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Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

This past weekend was the Atlanta Braves’ annual Bark in the Park Day. They have a couple special games a year where you can bring your pup along with you to experience a major league baseball game. Miley and Howie remember all the fun they had last year and are very excited for the game.  (And also very spirited in their Braves jersey & bandana!)

Annnnd henceforth is where I left the big camera at home, so I apologize in advance for the crummalicious pics!

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Miley enjoyed the view from our seats, but I think she was really wishing she could go run around on that big outfield.

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Howie, on the other hand, was just chillaxin’, watching the game. Best seat in the house.

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

At some point it must’ve gotten pretty intense. Don’t ask me when, I was so busy watching all the pupperonis, I could’ve barely told you there was a game going on in the background.

And then there was Miley. An ice cream vendor selling doggy ice cream walked by…

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Momma. Gimme da treat.

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Oof. Noooooo. Not stinky Frito feet.

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Woman! Da treat!

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

MOMMA GIMME DA TREAT RIGHT NOW! *snarf snarf snarf*

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

It was $2, and about the size of an ice cube, but apparently, it was worth it…

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010


Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

On the way home from Atlanta, we stopped at a Sonic in Tennessee for dinner. I was really craving a big ice water – love their crunchy ice. They messed up our dinner order, so they brought us out free desserts- plus 2 kid-sized ice cream cones for Miley and Howie! Score for the dogs!

(They also got to eat the first grilled chicken sandwich that came out wrong- they thought it was delicious.)

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

Atlanta Braves Baseball | Bark in the Park Day . May 2010

P.S. I promise to never leave the big camera behind again. Ever.


Next week I’ll be in L.A. with Rocco DiSpirito at the Bertolli event!

(The winner of the giveaway has been chosen and notified)

(I wish I could take you allllll with me!)

Keep in touch with with me next week on Twitter and Facebook – I’ll keep you updated every step of the way! :)

Thanks so much for looking – See you next week! :)

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44 Responses
  1. Jen

    I know this is an old post, but I hope you’ll still see it! I was wondering what kind of car restraining system you use for Miley and Howie? We currently use travel kennels for our dogs but it’s not optimal and I just am not so sure about the harnesses, but it seems as though that’s what you use. Do they work alright? Do the dogs have freedom to move, but are still safe?

  2. Christy

    Hi Amanda! I have been a huge fan of your font site, although why I have never made it over to your blog before today … I don’t know! Your dogs are so cute! I noticed they have Auburn collars, so I just have to say War Eagle! Hope you have fun in LA!

  3. Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic

    While I’m not a Braves fan (GO ORIOLES) this is the BEST. IDEA. EVER! I would love to take our June to something like this. Your dogs are so darn adorable, and so is your shirt! I love it!

  4. Justine*

    Holy Wow I am so thankful to Nina Brackett of Crafting in Croatia (my island neighbor) for having your blinkie on her blog. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and your love for your fur babies is so heart warming. Nice to meet you

  5. Monette

    My Boston has Frito-stinking feet, too!! I can’t believe you have noticed that!! Have fun in LA! You are becoming quite the celebrity, Amanda!

  6. Angie

    I just love it when you share pictures of your dogs. I have 3 bostons of my own, well I was wondering where you got your T-Shirt! Girl, I have to have one!!! I love it…

  7. Michelle

    What an awesome time, I love taking my doghter (Mocha Jo) with me to events. Great pics! And I love your earrings they are adogable.

  8. Gypsyfox

    I just love your blog!!! wonderful pictures, your doggies are tooo cute!! they look so happy you can tell they are spoiled :)

  9. allison

    Is it terrible of me to hope the winner for the trip backs out so I can go? :P

    Either way, I’m sooooo excited for you! What a fun trip this’ll be! Take lots of photos!

  10. Kimberly O.

    Ha!! I love the doggy narration. I do that too when I’m telling stories to my friends of our three dogs (and the cat). I’ve heard from many people that I should write the stories down. (And several people have mentioned, “I didn’t know animals could talk, but if they did, I bet that is exactly how they would sound.” Hello? Animals don’t talk? Whatever. Our animals do. :) A lot. Thanks for the great start to my Saturday morning!

  11. Marilyn

    Awwww, SOOOO SWEET!!!! I just love your dogs! (Sshhhh, don’t tell my Jack Russell – Samson!) I love it that they got to go to the ballpark, I love it that they got Sonic! I love it that Howie has stinky frito feet (so does Samson) Miley was just soo cute wanting that ice cream at the park. We spoil our Samson – age 12 – in almost the very same ways, he is battling cancer and is four years out from his original diagnosis. Vets are truly stunned he is still kickin!!! I can never spoil Samson enough at this stage in his life.


    Marilyn C. in west TN

  12. Katy

    You, your husband and dogs have so much fun! I hope to find me a fella to share fun times with soon! Great photo’s. All the Best, Katy

  13. Julie

    OMG Amanda!! Stinky Frito Feet!!! My Mazzie has stinky Frito feet!!She is a Pug, Boxer, Beagle mix with the sweetest face and best disposition with Frito tootsies!! My son says “I’m gonna dip your feet in chip dip and eat em!!” Pretty weird but fellow puppy lovers understand weirdness when it comes to our dogs!! I enjoy your blog. It is one of my favorites!! Thank you for sharing your recipes, tips, and everyday life with us!! Give Miley & Howie a kiss from Mazzie – one fellow frito foot to another!!

  14. Sharla

    Oh my gosh,your pics are adorable. My daughter is 14 and has a Boston that lives in Las Vegas with her dad, she misses him a lot, so she always enjoys your pics of Miley and Howie!! I love the one under the chair waiting for ice-cream…funny!

  15. Geneva

    Love it, just have one question, do they snort, our little Ebony (Boston Terrier) snorts and makes all kinds of noises when she eats or plays or gets nervous. We never have to wonder where she is, just be quiet for a few moments and we can hear her. Love the pictures of yours, make me want to be at home and holding my two!

  16. Tiffany Lockette

    Are you from Opelika or Auburn? I swear you look so familiar. I am from Opelika but I live in Atlanta. Loved the pictures from the Braves game and then I saw the Auburn collars on the pups….Love them and the pictures, too funny. Did the doggies have a tummy ache after all of their goodies?

  17. Angela*

    Everything here is wonderful.
    But please, do not give some sweets to their cães.É dangerous.
    I lost my Fred, as well.
    Still suffer from nostalgia.

  18. Shell

    Your dogs are so spoiled but they are adorable….lol They just really have no idea how good they got it. The pics of them eating there sonic ice cream just cracked me up, so where they super hyper after that….lol

  19. Abbie

    lol!! I love th squished face between the seats! They are soo cute! Have a fabulous time in LA!! Take lots of pics, can’t wait to hear all about it!

  20. Mary Anne

    I LOVE that shirt! I don’t think our Boston could have sat still for very long at the game. It was on the news here in ATL and we wondered how the turn out was for dogs. I’ll be looking for all of you at Wills Park at the agility trials. I’ll bring Bella so she can meet all her “cousins”!

  21. Amanda Sevall

    I love your pictures! Bostons are the best. :) Not that I am biased, but they really are! How fun that the Braves allows doggies one day and sells doggie ice cream. Our boston would love that! Have fun in LA!

  22. Blair

    Okay, what small camera do you own, because those are fabulous pictures! But you always take amazing pictures.

    Glad your babies enjoyed the day!

  23. edy B

    I see the “kids” enjoyed their game and especially all the treats! Don’t they look spiffy in their team wear!

  24. Chrissy

    Whaddaya mean crummalicious pics! They’re gorgeous, as always!

    I thought it rained in ATL last weekend. Looks like you missed it!

  25. Barb in Palm Beach, FL

    Regardless if you left the “big” camera at home-
    pictures are priceless with your dogs – love the tongue out~

  26. Becky

    I thought these pics were wonderful even without the big camera. You just have a knack for taking great pics girl. Looks like everyone had a blast esp. Howie and Miley. You and Kev look so slim and trim. Do you have any healthy eating/exercising tips because I need to drop 30 lbs pronto ? I lost 50+ pounds a few years ago but have gained 30 back. Thanks for sharing your wonderful day, Becky ;)

  27. HeatherB

    You always take the most amazing photos, they always turn out beautifully. Great shots of the dogs at the game, I didn’t know they would even be allowed to go! What a fun day!

  28. Mallory

    Your pictures and commentary made me laugh so hard…i.e. DA TREAT! LOL, looks like a lot of fun. Please let me know what “big” camera you use…your pics are always so great!

  29. Roxanne

    OH MY GOSH!! Thank you! Ive been having a crummy week, and your pictures, AND the captions, were the perfect treat! I LOVE the pictures! Their tongues…OH MY GOODNESS!! Laugh OUTLOUD funny!!!

  30. Ellen

    Amanda … your small camera is FINE! These photos totally made me feel like I was enjoying the game, and Howie & Miley, with you. I mean, I could almost taste that Sonic ice cream with the pups!! As ever, thank you for sharing your days and joys with us. Have fun in LA!

  31. mendifae

    “Woman! Da treat!” That totally cracked me up. I’m a new commenter btw, I’ve been following your blog now for a while and decided it’s time to stop lurking and post! Thanks for always bringing a smile to my face!


  32. Andrea S.

    Congrats to whoever won! Wish it was me…but I can be happy for you too. :) Have a great time in LA! Can’t wait to hear all about it.

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