Exploring the Islands of Sweden

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

So, so grateful for this once-in-a-lifetime experience of a roadtrip through Sweden with my dad! What a true gift. The second day of our adventure took us to the tiny, tucked-away island of Styrsö in the vast archipelago near the gorgeous city of Gothenburg.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

We hopped on a ferry and with the wind whipping through our hair, took a refreshing 45 minute ride out into the salty, sapphire waters of the North Sea to the storybook island of Styrsö. There are no cars here on this cozy island, just bicycles and golf carts to cruise the paths from one spot to the next.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Our first order of business was to get some transportation! :) We paid a visit to the Pensionat Styrsö Skäret, an incredibly charming bed and breakfast on the island.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

All I could think about was Gilmore Girls here. AKA, my dream locale. The small, close-knit community, the charming inn, the walk-everywhere-you-need-to-go aspect. I fell in love with this dreamlike village immediately. This is the lovely dining room at the Pensionat. Can you imagine having breakfast in here every morning??

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

We took a peek in one of the airy, beach-like cottage rooms.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

I cannot imagine how exhilarating it would be to wake up to this view!

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

We rented a couple of bikes from the Pensionat, and they set us up with a map marked with all of the must-see, scenic spots on the island, as well as a homemade picnic lunch — including freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! What a sweet surprise! :) Ola at the Pensionat told us there was a breathtaking 360 degree view from the island, and I definitely wanted to see that first. We parked our bikes at the trail and walked up the easy path to the overlook.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Oh, how incredible was the view up here.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Our picnic lunch view. There were picnic tables up here and everything.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Love, love, love these colorful islands. The small communities. The quiet remoteness. The utter utopian gorgeousness of it all.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Storms in the distance.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

We cruised all over this striking island.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Down by the beach.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Through the neighborhoods.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

We covered almost 7 miles around this picturesque little town.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

As we waited for the ferry to take us back to Gothenburg, we watched the storms rolling in.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

Almost here.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

They managed to stay just far away from us, but we did catch this rainbow just before arriving at the teal ferry station in Gothenburg.

Styrsö Skäret | Exploring Sweden's Archipelago

While driving down the coast on our way to Styrsö that morning, we made a slight detour at this colorful harbor in Kalavägen. It was actually raining when we got here — I so wished I could’ve seen it in sunshine and blue skies! — but the harbor was so stunning I pulled out my camera in the rain anyway.

Kalavägen HarborPanoramic view of the harbor. Click image to see a larger version.

Although it’s probably a good thing it was rainy. I think I could’ve spent all day here taking pictures.


View Sweden Road Trip — Day Two in a larger map

Here’s a map of our second day in Sweden. If you zoom in, you can even see the biking path we took around Styrsö! Click on the colored markers for more info, or click here to see a larger map with a list of all the points of interest.

Check out to find out more about the Volvo Overseas Delivery Program. You can even use their interactive trip planner to plan your virtual roadtrip Sweden. Choose your car, where you’ll stay and what you’ll do, and you can  submit your itinerary to their Roadtrip of a Lifetime sweepstakes to be entered to win the roadtrip you just planned. How awesome would that be?? :) Contest ends on August 15th.

Thanks so much to Volvo, the West Sweden Tourism Board, and SAS Airlines for making this priceless experience possible.

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43 Responses
  1. Bina

    Hi Amanda,
    Had a question about your custom google maps.I have spent (wasted?) 2 frustrating days on tryingto create one and get the message that it cannot embed. Sometimes the markers will embed but not the blue line between destinations and vice-versa.
    Would greatly appreciate any tips!!!

  2. Kristen Anderson

    wow!! Those pictures are amazing. My grandparents name was Skaret, I live on Skaret Road! I went to Norway last year but I hadn’t seen that name anywhere in Norway. Isn’t it amazing all the houses are painted the same colors and every one is very neat and clean, friendly too. Looks like you had an amazing time

  3. TidyMom

    Stunning Amanda…….I bet it was such a beautiful trip to share with your dad too!!

    can you share how you sight see with your camera? do you take a camera back when your are out and about? do you leave for the day with just one lens? I’ve seen the bag you travel with, but I’m curious once you are there what you go out with for the day! Thanks Amanda

  4. Heather Christo

    The pictures are so unbelievably vivid and beautiful. That town looks like it straight out of a fairy tail! I hope that you guys had the most wonderful trip :)

  5. Life with Kaishon

    What an incredible little village. I love that you could visit. The boats in the water are just beautiful.

  6. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    Your trip seems almost magical. Certainly a trip of a lifetime! You’ll have to take Kevin back to share the wonderful experience.

  7. Jen @ Savory Simple

    These photos really take me back. Almost 5 years ago my (now) husband and I took a trip through Scandinavia. My time is Sweden was too short and I have been dying to go back. One of the most beautiful countries I’ve seen. Have an amazing time!

  8. marla

    I have always wanted to visit Sweden and now even more so thanks to this beautiful travel post!!! Amanda, you capture such beauty in the places you visit. Looks like Sweden has no shortage of eye candy! How special that you got to spend this journey with your dad :)

  9. JulieD

    Absolutely beautiful, Amanda! Looks like such fun!! I loved following you on instagram during your trip. Can’t wait to see where you go next!!

  10. Allison [Girl's Guide to Social Media]

    Wow. You have seen a lot! I LOVE these photos. I am thrilled to hear about your great experience with your dad.

  11. Jeanette

    Amanda, what a memorable trip this must be with your dad. I really enjoyed looking at all your photos in this post and the last. So interesting, such tight and colorful communities. Hope I have a chance to visit one day. Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us – for now I will travel to Sweden through your eyes.

  12. Eleanor Edman

    Hi, I have relatives on the west coast south of Goteborg and have visited them 8 or 9 times. Your pics are gorgeous and make me very lonesome for some of the lovely sites I have visited along the coast.

  13. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Amazing pictures! What I wouldn’t do to jump through the screen into the Pensionat! Dreamy!

  14. Lucy Lean

    Wow – those colors in the pics – sounds like an amazing trip. ALways wanted to go to Sweden and now want to go even more!

  15. Brian @ A Thought For Food

    Absolutely stunning! Love all the shots, but I especially like that capture of the rainbow. Just gorgeous!

  16. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    This is going to sound incredibly stupid, but I get emotional looking at these Sweden posts. Your pictures bring back such nice memories from the two best years of my life.

    Awesome rainbow picture. And panoramic picture. And all the pictures. I’ve never spent time on the West Coast and now I want to. Those tourism boards knew what they were doing… :)

  17. Diane {Created by Diane}

    looks so beautiful, my husband and I have a friend who lives in Sweden oh how this makes me want to go and visit him.

  18. Julie Reynolds

    I just had to stop by and say although I lurk here often, heck I even subscribe, I don’t comment. Your pictures bring tears to my eyes – to be able to see with such grateful eyes, picking up all the beauty and grace of a moment is a gift. Thank you Amanda for sharing with us.

  19. Carolyn

    Wow, that looks amazing. Sweden has never really been on my list of places to go, but I might have to change my mind ASAP!

  20. Charlene

    Hi Amanda,
    I was looking for your pictures of Italy on your website. I couldn’t find them…. where would I go to see those?


  21. roganne

    Your pictures are so stunning! And the colors are completely phenomenal! I really love the first one with the view of the village and the little yellow house tucked in among all of the white. So cool :)

  22. Goldie

    You take the most beautiful pictures I have ever seen. Loved the ones from Seattle too and from all of the places I have seen. Haven’t been following you very long.

  23. MaryAnn

    I did not know Sweden was so beautiful. How lucky are you and to be with your dad? What a great daughter? Stay safe.

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