Colorful Copenhagen

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

Can I tell you how much I loved our hot pink hotel room when we were in Copenhagen?! I’ve been meaning to share this fun hotel with you! We stayed at the Andersen Boutique Hotel, and I could not get over how colorful and modern this fun hotel was.

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

It started with the big, hot pink numbers on the doors led you to your room.

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

How fun is this room!

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

I loved this little pink seating area, perfect for crashing after riding bikes around Copenhagen all day! We parked our car in the hotel garage and rented bikes from the hotel to cruise around Copenhagen. There are more bikes on the road than cars in the city!

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

Plenty of room to spread out.

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

Loved the wall word art here!

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

But this was my absolute favorite thing about the hotel. When we checked in, they had a huge bowl of fresh, ripe fruit waiting on us! Beautiful juicy, fresh strawberries, bananas, plums, apples and even Japanese persimmons. I totally dove right into this bowl!

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

Perfect little sitting room.

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

There was even a built-in suitcase rack that folds up for more space when not in use.

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

Okay, I am in love with this tile tub!

Andersen Boutique Hotel Copenhagen

Another view from the hallway of the numbered mirrors.

If you are in Copenhagen, definitely check out the Andersen Boutique Hotel! The breakfast in the morning was fabulous! They had a huge make-your-own-trail-mix station, so I could add  all the banana chips I wanted. :) And the dining room was just as cute and stylish as the suites.

P.S. It just might be Free Font Friday this week! ;) If you’ve been wanting your handwriting as a font, be sure to submit it today so I can get it in with the next round! Have a great day!! :)

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14 Responses
  1. Jen Koellmann

    What an adorable hotel! My mom, sister and I are taking a family heritage trip to Denmark next year, I definitely want to stay in this hotel! Thank you for sharing! 

  2. Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure

    What a fun hotel, not my personal style but I would love to visit a place like that. Especially with free food lol! Submitting my handwriting now because I love Free Font Fridays!

    1. Stephanie @ Our Marriage Adventure

      Click on Amanda’s link in her post about Free Font Friday and it will re-direct you to the page about how to submit your handwriting. :)

  3. Dora Panariti

    Hello Amanda! :-) Now, there is one more reason to travel to Copenhagen….! :-) I love these kind of hotels..!!!! And I can’t wait to stay in one of the sometime soon! :D

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