put them in just about everything! ; )

  48. JESSE G.

    Veggies, veggies, and more veggies!. I use so many vegetables it’s not even funny…(therefore I chop so many)….hope I win!

  49. Jessica

    Oh I seriously want and need this. I would say the thing I chop the most that is the most difficult for me is sweet potatoes! We love baked sweet potato fries and I nearly kill myself with my knives! Lol.

  50. Laney Lea

    I’m a HUGE veggie person and just can’t get enough them, especially tomatoes, I use tomatoes in almost everything! I’ve been obsessed with them since I was a kid, but it is SO difficult to cut the good ones without ripping or crushing, this knife would be amazing!

  51. Teresa

    The first word that came to mind was onions, but I think it might be chicken. My SIL has several Wusthof’s and I love to chop when I’m at her house, but I don’t have one, and my knives don’t compare. Someday, maybe this time.

  52. Brittany

    Definitely Chicken. Always making chicken for something!! I love those smooth knifes for cutting meat. I’m even making some buffalo chicken rice tacos tonight!

  53. Shona

    Onions here as well. Actually, I buy meat in a monthly shop and chop it all in one day to freeze for later use, but the onions I am chopping every day to go with whatever is the order of the day!

  54. Tatum

    Onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, potatoes… the list goes on!

    I hate cutting chicken {I typically use scissors, but having a nice knife to get the dirty job done would be A-mazing!}.

  55. Jess

    Veggies and fruit would be at the top of my list. Slicing tomatoes gets pretty scary with a not-so-good knife once in a while!

  56. Valerie

    Onions add such great flavor to so many dishes, so I spend a lot of time slicing and chopping onions.

  57. Rachel Abbott

    Onion, Onion, Onion! I put onions in almost everything. I am forever chopping raw veggies and third would be chicken for sure! The knife looks fabulous!

  58. Jill

    I chop onions a lot and hate to do so! I have the Pampered Chef Chopper, however, I feel that it minces them too much! I would love to have this knife!!!

  59. Kjersti Morris

    Onions, and for some strange reason I’m always making spaghetti squash (my healthy and less guilty version of “real” spaghetti) which is very difficult to cut in half!

  60. Lillian Child

    Tomatoes! Lordy, just look at the number of responders … if you find my email and pick it, it will be nothing short of a miracle with all these other entrants! But will keep my fingers crossed as I do not have even ONE good knife in the drawer!

  61. Amanda Meier

    I cannot pick one thing so I will say VEGGIES! I make my husbands lunches ahead of time and he loves raw veggies in his lunches. We LOVE our local farmers market here and so Im always chopping our veggies at the begining of the week and making lunches for the the whole week so I can think about other meals throughout the week.

  62. Sentrell

    Spinach! Crazy I know but I am a huge fan of spinach. In Omelets, Salads, Pasta…I just love Spinach. I use it 3 times a week. LOL

  63. Kellie Jaramillo

    I am not sure what I chop most…..and since it is summer I am surrounded by the fresh produce so I am cutting up EVERYTHING!

  64. Mel

    Oh man, what a great giveaway! A roommate of mine recently moved out, taking all of the decent knives with her! I’d have to say I chop onions and mushrooms the most. Every recipe my mom ever taught me had onions (and garlic) in it, and mushrooms are my own version of that for-all-recipes ingredient!

  65. Dottie Williams

    Onions for sure! Since I love them so much I cook them all the time! THIS knife looks awesome! Thanks for sharing with the rest of us!

  66. Lacey P

    I chop Bell Peppers more than anything else. My man loves them in everything but only if they are diced very small…sort of annoying but cute at the same time!

  67. Denise

    At home I would have to say onions. At work (I am a Elementary School Lunch Lady) I can happily say fresh fruit.

  68. Sonjasunshine

    Garlic and onions – it’s a tie. If I’m chopping one, I’m most likely going to be chopping the other one next!

  69. Andrea

    It would either be onions or apples. I use onions in a lot of recipes, but I have four kids and we eat a lot of apples. I have been thinking lately about how badly I need some new knives. I’m not sure I would know how to use a knife that actually cuts things!

  70. Kristin

    What an awesome knife!! The thing I chop the most is going to have to be potatoes or apples. An even split. My kids love their apples cut a certain way and we eat a LOT of potatoes.

  71. chelseyadele

    Chicken… :( Believe not easy with my old cheap walmart knife set. My familys fav meal is a cheesy chicken recipe thats real easy to cook except trying to cut up all that chicken!

  72. chaddswife

    Fruit – you need a good sharp knife to peel and section an orange! Tomatoes also need something good and sharp or they smoosh!



  74. Cindy Davis

    I chop veggies all of the time. Sometimes I use an electric chopper or Pampered chef chopper, but it is so much quicker with a good knife. Easy clean-up, too! Thanks for the chance to win.

  75. Tanesha

    I chop a lot of vegetables and also fruit lately as I’m making homemade baby food. Thanks for the giveaway opp.!

  76. Michele V

    Lots of red peppers, onions and cucumber – and any other veggie you can think of! Looks like a great knife!

  77. Joni Olson

    Basil, basil, basil! I love the flavor fresh from my patio. Especially this time of year with tomatos from the farmer’s market and fresh mozzarella balls. Makes a decadent tomato salad. Main course.

  78. Bernice

    All sorts of veggies. We’ve been on a bit of a roasted veggies kick lately. Oh, and white chocolate and cranberries for our new favourite cookies.

  79. Jessica

    I would say what I chop the most are fresh herbs.. but also a lot of chicken.

    thanks for another great giveaway!

  80. Jennifer Uribe

    I chop red bell peppers the most. They are my favorite thing to add to salad, to meet, to eat raw by themselves.

    P.S. This is my hubby’s dream knife!

  81. Lindsey

    The one thing I chop the most is definitely Basil. I love love love basil, as can be seen if you were to look in my backyard, we have 5 big terracota pots that are just overflowing with basil leaves! And just because they are leaves, doesn’t mean they don’t need a nice sharp knife to delicately slice them up to put in my favorite pasta dish! :)

  82. Teresa Zuehls

    I would have to say vegtables like onions, potatoes, carrots and peppers. I use them in most of my dishes.

  83. Brittany

    Well, it used to be onions, but now that I live alone it’s definitely chicken. I have to make recipes that are good for left overs, and chopped up chicken is an easy go-to!

  84. Nima Ferguson

    Salad stuff! My kids and I have salad almost every night, and chopped salad with lots of veggies is a favorite. These are the best knives for salad since you can cut tomatoes, lettuce, everything with just one knife!

  85. Ashleigh Panelli

    I feel like I chop onions the most! I try to get it done fast before my eyes start watering…but that never happens! I always look like I’ve been balling for hours after I’m done!

  86. Lori C

    Chicken. I make so many chicken dishes I’m sick of poultry, but it’s one of the only meats my soon-to-be vegetarian five-year-old will eat. So, I chop a lot of chicken. :)

  87. Sherry in Oklahoma

    Equal chopping of onions and garlic. I ALWAYS use both in practically all my recipes. CHOP, CHOP, TEAR, TEAR

  88. Carolyn Hetrick

    I’m like a lot of people; the thing I chop the most is onions! Having a good knife makes it so much easier to assemble great salads and soups (two of my favorite things)!

  89. Jillian

    Onions and garlic! I put them in everything possible- as it appears does everyone else. I also chop up a lot of tough doggie cookies- possibly why my current knives aren’t as sharp as they once were. Oops!

  90. Michelle

    I am a big believer in the old saying “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away.” I would honestly say, I chop up delicious apples the most!

  91. Heather Harper

    I would say I chop onions most often. I just bought that knife for my niece’s wedding. I would love to have it too.

  92. Megan

    What’s up with all the onions??!!
    The thing I cut up the most is ♥ STRAWBERRIES ♥ Yummy Yummy Yum!
    Okay – I guess I don’t actually “chop” them, I just cut cut off the top and cut them into quarters. Does that still count?

  93. Izabela M.

    The one thing that I chop the most of is onions and potatoes…seems like these two are the staple food in our family :)

  94. Kandi Mulligan

    All the goodies needed for pico de gallo . . . people at work say mine’s the best they’ve tasted. Vine ripened tomatoes, scallions (not onions . . . scallions my friends!), jalapenos, cilantro and lime. Yummmy!

  95. Abby

    Veggies…lots and lots of veggies…I take a salad almost everyday for my lunch and chop any veggie I can possibly find to throw in!

  96. Maryvel

    Onions! I chopped onions every single day! Just can’t cook without them! Man a knife like that one would my job so much easier! Thanks for the chance to win one! Take care!

  97. Jenny Langham

    We have Wusthof knives and love them, I need this one!!!!!!!! I cut a lot of cauliflower, so tasty!

  98. Shanika Ward

    I chop a TON of onions especially since the fall season is near! Cant wait to start chopping tons of veggies for soups! My fav: Chicken noodle- a classic!!!

  99. Misty Sutton

    Fish! I’m a pescatarian and I eat a lot of fish, fish stew, etc, and I feel like I’m forever cutting up fish!

  100. Tobie