Snow Day Fun

We had a great time enjoying the random Snow Day we had last week! Check out the photos I took while we had some fun in the snow! Image of our Snowy House

Snow Day Fun

Last week we had an unexpected snow day!

Image of a Snowy Tree

When we woke up on Thursday morning, everything was covered in snow and icicles.


Image of the Street on a Snow Day

The whole neighborhood was a winter wonderland!


Image of Kevin Throwing a Snowball at Me

I love it when Kevin gets an unexpected day off from work. :)


Image of Kevin Throwing a Snowball

Even if he throws snowballs at me!


Image of Kevin During our Snowball Fight

Score! A direct hit.


Image of Kevin Sledding in The Snow

Later that morning we went sledding with the neighbors.


Image of Kevin During a Sledding Run

And that’s when the fun really started. ;)


As you can see, Kevin was having a blast.


Image of Kevin Trying out His Sled

He was totally nailing this whole sledding thing!


Image of Kevin on His Sled

But in a split second…


Image of Kevin Using his Sled

Things started to go south.


Image of Kevin Sledding

Uh oh! Uh oh!!


Image of Kevin Speeding Up on His Sled

Going too fast!!


Image of Kevin Losing Control of His Sled

Losing control!!!!!!!!


Image of Kevin Almost Falling off His Sled



Image of Kevin Balancing on His Sled

Hold it! Hold it!


Image of Kevin Falling off His Sled

Don’t fall off, don’t fall off!


Image of Kevin Wiping Out

Stick the landing!


Image of Kevin Having Fun on His Sled

Whew! I survived! I mean, I totally meant to do that.


Funny Sledding Gif

And here’s the animated gif, in all it’s glory, so you can watch this goodness over and over again. ;)

I love how his expression goes from I’M THE KING OF THE WORLD!!!!!! to complete terror in 0.0257 seconds. ;)

It was a great day for all. ;)


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29 Responses
  1. Cameon

    As a fellow Southern Gal (we are in Birmingham), we had just about the same amount of snow and acted just goofy! Oh the southern life where 2 inches of snow shuts down the state. :)

  2. Kim

    i just want to say that i really enjoy ready your page.and seeing your pictures. I am a avid picture taker…i was wondering what camera you use. I am nikon .

  3. Rachael P.

    I’m delighted that you and Kevin had such a great time in the snow but… what about the furkids??? Are there no pictures of those two snow bunnies romping in the cold white stuff? C’mon, share!! :)

  4. Elizabeth Rhyneer

    Amanda, Didn’t read all the posts but seeing your pictures reminded me of a thing I used to do. California had very snow days but when we did I’d grab a Christmas wreath and hang it out so when Christmas came I’d have a perfect Christmas Card picture.
    Have fun…

  5. *christine*

    OK, is he using one of your baking sheets to sled? That driveway doesn’t even look like much of a hill!

    PS – If you got about 11ty billion hits on your blog stalking your NYC posts this weekend, it was me, constantly going to back to your blog for food ideas while we were there!

    1. Amanda

      I know, it’s so sad, isn’t it?? Lol!! :) Our neighborhood is very, very flat. I honestly cannot even think of the nearest hill?! Definitely not one within walking distance… and we couldn’t drive anywhere! Lol! We were totally stranded in 1 inch of snow, lol! :)

      Hope you had a blast in NYC!!! :)

  6. Lois

    This brings a smile to my face for a few reasons:
    1) That Kevin had no work due to what looks like 2-3″ of snow (life doesn’t shut down here till maybe 6″ or more)
    2) How happy and excited you were with the snow (we are so sick of it)
    3) Is Kevin sledding…………..on…………..a DRIVEWAY??????!!!!!!! LOL :D
    Anyway, glad you guys had such a nice day and enjoyed the snow! (and the hot chocolate)

    1. Amanda

      Lol, Lois!! :) Ahhh, yes, life in the south. :) To us this is a TON of snow! :) We only get this much *maybe* once every other year… if we’re lucky, lol!! :)

  7. Leslie W

    Well,obviously ya’ll live in the South. Here in Illinois that’s not even considered a “dusting” let alone a reason for a day off! Glad you had fun though!

  8. Layla @ Brunch Time Baker

    What a fun day! I woke up this morning to a surprise snowfall but due to the fact that We live in the city we didn’t have any fun in the snow.

  9. Kelly Jackson

    Ok, you two are having way too much fun! LOL

    I gotta know how you take such beautiful pictures…you are amazing.

    Thanks for the smiles,

  10. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Too funny! If you get any more of them, grab a trash bag. Those babies are so slick that you rocket down the snow faster than any sled. I know, it sounds real hillbilly but it works!

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