It’s a doodle font update explosion!! It was about time for a new font update, and this update is DOODLECENTRIC!! :) There are 9 new doodle fonts, just posted today, along with 8 more of the cutest handwriting fonts ever! :)


Check them all out on the new Fonts for Peas blog!

Another feature that’s been added to some of the doodle fonts that you might like is a doodle chart that shows every doodle included in the font along with what key to press to get it to show up! Like this one below:

Fonts for Peas Doodle Font Legend Table Chart

You can see this chart on the font page, under the Download button, so you know exactly what you’re getting before you download it.

Unfortunately, after making a few of these charts, I realized I won’t have time to do this for every single font. But I do love them and I think they are very helpful! Sooooooo…. if you are:

1. Familiar with Photoshop, Paintshop Pro, or another image editor and….
2. Want to be the first to get new fonts, as soon as they are made, before they are released! and/or….
3. Want to advertise your site/blog for free on

Please feel free to contact me! I’ll send you the blank, doodle chart template and all you have to do is fill in the doodles for each letter. There’s a place down at the bottom for you to put an advertisement for your blog- a link, an image, whatever you want. It’ll be on the chart template so if that image gets posted somewhere else, your blog will be advertised there too! :) As a THANK YOU SO MUCH, I’ll also send you ALL the new fonts I have made that haven’t been released yet- doodles, regular Fonts for Peas and Free Scrapbook Fonts. This is a big job, so as many people who are interested can apply! :) I have plenty of old doodle fonts that can be converted and plenty of new, still unreleased fonts to share so please contact me if you are interested! :)

But enough about that. Let’s talk about the FONTS more!! :)

Be sure and check out Pea Aimee’s Doodles! Remember Pea Aimee? The girl who brought you this font?

She now has a new doodle font just for us! :)


If you loved her font, you’ll love her doodles! Click the pic to go grab it now.

I’d also like to introduce you to Jennifer, owner of Jennifer makes the CUTEST charms, accessories and jewelry- just check out this necklace she made for me! :) It has our initials, k & a, and a little pearl charm! :)

Her Souther Charm Anniston Littles Necklace

Isn’t it cute?? Can you see it?? Sorry about the quality of the pic, I took it with the webcam on my Mac. No makeup- aughhh!! Sheild your eyes!

Anyway! Jennifer has THREE awesome fonts for us today!!

Pea Jennifer Bee, Jacks & Matty & Doodles font

Jacks and Matty are her puppies! Isn’t that cute?? ;) And I’m not sure what The Bees in Love is all about! You’ll have to ask her! ;)

Not only is Jennifer giving us 3 wonderful fonts, she’s also giving away one of her AMAZING necklaces just for readers!!

Her Southern Charm Necklaces

This Anniston Littles Necklace giveaway comes with the necklace chain, one Anniston Littles charm (your choice! custom made just for you!!) and one pearl charm!

Entry time has ended!

Thanks so much for all the lovely comments! The winner of the Anniston Littles Necklace is #165 Marty Philpot!! :) Congratulations, Marty!! :)

To be entered to win this necklace, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. Check out Her Southern Charm and leave a link to your favorite design! :) There are so many to chose from! :) One entry per person please! The winner will be chosen by his or her comment number which will be picked by But hurry! This contest ends Friday, September 4, 2009 at 11:59 pm! :)

Thanks for looking! Go grab the rest of the fonts and GOOD LUCK!!! :)

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285 Responses
  1. Anna Hernandez

    I have a question. Do you make personalized charms? Based on a specific request? For example, I send you a picture of something I’d like, and you could make it?

    Thank you.

  2. Marty Philpot

    I found out quite by accident that I was the winner of the Anniston Little’s Necklace and never found this out! Is it too late to collect this adorable prize??? Thanks so much! :-)

  3. Indi

    I just wanted to drop in and say that I’m so glad I found this wonderful site! It made my day! :)

  4. Victoria

    I would love to be considered for the font/advertising position. I don’t know how many/how fast I can do for you, but if you’d send me one, I’ll time myself and send it back.

  5. Anna

    Love your site. I am learning sooo much & hope to be able to get the handwriting font on my blog..I’m still working on it.

    Thanks for being smart & sharing your smartness.


  6. Kristina

    I just found out about your blog about a month ago and LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful fonts with us.

  7. Teria

    I just LOVE your website! The necklace is adorable! I’ll cross my fingers :) p.s. I’m going to try out the choc cake with reeses for my hubby’s birthday on monday! AHH! I’m so excited!! Thanks!

  8. mikaya

    Love the giveaway so fun! I really like the texas sunshine necklace! I hope I win this would be so cool to have! seriously like a prized possesion!!

  9. Whitney

    I just love your blog- you are so popular! :-) A big thank you to Jennifer for the chance to win her beautiful necklace gift!

  10. tami

    oh you are so so talented!!! I collect font doodles & can not wait for some me time to down them all!! I also love you fonts, as I am a fontaholic too! :) Thanks for sharing!!!

  11. LoriAnn

    Too cute! I love the fonts and those charms are adorable!!! I’m going to check out her site now! What great Christmas presents those would make!

  12. Andrea

    Love your blog! Always love the fonts! Have you done any new scrapbook pages lately? I am needing some new ideas! :) Cute necklace….very simple. I love it!!

  13. Rhonda Franks

    The necklace is adorable. Love the new fonts. Amanda “how do you do it” you are so creative and fun!!

  14. Christina

    Hi Amanda! I just came looking for some fonts for my latest project and you gave me the perfect birthday gift to ask DH for! I love that necklace, I need one with my kids initials on it!

  15. Lori Myers

    Just found your site while I had time to kill during my daughter’s recent hospitalization. I can’t get enough. Very cute necklace!!! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  16. Ambrosia Clark

    It’s always nice to see new fonts!
    Thanks for making them!

    &&&&& I ADORE that necklace!
    Super cute!
    Thanks for the chance!


  17. molly jasso

    love your site!! i have just about all of your fonts/doodles! can’t wait to get creative and use them! i am so totally jealous of your scrap room too!!!!!!!!!! it is awesome!

  18. 1LuvnMama

    I always look forward to when you release a new batch of Font for Peas. I just love, love, love those cute and adorable fonts! Thanks for sharing . . . and to those who design them, good job! Wish I could draw! Anyway, it would be nice to see updated fonts MONTHLY *hint, hint*! ;o)

  19. Dionne

    I love these cute designs! I would choose the Heart, Flag, and Butterfly. :-) So cute! Always love the fonts too!

  20. Deana

    LOVE love LOVE all these cute fonts! That necklace is super charming as well! :) I am so glad I found you!! I also want to tell you that I love your photos of the waterfalls from your last trip. I want to go there so bad! But i’m all the way out in San Diego, CA maybe someday!
    Thanks again for all the fonts, tutorials, recipes, etc. You ROCK!


  21. Amanda

    way cute!! I’ve been on your site off and on for a while, think I read about it on Gina Miller’s blog.
    Love the necklaces (and fonts….. and recipes….

  22. Lillian Child

    You are the FONT princess!!! Thanks so much for sharing these with us AND for the chance to win such a beautiful piece of jewelry !!!

  23. Kair

    I love all these necklaces! SO CUTE!
    The Single Aniston Little Necklace is probably my fav.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Martha Fountain

    Love the necklace. Reminds me of my little grandaughter, Caroline.
    Love, love, love the wonderful fonts too!

  25. Peggy Whisenhunt

    have loved your website for so long, even though we have never met but I enjoy another scrapbook on line friend and enjoy your web site so much. The necklace is unique and different and I sure hope I win it.

  26. Kori

    just found yall thru coffeeshop! i’m glad i did, love your fonts! plus you have an awesome give away going! yippee!! that necklace is adorable, i really like the southern bella font they have for it…cute!

  27. Monelle Wells

    Love your fonts! So darn cute! The necklace is adorable! I love the Louisiana Lilly since I am from Louisiana!
    Take care and keep bringing the fonts!

  28. mommaruth

    I love Her Southern Charm (and now I think I’m in love with your blog, too)! Those necklaces are the most divine things ever – I’ve been waiting for a giveaway for them :) Fun! Fun! Fun! Oh, and I love the fonts, too – wish I could doodle and draw like that!

  29. Jenny

    thank you so much for the fonts!!! The necklace, my! I want one!!! My necklace just broke, my daugther was playing with it from my neck and it broke! Now I’ve been wanting a new necklace. :)

  30. Chedderfish

    Thank you so much for the new doodles/fonts! I love all of them.

    How sweet a giveaway! Thank you for that too!!

  31. Lydz

    Amanda, I think you’re too funny! You don’t look bad without the makeup! :) By the way, thanks for the comment on my blog, I felt so special!!

  32. Tiffany Kingston

    I love your fonts and your recipes. Thanks for all the hours you put in. I have been looking to get a necklace like this.

  33. Mindi

    Yay! New Fonts!! And a chance to win a beautfiul necklace?!? The only thing that could make this day better is if I went into labor :) LOL!!

  34. Nicole Leigh

    Thanks for the great doodles! And I’m a fan of the Aniston Littles Necklace. I already have a Christmas gift idea in mind for my mom. One with all the grandkids initials.

  35. Abby

    I LOVE the website! I love to cook and scrapbook, this website is SO perfect for me! I am making the BEST EVER Chocolate Cake this weekend for Labor Day! I would love to have that necklace! Thanks Amanda!

  36. Jessica Santiago

    I love love love all of the fonts! I use them all the time! They are soo fun and cute.

    Very cute necklace! =) Would love to wear it around my neck!

  37. Heather

    YAY!!! New doodles!!! Thank you so much!!! I am really excited about the doodle charts as well-I have actually been wanting to put something together myself-just to have a quick reference guide.
    Love the necklace-super cute!!! Thanks again:)

  38. Cindy Davis

    I love your website. So many cute fonts, great food and awesome pictures! Gotta love that you’re a southern girl, too! I NEED that jewelry!!!

  39. Lisa S.

    Looove the doodle fonts and what a great idea to have a key to know what typekey is what. Sometimes I forget about all the great doodle fonts I have because of that.
    beautiful necklace too! thanks for the chance to win.
    Have a super holiday weekend :)

  40. cathy

    Love the fonts and love the necklace!! If I don’t get picked, I think I’m going to head on over to the site and order one for myself! Thanks for sharing!! Cathy

  41. Sara

    I came across this blog when I was googling for instructions on how to add a siggy to my blog posts. Thanks so much for the tips! I love your site!

  42. Tanda

    my son(2) and daughter (3 months) have a favorite song, you are my sunshine….that is also my favorite charm. I’d love to win it to have something to remember the “little” times with them!

  43. Missy J

    Hey, Amanda. I love the fonts and the necklace. I plan to buy one or two for gifts this Christmas. They are so cute! And I love stuff with initials. Thanks for sharing.

  44. Joann

    How awesome-both the fonts and necklace! your fonts are so cute why would anyone want to look any where else for fonts- your site is the place!

  45. Angela {YourEverydayMama}

    How adorable, the fonts and the necklace :) Can’t wait to get to downloading and to check out her site!

  46. CindyP

    These fonts are just wonderful!! I’m still having fun with all the other ones I’ve downloaded!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Jennifer’s designs are beautiful…..loved them all!

    My 2 daughter’s both had/having a baby this year, which gives them each 2 children now. This would be a wonderful Christmas gift for each one of them with the babies’ initials on and a pearl drop for the mother!

    or this

  47. lori

    LOVE this post!! The donts and doodles are terrific, oh and the necklace isn’t so bad either ; ). Her stuff is beautiful and FUN .Loving the Texas necklace

  48. melanie

    so glad i subscribe! i got the email today about the new doodle fonts and LOVE them. These are going to make a great blog header. thanks SOOOOO much

  49. Melissa

    Thanks for all the new doodles & fonts. I LOOOVE your site & it would be awesome to win too! Never have won anything doing this but there’s always a first time…maybe (cross fingers!)

  50. Erin T.

    I would LOVE this necklace. I am having my 5th girl in a month and it would be a treasure! My favorite on is Aniston Littles. So cute!

  51. ettey

    you make all the cutest fonts and doodles in the whole universe and i love ’em all…thanks so much for sharing them!!

    you’re the sweetest ^_^.

  52. Coleen

    new fonts + new doodles = happy me! winning that cuter than cute necklace would be the
    {peanut butter} icing on the cake.

  53. Jynelle

    I LOVE your fonts & I can’t wait to try the peanut butter chocolate cake in your previous post……it looks AMAZING! Thanks for sharing with us!

  54. Tiffany

    I always love seeing what’s new with the website/blog. Thank you for giving us a chance to win the cute necklace and thank you for sharing such adorable fonts.

  55. Maria

    what great fonts and even better that they are free! Thank you for that and the beautiful neclace! I love your blog!
    Smiles, Maria

  56. Renae Reis

    Hopefully ** has a heart because i’ve been dropping hints left, right, front and center to my husband for a necklace with my kiddos’ initials but so far nothing! Thanks Amanda for sharing all of these goodies with us for free! You know we love ya!


  57. Anne

    LOVE the new fonts!!! I’m a newbie at digital scrapbooking. Discovering this site has taken my digiscraping to a new level!!! Thank you for what you do!!! The necklace is precious! Simple and elegant!

  58. nicole lindsay

    i just love your fonts and your recipes! i have tried the alfredo and the bacon cheeseburger chicken and i just love how good they taste and how easy they are to prepare.

  59. taranicole

    Love the fonts AND the necklace! Keeping my fingers crossed that I win while trying out the new fonts …. makes it a little hard to type though ;)

  60. alison

    i love new fonts, especially doodles! so fun! and that necklace is so awesome, i need to get one for myself i think!

  61. Terry

    I love the fonts but I’m not sure how to get them. Do you have a dummies guide? Love the necklace, I sure hope you pick me.

  62. catherine

    Lovely, lovely! The necklace is beautiful!!! And one can never have too many fonts, right? Thanks for all the goodies!

  63. Sarai

    I can’t even begin to tell you how cute new cute fonts make my day!! I’m already envisioning cute new things to put these babies on! And the necklace is ADORABLE!

  64. Ann

    That is soooooo cute. Love the necklace and thanks for the fonts. I already downloaded them & am about to use them! :-)

  65. Lisa Fikes

    My day always gets immediately brighter when I see that there are new fonts (and doodles!) for me to play with. You are such a gift to us, Amanda! Thank you!

    Super cute necklace, too! :-)

  66. Leah Schroeder

    I’ve always loved homemade charm necklaces and jennifer’s are no exception! Thanks for the super cute fonts!

  67. Amy

    What cute necklaces, and I love your fonts. I have downloaded a couple to use in digital scrapbooks. Keep up the good work.

  68. Aimee

    I hope everyone likes the doodles. I love all of the new fonts! I would LOVE a necklace like this one to put all of my boys’ initials on! Thanks Amanda & Jennifer!

  69. MandaKay

    LOVE all the new fonts – you are so good to us girl!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Awesome necklaces too!

  70. peamissy

    love the new fonts, doodles, and that darling necklace! heck yeah i want a chance to win!! thanks to you both!!

  71. Ashley

    All the new fonts are just precious Amanda! I love both of Aimee’s, she has great penmanship!

    The necklace is adorable, too! I want one! :D

  72. Christy

    Yay!!! I’m super excited for more new fonts!! You rock, Amanda! Thanks for working hard to give us new fonts!! And giving em to us for free:)

  73. Amy

    YAY! Love more fonts… especially fun doodles! Thanks so much! And thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful necklace- love it!

  74. Nikki

    Hey Amanda!
    Thanks for all the doodles and fonts… they are so adorable!
    I love that you have giveaways all the time – how much fun!!! I adore this necklace :) Will be perfect for my kiddos names!

  75. Michelle

    Thanks for all the new fun fonts! It’s wonderful to have you blogging again…we missed seeing your posts!
    And thanks for the great give-aways!

  76. DigiLover

    wow thank you for the fantastic fonts – much appreciated!!!

    just love that cute little necklace!!


  77. Linsey F.

    Love love love all the fonts. I use the previous ones I have downloaded all the time! Thanks so much. The necklace is really cute too!

  78. Savannah O'Gwynn

    Awesome new fonts:) And the necklace is beautiful- simple, chic, etc. :) Amanda- you look wonderful–makeup isn’t necessary! LOVE LOVE LOVE your site:) Thank you!

  79. Barb

    I needed this email today! Thank you! The doodle are adorable and I love the necklace, how unique. Thanks again! Your posting brought a much need smile to my face! :D

  80. Jennifer Kirk

    I love how you did the doodle font that way. I would use my doodle fonts more if I had them all laid out that way!

  81. Deanna

    I love the necklace……it’s adorable; thanks for all you do, I love visiting your web page – especially to see how Miley and Howie are doing!

  82. Tori

    I love the new fonts. I love that you included a “key” for the doodles. And the necklace/charms are adorable. I would love one!

  83. Monica Crumley

    Love the new fonts, especially doodles. BTW, I’ve learned so much from your editing class and website! Thanks! LOVE the necklace. I hope I win :-)

  84. Brenda Smith

    ooo new fonts and a giveaway!!! Thank you so much for the fonts and the chance to win a beautiful necklace!

  85. Laurie

    What a creative person. I really love the new fonts. I will be sharing this one with friends love the charms necklace, Christmas is right around the corner gotta get that shopping done!!!

  86. Ryan Schulz

    These fonts fuel my terrible font addiction! I have a love/hate relationship with them. Seriously…they are so awesome.

    Now someone just needs to come up with something like a font book so that I can flip through and find a font instead of scrolling through the hundreds that I have!

    Love the necklace too! :)

  87. April T.

    I love your fonts…and little tips and tricks. I’m far from a blog designer, but now I can fake it!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  88. Chelsea

    Thanks for the new fonts, I always look forward to them! And thanks for the chance to win the beautiful necklace! :)

  89. Amy

    I had a necklace like this for the longest time that I bought on etsy. It had my sons name on it. I wore it so much that it eventually bit the dust. I’ve REALLY been wanting another. So glad you’re doing this giveaway!

    PS – I’ll help you with your doodle project!

  90. Anita Byrd

    Thanks so much for the great fonts. 95% of my scrapbooking is done with the fonts you provide. I love to “write” with them all.

  91. Kimberli

    I haven’t figured out how to use your fonts yet but I promise I will soon, especially now with the doodles! The necklace is darling, I’ve had my eye on something similar!

  92. KarrieLyne

    Wow. More fonts! We all need more fonts, right?! I know I do..hee hee! I just cannot seem to get enough and these doodle fonts are adorable!! Thank you so much for the fonts, and the fact that they are free is fantastic!! Awesome Awesome Awesome!!


  93. Brooke

    Owh I wish I was more tech-savy as I would love to do a font chart!! It’s an area that just does not come naturally to me.

    The necklace is gorgeous. Thanks for the chance to win.

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