Weekend in San Diego

Last Friday I met up with my sweet blogging buddy Jenny for a weekend of sweets in southern California. We hit up bakeries from San Diego to Orange County, ate more cupcakes than I can count, and over the course of five days we somehow managed talk ourselves into two trips to the spa for massages. My flight left early Friday morning and by the time I boarded the plane, the sun was just starting to rise over Alabama. California, here I come!

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

I always pick up a new book for the plane, and this trip I started Saving CeeCee Honeycutt. A friend recommended it to me as a cute read since she knew I loved The Help. However, no one warned me that I would be bawling my eyes out through the first five chapters. I was a mess during my layover at the Denver airport!

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

When I landed in California, Jenny picked me up at the Orange County airport and we drove down to San Diego together. Before we even made it to the hotel we knew we had to stop at Elizabethan Bakery for their fabulous mini cupcakes. How cute is this little bakery? It’s nestled right in the middle of a beautiful garden and nursery.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

Jenny and I visited Elizabethan back in January and I posted tons of photos from our visit here. They are worth a quick peek if you missed them the first time around. Elizabethan definitely ranks up there with our favorite cupcake bakeries. The cupcakes are adorable, they have tons of amazing flavors available every day, and they have mini versions so you can try them all without the guilt. I for sure had to get another churro cupcake and coffee toffee cupcake on our second visit.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

After cupcakes we popped into this little spa right by our hotel and treated ourselves to a massage to kick start our weekend in San Diego. I got a fabulous neck and shoulder massage that completely worked out all the kinks I’d accumulated on the plane. Let the vacation begin!

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

Saturday morning Jenny and I went for brunch at The Mission in San Diego. This was a cute little breakfast spot — they’ve got several locations around San Diego. These flowers outside were so bright and colorful I had to snap a quick photo.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

I love vacationing with Jenny because we like the same food — and she always lets me split everything! We ordered the french toast and breakfast quesadilla for a little sweet and a little salty.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011Photo via Jenny

Believe it or not the breakfast quesadilla was my favorite, it was incredible. Yum.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

After breakfast we popped over to the BlogHer Expo and ran into our pal Amy and her friend Hailey. It was great to catch up with these two.

Guess who else was there… Jenny and I nearly fainted when we saw Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser hanging out at the Quaker Oats booth. We are huge fans and had to stop and say hi.

My hair is wild and unmanageable here, and that’s what I get for not flat-ironing it that morning.

I love the BlogHer Expo. If there is ever a BlogHer conference in a city near you, the expo is definitely worth checking out. I call it trick-or-treating for adults. It’s set up in a huge ballroom with booths from every brand imaginable. You can wander around from booth to booth and each booth hands you a reusable grocery bag full of products and samples. Go hungry because there are lots of treats!

As we were making our way through the expo, I — not surprisingly — made a huge fool of myself. I quickly glanced up and saw a sign that said Brawny, so I started rambling on to the gal in the booth about Brawny. When she asked if I was looking for the Brawny booth and I got a blank look on my face she said, “Oh! This is the GLMPS booth. Brawny is over there.”


But I am so glad we stumbled into this tucked away booth because I am not sure we would have seen it otherwise. GLMPS is a new iPhone camera app and Jenny and I seriously had way too much fun with this app over the weekend. When you snap a photo with GLMPS, it automatically captures the moment right before you snapped the photo, giving you a peek at what happened in the few seconds before you took the photo. From there you can easily share to Twiter, Facebook, or email. Click the image above to see our first photo, and a peek at what happens right before Jenny and I snap a photo together. The first one is kind of dorky, we had no idea what we were doing yet! Don’t worry. We get better. There is also sound in the “glimpse”.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

The RetailMeNot booth was another fun stop. Retail Me Not — in case you haven’t been there yet — is a site with coupon codes for online stores. I always pop over there before buying anything online. They had a small booth with Monopoly money flying through the air. You could step in the booth and attempt to stuff as much money into the tiny slot as possible in 15 seconds. The money had stamps on the back that corresponded to cash amounts and prizes. Whatever made it into the slot, you won! I won $16 and Jenny won over $20. We splurged on valet parking that day.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

The Skinny Cow booth was offering false eyelashes, and I couldn’t resist trying them. They were fun, but oh my gosh they were extreme! Check out these loooong lashes, they felt ten miles long on my lids.

Here’s our second GLMPS photo before heading out to dinner Saturday night. We’re getting better! Oh dear, I can see myself doing this way too often.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

For dessert I took Jenny to Heaven Sent Desserts. I went with Lori back in January and it was absolutely resplendent. I posted some photos from our visit here. We grabbed a few treats to take back to our room for a PJ party later.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

Here’s what we ended up with: Chocolate Trinity Cake, Irish Angel (a chocolate cake with layers of Bailey’s Irish Cream creme brulee), tiramisu cupcake, and a chocolate cupcake with white chocolate mousse frosting.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

I can easily say that the chocolate trinity cake is probably the most incredible cake we’ve ever had. All I can say is wow. Loved every single bite.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

On Sunday I learned my lesson. I flat-ironed my hair.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

We had a quick breakfast on the water at Seaport Village before checking out the new cupcake shop there.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011

This place was so cute, and their cupcakes were adorable.

San Diego & Newport Beach Bakeries @ BlogHer 2011Photo via Jenny

After a beautiful weekend in San Diego, we were on our way back to the OC so Jenny could show me around all her favorite bakeries in Newport Beach. I’ll be back tomorrow with all the treats we found there!

I’ll leave you with this quick “glimpse” of our last moment in San Diego.

Oh! And here’s a list of all the places we visited that are mentioned in this post. Have a great Thursday!

Elizabethan Bakery
155 Quail Gardens Drive
Encinitas, CA 92024

The Mission
1250 J St
San Diego, CA 92101

Heaven Sent Desserts
3001 University Ave
San Diego, CA 92104

Frosted Robin Cupcakes
859 W Harbor Dr # B
San Diego, CA 92101

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44 Responses
  1. Tracy Gordon

    I am so glad I found your website. I love it! The food I chop the most are onions. It seems like we put onion in everything.

  2. Nancy

    Onions, onions, and more onions. They go in everything but dessert. My children dislike onions very much…could be they had to eat too many growing up. My mother tells the story of me sitting in my high chair as a toddler, with tears streaming down my face, asking for more onions. Thanks for the good recipes.

  3. Veronica Phillips

    The thing I chopped most are ONIONS. I can’t tell you how much I adore these sweet, hot and savory little things. If I could put onions in everything that I cook I would be one happy camper. My husband & son think that I am a little crazy. But hey, what is life if you can’t enjoy the little things? Also, I love your website.

  4. Beth Hoffman

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m tickled that you’re reading my novel, Saving CeeCee Honeycutt! Thanks so much. I hope you’re enjoying CeeCee’s many adventures.

    Oletta is waving hello to you from the kitchen!

  5. Ellen Hammack

    Hi Amanda!
    I’m absolutely blown away at your organization with Scrapbook Papers & supplies! Thanks for the link to Display Dynamics. I look forward to it changing my Life. What I chop most is Celery & Onions.
    Thanks for the inspiration on your Site!!!

  6. Rachel

    Great post Amanda! It’s so funny, I’m a native San Diegan and you’re actually broadening my horizons of great dessert places to eat here! I was telling my husband we’re going to have to try some of these places out now. No excuse for us…we’re right in the area! :)

  7. Belinda

    I just finished reading Saving CeeCee Honeycutt and I loved it! Thanks for the heads up! I love reading about your adventures…and all of your pictures!

  8. Sandra's Easy Cooking

    All i can say is WOWWW..what a fun post and photos! I am first time here and so far I am loving your blog..I got to check the rest!:)

  9. Jen K

    Thank you, thank you, thank you Amanda! My BFF and I are are heading to SD in about 6 weeks and we are on FB right now discussing our trip. I sent her your SD links (as well as your ones from January) and I told her we are just going to follow your trail, and we are just going to add alcohol in with the sweets, food and beach. We are so excited!

  10. Jane

    I just finished Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt-loved it! (Maybe they’ll make it into a movie…) Looks like you had a great and yummy trip. I can practically taste the food looking at your pictures.

  11. Leah

    I recognize that French Toast — The Mission! I live in San Diego, so it’s so fun seeing all these post BlogHer blog posts. You captured the city beautifully with your photos too. I didn’t realize how many great food places there were here!

  12. Liz (Little Bitty Bakes)

    Love your trip recap, as always, Amanda! Sounds like you had yourself a wonderful weekend. The breakfast quesadilla sounds terrific – imagine the variations you could do with those, too!

  13. Chelsi

    Amanda- I really liked your hair without the flat iron!! You should try it more often! :) I love reading your blog, I can live vicariously through you! Your pictures are beautiful and make me want to eat everything you show. I also LOVE your recipes, have tried many and my fav is the savory pulled pork, I have used it for MANY of my kiddos birthday parties!
    Keep up the good work!

  14. Kiran @

    You two make the best BFF example. I enjoyed your instagram and tweet updates. It was like we were all in, the same shenanigans!

  15. She Said G Said

    I just started using pintrest and I just may have to pin parts of this blog so I can remember where to go the next time I visit San Diego! Did Bob smell the cupcakes and treats on your breath? He seems like he would be like a police dog and sniff you out! Great post1

  16. Nicole-Lynn

    Sounds like a fun trip! My husband and I stopped in San Diego on our way back from our honeymoon in May and we absolutely loved it! We can totally see ourselves moving there someday! Glad you had a nice time.. great pictures too!

    BTW – Noticed your hair, and I absolutely love it on you! I haven’t been to your blog in a while and noticed your hair looked different — lighter, cut different? I love it on you! :)

  17. Christine C.

    Where can we BlogHer the BlogHer conference dates and locations? I love all of your stories and sharing your experiences with us! I definitely would love one weekend or month for that matter in your life! Did you ever see yourself being where you are today??

  18. Amee

    Amanda, I so enjoyed every part about this post! Loved all your photos!! Especially the ones with video! Too Cool!!!
    Looks like y’all had such a great time exploring which Cupcake Bakery was next on your list!
    I can’t wait to see what’s in store for tomorrow! :)

  19. Jennifer Uribe

    The Mission is one of my absolute favorite places for breakfast. My husband and I discovered it when a concierge at a hotel recommended it. I could eat there every day if I lived within an hour of San Diego. Yum!

  20. Ali

    Hi! It sounds like a great trip!! I wish someday to get to travel and go on weekend get aways like that! Although, I dunno if I could fit back in the plane after all those treats!! mmmmm…. :)
    Thanks for sharing!

  21. Carolee

    I love the pictures you took with GLMPS how in the corners it shows the video like thing. It’s Just like Harry Potter and all the moving photographs!

  22. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Such awesome pics (as usual!) and your trips are always so fun and so deliciously calorie laden. Love it!

  23. jenna

    ohhhh all these photos of cupcakes and dessert make me swoon. they look amazing and it sounds like ya all had a blast in S. Diego! :)

  24. Lori @ RecipeGirl

    You girls are so stinkin’ cute. Looks like you had a wonderful time. Wonder if there will be any cupcake shops in Mexico??

  25. Kerry F

    Awesome pics! I was at BlogHer too, but didn’t have any time to explore San Diego. Thanks for sharing your cupcake fun! And thanks for the post about the Sanuk flip-flops, I love them!

  26. Penny Hall

    I love your Cupcake Sightings! I get your email and as I read this morning I was a little concern about the pictures. I took my glasses off and that didn’t help, so i thought maybe something went wrong with the download. I went out to the website and BAM! there was the Amanda Pics I am used to. The email photos were really cloudy and yellow, like they were taken a hundred years ago. Thans for making me feel I have traveled to more places than my Passport shows! Keep up the great work!
    I am now going to Amazon to download Saving CeeCee Honeycutt . The Help a good one but I just finished Wading Home:A Novel of Lousiana and think you would love it if you haven’t read it! I only cried at the end of the book because I thought the book was ending the way I didn’t want it to, so tricked me for sure!

  27. Kristin Murdock

    So fun! And I agree with Avery – it just seems like you two have the best time together which is so fun to see.

    I am DYING over those fake eyelashes! Hilarious! Now you know how Kim Kardashian feels every day, right? :)

  28. Donna

    What a fun read, Amanda. I reallynlike your hair when it isn’t flat ironed. I thought you looked cute and was trying to figure out was different. Not that you don’t always look adorable ;)
    Thanks for the book recommendation. I really enjoyed The Help too. Haven’t had breakfast yet so all the pictures have me hungry.
    The new app sounds fun but I wasn’t able to get the click here to work. Was I doing something wrong?
    Looking forward to your continued post tomorrow

    1. Amanda

      Hi Donna! The photos use Flash so it may require the newest version of Flash or for Flash to be turned on in your browser :)


    There is nothing better than travel! Wait…..yes there is…….Sampling cupcakes while traveling is definately better!! :) Kudos! I’m taking a trip to NYC with a friend next summer, I’m so excited about it you’d think I was 5 and going to Disney…Thanks for sharing the great pics! p.s…..That Bob Harper is a cutie!!

  30. Debbie

    Hi Amanda,
    I love reading about all the places you’ve visited and all the yummy food! Your photography is awesome. I have a place for you to visit on your next trip to San Diego. It’s called Extraordinary Desserts. They have 2 locations. You will be amazed at the beautiful way your dessert is plated. Check out the website.

    Thanks for sharing with all of us!

    1. Amanda

      Hi Debbie! We visited Extraordinary Desserts when we were in San Diego back in January. Here are some photos from our visit. While Extraordinary Desserts were gorgeous and joy to photograph, we both agreed that Heaven Sent Desserts were the most delicious — definitely worth a second visit! :)

  31. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Amanda I love this post because as I type this comment, I sit in San Diego (my home!) and know I am surrounded by the natural beauty of San Diego all around me….and…I am surrounded by amazing bakeries with pasties, cupcakes, and more amazing eats than should probably be legal :)

    I am sooo happy that you and Jenny had a wonderful time at BlogHer, in San Diego, and as traveling companions. It’s so evident from the tweets, instagram updates, this post, and other travel posts in the past, that you two are such great friends and that’s so awesome!

    I would love to meet up with you one day if you ever have time! I’m blond and I like cupcakes…does that count? :)

    You both look beautiful in all the pics, too!!!

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