Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

What a whirlwind June has been! It has been such a crazy fun month. I’m so grateful Kev and I were able to sneak away for a quick getaway this weekend, just the two of us. I so did not plan back-to-back (to-back) weekend trips on purpose; it just turned out that everything we wanted to do this summer all fell at the same time! :) I’m ready to curl up on the couch and watch movies for a few weeks straight, lol!

This weekend Kevin and I took a trip up to Boston, Massachusetts to celebrate a little early birthday present for Kev. He’s a big Atlanta Braves baseball fan, and every couple of years we try to go see them play in a fun stadium. Two years ago we went to Chicago to see the Braves play the Cubs at Wrigley Field, and this year we watched them play at the beloved Fenway Park. His birthday’s not actually until August, but this was when the Braves were scheduled to play the Red Sox, so this was when we went! :)

It was my first time in Boston, and I was so excited to see this fun town. I was so unprepared for how beautiful Boston would be! Gorgeous buildings everywhere! I could totally live here, but then I’d probably need to learn how to spell Massachusetts for real. Here’s what we were up to in Boston. :)

InterContinental Boston Hotel

This fun room was at the InterContinental Boston. Room 1039. I really love InterContinental hotels. Hello comfy beds and big bathrooms. And hello cozy robe and turn down service! :) Do you like turn down service? I honestly don’t know why I love turn down service so much, lol! I mean, I guess I don’t really need someone to close my curtains and lay out slippers for me, right? Oh wait, yes, yes I do. I totally do. Oh! And they still put chocolates on the pillow each night. Swoon.

InterContinental Boston Hotel

This was our fun view of the Harbor from the room.

InterContinental Boston Hotel

We made ourselves right at home, lol! Couldn’t resist curling up on this couch for a photo. :)

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Later that night we went across the harbor to Lo Presti Park to see this view of the Boston Skyline over the water.

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

When I was a young newlywed — just 20 years old — I drove back to my parents’ house by myself for the first time to visit. It was a four hour drive, and I’m not really wild about driving anyway, and on my way back to Kevin I had a rather harrowing drive back. My heart was still racing after a pretty frightening encounter with a truck driver at a gas station. But as I reached the top of the mountain overlooking the Tennessee Valley, and saw the Huntsville skyline below — I knew I was home. Even though I’d only been here a few weeks, and I’d lived with my parents’ in Auburn for 20 years, when I saw the comforting, familiar colors of the skyline at sunset, I knew I was safe. And that everything would be okay. It was my new home. Ever since then, I’ve kind of loved taking pictures of fun skylines at sunset.

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

I especially love it when you can see the skyline over the water and watch the sunset all from the same spot!

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Watching the lights start to come on.

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

Can you see the little thumbnail moon over Boston? :)

Best View of Boston Skyline at Night

One of my favorite shots. Thumbnail moon in this one, too.

Cheers Boston

The next day — of course you know our first stop had to be Cheers! :) It was so crazy seeing this spot! :) It looks exactly like it does in the outdoor shots of Cheers. So fun.

Modern Pastry Boston

So happy I got to meet up with the sweet Nicole from Baking It On My Own! She has the cutest little Boston Terrier named Henry. We met up at Modern Pastry for a sampling of sweets!

P.S. Speaking of food, one of the best breakfasts we had was at The Paramount in Boston. Oh my goodness those pancakes. And the massive fruit bowl. And the omelettes. And the home fries. I wanted one of everything.

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

On Saturday we took a tour of Fenway Park. Here is the view from on top of the Green Monster! :)

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

Kev snapping a photo on his phone. :)

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

View of the Boston Skyline from Fenway.

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

The Lone Red Seat at Fenway. It marks the spot of the longest home run ever hit at Fenway.

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

Our view for the game! We ended up sitting next to a Red Sox fan who grew up with one of the Braves players. It was so crazy — turns out he was “on the list” and said he’d be able to get us in to meet the Braves. How wild is that?? I’ve never known anyone “on the list” in my life before, lol! I was totally skeptical at first and hung back when he went to go talk to the big bouncer guy with the clipboard guarding the gate. But sure enough, he breezed right through! Then I got all brave and tried to follow, but the bouncer was like, “Uh hold up! Who are you!” and the guy was like, “They’re with me.” And we walked right in. Totally surreal.

See below :)

Atlanta Braves vs Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park 2012

Clockwise from Top Left: Kev with Jason Heyword, Chipper Jones, Craig Kimbrel, Brian McCann, Tim Hudson, and Dan Uggla.

Talk about best birthday ever. :)

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45 Responses
  1. Kristen

    I loved your pictures of Boston and of Fenway, even though I’m from New York and a Yankee fan! :) I have been wanting to go there either as a family or have my hubby and I sneak away for a weekend. You gave me the push to start researching it – LOVE the hotel. Thanks for sharing your great trips with us. I love your website and I use your recipes all the time! :) Kevin’s face in those pictures is priceless – you can tell he didn’t believe it was happening either! LOL Have a great weekend…you definitely need to rest! :)

  2. Dara E.

    I was born and raised there. I miss it every day! I can’t wait to visit for 2 weeks in the fall! Awesome city and AWESOME pictures of my home! Glad you enjoyed it!

  3. Dara Campbell

    That is so awesome! We lived in Boston for awhile and I loved it besides the 9 months of the year that it snowed. :-) Your pics made me miss it though!

  4. Debbie

    I am also from Salem, MA, but living in Metro West of Boston, and I’m so thrilled that you loved our Boston and Fenway! See that brown building with the brown block on the top? That’s where my hubby and I met 30 years ago. :o)
    Come back soon!

  5. Shelby

    Great pictures, Amanda!! So glad you enjoyed the Intercontinental and that Kevin had a fantastic early birthday! It looks like so much fun. I imagine going there one day with Rupert of course. How could a Boston Terrier not go to Boston? ;-)

  6. Deb S.

    SO COOL!!! :) Ive been on that list before…..:) A friend of mine, her cousin Brandon Beachy Pitches for the braves! He got us the tickets and then after the game we got to go down and where the families wait for for the all the players till after they shower. While we were there waiting for him they came and said anyone who wants to go out on the field (Turner Stadium) can to watch the post game fireworks show, It was AWESOME!! I happen to look over to my left and there sat Tim Hudson with his family watching them too:) It was a pretty sweet night !:)

  7. Denise

    Excellent pics, as always! The one that really spoke to my inner artist was the lone red seat. Awesome capture. And the goofy, unbelievably happy grin on Kev’s face in all the player shots is priceless. Happy for you both. Clearly good things happen to good people.

    Insert Braves battle cry here… :)

  8. Christie Ryan

    What an AWESOME trip!! Kevin is grinning ear to ear in the pics!! I would be too! That’s such a fabulous experience!! Amanda, you made Boston look so lovely in all your photos! I was there a year ago in the dead of winter, it looks so different at that time of year!! XO

  9. Kristen

    Stop it that is way too cool! I grew up just north of ATL and have never met the Braves but Chipper has always been my favorite! I’d be way too giggly to stand it! Ha!

  10. mariela

    a) I was born and raised in Boston and lived there until I was 17 and graduated from high school…. and I still have problems spelling Massachusetts lol!
    b) the view from your hotel room includes the Children’s Museum & the big Hood Milk Bottle :)
    & C) living there can be great depending on what parts you’re living in / working in :), and the downtown area is awesome hehe :)

  11. Melissa

    Wow! I had forgotten how beautiful Boston really is. I went for a vacation in 1984 (as a balm for my sorrow as I had lost my father just a few months earlier) and it was a beautiful town and I almost stayed; however I came back home but it was wonderful. I might consider going back in 2014 (on the 30th anniversary of my first trip) as I will be going to New England anyway (to Vermont) to graduate with an M.A. in History. Thanks for sharing the wonderful photos – they brought back some wonderful memories that had long since faded from view.

  12. Ashley Welling

    My brother-in-law and sister-in-law are HUGE Braves fans. They would have been in heaven. Especially my sister-in-law meeting Chipper!

  13. Mary

    Ah! Boston is my home :) I am so happy to see these pictures, I live far away now but I always love going home. I’m glad you had fun! Paramount has amaaaazing breakfast, as does Trident on Newbury St. I’m glad you went to Modern Pastry instead of Mikes. Mikes is delicious but MoPast is the way to go hahah. Hope you guys visit again soon!

  14. Mandi

    It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed Boston. I love that city and could easily live there! I love how easy it is to walk from one side of the city to the other, and never feel like you’re walking through a bad part.

    What a cool experience to meet the Braves’ players! You are the best wife ever, and I know Kevin will never forget this birthday!

    Enjoy some downtime, Amanda. :-)

  15. Leigh

    I love these pictures. Boston is such a beautiful city. I went for work a few years ago and have been dying to go back with my husband. The Mr. is also a huge Braves fan and he likes the Red Sox, except when they are playing the Braves. Seriously this is probably one of his dream birthday gifts. Well this and to tickets to the Iron Bowl!

  16. Denise O.

    Woah. I love that you and Kevin were able to meet the players. I love me some Tim Hudson.

    And now I have a place to try for breakfast when I go to Boston next month.

  17. Mimi | Manda Panda Puddin' Pie

    Wow! Look at all the Boston readers! I live right up the New England coast in Salem, Masschusetts (y’know – the witch trials and everything). I highly recommend taking the ferry from Boston to Salem the next time you are in town.

    I loved looking at those pictures. Sometimes, when you live in a place, things become too familiar. Those pictures were a nice reminder of how lucky I am to live where I do.

    P.S. – The InterContinental is amazing. It is walking distance to Flour – another A-mazing bakery with the best sticky buns in the country (really – Bobby Flay threw down there and lost!!). I can’t wait to read more about those delish looking desserts!

  18. nancy k

    I live about 8 miles outside of Boston proper. You pictures reminded me how beautiful and interesting the City is and how I really need to appreciate it more. Whenever I am in the City, I often look at tourists and try to see the City through their eyes. When I do that, I truly appreciate how wonderful a place it is. As for Fenway Park…your photos are amazing. I don’t care what folks saw about how old the park is and that we need a new , modern facility. Every time I go to Fenway, I am struck by it’s uniqueness and all the memories, good and painful, that live there. Thanks for sharing your weekend adventures.

  19. Sereynita

    I love this article about Boston. I guess, we Bostonians get so jaded and forget that there’s a lot to be appreciated in this city. Looking at it through fresh eyes and your amazing photos made Boston look & sound like it’s the greatest city in the US….. Glad your hubby had an experience to remember in Boston.

  20. Hilarie

    What an amazing treat for Kevin to get to meet all those players! How lucky to sit next to the guy who “knows someone”!


    LOVE Boston! My hubby lived their for 3 years while in a residency. It is such an awesome city, we’ve only been back once since he graduated, but I’m dying to go back. That is awesome Kevin got to meet Braves players-what a gift!

  22. Meghan @ After the Ivy League

    Great pictures of Boston! My old stomping grounds…those pastries look pretty incredible. Go Red Sox!

  23. Shaina

    That is so incredibly cool that Kevin met the Braves players. And the hotel room is gorgeous. InterContinentals are always wonderful, but then, you already knew that.

  24. Crystal & Co

    Boston is one of my favorite places. I have really enjoyed your summer vacation pictures. What a great time!

    Love the Boston baseball experience. We are in Texas- so big Ranger fans here, but so cool that you got in and that awesome guy was ‘on the list’.

    And the Cheers sign gave me chills.

    What a fun summer you’re having.

  25. Anne Weber-Falk

    Beautiful photos. I can tell you had a nice time. The husband cracks me up though. The pics with the ball players tell a story. Take a look at his eyes. I don’t think they can get any bigger. He is so happy and excited. Happy birthday to Kevin!

  26. Cookbook Queen

    #1 I SOOOOO need more details on that bakery…those treats look AMAZE.

    #2 How cool is that for your husband?! So happy that his birthday trip was a success!!

  27. Nicole | Baking it on My Own

    It was SO wonderful getting to meet up with you on Friday! Thanks for a great afternoon. It’s really great to see your trip through these gorgeous shots. Your talent really amazes me!!

    Seriously, though – what do I need to do to convince you to move here??

    Safe travels in a few days. I can’t wait to see pictures!

  28. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    I love your sunset pics. Okay, all of your pics.

    Talk about meant to be…that is awesome that guy got you back there to meet the players. You could make an awesome card for his birthday with pics from the trip to remind him of the special day.

  29. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    As always gorgeous photos!!!
    What a great gift for Kevin. And a “pinch me” kind of surprise to top it all off. What a blessing!!!
    Happy BD Kevin!

    P.S. I don’t want to grumble…but seriously…BlogHer has political ads running in your sidebars. Ugh!

  30. Danielle

    Aww he looks SOOO happy! I love when stuff like that happens! I’ve been to Boston many times love it there. Happy early birthday Kevin!

  31. Vera

    That smile on his face really tells a lot :) I really love your photos, each time I come here I prepare to be blown away :)

  32. Lauren @ Healthy Food For Living

    Gorgeous photos of “my” beloved city! I need to check out The Paramount!

    I was at the Sox/Braves game on Saturday as well… did you catch the double rainbow in the first inning?!

    SO COOL about meeting the Braves players! What a fantastic birthday =).

  33. Kathy Martin

    Another fabulous trip and equally fabulous photos. You always remind me that there’s so much of the world to explore and see! And the food……! :)

  34. Blog is the New Black

    Loved reading this, being a Boston native! Your pics are gorgeous! They capture the city wonderfully. So glad that you loved it here! I’ve been dying to try Paramount! :)

  35. Jenn

    This looks like so much fun! And I totally LOVE the look on Kevin’s face in the pictures with the players. :D Greatest grin ever! :)

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