Our Montage Beverly Hills Experience

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Last week Kevin and I spent a few days in California for a quick end-of-summer getaway. I have been dying to take Kevin to LA and show him all my favorite spots! And best of all, we got to meet up once again with one of our favorite friends and blogging families, Two Peas and Their Pod. I think we need to make this a frequent tradition. :)

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

We stayed at the Montage Beverly Hills and oh my goodness you guys… From the second we stepped into our room we were in complete and total heaven! It is located right in the heart of Beverly Hills, just two short blocks from Rodeo Drive and right next door to Bouchon Bakery. Yes, as in dangerously close, don’t even have to cross the street, they share a courtyard, right next door.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

First of all, our room had a guest bathroom. How crazy is that?! Right when you walk in there is a little half bath. Totally normal.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Our little home away from home.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

There was a comfortable sitting area where we could all hang out.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

The Montage is very pet friendly, and even though we couldn’t bring Miley and Howie with us this time, they went ahead and set up two little dog beds for them just in case.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

I just about melted when I saw these huge round beds! Miley and Howie would have absolutely loved them. As soon as I saw them, I could totally just picture Miley and Howie curling right up and sinking down into these soft, fluffy beds. The Montage was so sweet and told us to take them back with us as a souvenir for Miley and Howie. I can’t wait to show them their new beds! They are going to love them!

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Here’s a peek into our room.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

All the drapes, sheers, and lights were electronically controlled from a panel right by the bed. So at night you could get in bed and turn off all the lights, even the ones in the closet! Also in the morning you could open the drapes and let in the sun without getting out of bed. :)

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Ever had a hotel room with hardly any plug-ins, or they’re hidden behind furniture and hard to reach?

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

I loved this little push-to-access panel! Plug-ins galore. You could even hook stuff up to the TV here.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

My favorite thing about the Montage was their attention to detail. B for Bottoms on our pillowcase! We instantly felt right at home. I had to call Maria as soon as I saw this to make sure hers was an L, lol! :)

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Comfy little chair by the bed.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

And oh my goodness, would you look at this walk-in closet?!

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

I think I’ve stayed in hotel rooms smaller than this closet, lol! It had it’s own chest of drawers, jewelry box and built-in wall safe.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

If this were my closet at home, I would never leave.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Next was the huge, gorgeous bathroom.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel


Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Yes, that is a TV you could watch from the soaking tub!

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

This shower might have been my favorite thing about the room, lol! I seriously love a good, strong water pressure in the shower, and this one was perfect. Plus there was a waterfall shower head from the ceiling too!

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Loved this little wooden soap dish.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

But this sealed the deal. Ya’ll, they sent up a welcome basket of bacon. House-smoked applewood bacon. Bacon. Delivered to my door. Be still my heart.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Maria and Josh had a huge balcony, and the weather was perfect for sitting outside and hanging out in the afternoons.

Montage Beverly Hills Hotel

Caleb even came over and tested out the dog beds for us! I think he approved. :)

Thank you Montage Beverly Hills for an incredible weekend getaway! It was absolutely a dream come true. Can’t wait to check out your other locations in Laguna Beach and Deer Valley!

Stay tuned for my next post… afternoon tea at the Montage! Have a great Wednesday, friends! xoxo

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23 Responses
  1. Susan H.

    I am in love with the dog beds. Can you find a tag on them that says who manufactures them? I really want one of those. Beautiful place. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Amanda

    So sorry for the confusion! I should have been more clear in my post. Maria and Josh have friends at the Montage and they graciously invited us to come stay for the weekend. They did not ask us to write about the hotel, although we both wanted to! Everyone was so gracious and friendly towards us, even though, as Em pointed out below, we didn’t exactly fit in with our cargo pants and flip flops, lol! :) We felt very, very fortunate to be able to have this experience, it was definitely a once in a lifetime opportunity for us!

  3. Chelsi

    I just ‘living’ thru you, Amanda! With all the places you go, I wonder if I should try blogging!! I don’t know how you are able to do all your traveling, but if blogging has something to do with it, I reallly think I should start!! :) Thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures and awesome food you get to experience!


  4. Sue

    Kim, I don`t think they are paying for it themselves. It`s a promotion trip for the Hotel. They are probably invited by the hotel in order to write something nice about it on this site.

  5. Sara

    I didn’t know they had one at Deer Valley! If you do come to it, I’d love to hang out with ya! There are some great bakeries here in UT and some pretty awesome hiking places! I am sure Maria can show ya some too!

  6. Em in Oregon

    Ha! What struck me about this post was that the flip-flops, cargo shorts and jeans seemed totally out of place in that environment – but maybe that’s the point? The Montage is one swanky Beverly Hills hotel that is completely unpretentious? Go, Montage!

  7. Diane

    Thank you for sharing your photos of such an amazing hotel! The problem I would have with it as that I would never want to leave the room to explore the city! Did they send up bacon for Kevin too? ; )

  8. Jennifer

    Unbelievable hotel!! Can’t imagine I’d ever get to stay there but it sure was fun living vicariously through your stay ;-) You’re one blessed girl!!
    I’m almost positive those dog beds would be out of my budget but do you have any idea what brand or the company that makes them is? I’m in the market for a good, quality bed & those are beautiful!!
    Thanks for sharing Amanda. I think you’re just adorable!

  9. sue

    I was wondering myself how you score all of this “swag” with trips, etc., and getting to take home the dog beds? I’d also love to know how much that room you were in normally costs…

  10. Karen

    Hi Amanda,
    I`ve been reading your blog for a short while and find it quite interesting. However, there is one thing that I would like to know in order to “understand” your blog a little better. These trips that you take frequently and blog about … are they sponsored trips in order to promote something, like here for example the Montage Beverly Hills? Maybe you mentioned it somewhere on your blog before, but so far I don`t think I ever read something about that.

  11. Paulette

    The hotel is gorgeous!!! Caleb like I said, cute as ever. Love the shower. Thanks for all the wonderful spots you have taken us too. Looking forward to the other locations. Paulette

  12. Jen

    Beautiful! Laguna Beach is one of my favorite CA spots! Can’t wait for you to go there so you can show it to us:)
    Jen (the other Bottom)

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