Why I Love My Camera Strap

Carrying your camera around doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. Check out my favorite camera strap and why I swear by it!Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

Why I Love My Camera Strap

This is my camera strap. When I’m walking around and sight-seeing, carrying my camera around all day, and want to have my camera very easily accessible to snap photos whenever I need to, but also carry it comfortably for extended periods of time, this is how I prefer to do it. With this crossbody, padded, sling-style camera strap. It’s the OP/TECH Utility Sling Camera Strap and I bought mine on for $21.95.

Not a paid advertisement! I just love this darn camera strap, so I wanted to tell y’all about it. Also, while I’m throwing around disclaimers, I feel the need to apologize for the very dorky photos you’re about to see.

I’m very, very sorry about that.

Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

Dorky photo number one! As you can see, the strap carries the camera crossbody, so it evenly distributes the weight of this 500 lb camera and lens combo. It securely and snugly hangs the camera close to my body in a comfortable position, and the shoulder strap is padded for extra comfort. I can walk around all day with this setup without my shoulder starting to ache violently. It also leaves my hands free for eating cupcakes. I’m just being honest.

Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

Must-Have Feature

This strap attaches to the camera at the camera strap mount. In other words, it carries the camera where the weight of the camera was meant to be carried. There is another similar strap that I considered before purchasing this strap that carries the camera from the tripod mount. I don’t like this feature for two reasons. The first reason is because I often use a tripod, and therefore I would constantly be having to unscrew the camera strap mount from the tripod mount and reattaching the tripod mount to use the tripod, resulting in a massive, unnecessary amount of work. That’s a lot just to even say. Whew. And the second reason is that the weight of the camera was just not made to be carried from the tripod mount. Would it hurt it? Who knows. Maybe not. But if I’m going to make such an investment in a camera and lens, I would prefer to carry them from where it was made to be carried.

Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

Now here’s the cool feature of this strap. When you want to snap a photo, all you do is slide it up the strap…

Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

Keep going… Ignore the dorky photos…

Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

And snap. It easily slides up and down while staying attached to the strap the entire time.

Op Tech Utility Sling Camera Strap

But here’s what’s REALLY cool. If you do want to detach the camera from the strap, it easily (but securely) snaps and unsnaps from the the strap with a  side-release style buckle.

So you can quickly and easily shoot without a strap getting in your way.

If you’ve got a trip coming up and you’re wondering how best to carry your camera around all day, consider this strap! I love mine.

OP/TECH Utility Sling Camera Strap from Amazon.

Happy shooting! :)

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101 Responses
  1. Cindy

    I have used every camera stap known to woman, and I will not use anything except Op Tech. It is by far the most comfortable, versatile strap on the market and it last forever. I have multible DSLRs all with op tech straps, the oldest is five years old and shows almost no wear. Awesome straps.

  2. Richard

    Hi Amanda,
    I’m thinking of buying one of these op tech straps and was wondering how it’s holding up now youve had it a couple of years. I’m a little dubious of the plastic clip which connects the camera to the sling. Do they do the job or is it worth buying the velcro strips? Thanks

  3. Ashley Bartner

    devouring your site & tutorials right now! Just a quick question if 3/4 years later you are still using that strap. I don’t mean if it’s lasted that long but if you are still sticking with the brand/style in 2015. Thanks so much for all the details you share on your tutorials!

  4. Susan

    I’m so glad I read your Blog! I’ve been needing a cross body strap since I got my Nikon D3200. This is the one I’ll end up getting! Subscribed to your Blog, and looking forward to reading more about your photography tips! THANK YOU!!

  5. Laura

    I have this strap too. I just got it and really love it. However, it seems too wide to attach my remote carrier. Do you have a remote? If so, where do you store it? I guess I could put it in my bag, just thought you might have another solution. Thanks!

  6. Gloria

    Too funny, I ordered one of these on Monday after researching DIY sling straps. One of the parts used for the strap I was going to make was an OP/TECH USA utility loop. I went to their site to buy it and discovered the Utility strap sling. Mine came in the mail today. It’s perfect and you can’t beat the price!

  7. Lacy C.

    Hey Amanda! I’m so excited to get this strap, it looks so much more comfortable than the neck type. Since you travel quite a bit with your camera, could you please help me out with how you do it? We’re going on a Caribbean cruise in March and I really want to take my DSLR, but I’m wondering how to take it around everywhere without worrying about damaging it or wishing that I had just brought a smaller one…..any advice you have would be extremely appreciated! I don’t want to miss out having awesome shots on our vacation! Thank you so much :)

  8. Megan

    Thanks for the awesome review and demonstration! Just bought this for my new Mark III. Didn’t like how the Black Rapid strap scuffed up the bottom of my Mark II.

  9. Helen Brown

    I saw you speak at Blographer this summer. Thank you! I have been looking for a new strap that helps with the weight distribution. I used it and went for a walk with my 70-200 2.8 yesterday and was great! Have a great Holiday season!

  10. Lolalo

    I just ‘found’ your website and I am enjoying browsing through the photography info. I just wanted to share my solution to carrying a camera. You may want to get one of these, too. I use the OpTech Webbed Bin/Cam Harness. Here is a link:
    With this harness, it leaves my hands totally free, and it rides close to my torso without swinging around. It also slides easily up to your eye when ready to snap a photo. It is a little tricky learning how to put it on, but once you get it, it is simple. I highly recommend this harness. Be sure to get the one with webbing and not elastic. And for $10, you can’t beat the price. You might even like this option better!

  11. Paula S

    I don’t comment much but I really appreciate all you put into your blog! I got this strap after reading your post and I am so happy I did! I have a 5D Mark II and I usually have my 24-70 mm L lens and it is a beast, as you know. It is so much nicer to bring with me with this strap. Love it! Thanks a bunch!

  12. Janice Evelyn Fernandes

    Hey there, Just wanted to say how much I appreciated this post about the camera strap! Honestly, you had me at “cupcake” ;) SOLD! I actually thought this post was most helpful, so I mentioned it on my blog. please check it out? I’ve been a photographer for the last 8 years but I’ve only been blogging for a couple of years, and I have to say that it’s always a work-in-progress so any tips you may have would be greatly appreciated! I am hoping to do alot of networking with other bloggers who enjoy the art of photography. Cheers!

  13. Anna

    Hey girl,
    I just ordered my self this strap for our upcoming trip to Disney. I’ll let you know how it works out… i do plan on jazzing it up with a camera strap cover though!

  14. Amanda Dawn

    Amanda, you’ve given me an idea! I have a few scarves-turned-into-straps. Now, I will make a strap that attaches to ONE side and has a release clip! Even with my limited sewing skills it will be a snap! Thanks for sharing your strap.

  15. Kat

    I got my strap in the mail and plan to test it out today! TY!
    Now can you do a post on your camera equipment and compare some affordable lens options? I’ve been wanting a 50 mm and a 70-200/300… I’ve been eyeing a 50 mm for around 125 on B&H and found a 70-200 on Amazon for 600ish. I just worry I’ll be disappointed in the results.

  16. Madison

    Hi Amanda!
    I saw your post on this when you wrote it and then did a street photography course where the teacher had a similar one by Gordy’s so I thought I’d give yours a go (seeing as I could get it on Amazon UK) and it arrived just in time for the Notting Hill Carnival in London tomorrow (if you haven’t heard of it, it’s basically a West Indian carnival in London, with Caribbean food and music and drinks and parade!) so I can go out and take some photos of the parade and people having a great time in the streets! I have a couple of quick questions – one is how easy do you think it would be for your everyday pickpocket to unclip the camera from the strap if it’s at your side in a crowd of people (I will probably keep my hand on the camera all the time, but still) and the other question is what lens would you recommend I take out with me? It’s either my slightly rubbish 18-55mm kit lens that came with my Canon 550d or my 50mm 1.8 prime lens which can be a bit restrictive in terms of focal length if I’m not doing portrait work? One day I’ll get a decent all-purpose lens (not that one really exists I’m sure?!)…
    Thanks again – love your posts – you’ve inspired me to go back to Italy to see some different places!
    Madison x

  17. amanda gibson

    I ordered this strap (just because of this post!) and I just attached it to my camera last night. I attached both strap ends instead of just one like you show in the picture – but I can totally see why you attached only one. Attaching both leaves a lot of junk that gets in your face when you raise the camera up to take a picture. How long have you had just one of the strap ends attached? Do you feel like it’s sturdy and secure enough? I’m thinking of taking one off so the camera rests more comfortably at my side and so that I don’t have all the extra “stuff” in my face when I go to snap a picture. What do you think? Will my camera be safe?


    1. Amanda

      You know, I think I’ve always had mine with just one strap! I’ve had it that way for so long I actually forgot there were two straps until you just now mentioned it! :) I haven’t had any trouble with just one strap. :) Hope this helps!

  18. Emily @ LaForce Be With You

    Great post! What tripod do you use for traveling? Looking to purchase one for a quickly approaching trip. I searched your camera gear but couldn’t find anything about your tripod. Thanks!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Emily! Mine’s an Ambico V-0552a Tripod that I got many, many years ago at either Walmart or BestBuy. It was super cheap, but it’s very lightweight and held up great!

  19. Jackie

    I just got mine last night! Do you find it annoying when you pull the camera up to look through the viewfinder to take a pic that the strap part on your shoulder cuts into your throat? Am I wearing it wrong or does it do the same to you? It seems to move off my body when I want to do that.

    I do love how easy I can detach it from the strap though! Thanks!

  20. Linds

    That strap looks FABULOUS! I have a similar camera setup (Canon 60D with a Canon 24-70L f2.8. If I’m shooting flash–which is rare– then add a Canon 430ex to it. LOTS-O-CAMERA!), and would love to have a strap like that!

  21. Katrina

    I ordered one of these and it should be here from Amazon any minute now. We are headed out of town this weekend for a trip to the river so I knew I wanted it before then. Can’t wait to try it out.

  22. Cary

    Looks like a great camera strap! I’ll have to check it out since I just got a nice camera.

    (And just a little nitpick. You said your camera and lens weighs 500 pounds… Certainly hope it doesn’t! Haha!)

  23. Pamela Tadlock

    Does anyone know if the camera bounces up and down on your hip when you walk? I end up holding my camera in my hand when walking very far, using my currant neoprene around my neck strap.

  24. Amy Dawson

    I added this FAB strap to my wedding photography gear six months ago!!!! Best investment I made, huge relief for my upper back when I put on my big lens… loveeeeeee it !!!!

  25. Sara

    I has this exact same camera strap, it is awesome! It’s soooo much more comfortable than the neck type strap and feels great with my Canon 60D and 15-85 lens.

  26. Nicole

    First….can you please tell me where you got this outfit because it’s super cute! I also love the earrings!

    Second..this is a freaking cool strap! I love that you don’t have to take off the entire strap to get a comfortable picture taking position! LOVE. Thanks for sharing.

  27. tracy

    I have been thinking about getting a strap for my husband’s camera since I’ve been using it more and the current strap is the junky one that came w/ the camera. While I’d like something ‘fun’, he probably would not appreciate walking around with a flowery or deco inspired camera strap himself. :) Do you think I’d need to order the extenders to make this one long enough for his use (he’s 5’10”) It looks like the strap itself extends pretty far? Thanks for the recommendation!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Tracy! Kevin’s 6′ and this strap fits him just fine. :) It’s adjustable, so you can move the camera higher or lower on your body until you find the right placement. :)

  28. Lori

    Ok I totally got this on your recommendation! I think I’m going to love it. One question though… do you just leave the one clip hanging there for no reason? I think I want to bust it off or something!? It’s not going to be used for anything right?

  29. Mary Cardini-Anderson

    Thanks for the info. I am in desperate need of a good strap for my new camera. I love Amazon and shop there often so off I go. Thanks again.


  30. Maura @ My Healthy 'Ohana

    Just added this to my Amazon wish list :) I don’t like the current strap that we have that holds it in front of my chest, just not a good look.

  31. Kristi

    A few clicks and the new strap is on its way. Amazon is dangerous, but this strap looks great. Sure do appreciate all of your tips, tricks and recommendations!

  32. Barb D.

    Wholly cow! I could have used that a few weeks ago. The 7D is a heavy camera and the lens I used was equally as heavy, my back was killing me by mid-day! I’ll have to look into this camera strap. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Kellie

      I have the 7D and use the 70-200 for shooting football. This strap is great! I’ve had it for several years. My camera/lens always feels secure.

  33. Sara F.

    You should post some of your photos with notes on Amazon. Put a watermark with your blog info on the pics so people can read the whole blog post. :) That way people can read all the great info you have about the strap!

  34. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    You are so not dorky. You look great and so do the pictures. I’m definitely going to order this! I just got to Frankfurt with my camera, my new lens (that I got based off of your recommendation :)) and my tripod. And it’s already a pain in the butt. And this lens is nowhere near as heavy. I need that strap!

  35. Theresa

    I have the crossbody strap you are talking about that screws in to the camera from the tripod mount. I had only used it on a couple of occasions when it came unscrewed by the strap being pulled when I was taking photos. Fortunately I was holding the camera at the time and looked down and saw the strap just hanging. This would have been a disaster if I would have let the camera go thinking it was secured to the strap. I think you made a great choice and will be checking out the one you purchased.

    1. Lee

      I have the same one, and the exact same thing happened to me! Fortunately, I was sitting down when it happened, so my 7d didn’t fall very far. But it totally made my heart jump, and I have not dared to use it since. So I will def check this one out instead :)

  36. Carla @ Carlas Confections

    Your pictures are not at all dorky! I love the camera strap! I am thinking I need this! Thanks for sharing :)

  37. Jami

    I’m loving this! Just added it to my wishlist. I’ll have to cover it in ruffles like I have now though… I can’t live without the ruffles now that I have them. I agree with other posters… I noticed your shirt right off. Super cute!

  38. Lisa | With Style and Grace

    I LOVE how long your camera strap is! Mine is an awkward length and tend not to carry it with me for that reason. Thanks for sharing!

  39. Kim

    I will have to look into this!! What enormous lens do you have on there anyway? That is a mother of a lens!! Also LOVE your wedding rings!!

  40. Rebecca C

    love the strap and all your photos. I have been wanting a new strap that went cross body since I don’t like the neck strap… this is great… Keep up the great work. This is one of my favorite blogs!

  41. A.R.

    Nice info :) So what bag do you use to carry your camera from place to place when its not just being transported by the strap??

  42. Shelly Crawford

    I’m so glad you posted this! I’m going on a cruise in Oct (Jamica, Grand Cayman, & Cozumel!) and I’m wanting to get a better strap. The one I have now pretty much chokes me.
    I’m off to Amazon to order right now!
    Thanks Amanda! Cheers!

  43. Erin J

    Thanks for this! I was looking at a new strap because I hate the canon one on my MKII. It is so uncomfortable, but I was a little wary purchasing that strap since it was so cheap. I had looked at the “other” straps too but also did not like that they attached at the tripod mount, because I wasn’t sure how securely it would hold.

  44. JulieD

    Okay, Amanda, love!! Adding this to my wish list!! My camera needs a different strap and I love that you can detach it easily!

  45. Jessica

    I’ve been researching the cross body slings for a little while now and I’ve been hesitant because of mounting via the tripod mount. People have said their cameras have fallen off! This is too big of an investment to gamble like that. Thank you for showing me this one.. I love that it carries the camera at the strap and I’m ordering 2 now (one for me, one for mom)

  46. Shaina

    How have I not noticed this before? I have been considering the tripod-mount, but because I didn’t want to take up that space on my camera, I’ve held off.

  47. Jess DeLeon

    I’m going to Italy in a month (a lot of the same places you visited actually!)– and this sounds awesome. My biggest worry is the ‘bouncing around’. I think I baby my camera/lens too much. Did you walk around the crowded streets of Venice like this? That’s my fear! But this sounds pretty fantastic.

    1. Amanda

      Yes! :) This is exactly what I did for Venice. The camera falls at a really comfortable position and hugs close to my body. But when walking quickly or in crowds, I do keep a hand on the camera just to be safe. Which is perfect, because it falls right where my hand would naturally be if I just let it hang by my side anyway. The strap is also adjustable, letting you move the camera higher or lower on your body until you find the perfect position. Now the only thing you have to worry about is being the girl on Seinfeld who doesn’t swing her arms when she walks! ;)

  48. Leah

    Thanks for this! I have Fibromyalgia and M.E. and holding my SLR camera and zoom up for any length of time KILLS my arms. I’ve added this to my wishlist. Thankfully Amazon UK has this item as well, something I’m really pleased about. Often, all the ‘good’ stuff I want is only available on Amazon US and not UK. So yay for Amazon this time! I really need to visit the US :)

    1. Jamee @ A New Kind of Normal

      I have fibro too (and a couple other chronic illnesses) and I have the exact same problem so I was really excited to learn about this strap!

  49. Kat

    I’m in love with this strap! I put it on my wish list on Amazon, but I am so tempted to buy it right this minute! lol. Maybe I should go for it… if my husband asks, can I say “it’s Amanda’s fault?” lol…. He’ll love it too though I am sure of it. I had my 60D at a concert recently and I was in desperate need of a way to keep my camera safe and out of the way when I didn’t take pictures. TY for sharing this!

  50. Chelle Chapman

    I LOVE the whole idea of this strap!!! I usually do NOT use my strap at all & by the end of a long day of snapping photos, my hand & arm are really kickin me in the stinger!!!! This looks like a FAB concept. I’d love to chat more but I’m off to amazon w/ my card in hand!!! TFS

  51. Jennifer

    Thanks for this post! By the way, you may need to start name dropping where you buy all your cute clothes! I love the shirt!

    1. Amanda

      Thank you! Actually, it’s so embarrassing, everything is from Ann Taylor LOFT, from the shirt to the cardigan, to the cargo pants! :) I look like a walking LOFT mannequin, lol! :)

  52. Averie @ Averie Cooks

    Ok so I’ve seen this strap on your fave items/amazon page before and have always wondered about it and I love the great reviews you gave b/c my 5D, with 24-70 with hood, yes, it’s 500 lbs – I can relate :)

    Ive always resisted this strap in the past b/c I actually don’t like too low slung straps and carrying my camera too low but sounds like I can just hike it up easily or detach it! yay! without the strap getting in the way. I have this really fluffy one I got from Etsy and although it’s comfy, it’s ALWAYS in my way!

  53. Amy

    I’d love to know a little about your lens too. And the hood you use. Thanks for the info–your pictures are always great. And BTW, I’m an American living in Italy very close to where you visited. We live in Montegaldella, next to Padova. (Padua) And we went to Alabama. Tell your husband we said “Roll Tide”!

  54. karen

    I have the same strap and it is wonderful. It carries my D90 and lens comfortably. This was important when choosing a new strap for a recent photo road trip.

    I still have my pink leopard print one that Ramdi made before she went into photography full time, wont get rid of that one cuz i love it, nut this strap is the one I use all the time. So much kinder to my neck and I love the price too!!!

  55. Jan

    I love that photo of you smiling into the camera. Good information on the strap. Now, tell us how you remain so slim when you write about all thoses delicious pastries and desserts?

    1. Laurie Howard

      Jan – that’s what I want to know! I follow her on Instagram and she regularly posts pics of yummy-looking desserts. Since Amanda lost weight awhile back, it looks like she’s stayed the exact same weight. She looks great and has one of the best personaities of anyone I’ve “known” in a long time. You go, girl!

  56. TidyMom

    This has been sitting in my Amazon wish list since you told me about it…….I just need to order the darn thing!! thanks for the post Amanda!

  57. Sandy_in_MD

    This camera strap looks awesome (and you do NOT look dorky!). Thanks for the ordering info – off to buy one for myself….

  58. Elizabeth

    I added this camera strap to my Amazon wish list when you mentioned it before. My in laws gave it to me for Christmas. I love it! We just got back from a trip to Oregon and I so enjoyed using it.

    One other benefit I noticed is that you don’t have the camera bouncing around when you walk like you do with a traditional camera strap that’s just worn around your neck.

  59. megan @ whatmegansmaking

    I’ve been wanting this camera strap for awhile, but you just cemented it. It’s on my Christmas wish list :)

  60. Julie @ Table for Two

    I love your shirt :) i have the same one but in the blue version. Thanks for sharing this – I might have to go pick this up since I’m heading to Seattle/Portland next month and this would be great to have!

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