Where I’ve Been: The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

I was back in California for a few days last week and I stayed at the Island Hotel in Newport Beach. I’ll be writing more about what I was up to in California this past week, but for now, here’s a peek at the Island Hotel at Fashion Island. This was the view from my balcony on the 11th floor. You can see the bay off to the left in the background.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Here are a few photos of the room. It was a sunny, buttery yellow with soft sage accents.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Cute desk area. On my first night at the hotel Jenny came over and we ordered room service for dinner. They wheeled in a giant table completely prepared for two. We used these chairs to sit at the table and eat dangerously delicious maple salmon, mashed potatoes, wilted spinach, salad, and pretzel croissants. I’m still full.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

The tv, which was perma-tuned to Food Network.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Loved this bathroom.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

And the glass shower doors. I think glass shower doors are definitely the way to go. See that bell-like thing over there in the shower? On the right side, the opposite wall of the shower head? It looks like a school bell? It was a button of some kind, and it looked like you could either push it or pull it, and I have no idea what it was supposed to do, but I really wanted to find out. But I was too afraid of setting off some kind of alarm. Like an I’ve fallen and I can’t get up type alarm, and that security would come busting in on me in the shower. Or that it was some kind of ear-piercing fire alarm and the entire building would be evacuated.

So I used it to hang my loofa instead.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Large closet, with full length mirrors.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

Another full-length mirror. Always appreciated. And my bare feet and giant, larger-than-life luggage.

Shortly after I arrived at the hotel, Jenny came and picked me up and took me to Wonderland Bakery. How amazing is this place?? A cupcake lovers dream. I wish we’d had more time to snap a few photos in here.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

I definitely got some photos of our treats though. This was a peanut butter cookie sandwich with peanut butter and chocolate chunks filled with buttercream frosting. Ah-mazing.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

The sandwich is made fresh to order, and the cookies are served warm so the peanut butter and chocolate chunks are perfectly gooey. What I wouldn’t give for one of these beauties right now!

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

This four layer chocolate cake was definitely worth writing home about. So deliciously chocolaty. Yum!

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

When we made it back to the hotel the sun had just set, and I loved the way the glowing fountain looked in the middle of the rotunda.

The Island Hotel, Newport Beach

This, believe it or not, was not that same night, but the view from my balcony the next morning, just before sunrise. We had a full day on the agenda and it started with meeting in the lobby at 6:40 am. More on that to come!

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53 Responses
  1. Catdogfishy (@Catdogfishy)

    So yeah, anyway. (This comment is meant for this post!)

    I LOVED this hotel room! It’s so nice! And the cake bakery place looks so cool!

  2. Catdogfishy (@Catdogfishy)

    Woah! That basket of candy looks yummy! :] I remembered when a helicopter landed on my school’s soccer field. We went inside and it was really cool. They wouldn’t let us ride in the air though but it was pretty fun to see a helicopter and I got to miss school. Bonus! :]

  3. Maricel C.

    Yup, a clothesline for hanging your undies or swimsuits. It took me a while to figure that out when I first saw one in a hotel I’ve stayed years ago. Your photos are amazing!

  4. Lisa P in California

    Glad you enjoyed your visit to CA. I live just up the coast from that hotel a bit in Long Beach. You made me laugh with the clothesline issue. Lots of hotels have them and they are very handy. I’ve even considered having one in my shower at home because they are so darn convenient.

  5. Jessica M

    Newport is right up the road from me…you captured it very nicely. That hotel looks so pretty and I’m now craving that cookie sandwich!!

  6. Beth B.

    Wow! These photos are absolutely gorgeous!! The one of the cupcake place looks like a dream because of the way the light’s twinkling! What an amazing experience!

  7. Patty Thomas-Fletcher

    I’m also wondering if the shower “bell” is a retractable clothes line. Your hotel room was beautiful. I look forward to your posts.

  8. Diane@Longaberger Lifestyle

    Who knew that you would become a jet setting, cross country traveling, famous blogger? Dreams do come true!!! So happy for you!
    Isn’t it fun to stay in lovely rooms when we can’t sleep in our own beds?
    I wanted you to know that your shower ‘bell’ looks like a retractable clothes line. Notice that there is a round metal piece on the opposite side of the shower in which to insert the ‘bell.’
    Looking forward to all the details of your frequent flyer miles!!

  9. ahnkadragon

    You stay at the prettiest hotels! I love reading about your trips and seeing all your gorgeous photos. Even if they do make me hungry half the time!

  10. Jeanette

    Oh man…that looks great!!! You are one of my favorite blogs I follow and I was JUST in Laguna Beach last week all the way from North Carolina…I’ll have it on my travel blog next week! Wish I would have run into you at Fashion Island..I was there on Thursday! Maybe next time!!

  11. Aimee


    The “button” in the shower is a clothesline. You pull it out and fasten in the little slot below the shower head. Pretty clever, eh?

  12. juls

    wow, what great photos! i wish i could eat what you eat and stay thin.

    oh and i agree with the other poster i think it’s a clothes line too.

  13. Gena@MsDivinesMelange

    Hello from a local – I looooooooooove Wonderland Bakery!!! Unfortunately [but fortunately for my waistline], I always think to indulge there on Sundays, when they’re closed! If you make it out again, you MUST try their white chocolate raspberry cookie – it is AMAAAAAAZING. :)

  14. Amanda S.

    What a cute hotel!! :) Looks like everyone already told ya what I was going to say… it’s a retractable clothesline!! Pull it out and it attaches on the other side. :)

  15. Diane

    Amanda, Such beautiful pictures!! And that hotel room was so serene!! A lovely place to relax…if you had time! That thing that looked like an alarm in the shower….I saw one in a hotel bathroom recently and I believe it is a retractable clothesline!! You pull it out and hook it on the opposite side to hang any of your wet clothes!! I look forward to hearing more about your trip soon! Thanks for sharing!

  16. teresa

    That hotel room is lovely!
    So FUN for you and Jenny to share the things you do.
    Wonderland is beyond amazing!
    There are no words to describe that amount of CUTENESS!
    Love following your FUN life Amanda!
    Hugs from Bainbridge!

  17. Laura

    You mentioned you are always up for a good book to read in your travels. I just finished The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton. You would love it.

  18. lesli

    I want your stripe-y cardigan!! Where did you find it? I love Fashion Island; it is one of my favorite places to shop. Pretty hotel room!

  19. lesli

    I want your stripe-y cardigan! Where did you find it? That is a pretty hotel! I love Fashion Island; one of my most favorite places to shop!

  20. pam @ pamwares

    Newport Beach is so nice! I went there for work several years ago and decided to tag on a few days for myself and little sight seeing. It was a nice trip. Question…for your upclose cookie picture what lense did you use? Just curious. great blog.

  21. Wendy

    What a beautiful place to stay…I think I gained a pound or two from looking at that amazing cookie sandwich. YUMMY! :)
    Glad that you made it home safely.
    Lake Martin, AL

  22. Shelby

    So glad that everyone told you about the clothes line. You use it to hang your bathing suit, etc. It locks into the other side of the tub. That way, it hopefully doesn’t drip all over the floor and you don’t have to put on a cold and wet bathing suit! I am really surprised that a hotel not on the beach has one, but it looks like it is a resort so maybe their pool area was awesome! Always nice to see where you go! You get to travel to some really nice and yummy places!!

  23. Susan

    I just found your blog and the funny thing is I work in the weird shaped building in your pictures. (Pacific Life). I have always wanted to see what the rooms in the Island hotel looked like. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to Newport Beach. Take care.

  24. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Those cookie sandwiches remind me of the ones I make for fall. Pumpkin puffy cookies with cinnamon buttercream in the middle. There was a near riot for them at Thanksgiving! Gotta love gooey chocolate chips!

  25. Michele V

    love the photos – can’t wait to see all about your trip!
    And now you know there are no bells in showers…just clotheslines! – so cute!

  26. Erin @ Brownie Bites

    Love the headboard on that bed! Anything with buttercream frosting has me on board, so that cookie sandwich contraption looks like absolute sin!

  27. Sandy_in_MD

    Gorgeous photos (as always!). I don’t know which one I like best – the Wonderland shot with all that pink or the beautiful fountain at sunset.

  28. chinamommy

    Yep, a clothes line :) I see the other smarties already told you though…
    Your photo’s are ALWAYS gorgeous, even when they’re of a bathroom!!! Wish you were closer and could take me under your wing!!!!

  29. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    That peanut butter cookie sandwich looks heavenly! As does your hotel room – thanks for giving us a peak inside! I love travel, and your posts always excite me even more!

  30. Jane Crawford

    I see that others have already told you that the “little bell” is a clothesline. Who woulda thunk??!! Your photos are just delightful!!

  31. Megan

    I just started reading and i’m lovin’ all your photos and recipes! That little bell looking thing is a clothes line : ) you pull it out to the other side of the shower and slot it into a bracket…they’re pretty much only good for hanging your bathers on though

  32. Jenny in Wellington, NZ

    Hiya ;) sometimes that bell type thing in a shower is actually a type of laundry or washing line. You pull it out of the wall and stretch it over to the other side to hang your “smalls” on :) or wet swimsuits etc :)

    fabulous venue, Amanda :) So envious!!!

  33. Ali

    The hotel looks beautiful and your treats looked simply delicious!!
    Haha so what you thought might be a bell was probably a clothes line, because directly across was what you hook it in to. We have them alot here in Europe because of a lack of space. Hope that helps.

  34. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Amanda your photography makes me swoon. So gorgeous!!

    peanut butter cookie sandwich with peanut butter and chocolate chunks filled with buttercream frosting AND it was warm and made to order?! wow.

    And then the brownie of course. wow.

    The hotel room is awesome. Light, bright, cheery, classy…perfect.

    Looks like a fabulous trip :)

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