Win a Trip to LA with me to meet Chef Rocco DiSpirito! GIVEAWAY!

I could’ve never imagined that the first email I read this morning would set the day off in such a whirlwind of activity and excitement! If you’ve been following along with my clues on Twitter & Facebook, you might already have a guess… :) Bertolli, who sponsored the last giveaway where I made my own basil fettuccine, contacted me about another giveaway… An incredible, once-in-a-lifetime giveaway…

Are you ready?

An all-expenses paid trip for me AND one lucky reader to attend a fun, culinary-inspired day and an exclusive, intimate meet-and-greet in Los Angeles, CA with celebrity Chef Rocco DiSpirito!

Rocco DiSpirito

We’re going to LA!
And we get to meet *him*!!!


Time’s Up!!!

The winner of the Bertolli Giveaway Trip to L.A. has been chosen and notified!

(I wish I could take you allllll with me!)

Keep in touch with with me next week on Twitter and Facebook – I’ll keep you updated every step of the way! :)

Thanks so much for looking – See you next week! :)


It’s all happening next week! And yes- you read that right! Me AND a reader!! Sound like fun?? Want to come with me?? :)

If you’d like to join me in Los Angeles for an all-expenses paid trip to meet Rocco here’s what you need to know:


To be entered to win, all you have to do is answer a question in the comments section of this post! :)

For this “Week of Bertolli” Giveaway, I will post a video every day starting today until Thursday, May 6th (4 videos total). The first video will be at the bottom of this post. The rest of the videos will be posted here, every day:

Bookmark that page and check it every day this week for the new videos! :) To enter, simply watch the videos and answer the question I ask about the video in the comments section of this post. To make it easy on me, always come back to this original post to leave your comment.

You may enter up to 4 times by watching all 4 videos! :)

NOTE: You don’t have to watch all 4 videos in order to win – just one entry is all it takes to win! :)

You also don’t have to leave a comment on the same day the video was posted- it doesn’t “expire”. If for some reason you don’t see this post until Tuesday, you may leave both your comments for Monday and Tuesday’s videos on Tuesday. Or if you don’t see it until Thursday, you may leave all 4 comments on Thursday. Make sense? :)


You may Tweet about this giveaway once per day for another 4 entries! Twitter entries must include @kevinandamanda, @Bertolli, and a link back to this giveaway post. Use this link to reference this post: Leave a separate comment on this post for each tweet!

You may Share on Facebook once per day for another 4 entries! Facebook entries must be tagged with the (new!) Kevin & Amanda Facebook Fan Page & Bertolli’s fan page. To do this, become a fan of Kevin & Amanda and Bertolli on Facebook. Start typing a status update and type the @ symbol, then (with no space) start typing Kevin… or Bertolli… and you will see the fan page pop up. Click on it to “tag’ us in your status update. Entries must also include a link back to this post. Use this link to reference this post. Leave a separate comment on this post for each Share!

You may enter up to 8 extra times by Tweeting & Sharing every day! :)


– Contest ends Thursday, May 6th at 11:59 pm CST.

Winners must be traveling from within the continental U.S. and be able to attend a trip to Los Angeles, CA with date range of May 10 to May 12, 2010.


Got that?? :) *whew!* Alright! Here is the first video!! :)

Join Rocco Dispirito, Marisa Tomei and Dan Cortese as they begin their culinary adventure in the beautiful walled city of Lucca. Watch as our trio unlocks the secrets of talented local artisans and chefs, learns that one ingredient is as valuable as money, and discovers the inspiration behind Bertolli Frozen Meals’ Chicken Florentine and Farfalle.

And the question to answer is… (I’ll go easy on you for the first video! ;))

What was your favorite scene in this webisode? Was it when Rocco, Marisa, and Dan had to match which cheese came from which animal? How fun was that little game?? I would’ve loved to try and guess! :) Was it when Marisa learned the secret to the perfect pinch of farfalle pasta?? I totally want to try making my own cute little pinched farfalle bows now! :) Meep! :) Or was it something else? What was your favorite?? :)


Oh! And BTW! :) There will be another blogger and her reader joining us – And guess who it is! Well… you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out! :) She hasn’t posted on her blog yet and I don’t want to scoop her. ;) But I have a feeling you will be just as excited as I was! :) I can’t decide who I’m more excited to meet: Rocco or………. ;)

Thanks so much for reading and entering… I can’t wait to meet the winner!

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380 Responses
  1. Sadie

    Last video! I really liked the scenery in this one too. Makes me want to go on vacation! The food looked so delicious, I think my favorite part was when they were cooking and everyone looked like they were having so much fun.

  2. Sadie

    Ok, the Wednesday video- CHICKENS!! We had chickens when I was little, and they scared the bejeezus out of me. I’m not sure I could have gone in the coop, either!

  3. Angie

    I think my favorite part of the 2nd episode was when they are trying to find the guy and Rocco just starts yelling for him. I love Rocco! He makes me smile!

  4. Donna

    My favorite part of the fourth video was the beautiful scenery in the beginning. I have never been to Italy but enjoyed seeing the scenery in all of the videos.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

  5. Niki C

    Video 4: Do I have to pick a favorite?
    I wanted to dive into my computer and eat that final dish. It looked, by a mile, like my favorite meal of the four. I also LOVED Dan preparing/eating the raw shrimp. I had to laugh out loud yet applaud him, I don’t think that I could have taken off their poor heads. But OH do I love to eat them! YUM!

  6. Colleen Henderson

    My mouth is still watering from watching them serve and eat the dish!! It looked incredible. I think the dish in this episode is by far my favorite. And of course, every episode makes me wish I were on the Mediterranean!

  7. Patty K

    I loved the “I have confetti up my nose” comment. Seeing how fresh shrimps are caught and cleaned was enlightening.

  8. Brittany

    Episode 4: The scenery was absolutely beautiful in this little episode! I love that she’s learned to flip the food in the pan… I need to learn to do that! (I’m imagining a big mess to clean up!)

  9. Nataleigh G

    And last but not least, I facebooked today, bringing the total to four facebook mentions, four tweet mentions, and four comments here! *crossing fingers*!!!

  10. Nataleigh G

    D’OH! That was supposed to be a 5! Serves me right for typing on my numpad instead of on the row of number keys! Anyway, I also Facebook’d on 5/4!

  11. Lori

    Oh yay Marisa! She looked like a pro in the kitchen! I loved the look on her face! Too cute!

    She is way more skilled in the kitchen than I am! LOL

  12. April S.

    On episode 3 I think youe favorite scene had to be the chicken coop and all the wild chickens! I personally would be with Marisa – outside!

  13. Lori

    Loved watching Dan and Rocco in the chicken coop! Hilarious! I would have been outside with Marisa!

  14. April S.

    In episode 2 I liked Sauro? and his moustache and how he talked all the time! I’m not a big mushroom fan but their dish looked pretty good.

  15. Lori

    Oh my. Marisa was so cute making the pasta in the second video! She is so adorable!

    I have never had wild mushrooms! Wow! What an experience they had!

  16. Erica

    My favorite part was when the were on a boat out in the Mediterranean sea! It was so beautiful! The pasta looked amazing also!

    I facebooked and tweeted heartrn24

    Thanks for this opportunity! I think whoever wins this is going to have an amazing time! I just hope it’s me! Good luck everyone!

  17. Jessie

    My family used to pick wild mushrooms, these huge mushrooms the size of softballs. My grandma would cook them for us, everyone loved them, it was such a treat!

  18. Nataleigh G

    D: I didn’t realize I was supposed to comment for each tweet :( Darnit, should have read closer!! Anyway, my twitter name is ilyauraamour and I first tweeted 5/3!

  19. Jessie

    I’ve always wanted to raise my own chickens, not that many though, maybe 2 or 3. Fresh eggs are the best!

  20. Nataleigh G

    My favorite scene from webisode 4 was pretty much any one involving Dan :’) I finally realized where I know him from–one of my favorite TV shows (What I Like About You)–and he just seemed all the funnier. Talking about the confetti being everywhere, the sea sickness (poor bb) and when he gets punked with the shrimp!!

    But, kindadrunk!Rocco was pretty darn cute too ;)

  21. Allison

    Whoops, that last one was for the third webisode! I’m sure you figured that by now.

    Anyways, here’s what I thought of the fourth!

    First off, is there any way I can shrink the three of them and carry them with me in my pocket? They look like so much fun to be around and know so much about good food!

    My most favorite part was when they were catching the shrimp! That looks like fun (but I can too imagine myself getting sea sick)!

    Also I was highly disgusted when they gutted the shrimp and the green stuff was there! What the heck is that?!

    What fun webisodes! I’m glad I watched them!

  22. Allison

    HAHA! I love how they get the name of the person who knows most about eggs and Dan says, “When you hear that name you think EGG GUY”. Hilarious! And the egg hoarder! Classic!

    But I couldn’t figure what could be your fave and most shocking moment…it must’ve been during the moment the kids pulled me away from the computer to show me something!

  23. Allison

    Favorite part for webisode 2 is when one of the guys says the mushrooms are popping up like magic! I kept thinking of magic ‘shrooms! *A little giggle to myself* Yes. I’m a total dork!

    And Marisa is just gorgeous! She’s always been gorgeous and ages SO WELL! I need to know her secret! How can I look as good as her?

    I also liked how those mountain people were keeping the tradition of mushrooms alive, just like Marisa said. Again it ties with keeping true to your roots and to your family.

  24. Wendi

    My favorite part is Rocco. (yum) I also like when they rode their bikes through the streets. It’s so beautiful!!

  25. Arena

    My favorite part of the fourth video was when they were pulling the shrimp from the net and Marisa squealed when she touched one. I would react like that, too!

  26. Danielle

    Webisode#2-Not a big mushroom fan, but if they are prepared the right way with something else I may eat them. I love when they were picking the mushrooms, I want to go hang out with all of them!

  27. Danielle

    Webisode#3-I thought it was funny when they brought them the egg and Dan’s guess was they had to look for a chicken! The chicken coop part was funny too…I was waiting for one of them to get pooped on! I also learned a new little trick about salt…too bad I don’t make my own pasta…I’ll let Bertolli do it for me!

  28. Arena

    My favorite part of the third video was when Rocco showed Marisa how to properly throw the salt onto the pasta. I never knew there was a “correct” way to do that!

  29. Natalie

    My favorite part of the video #4 was the meal. The shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and pasta looked perfect in the garlic & oil. That type of dinner is so right up my alley. Mmmmmmm.

    I felt so bad for Dan that he got seasick. =( I’ve had that happen to me and it’s NOT fun.

  30. Arena

    My favorite part of the second video was when they got out of the car and Dan was talking about how he would shift the gears and hit Rocco in the knees!

    I loved seeing the forest where they were hunting the wild mushrooms, too!

  31. Allison

    My favorite part of Webisode 1 is when Marisa gets to cook with her mother. There’s just something special about doing things with my family that I cherish and builds a stronger bond between each other. I love my family and it’s nice to see others who love their family as well!

  32. Abbie

    My most favorite part of adventure 3 was everyone working together in the kitchen and the making of the pasta.. I never realized how easy it is.. we have 5 chickens and I LOVE our fresh eggs everyday. I’ll definitely have to try making my own pasta, especially after you posted about making your own pasta.. must try!

  33. emily

    OMG! were those the BIGGEST shrimp you’ve ever seen! I can only imagine how great fresh caught shrimp taste and Marisa is just cute as a button! I think my favorite part of this episode was Dan ate that green stuff – yuk – and later found out the chef was just messing with him! the look on his face was priceless. All the dishes in each episode look so delicious I am going to stock up on Bertolli on my next trip to the grocer!

  34. Kylie

    I liked the scene where they had to match the cheese to the animal. Like Amanda, I would have loved to try that! Yum! :)

  35. Charlene

    I thought it was cute that Marisa was scared of the chickens! I probably would be, too. They were flying everywhere!

  36. Angie

    Vid 4: My favorite part was when they were out in the shrimp boat. It reminded me of when my family and I would go out to the ocean to fish when I was a kid living in Alaska. So many great memories!

  37. Angie

    Vid 3: My “favorite” scene was when Marisa had to leave the chicken coop. My friends think I’m weird, but I have a similar fear of birds flying at me! lol It was great to see that I’m not the only one who doesn’t like! :)

  38. kellyH

    I just loved the beginning and seeing the beautiful Italian city! the dinner at the end was beautiful too!

  39. Angie

    Vid 2: I never used to like mushrooms as a child. However, as I got older and discovered the wonders of mushrooms (i.e. there is more than just white button mushrooms! lol) I became enraptured! I love to try new mushrooms in the recipes I create. So I’d have to say my favorite part of the video was when they got to go to the forest to find the fresh mushrooms. I think that experience would be so incredible. And then to get to use and eat them! YUM!

  40. Deidre

    Thursday Webisode:
    When my parents lived in Gulfport, MS for a couple years, I went shrimping one day. It was so much fun!
    Not that i’ve tried this exact dinner – but Garlic Shrimp with penne & cherry tomatoes sounds divine!

  41. Angie

    I know this isn’t exactly about the food, but my favorite scene was when Veto’s momma was giving Dan those lovey dovey eyes! It just made me laugh so much! :)

  42. Nicole@FarmgirlChaos

    In vidoe #4, I too am impressed that Marisa is able to toss the pasta. I so want to try this now!

  43. Deanna

    I love the chicken scene were Merissa wouldn’t go into the chicken coop. I also like Rocco teaching how to properly salt the lasagna.

  44. Abbie

    Tweet! Tweet! Just sent out the fabulous-ness of this fantastic event to my twitter peeps!

  45. Mindi Kroenke

    How fun! The best part was when the moms were in the kitchen doing their thing with their grown “children”. Once a mom, always a mom – if even if you are a famous!

  46. Candice S. in Colorado

    definitely pan flipping. I wish I could do that!!! These are so fun to watch!!

  47. Debra

    Day 4……I liked when they were on the boat……I could almost smell the water and feel the breeze! The food looked yummy! I must try every Bertolli entre………LA here I come!

  48. Cookin' Canuck

    In episode 4, I loved when Marissa was flipping the ingredients in the pan. She was so proud!

  49. Cookin' Canuck

    Love the scene in the chicken coop. It looks like all the chaos was worth it – beautiful eggs and, my, did that lasagna ever look good!

  50. my life in tune

    I loved (in ep. 3) how they got the clue about the egg-man, and the guy at the next table knew exactly who it was! Not sure if he was planted or what, but I thought it was hilarious.

  51. Katy Duncan Smith

    Adventure 4: One favorite? Really? I loved it all. The food looks amazing. I love the sky and snowy mountains! I haven’t been to the Med in 17 years, so I’m seriously due for another visit to Italy. I’ll settle for LA with Amanda! :)

  52. Tammy

    I love watching them make the pasta. It made me wish I had time to pull out my pasta maker and whip up a family meal! Thanks!~Tammy

  53. Tammy

    I love the part where Rocco is cooking with the mom. I think that looks like the most fun! Thanks!

  54. Deidre

    Wedensdays Webisode:
    I believe your fave part would be my fave part as well — collecting the eggs!
    We used to raise chickens for eggs. I used to love gathering eggs! It was fun. But now I am petrified of birds (including chickens) and will not go near them UNLESS the coop is EMPTY! hahaha

  55. Abbie

    Oh! My most favorite part of video two (although they are all so FABULOUS!! I love the scenery and the markets..) is Sauro.. the Italian with the great market and wonderful mustache! Thank you for such a great opportunity! Good luck everyone!

  56. Karie in Florida!

    Episode 4: Fav scene was when Marisa does the pan flip. I have NEVER been successful at doing this, too scared all my food will end up on the floor… maybe, just maybe, if i were to win, Rocco will show me the ropes!!!

  57. Cookin' Canuck

    I got a kick out of watching Rocco holler for “Sauro” in the middle of the town square. For all the work it takes to forage for mushrooms, they should be charging about 5 times the amount!

    cookincanuck at hotmail dot com

  58. Cookin' Canuck

    It’s a toss-up between the scene in the cheese shop (that would be my heaven on earth) or watching them do “the perfect pinch” to make the farfalle.

    cookincanuck at hotmail dot com

  59. Karie in Florida!

    Episode 3: Love when Marisa says …”She hasn’t revealed the secret of the knob!” and… gosh am i getting hungry watching these videos… mmmmmm lasagna!

  60. Andrea S.

    Okay….Video #4 – My favorite scene…Dan eating the green goo. Gross. But YUM did that pasta look good! I wonder why Rocco didn’t hang out in the kitchen with the chef he was such a big fan of? Odd…

  61. Karie in Florida!

    Episode 2: My fav part was when Rocco is screaming to find Sauro and says that he is most impressed by his mustache. Funny guy!! Of course the mushroom hunting was good also.

  62. Karie in Florida!

    Just watched the first video and my fav part was when Rocco is talking about collateral for the bank and says: ” We have no money, but a we hava de CHEESE!” hahahaha.

  63. Mandy

    I love when Marisa said, “They guys were kidnapped by a man in a chicken costume and i’ve sworn to avoid that my entire life” . That gave me the giggles. The garlic shrimp w/ pancette and the whole tomato sauce looked so amazing and I can’t believe they got to cook at Principe! Amazing!

  64. Connie

    In the last episode I too enjoyed watching Marisa flip the saute pan- I have not mastered this skill as of yet. I just wish I could have tasted the delish dish they created.

  65. Connie

    My favorite part of today’s scene was watching them roll out the lasagna noodles- looked delicious- I also like how Rocco salted the dish.
    Looks like this will a once in a lifetime experience.

  66. Leanne

    Oh goodness! I love the scene of them on the boat catching the shrimp. We love cooking with fresh gulf shrimp here in NOLA, but that shrimp looked even more incredible! I love the idea of catching and eating shrimp.

  67. B Smith

    Video four…..where to start!

    Several spots I love! When the confetti was flyin’…I was loving it!

    But….when he says in that sarcastic…yet serious…voice “we’re goin’ shrimpin'” I love that!!! Don’t know why…but that was classic!

    “Rocco…..I hope Amanda picks me…I know..I know…you are dying to meet me too. Ok, Ok. I am trying” :)

  68. Michelle

    oh gosh! the egg hunting HAD to be your favorite part of video #3!!!! it was definitely mine! so funny! i wish they would post the recipes they use! yum! it would be great to get even a glimpse of those delicious italian meals!

  69. Michelle

    Video #2 These are super fun videos! I just love them! I think my favorite part in vid 2 is when they are making pasta! ha! and they clog up the pasta machine! brilliant! =)

  70. Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos

    Video #3…gathering the eggs. Remind me of my childhood when we had chickens for a few years on the farm.

  71. Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos

    For video #2…is it bad to think Sauro’s mustache is the best part? I kind of reminds me of my dad’s…who I have been trying to get him to change it up. Crazy, it made me laugh.

  72. Tammy

    The whole series is fun to watch. I think my favorite part is when Rocco adds to the pan that the mom is cooking in. I also like the flipping part. The pasta pinch is fun as well.
    What fun this would be! Thanks!

  73. Jamie

    I think today (Wednesday, May 5) was my favorite webisode so far! I think they are meeting the most interesting people! I have to say I’m with Marisa – I would have totally left the chicken coup too – no way I’d be staying in there.
    Thanks again for this amazing chance!

  74. Jae

    I laughed so hard when Rocco was chasing the chickens around the chicken coup telling them he loved them. That was my favorite part of today’s video.

  75. Brittany

    The chicken coop portion of the episode was hilarious!
    I usually make my own lasagna, but I might just have to give the Bertolli lasagna a try!

  76. Jenn

    I never knew foraging for mushrooms was such tedious work! Loved the cute “forest people”.

  77. emily

    ok so collecting the eggs was HILARIOUS!!! totally reminded me of an overnight camp i want to as a kid, we all had farm chores and collecting the eggs was one of the chores! I love when they finish cooking and sit down to a meal – you just want to be there with them, they are having such a great time and enjoying each other’s company and eating great food! what more could you want?!?

  78. Natalie

    My favorite scene in video #3 is when they’re in the chicken coop, although I’d have to say I think Marisa had the right idea by waiting outside. It seemed overwhelming in there!

    And that lasagna looked delish!

  79. Andrea S.

    Video #3 – MY favorite scene — when they conveniently asked the dude next to them at the cafe who the Egg man was and he knew.

    My guess at YOUR favorite scene….Marisa NOT being brave enough to enter the chicken coop? :)

  80. Melissa Currin

    My favorite part was watching them eat the lasagna!!! I love lasagna and I love when Rocco refered to it as “the perfect storm of pastas”…..YUMMY!!!

  81. Andrea S.

    Video #2 Favorite Scene – Marisa breaking the pasta machine! Yikes! :) I also really liked the mustache comment by Rocco.

  82. Melissa Currin

    My favorite scene was how easily Marisa just stuck the cheese hammer in her hair to put it up and how Rocco was the one that suggested she do that. I bet the cheese shop just smells deliciouso!!!

  83. Colleen Henderson

    Loved the chicken coop- our close friends had chickens and sold eggs in Las Vegas- in the summer the smells that would erupt out of the coop were enough to melt your eyelids. Watching the chickens dive bomb was priceless!

  84. Katlyn

    My favorite scene is them walking “into heaven” or perhaps you recognized it more as a “cheese shop”. I would lose my mind with all of that cheese! Mmmmmm

  85. B Smith

    I love Rocco expressing his love to the chickens “I love you, I love you, I swear”.

    Oh, my! I would love to win this! So much fun in the world!!!

  86. Diane Eck

    This video today was hard for me to watch!!! I have a phobia about birds, particularly chickens!! If I had to gather my eggs I would never eat another one!!! I must say though that Pollaio was quite intriguing!! And the lasagna looked delish!

  87. Felicita Classen

    Cool giveaway!

    I love the cooking scene, everything looks so natural and cute! I love the entire short film.

  88. Annie

    For video #3 my favorite scene was when Dan Cortese just asked a random stranger in the square: “Who is the most famous egg man in all of Italy?” and the random stranger actually had the answer! I also loved that the egg man feeds his chickens cereal with goat milk =) California may have happy cows, but apparently Italy has happy chickens, lol =)

  89. Annie

    For video #2 in Pistoia, my favorite parts were when the crew went mushroom hunting & they learned that they needed to knock the spores off of the mushrooms to make sure that there would be mushrooms the next year; when Rocco just stood in the middle of the piazza and yelled “Sauro!!!!” until he found Sauro; and when Rocco called the fungioli the “cutest little forest people” and said that the only thing that would have made it better is if they were miniature =)

  90. Annie

    I loved learning that cheese is considered so precious in Italy that it can be used as collateral for a bank loan, and I particularly loved Rocco’s line, “We havea no money, but we puttaup the cheese.” Made me giggle =)

  91. Debra

    Hello……….day three……… favorite scene was when the “friends” sat down to eat their lasagna meal…….so nice! so friendly! I want some too! I’ll have to go and buy some Bertolli today! LA here I come!

  92. Sarah M.

    #3 – They’re communicating with each other, and they’re not happy.
    – I did think the chickens were judging me a little bit.
    The chicken coop scene topped the webisode for me.

  93. Theresa Devan

    Oh man I wish I could have tasted that Mushroom Alfredo it looked delicious and I am a huge Mushroom lover! I love them in anything especially a sauteed mushroom yummmoooo!!!! I love how sweet they three of them are together and the people they meet are amazing I wish I was on that trip. How fun to pick your own wild mushrooms! I love these webisodes!

  94. Theresa Devan

    I love them in the chicken coop was that your favorite? It was hilarious how scared Marisa was I think I would have felt the same way, something unsettling about birds flying at you! I loved the making of the pasta too and I so wanna try one of those eggs!

  95. Theresa Devan

    My favorite scene was the dinner as they all sat there together family, friends and new friends and enjoyed the yummy food and then talked about what their favorite part of the day was and of course how cute and sweet was Vitto’s Mom as she flirted with Dan, I love that part!

  96. Mandy

    Episode 2:
    I can’t believe he found “Sauro” by just yelling. So Italian! HA!
    The Mushroom Keepers were ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE! I wanted to put them in my pocket and keep them!;)
    Can’t wait to try nepitalla (Calamint in the US)–I had to look it up and found that it’s a cross between mint and oregano. YUM!

  97. Missty

    I love this!!! I will be back for the others videos, I love the little game with the cheese and the hammer. Would love to join you!! Did I mention I love to cook??? I drive my family crazy…when I offer to cook rather going out to eat.

  98. Mandy

    Episode 3,
    Hmmm…was your favorite part when the chickens started flying everywhere and Marisa freaked out?
    I love Paulo the egg man and his adorable bald head & beard. also, the lasagna looked AMAZING!

  99. Mandy

    I loved it when he said “I saw the biggest cheese…and I’m not talking about my career.” haha!

  100. AshleyD

    This is INSANE!!!

    My favorite part(s) is just seeing them walk around the city; the scenery is so beautiful and almost looks fake!

  101. Donna

    My favorite part of the 3rd video was definitely while they were collecting the eggs. Lots of fun to watch.

    And that Paolo is a cutie. When he comes out in the beginning it looks like he’s walking through spaghetti with all the things hanging down from the top of that door.

    Now I’m very hungry. Thanks for the opportunity,

  102. emilyjpaterson

    I hope it’s not too late for me to enter (I should have double checked!) But oh my I really enjoyed the video! Italy is beautiful:) I would so love to go there simply to eat and ride a bike, that’s heaven to me. I’m totally making pasta tonight!

  103. Donna

    In the second video, my favorite part was when Rocco told Dan and Marissa about the underwear….unexpected and made me laugh.

    The mushroom people and Sauro were adorable.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  104. Danielle

    I loved the scene where they are riding the bikes around and ringing the bells but my most favorite is Dan and Vitto’s mom making eyes are each other :) haha Too cute!

  105. Niki C

    Video 3: Absolutely, my favorite part was hunting for eggs in the chicken coops. Classic!

  106. Diana Ferguson

    Great #3 video! I just absolutely adore the cafe scene as they sit outside enjoying the sites and people! If I might have another favorite it’s getting to go out to Egg Man’s farm in the country.

  107. Niki C

    Video 2: My favorite part was when they were shouting in the streets looking for Sauro as well as when Marissa and Dan were in the kitchen and they broke the pasta machine! That is SO something that I would do!

  108. Leanne

    I loved when they were running around the chicken farm trying to get their eggs. So funny! But really that lasagna looked INCREDIBLE! I wish they would share it with me. :-)

  109. PatriciaD

    I love, love, love to cook but I have never tried homemade pasta so that looked pretty cool but I think my favorite part of the video is when the whole “family” sits down to dinner. I love a family meal with everyone together.

  110. Nataleigh G

    My favorite scene in webisode three was when Dan, Rocco, and Marissa went to Paolo’s egg farm. I follow a strict vegan diet because animal rights mean a lot to me and the laws governing factory farms in the US don’t protect them at all. Seeing Paolo’s farm brought a tear to my eye because here were all these chickens, they all still had their beaks, they still had their legs, they had the freedom to walk about as they pleased–and they were perfectly content. He fed them lovingly, a mixture that he took a lot of time to prepare. It was so nice to see cage free, free range birds that were just that.

  111. Leanne

    In the second video I loved when Rocco was talking to Sarro and talked about how awesome his mustache is. “Immediately I’m impressed with his mustache” So funny!

  112. B Smith

    “The Perfect Pinch”….there is nothing better than that!!!

    Oh my gosh! This is so exciting!!!

  113. Connie

    The scenes from the streets of Italy as incredible as are the celebrities, how fun this trip would be!

  114. Brittany

    Video #2: I enjoyed watching them scream the guy’s name through the streets of Italy and seeing the open market. I really wish that we had things like that around here.

  115. Emily L.

    If you say Ree I think I might just have to drive up there an stalk y’all :) ha I’ll be watching the webisode… and rereading the rules tomorrow. It was long! ha

  116. Collette

    AWESOME giveaway, Amanda!! You rock!! My favorite scene is definitely the “perfect pinch”! I’m excited to watch the second video…………and get another chance to win! ;-)

  117. Debra

    Hello again………day two! I loved the part where they were sitting around the table talking about the most enjoyable part of their day!

  118. Kristen Gregson

    I loved seeing the cheese shop FILLED with different types of cheese. Wish I could have been there too!

  119. Susie

    Video 2 – I loved Dan and Marisa at the pasta machine (and Dan’s comments) – Funny!

  120. Nicole@Farmgirl Chaos

    I want to make some pasta! I like that they made the pasta that they ate. Now to learn how to do that.

  121. Susie

    Video 1 – My favorite part is Dan carrying the wheel of cheese through the streets! Amanda- I would be just as excited to travel with you as I would to meet Rocco! Wait, how much weight can I lose in a week!?!

  122. Melissa G

    Tuesday – when they were looking for Sarro. Watching them yell his name to find him was hilarious!

  123. aundrea

    my fave part was rocco flipping all the pasta to coat it with all the ingredients. so cool!

  124. Melissa G

    When Rocco was showing Marissa how to flip the pasta when they were cooking together! By far, the best!

  125. Kayla Wagstaff

    My favorite was watching them match the cheese to the animal. I sure couldn’t have done it!!!

  126. Natalie

    Just watched video #2.

    My favorite part was when Rocco meets Sauro and says, “Immediately I’m impressed with his mustache. This was a tremendous mustache; he had been working on this for a long time, I could tell!” I truly LOL’d!

  127. Rachel

    My favorite part was Rosco! But i thought it was cool seeing how Marissa tied her scarf!

  128. Lisa Arnaudo

    OMGosh!!! I think my fave part was the little “mushroom keepers” and Rocco saying they could only be cuter if they were miniature. What a great giveaway!

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  130. Jae

    I laughed out loud when Rocco was yelling Sauro’s name through the streets. That’s what I would have done!

  131. Colleen Henderson

    I had two favorite parts for episode 2-
    My parents have some friends who have moved to our state from Europe. They are huge mushroom hunters and always give my parents mushrooms that they have frozen. Whenever I thaw them, they look like slime and I usually throw them away. It was wonderful to see that wild mushrooms look normal instead of like something someone dumped out of a slime container from the dollar store.

    The second favorite was when the video would freeze and the best was when Marisa was walking into the kitchen with her stick- the look on her face said that she was ready to beat someone to death with her stick. It just struck me as funny.

    These videos make me want to pack up and head to Italy.

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    Loved the fun and special moments in the kitchen. Each had a special role. Marisa and the pasta machine were too cool!

  133. emily

    I have to say my favorite part of this episode was the trio mushroom hunting – HOW FUN IS THAT?!? although a close 2nd was Rocco walking around just yelling Sauro’s (sp?) name through the streets of Italy – I laughed out loud!

  134. Patty K

    I liked when they were making fun of how small the car was…that crack about the can opener was great! I also liked learning about scraping off the spores on the mushroom.

  135. Jamie

    Oh my goodness for Tuesday’s video – I love Sauro! That little guy is so full of life and you can’t help but smile and get all excited with him. Yay for Sauro!
    And thank you again for this incredible opportunity!

  136. Jamie

    This is fantastic! Thanks for this great opportunity!
    For the first video I loved the little scavenger hunt they had to go on. How cool is that to go on one in Italy!

  137. mjrooney

    I also would have to say I loved watching them tour through Italy! I also agree your blog is amazing!

  138. Susan

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  139. Tiffany

    I thought it was so special when Marisa’s mom surprised her in the kitchen to help make dinner and I enjoyed learning how to make the farfalle pasta.

  140. Angie

    So fun! I love Rocco! My favorite part was the laughing at dinner about the mom being interested in Dan. Too funny!

  141. Talia

    My favorite part was when Vito’s mamma made Dan blush. That was so cute. But, I also liked the part when they said that cheese was held as collateral for money. That’s awesome!

  142. Charlene

    My favorite part was when Rocco went through the city yelling for the man they were supposed to find! Awesome!

  143. Barb in Palm Beach, FL

    Wow- My favorite scene of the clip was the family & friends gathered around the table sharing a fantastic meal (I just loved the pasta dish). You can always count on a true Italian family to keep that tradition alive-I am thinking also just the reality of eating the true Italian cuisine right there in Italy-what could be better!

  144. Jolanthe

    Favorite scene ~ when they are riding their bikes together. ;)

    What an AMAZING giveaway!!!!! Thanks for the chance. I would SO find a way to go!

  145. Kara

    I just loved it that they were actually in Italy riding around the cobblestone streets on their bikes. It just seems so peaceful there. What a fun giveaway!

  146. Jennifer P.

    I love the scene in the piazza- reminded me of the scenery I enjoyed when I visited Italy! And the yummy handmade pasta- I’m getting hungry…. :)

  147. Felicia

    wow, dan cortese is not aging well, is he?

    this trip sounds great! I really liked all the beauty shots in the video; totally makes me want to go to Lucca!

  148. Valerie Kloosterman

    For the second adventure-
    My pasta comes from a box :) … so my favorite seen was when Marisa and Dan were figuring out ( or breaking ) the pasta machine.

  149. Sarah T

    I get excited anytime I see anyone make pasta! I just took a pasta making class but we didn’t make farfalle so I really enjoyed watching that part!

  150. Lisa H.

    Webisode #2: My favorite part was the, as Dan calls them, “forest people”. What a cool experience for these three!

  151. Joy

    Oh my gosh, what an AWESOME giveaway! I loved the part when they were showing her how to flip the pasta- and the cheese tasting. Honestly, the video was so much fun to watch, which I wasn’t expecting at first. And the food had my mouth watering….so yummy!

  152. David LaFlash

    WOW – how exciting. My best part was watching everyone cook in the authentic and rustic “cucina” with Mom and son. Classic italian expereince and one I have always wanted to do.

  153. Layla

    Webisode #2

    I’m not a fan of mushroomd either, but loved the guy’s mustache and the cute little forest people!!!

  154. Mary

    My favorite scene was any with Rocco featured! I think he is the HOTTEST! And he can cook?!?! Be still my heart! :)

  155. Jennifer in Idaho

    Of course I love that we learned about a new herb. But my favorite part of this video was the humor! I particularly love Marisa’s technical jargon.

  156. Kristen

    For video #1 – I’m such a cheese fanatic that I loved when they went to the cheese shop. Can’t believe how many types there were!

  157. Colleen Henderson

    I loved seeing the cheese shop- I have never seen so many amazing looking cheeses in one place- I always thought that the type of milk determined the density/softness of the cheese- instead, all of the cheeses looked firm and dry. Also, how do some of the cheeses have different colors? Is it the type of cultures they use, etc. I think it calls for some research! Loved the segment!!

  158. Deidre

    Tuesday Webisode:
    I loved the wild mushroom picking experience. That is the coolest thing. I’m not big fan of mushrooms, but I believe for me it is a mind over matter thing. O-well. I’ll try anything to meet Rocco DiSpirito! haha

  159. Jenny

    My favorite part was when Marisa and her mom learned how to pinched the farfalle! What an amazing giveaway!!

  160. Kimberly H

    My favorite scene was the family dinner after cooking that fabulous meal. I just came back from Italy and spent two days in Lucca so it was a nice way for me to remember my trip. The food in Lucca is divine!

  161. Deidre

    I loved the cheese tasting moment! I had to do that once in high school – but we didn’t have to figure the milk – we just had to figure out what kind of cheese it was. Loads of fun!

  162. Sheena Perron

    I loved when Rocco was showing Marisa how to toss the pasta to coat it. I also liked the part with Vito’s Mom crushing on Dan, that was hilarious! Hope I win!!

  163. Brandi

    It was all wonderful. Italy looked beautiful, the coffee in the piazza was picture pefect. Them riding bikes and twinkling the bell was funny. As was carrying the giant round of cheese. And who doesn’t love pasta with parmasana regiana?? And the wonderful end to a day sitting and chatting with family? Beautiful. I had no idea that was how they pinched the pasta and I would never be brave enough to try to flip it like that!

  164. Nataleigh G

    Tuesday: My favorite scene from today was Marisa again and her pasta faux pas! She was so cute all confused by how to use the machine and how pasta kept coming, and then thinking she jammed the machine and dumping the blame on Dan, LOL!

    I also enjoyed Rocco’s admiration of Saro’s moustache!

  165. Melissa in MI

    My favorite scene is when Dan Cortese and the Italian Mama are flirting with each other.

  166. Heather L.

    Video #2- I liked when Rocco was squished like a sardine in the backseat of the car. Poor kneecaps! ;)

  167. Laurie Howard

    WOW!! What a giveaway!! Italians are known for their love of food and family; the two just automatically go together. My favorite part is when Marisa is so pleasantly surprised to see her mom, then they get to enjoy making homemade bowtie pasta together! What fun! Wish I was there right now!!!!!!! :)

  168. Jessie

    I love it that they are riding bikes through the city, that’s my favorite way to get around when I travel! It must have been beautiful and fun!

  169. Candy

    My favorite part is when they all sat down as “family”….that is what meals, to me, are all about!!

  170. Mary Colovich

    1st of all, FANTASTIC giveaway! 2nd, GREAT video and a lot of fun to watch…(I’m a Cooking Show fanatic) and 3rd, I guess my fav scene was when Marissa was trying to flip the pasta…too cute!

  171. Suzanne

    I tweeted! I will watch the video soon (at work right now) but yay! yay! PLEASE pick me!! :)

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  173. Leanne

    I loved when they were all riding their bikes laughing and saying how Italian they were. I thought that was precious!

  174. Donna

    Making pasta – looks so fun. They are smiling and enjoying each other’s company on a new adventure with their mothers! *sigh*

  175. Layla

    My favorite was when Marisa’s mom came to learn in the kitchen and they did the pinching! What an awesome giveaway!!!

  176. Christina

    Well I have to say this was hard to pick one scene that I liked the best. I absolutely love Tuscany and all the beauty of it. It was neat to see them all go on a scavenger hunt per se’ for their dinner. I can only imagine how nice everything smelled along the way. If I have to pick, it would be the Dinner scene at the end. It just reminded me of a big italian family sit-down, enjoying wine, food, and each other. Delizioso!

  177. Annette Bowers

    My favorite part was when Marisa’s mom surprised her in the kitchen. How totally special was that? I can’t wait to see the next episode!!!

  178. B Smith

    Girl please!!!

    This might be the funnest contest EVAH! And, if I win..and we go on the trip together…you and I might have the most fun in the world!!!

    Oh my gosh. I have to enter!

    Ok, him flipping the pasta….the best!!!

    Oh dear! This is the best contest!
    Off to tweet it!

  179. Connie

    I loved watching them make the pasta dinner> I would love to be able to one day go to Italy and cook with someone’s Mama.

  180. Cindy

    I had a couple of favorites in the video. When Rocco helped Marisa flip the pasta and when Marisa was surprised with her mom showing up. Cute video and it made me hungry for pasta!!

  181. emily

    The cheese had to taste amazing!!! I’m a cheese-aholic!
    I have to say though that my favorite part of the video was their “adventure”. Looking for and finding their clues to their destination! How fun is that?!? The atmosphere and just wandering around in that beautiful city had to be just as AMAZING as the food itself!

  182. Candice S. in Colorado

    This would be so incredibly awesome and amazing! Wow, girl, you know how to bring on the fun!!!!!

    Thanks for the chance! :)

    Candi in Colorado
    candice1973 (at) comcast (dot) net

  183. Valery Bunnell

    OH MY GOSH! What a freakin cool giveaway!!!

    I liked the part when they were trying to figure out the cheeses.

    Is the other blogger Pioneer Woman? Is it? IS IT!?

  184. Hizzeather

    Wow…you must be sooooo excited! I’m excited for you!

    My favorite part is where they get to sit & eat! It makes me so hungry, but there is something comforting about friends and family enjoying a beautiful meal together.

    Too bad you can’t bring Kevin with you…or will he be coming on his own?

  185. Natali

    Hello! Amanda, could you have put together a more amazing giveaway?!?! Thank you Amanda & Bertolli!

    I just loved the cheese tasting…and the whole concept of a “Amazing Race–Food Style” through Italy. Incredible! Can that be the next giveaway? ;)

  186. Mari

    How cute was Vito’s mama?! She’s ready to take Dan back to her casa and train him up right! lol

  187. Tabitha Lehman

    OMG! This is a great giveaway, Amanda!

    My favorite part of the video was when Rocco tries to get Marisa to do the traditional Italian flip! :o)

  188. Andrea

    I think my favorite part of the video was them sitting down to enjoy the meal. I think family is very important it was great for them to be able to share a family meal.

  189. Sarah Ireland

    Yes! I want to go! I loved watching this family sit down to eat together. I reminds me of my own Italian family eating together.

  190. Niki Chazen

    My favorite part of the video was the cheese test…. and the scenery! I would love to visit Tuscany!

  191. Casie

    My favorite scenes are when Rocco says “We have no money, but we put up the cheese!” and moma flirting with Dan and making him blush too funny!

  192. Giovana

    Hi Amanda! I just found your blog and I love it!!! I checked the giveaway and Iwould loveeeee to win :)
    My favorite part of the video is when Marisa learned the secret to the perfect pinch of farfalle pasta. I wish I could know how to make my own pasta.

    Thanks for this awesoem chance to win.
    God bless.

  193. Sarah

    My favorite part was when Marisa tried to flip the pasta! I’ve been trying to learn that move forever, but my dinner ends up going all over the place!

  194. Michelle

    oh my goodness! this giveaway is simply amazing!
    and that video! gorgeous! loved it all! the cheese tasting, the biking to the piazza (sp?), the group cooking dinner, and sharing the meal together! So fun! love it love it love!

  195. Patty K

    I loved when Marissa’s mother surprised her and when they learned how to make the farfalle pasta.

  196. Chelsie Holste

    WOW!! Talk about an amazing opportunity, Amanda! You are so big-time! :oD My favorite part was learning that cheese is used as collateral…I can’t believe it!! I am a cheese-lover myself, so I think that’s so cool!

    Oh, and my prediction for the other blogger…it just has to be PW!!! Crossing my fingers….

  197. Donna

    My favorite part was the toast to “Family” at the end. I think family is the most important thing in life so that hit home with me.

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

  198. Tara

    I wish I could just reach through my screen and taste test that cheese with them!! I really enjoyed learning how to do the perfect pinch but mine would look totally messed up I’m sure. Also enjoyed watching them ‘try’ to do the traditional toss. I have tried that so many times here at home and it just goes everywhere. I think I need Rocco’s help (in LA)!

  199. coleen

    wow, how cool is THIS??? my fav scene was “name the cheese”… and they got it right!

    fun, fun… ( :

  200. Clare

    Ohhhhhhh I wish I wasn’t going on vacation now,…!!! LOL… I hope you have a wonderful time with Rocco… he’s dreamy!

  201. Katy

    HOW CUTE is Marisa Tomei?!!! Have you seen her “Core and Curves” video? My favorite part is that they ride bikes all over the city. We should so do that. Thanks!!!

  202. Andrea S.

    I shared it on Facebook (and risked a *talking to* from Ben…he’ll thank me later).

  203. Danielle

    SO I was totally in love with Rocco and his show The Restaurant when it was on. I loved watching him ride around on his little Vespa everywhere. I was seriously sad when that show went off, I really liked it. And Dan Cortese? It was like reliving an episode of Melrose Place and What I Like About You! My favorite part of this video was when Dan was carrying around the cheese. I would have loved to see them crash on those bikes, I thought Rocco was going to hit someone!

  204. Diana Ferguson

    Oh my gosh! I love watching and listening to them on the streets of Italy!!! I’ve actually been to Italy. In fact, I broke my arm in Florence. Yes, I have pics!

  205. Denise G.

    What a great give-a-way & video! I loved their chase to find the ingredients and that Marissa’s family surprised her. So fun!

  206. Andrea S.

    Amanda! I have to win this so I can send Ben! So fun! My favorite scene is definitely the “perfect pinch”! :) Farfalle is his favorite pasta! :) So excited about this opportunity for you & whoever wins (me, hint hint)!

  207. Rebecca

    I think my mouth fell open at the site of the streets of Italy, right at the beginning. Oh, how I would love to go there! I’ll settle for LA, though. :)

  208. Jennifer in Idaho

    I agree….about the cheese….”I just want to keep eating it! Why do I have to know (which animal it was made of)?” Cheese….my friend.

  209. Susan

    I loved how they said in the video “It’s all in the pinch!” to make the perfect al dente, I never knew!!

  210. peamissy

    You’re kidding me … this is fantastic! heck yes, I want to meet Rocco! My favorite part was seeing the three celebrities riding bikes (which looked vintage and cool!) in Italy!

  211. BeckyS

    Wow! How awesome Amanda! My favorite scene is when Rocco says “We have no money, but we put up the cheese!”

  212. Natalie

    Are you kidding?!?! What a giveaway! There are no words to describe how excited I am right now!

    Ok, so I watched the video. My favorite part was definitely when they were making the pasta. It reminds me of being a kid and helping my great-grandma make orecchiette pasta. They’re kinda shaped like little ears (hence the name) and I would have the greatest time sticking my thumb in the pasta to shape it.

  213. Kathy Owen

    I loved the whole video. I loved the part when they were riding the bikes and had to carry the cheese to go cook. I loved when the mama had a crush on Dan and he was wiping his forehead and blushing. I can’t wait for tomorrows video to see whats next. What an exciting giveaway.. I love watching Rocco on T.V. If I could go see him in person that would be so AWESOME. Off to go Tweet and Facebook this giveaway, its the best one I have ever entered in my life. Thanks for the fun and chance of winning something so lovely and memorable. Kath’

  214. Debra

    My favorite scene was watching the trio riding bikes through the streets of Italy! I will ride bikes with you in LA……..reinact the scene!!

  215. Jae

    My favorite part was when Marisa’s mom surprised her by being in the kitchen to help cook and then making the Farfalle together. I love cooking with my mom and daughter.

  216. Arena

    My fav part was Rocco’s fake Italian accent: “We have no money, so we put up cheese.” Hehe!

  217. Nataleigh G

    My favorite scene was watching Marisa try to pinch the farfalle–I can never get it right either!!

  218. Brianna

    I loved it when Rocco was showing Marissa how to flip the pasta, I know how she feels because flipping an omelette, let alone a huge pan of pasta, is very intimidating!

  219. Abbie

    OMG!!! How absolutely thrilling!! Oh my most favorite was watching Rocco flip the pasta in the large pan.. ooo.. if only we had smell-o-vision!! It must be heavenly!! Good luck everyone!

  220. Valerie Kloosterman

    It was when Marisa learned the secret to the perfect pinch of farfalle pasta! Who new a pinch did all that :)

  221. Peggy Whisenhunt

    my favorite part was seeing how marissa’s family came and with her friends they shared a great meal together. Food and Family you just cannot beat, and real fresh parmesan cheese, what a winner that is.
    the chance to win a trip is just toooooo awsome.

  222. Lori

    I just loved seeing them all sit down and have their meal together. All the laughter and smiles were truly wonderful! (And Vito’s Mama giving Dan “the look” was priceless!)

    Great giveaway Amanda. Whomever wins this will have the time of their life!

  223. Monica

    You are so lucky (I hope I am too lol)! Anyway, my favorite scene is when Dan says “So I guess we should be looking for a cheese shop”. Dan, Marisa and Rocco seem like a weird mix of personalities, but it actually works. I like these videos.

  224. Neda

    *sigh* i’m so sad! we’ll be attending one of the final shuttle launches on the 12th…so, no entries for me. =( good luck to everyone else!!!! sounds amazing!!!!

  225. kellie

    My favorite scene is all three of them riding the bikes to get the clue. I loved how much fun they look like they are having!

  226. Erica

    Oh wow! I think I know who you are talking about but I will keep it hush, hush till she announces it!
    My favorite part was Vito’s mom flirting with Dan and making him blush! How cute!

  227. Kelly Jo

    Shut Right Up!!!
    I think you win for the most amazing blog giveaway!!!
    I have to tell you that on my first trip to Manhattan, I trudged all over the city with canoli’s from Rocco’s bakery. My husband and I ate them in our hotel room overlooking Time Square and they were DELISH!!

    My favorite part of this video was the footage of them walking through Lucca- a trip to Italy is on our bucket list but seems like a dream to me so I love catching glimpses.

  228. Brittany

    I enjoyed watching them cook. Goodness, that meal looked delicious! It made my dinner of Spaghettios look pretty pathetic!
    Also, I’d love to go on adventure to L.A. (I’ve never been to California.) I’m sure my fifth graders wouldn’t miss me too much for a couple days! :-)

  229. Lori H.

    My favorite scene was when Rocco taught Marisa how to flip the ingredients! I would probably have the same reaction!

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