Introducing Winnie

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you may have seen… we have a new member of the family!!

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

Meet Winnie!! She is a Boston Terrier like Miley and Howie. We could not be more in love!

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

Miley and Howie are doing so good with her. Howie is being so gentle. He even lets her steal his toys. Miley plays and snuggles with her.

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

These are Winnie’s brothers and sisters. Winnie is the third from the left.

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

Two of my friends and fellow Boston Terrier owners got two of Winnie’s littermates! I think this makes us sisters! ;) So fun to be able to watch them grow up! They will be agility stars like Miley. From left to right we have Spiffy, Winnie, and Frankie.

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

Winnie chases Miley and Howie all over the yard and hops like a bunny.

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

I am posting WAY too many videos and pictures of her on Snapchat, so if you want to see tons of puppy pictures, be sure to download Snapchat on your iPhone or Android. To add me as a friend, click on the ghost at the top center of the screen, click Add Friends, then Add by username, and type in kevinandamanda. Then when you open Snapchat and see a purple number in the bottom left-hand corner, that means there are new pictures and videos to see! Click on the number, and then click on my name to watch.

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

If you thought Miley and Howie were spoiled… We are in trouble with this one! Just look at those eyes. She already has us wrapped around her tiny paw.

Winnie the Boston Terrier Puppy!

Miley and Howie are sticking together in solidarity. By the way, did you know you can see tons of pictures of Miley and Howie when they were puppies on their old website? :)

Here are some videos from Winnie’s first days home. Playing with Miley and Howie, running all over the house, AND she already knows how to fetch!!!

Stay tuned and follow us on Instagram and Snapchat for more Miley, Howie, and Winnie!

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28 Responses
  1. Ericka

    Hello! I love your blog and little Winnie is very adorable! We get our boston puppy in one month and guess where we are headed this summer!! Cape San Blas will be on our list to go visit when we are in Florida this June. I’m so glad I stumbled upon on your website with lots of good pictures and info. Keep it up!

  2. Charlotte

    Dear Amanda, I just wanted to let you know I love your blog! I wish Kevin, the three dogs (!so cute!) and you a very happy happy life and hope that you will continue to travel a lot and have a lot of fun together. Thank you so much for all your sweet posts and beautiful pictures! x

  3. Nancy

    She is precious! We brought home our little Boston, Lily, in December. Your blog is the reason j fell in love with this breed! I think Lily will need a buddy in the future. Love watching all of your play! So cute!

  4. Kristin

    She is SO adorable!!!! We have a Boston and my in laws have her little mate. They play together often but I think ours needs a playmate that lives with us. The video reminds me so much of Bella’s puppy days. I love their little bunny hops. I have puppy fever in the biggest way. Love the pics and videos of them, keep them coming!

  5. elizabeth

    Just have to tell you as an owner of a five yr old BT myself, Winnie is darling. I would love to get a playmate for my boy, but one is a handful by himself. I know Winnie is going to love her new mommy and daddy and her big brother and sister. congratulations on your new addition to the family.

  6. monica

    Congrats on your newest love bug!!!! We had a hard time deciding whether or not to add a 3rd Boston to our family and we are so glad that we did!!! That baby WILL be spoiled and loved ;)))

  7. Shaina

    She’s so sweet. My kids have been hovering over my shoulder each time I play one of your snaps. They’re in love with little Winnie!

  8. Thais

    My heart leapt out of my chest a bit when I saw the post…..I was in fear that perhaps we lost one of our beloved duo. So glad to have read onward to see I was wrong. Love all three of them to pieces!!!

  9. Sarah

    I just stumbled across your website yesterday and OH MY GOSH I am sooooo glad I did! your love for Boston Terrier’s has me reading your blog like a crazy blog reader! I just love it! And your food looks AMAZING!!! We have a 3 year old BT and he is THE BEST thing that has EVER happened to me. He was my daughters Christmas gift 3 years ago, but quickly become my 3rd child. :)

    I can’t wait to watch little Winnie grow, I am now craving a puppy :)

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