NYC Macarons

Best Macarons in NYC

Dahling, you simply know we couldn’t go to New York without finding some fabulous sweets and treats! I got such a kick out of walking all over NYC and keeping an eye out for my newest obsession: macarons. And much to my glee, just about everywhere we went we spied a cute little macaron shop. I just couldn’t resist popping into each one!

Best Macarons in NYC

bisous, ciao. MACARONS
101 Stanton Street, New York, NY
(212) 260-3463 ·

Best Macarons in NYC

Our first stop was Bisous Ciao Macarons on the Lower East Side.

Best Macarons in NYC

What a gorgeous shop this was! So many fun flavors and brightly colored macarons.

Best Macarons in NYC

This one was a salted peanut buttercream with a concord grape jelly center. Oh how I love PB&J macarons!

Best Macarons in NYC

Look how soft and cupcakey these are. Bisous Ciao macarons are made via the Italian Meringue method, as opposed to the french macarons I make. As you can see, they look (and taste) very similar, but the texture is a little more soft and soo pillowy. Here we have Tahitian Vanilla, Salted Caramel, Espresso, and Gianduja (hazelnut and milk chocolate). Yum!

Best Macarons in NYC

I loved these! I’m definitely inspired to give the Italian Meringue method a try.

Best Macarons in NYC

Macaron Café
161 West 36th Street, New York, NY
(212) 564-3525 ‎ ·

Best Macarons in NYC

Next up was Macaron Café on West 36th Street near Macy’s, and boy were these macarons gorgeous! This place was so cute with cozy little booths in the back to curl up and nosh macarons.

Best Macarons in NYC

I cannot tell you how excited I was to find this gorgeous creme brulee macaron! Oh how fabulous is that caramelized sugar on the outside of the macaron? To die.

Best Macarons in NYC

Here we have Mocha and Almond Wedding Cake. The Mocha one tasted just like peanut butter & chocolate, so yummy.

Best Macarons in NYC

We also tried a few fun flavors here such as Chocolate Ginger, Pumpkin Cinnamon, and Honey Lavender. Mama mia. Macaron Café has some absolutely stunning macarons!

Best Macarons in NYC

864 Madison Ave
Manhattan, NY 10021

Best Macarons in NYC

Oh, you know we had to try macarons from Ladurée.

Best Macarons in NYC

Ladurée is the famous french macaron bakery in Paris that just recently opened a shop on the Upper East Side in NYC.

Best Macarons in NYC

Okay, I am loving gooey caramel as a macaron filling.

Best Macarons in NYC

I was just tickled to discovered that out of all the macarons we sampled in New York, these — the ones from Ladurée, the famous french macaron bakery — taste the most like the ones I make. How neat is that. You can find my step-by-step recipe here.

Best Macarons in NYC

La Maison Du Macaron
132 West 23rd Street, New York, NY
(212) 243-2757 ‎ ·

Best Macarons in NYC

Oh. My. Gosh. La Maison Du Macaron in Chelsea was completely and totally drool worthy.

Best Macarons in NYC

Not only do they have a huge variety of colorful macarons but they also offer a wide selection of gorgeous breads and pastries.

Best Macarons in NYC

La Maison Du Macaron has a super cozy seating area in the back with couches and tables, but since it was a beautiful day, we opted to take ours to-go and ended up walking all the way up to the park to sample these treats.

Best Macarons in NYC

This one was Nutella with little crushed hazelnuts on top.

Best Macarons in NYC

Loved the gold flecks on this Tiramisu macaron!

Best Macarons in NYC

Somehow we ended up getting a chocolate and vanilla macaron everywhere we went! Even though Kevin’s usually a chocolate fan, while I prefer vanilla, we both agreed that just the simple, original vanilla macaron was our favorite everywhere we went. Gotta love the classics.

Best Macarons in NYC

But oh no, that did not stop us from sampling. Check out these flavors, clockwise from left: Lavender Nougat, Milk Chocolate Caramel, Candied Chestnut with Creme Fraiche, and yes… Speculoos. Better known as Biscoff Spread in the US. :)

Best Macarons in NYC

Our last stop in NYC was Macaron Parlour in the little Christmas shops set up in Union Square. Oh cute little Macaron Parlour guy. I feel exactly the same way.

Best Macarons in NYC

I do believe we saved the best for last.

Best Macarons in NYC

Loved the build-your-own macaron gift box here. Perfect for transporting macarons. After delightfully sampling all the fun flavors here, I went back and got another one for my neighbor and fellow macaron partner in crime, All Artful.

Best Macarons in NYC

Peanut Butter Cup. Loved the drizzling peanut butter here!

Best Macarons in NYC

And the fun peanut buttery surprise inside!

Best Macarons in NYC

Smore’s! This graham cracker macaron with chocolate and marshmallow filling rocked my face off.

Best Macarons in NYC

Oh, but the fun doesn’t stop there. We also have Nutella and Tiramisu, here.

Best Macarons in NYC

As well as coffee, apple caramel, dark chocolate, and red velvet. Oh how I loved the red velvet macaron!

Best Macarons in NYC

They even had a candied bacon macaron with maple cream cheese frosting. Their signature macaron.

Macaron Parlour will be at the Christmas shops in Union Square every day until Christmas, or you can always find their macarons here.

Best Macarons in NYC

Bouchon Bakery
10 Columbus Circle, New York, NY
(212) 823-9366 ‎ ·

Okay, just one more — I couldn’t resist! No macaron post would be complete without mentioning Bouchon Bakery. I’ve spoken of my love for Bouchon many times — the beautiful bakery where I had my first macaron — and it still holds a special place in my heart. My favorite Bouchon macarons are Vanilla, Caramel, and PB&J. When we visited last weekend we picked up a vanilla, chocolate, and their seasonal pumpkin spice macaron.

That giant vanilla macaron. Be still my heart.

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41 Responses
  1. Vintage Paper Designs

    This is the best dessert ever.
    On one hand I cannot wait to eat them, on another, they are so pretty I feel bad to ruin them!

  2. Heather :) :) :)

    Oh, those macaroons look good. I’ve never tasted those kind, just the coconut macaroons. Those were a treat that my grandmother and I would eat together :) :)

    Oh, that macaroon guy was great :) :) I love his joyful expression :)

    Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather :)

  3. Sherry

    Beautiful photos! I made macarons for the first time recently and they turned out well. This gives me many new ideas for flavors that I am going to try. I love your blog!

  4. Vik

    Such a great post. You started and finished with my two favorite places: Bisous CIAO and Macaron Parlour. Friendly staff, and delicious macaroooooooonnns!

  5. Lucy Lean

    Oh I’m so excited to be flying to NYC tomorrow and will be craving macarons all the way – have been meaning to go to Laduree – want to see how it compares to the Paris shop.

  6. Angie

    Love all those colors and the flavors sound so scrumptious :). This is WAY too many images of something I’ve yet to try….must remedy soon! Glad you had such a fabulous birthday trip.

  7. HeatherChristo

    I just left NYC this morning! Now I have to go right back so I can do this wonderful tour of all the NYC macaron joints. What a cool review- just love it!

  8. KatieLovesWags

    ‘…rocked my face off ‘

    LOL! Good stuff, Amanda. I am totes jealous as I’ve been dying to visit NYC. We were due to go in mid last year but half way around Europe I got pregnant and we came home when I was 3 months sans the North Americas *sniff* Those macarons look amazing – rural Australia just doesn’t have THAT kind of variety :)

  9. Mike Brandon

    Beautiful photography . . .

    So where are the recipes for all this??

    In Texas, we call them macaroons. Oh, Well!

    Merry Christmas and don’t forget the reason for the Season!

  10. Urban Wife

    Gorgeous macarons!! I still haven’t tried them and sense that needs to change asap. Like Averie said above, some macaron artwork would look awesome in a kitchen! :)

  11. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    I’m so glad you make time for the important things and thumbs back up to macaron man! I love the red, white and green one!

  12. sharon @ Lilikoi Joy

    I love New York, and I love your pictures of the macarons, so beautiful and artistic! I envy the person who got to take the bites out of all those macarons. Can I have that job? :)

  13. Elaine Allen

    Oh Lord Amanda –

    Now I need some of those! They all looks so beautiful, almost a shame to eat them – ALMOST!

    Elaine Allen

  14. Mikey

    Glad to see you and yours had a great time in NYC. Just a quick note. Being from NYC, I must tell you, it’s the “Lower” East Side not the “Lowest” East Side. It’s like saying you were at the Uppest East Side. Btw…you wrote that one correct. :)
    NYC is the best city in the world and I’m glad you have enjoyed the sights and food. Can’t wait to go back.

  15. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    I wish I could decorate my kitchen with those or put those lil pieces of food ART to use. They are so beautiful and colorful. And I bet…delicious!

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