Labor Day Weekend

We had a really fun Labor Day weekend. Three-day weekends are such a treat, and we tried to make the most of this one by fitting in as many activities as possible! :)

kevinandamanda auburn football labor day weekend game

Saturday was the first Auburn football game of the season, so on Friday after lunch we loaded up and headed straight for Auburn! :)

kevinandamanda auburn football labor day weekend game aubie shirt

Before the game we went to “Tiger Town” to find new Auburn shirts for us to wear to the game. This is my new Aubie shirt! Isn’t he cute? :)

kevinandamanda auburn football labor day weekend louisiana tech game

I love, love, love Auburn football games. The traditions, the band, the game, the cheering, the CROWD! :) The first game of the season is always special because, I don’t know, I guess in the months during the off season I forget how much I love it? But then I get to that first game. And I’m always overwhelmed at just how much I’ve missed it! I always miss it. I love Auburn football! :)

I’m getting old though, because my hiney is STILL sore from sitting in those bleachers for 4 hours!

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

On Sunday we went to an Atlanta Braves game! :) Yes, that is Miley and Howie all dressed up in their Atlanta Braves gear! :) That’s because it was a special “Bark in the Park” dog day at Turner Field where dogs were allowed to go to the game! :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

Here’s Miley and Howie at the park, getting ready to cheer on the Braves! :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

We were very excited when we found out that Tim Hudson would be pitching at the game- he’s Kevin’s favorite pitcher and he used to pitch at Auburn too! :) That’s how Kevin and I got to know each other, you know- before we started dating. Have I ever mentioned that? I have a friend, who shall remain nameless ;), but she had a huge crush on one of Kevin’s friends. Kevin and his friend would always go to the Auburn baseball games in the spring of 2001. So my friend and I would go to the games together and try and work it out so she could sit next to Kevin’s friend. Well! Kevin would never let that happen because *he* was trying to work it out so *I* would sit next to *him*! :P We would always lament how he was “messing up our plans!” ;) Little did I know! Well, my friend and his friend never did get together. But it all worked out because her Mr. Right came along not too long after that. And I will always be grateful to her for dragging me to all those baseball games! :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

But back to the Braves game! Not only did we get to bring Miley and Howie to the game, but the day was twice as nice because we got to meet up with a few of our friends and fellow boston terrier owners! :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

This is Shelby and Rupert B. Puppenstein, me and Howie, and Jenny and Bella.

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

It was also like a mini-family reunion for Miley and Howie! Miley and Bella, while not directly related, are from the same beautiful and sweet breeder in Tennessee. Miley’s breeder is awesome- I love her! Miley is 3.5 and we still keep in touch. She always leaves the sweetest comments on Miley and Howie’s pictures! :) This is Howie and Rupert in the picture above. After we got to the game, we saw the amazing resemblance between them! We got to looking at their pedigrees and found out they are actually pretty closely related! They share the same great-grandfather, Ch. Sunwoods Repeat Performance, ROM, “Pete”. So does that make them third-cousins? haha. :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

Howie’s favorite spot during the game was hanging out under the chairs, in the shade, with his head rested on the seat. What a lazy boy! :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

It was really sunny at the game, so Rupert had to sport his super-cool shades! :)

Atlanta Braves Bark in the Park Dog Day Boston Terriers Meetup

Howie had a blast watching the game and cheering on the Braves! ;) They didn’t win, but it was still a fun time for all. :)

Thanks so much for looking! :) How was *your* weekend?? :)

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31 Responses
  1. lori

    i just found your website via TLC. i love it and i love that u love auburn. my hubs and i both graduated from there and he actually played baseball there! small world! just wanted to say War Eagle!

  2. Cathy

    I just stumbled upon your blog and I love it! I grew up in Auburn (all the way from kindergarten through graduating high school). War Eagle!

  3. darci

    this looks like so much fun! how the heck are you so amazingly skinny if you make/eat all of these delicious recipes…you must work out like a crazy lady! :)

  4. McKeever Cobia

    I love your blog! I recently found it and now I decided to follow it! I would love to take the furbaby to a game! Have a great week!

  5. Jamie H

    I stumbled upon your blog while I was Googling how to customize the fonts on my side bars. What a FUN blog you have!! I submitted a font that I hope works! I’m gonna grab one of your buttons and put it on my blog! Will be following you guys!

  6. Kelly

    Hey Amanda, my friend showed me your adorable blog and I absolutely love your fonts! I was in the process of DLing some and came to a block in the road. When I am editing my and say “Go back to the File Manager and click on the pencil (Edit) by the blogger-sifr.js file. ” I dont have a pencil thing. It used to be there but once I uploaded my files it changed to a pencil with paper behind it and i cannot click on it anymore. If you could help or point me in the right direction that would be so awesome! Thanks!


  7. Barclay

    Such sweet puppies. Hey I’m not sure of you can help me with this but I just went to my blog today and for some reason my whole right column has been moved down to the bottom of my blog??? Not sure you can or have the time but if you do I’d appreciate the help. : )

  8. Kathy

    Love your blog! What a great Labor Day weekend – I would love to take our dog to a ball game sometime, and I’ll have to check out if they do that in my area (he might be more excited about the food on the ground than baseball though). Since I found your website earlier this week, I have been obsessed and my husband has lost me to world of cutifying my blog! Thanks for all of your tips and the AMAZING fonts. So wonderful!

  9. Wendi

    I wasshocked to open your page and see Auburn! Its not something you see often.. War Eagle! My family and I are big fans :) Love your site!

  10. Mindy

    What a great weekend you had! I can’t believe you got to bring the boys to the baseball game. I know they loved the opportunity to wear their Braves Gear! :)

  11. Emmy

    What great pictures! And what a fun weekend. I too LOVE college football. I am a BYU Cougar fan through and through.
    Loved your meeting story.

  12. Samantha @ TwoHeartsTogether

    I watched that Auburn game on TV, never seen so much Orange in my life!
    I love your white top at the baseball game, you look SO PRETTY in it

    It rained and was gloomy here in Oregon over Labor Day weekend, go figure its OREGON!

  13. HeatherB

    Your photos are absolutely gorgeous Amanda! Love the depth of field of the ones posed in front of the greenery. You 2 are so photogenic! :)

  14. Jennifer

    My hubby and I were at the Braves game Sunday also. We took our daughter and nephew to their first game. It was an exciting and fun day for them.

  15. Shelby

    We had so fun! Can’t wait until the next Bark in the Park. But, you may not get Howie or Miley back! ;-) We loved them so much and it was wonderful to meet you all in person! Great pictures as always!

  16. Nicole

    My husband is in the Canadian Armed Forces and is away on a training course, so my boys and I were alone though the weekend. My one son did celebrate his 17th birthday, though! So it was pretty good.

    I really enjoy your photos! You’re so fortunate to have a husband that smiles for all of the photos like he does! My biggest challenge is getting mine and my boys to smile! They say I take too many but I say if you’d just smile nicely for one, I’d be done! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  17. Barb in FL

    I had to work all three days…. :(

    Glad that you had a wonderful time! Howie and Miley are adorable…so patient!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  18. Laura in IL from 2Peas

    Your dogs look like they are enjoying themselves! I see smiles on their faces! Glad you had fun!

    We spent the weekend 4 hours away visiting our youngest daughter & her husband and our grandcat…

  19. Becky

    Wow….what a fabulous long weekend you had. I absolutely love the very last photo of Howie at the Atlanta game. He looks like he’s sitting by himself watching it. Tooo cute. Thanks for sharing. Becky ;)

  20. Christy

    How cute is that braves gear for the doggies?! Love it! Football and baseball sounds like a great weekend to me! Btw I made the choc pb cake last night…huge hit at work:) thanks for the recipe!

  21. rachel in Cali.

    amanda… it looks like you guys had a blast!! Too cute that you got to bring the puppies too! We had a low key weekend… cleaning! Uugh! ;0)

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