Weekend Vacation In Seaside, Florida

I recently went to Seaside, Florida with some friends and we had the best time eating delicious food, seeing the sights, and hanging out at our gorgeous rental cottage. Here is all the information you need to plan your next trip to Seaside!


Weekend Getaway in Seaside, FloridaMaria, Ali, Shelly, Heidi, Jenny, Amanda, Gina

Seaside Florida Is Perfect For A Quick Weekend Trip

Hi friends! I am interrupting the Scotland / London / Paris posts really quick to bring you some fun photos from the beach! :) A few weekends ago I met up with some girlfriends in Seaside, Florida for a quick girlfriend getaway.

Vacation Rental In Seaside Florida

I drove down from Alabama, and Ali, Shelly, Jenny, and Heidi all came in on the same flight. Blogger party in the ATL airport! ;) Maria and Gina flew in and met up with us later. :)

Where To Stay In Seaside, Florida

This Gorgeous Rental Cottage Is Right On The Beach

We all stayed together in a gorgeous 5-bedroom cottage right on the beach. The name of the rental was the See Ya Cottage from Cottage Rental Agency in Seaside. In the photo above is the living room right as you walk in the front door. To the left is a bedroom with 2 sets of bunkbeds, full bath, a butler’s pantry with mini fridge, and a laundry room. To the right is a bedroom with 2 double beds, en suite bath, and the staircase to the second floor.

Cottage Rental Seaside, Florida

The Rental Cottage Was Huge And Has The Best Views

I had seen pictures of the cottage on their website, but I had no idea what a treat we were in for until we got there. There were 3 floors, 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, and a small kitchenette with fridge on every floor. There was even an elevator! Each floor also had it’s own large private balcony with a seating area facing the ocean. We were in hog heaven running up and down the stairs oohing and ahhing over every room! Each floor had high ceilings for days and tons of natural light. The only time I have ever been in a house this big was our cottage last year at Seaside and at the Better Blog Retreat in Park City.

Vacation Rentals In Seaside, Florida

Here’s a view of the second floor. Behind me is a king bedroom with en suite bath. To the left and right are outdoor balconies with seating areas. Beyond this room is the ginormous kitchen and a half bath.

Cottage Rental in Seaside, Florida

Loved this huge kitchen! How fun is that window seat? :)

Where To Stay In Seaside, Florida

We took the stairs one more time up to the third floor…

Tips for Planning a Weekend Getaway in Seaside, Forida #Florida #Travel #30A

The third floor living room is where we hung out most of the time, curled up on the couch and chit-chatting by the fire at night in our PJs.

Getaway To Seaside, Florida

On this floor were two more bedrooms with their own private baths — a king room and a queen room. Jenny, Maria and I all stayed up here.

Tips for Planning a Weekend Getaway in Seaside, Florida

Our gorgeous view of the crystal blue ocean from the third floor balcony.

Seaside, Florida Vacation

These Vacation Rentals Even Have Housekeeping Services

Here’s a peek at the king bedroom on the third floor. Cottage Rental Agency offers housekeeping services, so they will come in and replace your towels, standard toiletries, and make the bed every day for you, just like a hotel. Loved not having to worry about bringing our own towels to the beach!

Where To Eat In Seaside, Florida

These Are Were Some Of Our Favorite Places To Eat In Seaside

As soon as we arrived, we were all starving. So the first thing we did was head for Seaside’s famous Airstream Row — a colorful line of delicious food carts all along the main drag facing the beach. We immediately set our eyes on the gourmet grilled cheese food truck, The Melt Down.

Restaurants In Seaside, Florida

The Melt Down has so many decadent varieties of gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches. We got one of each and shared so we could try them all. My favorites were the Three Cheese, the Smokin’ Turkey (with bacon, avocado, and jack cheese), and the Strawberry Goat Cheese. Seriously need to recreate that last one at home! I am still dreaming about it! :)

Where To Eat In Seaside, Florida

One of the other food trucks is Raw & Juicy, a raw vegan food cart. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a raw vegan restaurant before, but that night we were treated to a private dinner at the Raw & Juicy kitchen for a full raw vegan dinner and dessert. I was a huge, huge fan of this chocolate raspberry parfait we had for dessert!! I have never had chocolate like that before — so rich and decadent — and I am still dreaming about that vanilla bean cream!! Unfortunately I don’t think this is an item on the menu at the food truck, but everyone should start requesting it immediately so they’ll add it to the menu. And so I can have another one. ;)

Best Food In Seaside, Florida

The good thing about having a raw vegan dinner? You totally don’t feel guilty about splurging on dessert! ;) Earlier in the day we hit up Seaside’s charming Modica Market for a slice of their legendary chocolate cake. We stashed it back at the cottage for a midnight snack after dinner.

Restaurants in Seaside, Florida

Of course we couldn’t decide on just one cake, so we also got the Rainbow Cake…

Best Food in Seaside, Florida

And a Milky Way cake! ;) We all grabbed a fork, gathered around the kitchen island, and totally destroyed these cakes. ;) The chocolate was our favorite!!

Things To Do In Seaside, Florida

The next morning we walked down to Fired Up, Seaside’s paint-your-own pottery establishment. We all picked out our own piece from a wide variety of choices and set to work creating and painting.

Fun Things To Do In Seaside, Florida

I chose this little oval baking dish and attempted a colorful ombre finish. There were so many different techniques and colors to choose from!

Things To Do In Florida

And here we are with our finished projects! Such a fun morning with friends!

Tips For Planning A Trip To Seaside, Florida

That day was Ali’s birthday, so we celebrated our sweet friend with champagne at CRUSH for lunch.

Where To Eat In Seaside, Florida

I Love That Everything In Seaside Is Easy To Get To

What I love about Seaside is that everything is within walking distance. We walked from our cottage that morning to the coffee shop next door for breakfast. Then we walked over to Fired Up. Then we walked to lunch, where we had this dreamy applewood smoked bacon guacamole.

Plan A Trip To Seaside, Florida

All the walking makes up for this decadent mac and cheese, right?? ;)

Vacation In Seaside, Florida

Loved these fresh shrimp tacos!

Best Food In Seaside, Florida

We couldn’t pass up the brownie for dessert. ;) It had had a very distinct smoked flavor, like bacon, and we all keep trying to decide if it had bacon in it or not. If you like smokey / bacon desserts, you will love this brownie!

The Shrimp Shack In Seaside, Florida

After a quiet afternoon taking it easy and doing nothing but laying out at the beach, we had dinner beachside at The Shrimp Shack.

Restaurants On The Beach In Seaside, Florida

Our dreamy dinner view!

Where To Get Dinner In Seaside, Florida Photo via Ali

The owner of The Shrimp Shack, Heavenly Dawson (yes, that’s her real name! And she truly lives up to her name. She is heaven-sent!) knew it was Ali’s birthday and prepared a special birthday treat just for her. She went to Ali’s blog, looked at all her favorite things, and created a Strawberry Margarita Shortcake based on Ali’s love for Strawberry Margaritas. :) It was such a special dinner for us all, so thrilled we could be a part of Ali’s day.

Sights To See In Seaside, Florida

As we feasted, chatted, and celebrated, we had a perfect view of the sunset over the beach.

Things To Do In Seaside, Florida Photo via Ali

Loved these golden rays sparking over the water, marking the end of our second day at the beach together.

Planning A Vacation To Seaside, Florida

Learn about some more awesome places to eat and see in Seaside in my post Part 2 of our Seaside Girls Weekend! Have a great weekend!! xoxo

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23 Responses
  1. Chris Cook

     Thanks for giving us a peek into one of the larger condos on the beach.  Always  wondered what they looked like when driving by.  

  2. Kristin

    We just got back from a trip to Destin, FL and after seeing this blog post I knew we HAD to stop by Seaside. We had several hours to kill before catching our flight home at the Panama City airport so we were able to spend a few hours in this GORGEOUS town!! We had yummy snow cones (before lunch!) and then had the best burgers at Pickles. Wonderful. Just sad we couldn’t have spent our whole vacation there! (My bank account feels differently though, because yikes, Seaside is expensive)

  3. Annette Green

    Oh my goodness, I’ve heard of Seaside and have always wanted to visit. It looks AMAZING. And those rentals are phenomenal!! What a great time you all had. And those foodie photos were making me drool all over my keyboard. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us.

  4. kelley @ Mountain Mama Cooks

    What a gorgeous place! I’m so sorry I couldn’t make it. I’ll definitely need to get back there at some point. So glad you ladies had a great time and as always, gorgeous photos!

  5. Brenda @ a farmgirl's dabbles

    I’ve always wondered what that area was really like…and it looks LOVELY! Beautiful photos, friends, and food!

  6. shelly (cookies and cups)

    Such a fantastic trip! I had the best time and am so thankful I was able to spend time with you and all the girls! Loved every second!

  7. Joan Williams

    Lovely post – we’ve stayed in the Seaside area several times and there’s truly nothing like it. I need to get back and get another of those Seaside t shirts – mine’s about to wear out :)

  8. jenica

    I just looked at one of your sunset pictures with the view of the ‘lighthouse’ looking structure… said you took it with your iphone but it had aperture setting etc. Just wondered if that was right and if so can you tell me how you do that on an ipone? thanks! love your pics!

  9. Becky

    Wow….beautiful girls,delicious food,crafting with friends and an awesome sunset…sounds like fun fun fun in the sun to me. Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos. Can’t wait to see part 2. Hugs, Becky

  10. angela

    I cannot believe I have never been to Seaside. Every time I see a blog post about it I say *I have to go* and I mean it!! Love all your pictures and the fun things you did…especially the food!!! I’ve never met a grilled cheese I didn’t like!

  11. Dawn

    Awesome pictures! Love Seaside and love The Meltdown! There is a great Mexican place a little further east on 30A too!

  12. Kristin S

    Following you on Instagram is like a constant adventure!

    I often think, “doesn’t she just want to be home?” or “how does she get regular work done with all these trips?”. Then it dons on me, this is your job! Duh.

    Thanks for letting us travel with you.

  13. Ali | Gimme Some Oven

    These pictures all makes me so happy! So many great memories, with great friends, in a GREAT town. Seaside will always have a little piece of my heart now! :)

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