Rock Climbing in Sweden

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

Day Three was a big roadtrip day for us in Sweden! We worked our way down the west coast from Gothenburg all the way down to the southern tip of Sweden — also known as the beautiful countryside region of Skåne. Then we made our way through that gorgeous countryside all the way across to the east coast and ended up in the beachy, peaceful, southeastern province of Österlen.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

We started our morning in Skåne at the coastside Flickorna Lundgren Cafe. This fairytale-esque cottage is bursting with charm and colorful blooms. It started in 1938 when the seven Lundgren sisters began to serve coffee here — Flickorna Lundgren translates to “Lundgren Girls”. So cute. Everything served is handmade on the property and prepared with fresh, local ingredients.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

My view looking up: I could not get over this thatched-roof made from seaweed!

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

The lush gardens are filled with picnic tables for enjoying coffee, pastries, and sandwiches here at the cafe.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

Surrounding the tables were luscious greens, overflowing with delicate, brightly colored blossoms.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

We had a fabulous breakfast here and completely stuffed ourselves silly sampling the traditional Swedish pastries from the Flickorna Lundgren bakery. My absolute favorite, and their most popular pastry, was this Vanilla Heart — a soft, sweet, buttery cookie filled with vanilla cream and topped with powdered sugar. What I wouldn’t give for another heart right now!

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

After breakfast we headed over for a full afternoon of hiking and rock climbing at the Kullaberg nature reserve.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

Loved this overlook from the trail down into the colorful coastal town of Mölle.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

We made our way over to the Josefinelust ravine. Its rocky beach is covered in smooth, fist-sized pebbles and secluded by the steep, jagged cliffs rising from the sea.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

This was such a beautiful area to stop for a picnic lunch and climb all over the rocks.

Beautiful countryside region of Skåne, Sweden

Just don’t look down! :)


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23 Responses
  1. Jeanette

    Amanda, your photos are just stunning – Sweden is certainly a beautiful country and you have captured it so wonderfully.

  2. laura k

    I’ve never really thought about going to Sweden before, but your photos are changing my mind. It looks like an amazingly beautiful place! What a fun opportunity. (I’m also envious that you’re driving a shiny new Volvo around; my favorite car!)

  3. Rachel - A Southern Fairytale

    I’ve had so much fun following y’all’s trip on Instagram. This looks amazing, Amanda.

    That ceiling is out of this world. So fun. <3

  4. Stella

    Thank you for this wonderful café recommendation! My boyfriend (Swedish) and I (German) live in Helsingborg and Österlen will be definitely one of our summer and autumn weekend trip destinations.

  5. Jennifer

    how do you get all the colors in your photos to just POP!!! They are always so vibrant. Is your camera on a specific setting or is this done in photoshop (if so what are you doing!)

  6. Anne

    OH.MY.GAWD! Amanda, these pictures are stunning…. absolutely STUNNING. What a fabulous trip for you and your dad. What a beautiful gorgeous country Sweden is. Sure wish I was in the market for a new car!

    Can’t wait to see tomorrow’s post…. they have all been spectacular!

  7. Nicole

    With every picture you make me want to go there. And your dad sitting on the ledge is making me nervous! haha I’m a tiny bit afraid of heights.

  8. Heather Mayberry

    thanks for taking us on a tour of sweden! i can’t imagine how gorgeous it is in person, the pictures are amazing! love the colorful rocks and the crystal clear water!

  9. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    They have a really funny accent in Skåne. I love it! Beautiful pictures and that cottage / cafe is adorable. Love the colors in these pictures. So vibrant!

  10. Tori


    Hi! Your pictures are incredible of your trip to Sweden, thank you for the opportunity to see a country I have yet to visit!!!!!I am curious what kind of camera you used to take these pictures.Thanks again for letting me live vicariously!!!

  11. roganne

    i think i’ve just added sweden to my bucket list! your pictures are SO fantastic, i feel like i am there with you! and that cafe is totally adorable…i could live there forever :)

  12. Ansam

    I’m from Skåne! But I live in Malmö, the third largest city in Sweden. Skåne is really a special place in Sweden. Also it’s like the most flat place in Sweden. Also Skåne used to be Danish.

    Your pictures are really making me fall in love with my country all over again. Sweden, and particularly Skåne is a wonderful and beautiful place.

  13. Tonya

    Thanks Amanda for sharing. That little cottage with the flowers, the seaweed thatch roof, and the picnic tables in the garden make me very happy!

  14. Angie Venable

    I love this 3rd day of your visit! Although all the pictures are fabulous, My favorite is the garden with the picnic tables. You have such a eye with your camera! I love traveling with you behind the lens. A trip to treasure with your father. Keep the wonderful picture coming. Thanks

  15. Niken

    i’ve been dreaming and planning to go to Sweden ever since i read The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo series. thank you for sharing.

  16. maria aka jakeline

    OMG! I too love those Vanilla Hearts. Whenever me and the hubbie celebrates something special, we buy those. :) I love to experience my own country (even though it’s not my part of the country) through your lens!

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