Best Things To Do in Copenhagen, Denmark

Planning a trip to Copenhagen Denmark? Here are the best things to do in Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, so you don’t miss any of the highlights!

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

After our trip to Sweden, we took the advice of a friend and spent one day in Copenhagen Denmark.

“If you’re going to be that close to Copenhagen,” he said, “you should really check it out.”

I am so glad we took his advice. I absolutely fell in love with Copenhagen.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

If you’re planning a trip and considering visiting Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, here are the best things to do in Copenhagen. You can see all the main highlights in one day.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

Nyhavn Canal

Our first stop was the Nyhavn Canal. I’d seen plenty of pictures of this place and knew I had to see it for myself. What a fun spot. I could’ve spent all day right here!

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

I loved the colorful buildings reflecting in the water.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

This beautiful boat was an active, working lighthouse, or lightship rather, until the 1970s. As I was photographing the ship, a local young man asked if I knew the history of the lightship. When I admitted I didn’t, he told me the following story. I’ll see if I can relay it correctly here. The Lightship Gedser Rev was located halfway between Denmark and East Germany. It played a central role in the Cold War, sending alerts and messages regarding Russian nuclear missiles.

The ship, painted with the red and white striped flag of Denmark, even acted haven for refugees from East Germany. Located just 11 miles from the coast of Germany, the lightship was the closest western refuge for many looking to flee East Germany and escape to the west.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

Ride a Bike in the Capital of Denmark

Next, we hopped back on our bikes — yes! We rented bikes again, can you believe it?? :) After our nearly 15 mile bike ride the day before, I wasn’t sure my legs would ever pedal again! But bikes are the best way to get around in Copenhagen Denmark.

I think there were more bikes than cars on the road! I’ll admit, riding in the middle of this big city had me pretty freaked at first! There were swarms of cars, other bikes, and pedestrians zipping all around us. And I did not have a helmet. I was seriously ready to return my bike after spending 30 seconds on it! But I got the hang of it, and I’m so glad I stuck with it. We were able to cover so much more ground on our short day!

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark


We pedaled our way to this striking red windmill right in the middle of Copenhagen’s Kastellet, a star-shaped fortress located on the shore of Copenhagen.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

Gorgeous church at the Kastellet.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

Rosenborg Castle

Next we headed for the King’s Rose Garden at Rosenborg Castle. This peaceful park was absolutely covered in lush greens and colorful blooms!

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

It got cloudy as the day went on, but there was still much beauty to be seen in Copenhagen Denmark.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

I absolutely fell in love with this cobblestone street lined with bikes, colorful homes, and bright florals. I so wish I could’ve photographed it in better light!

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

The Little Mermaid

We saw the Little Mermaid! She’s located up by the Kastellet.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

I just loved this sign.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

As the day was coming to an end, we made our way back to Nyhavn Canal. I was hoping to get some sunset photos here, but the cloud coverage was a little too thick this night.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

We stayed here, sipping coffee and eating cookies, until it got dark and all the lights of the canal came on.

Best Things To Do in Copenhagen Denmark

As we reflected on the day, I decided Copenhagen is definitely a place I would come again to visit. I would love to spend more time exploring this beautiful city! It struck me as such a family-friendly city.

Did I miss your favorite thing to do in Copenhagen? Tell me about it in the comments!

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38 Responses
  1. jonharington

    Thank you for showing how exactly Copenhagen looks like, the colourful buildings reflecting on the water is truly intriguing and wonderful. It is a really wonderful city to discover on a holiday.

  2. Kristen

    What a beautiful blog site!

    We will be in Copenhagen and wonder how far exactly the car ride/train ride would be to Malmo, Sweden? It would be nice to say we have been to Sweden! After Copenhagen we are travelling up through Norway – so our time is limited.

    Did you stay in Copenhagen and would you have any hotel recommendations?


  3. Megan Eileen

    The colors in Copenhagen are fantastic! Is the whole city like that or just that street? What time of year did you go there? Any restaurant recommendations?

  4. Ting at My Travel Monkey

    So timely reading this. I was just thinking I might book some flights to Copenhagen for the summer as they’re so cheap. Could you spend around four days there do you think? Looks beautiful

  5. Molly @ Molly On the Move

    Those colors though! So vivid and cheerful. You have me sold on a trip to Copenhagen whenever luck brings me to Europe again ;-)

  6. Tommy Carstensen

    Thank you for showing me Copenhagen (my home town) through your lens. Your first photo with the buildings reflecting in the water is amazing! Even if it has been processed.

    P.S. I came to your website looking for a photo to build a LEGO mosaic of. I think I’ll go for Nyhavn. I’m going to attach it to an IKEA Pax wardrobe, which I will use to separate bed and living room in my new studio in Cambridge, UK. Thanks!

  7. Sina

    very georgeous photos. me and my fiance are trying to immigrate to denmark. your beautiful photos gives us Hope and encourages us not to give up trying. thank you so much.

  8. Arielle

    Gorgeous photos. You are smart to visit in the summer, when i visited it was in the winter and a little dreary :( Also, the mermaid wasn’t there during my time, she was away in China.

  9. Katie

    Gorgeous photos! I studied abroad in Copenhagen during college and absolutely loved the city. It holds a special place in my heart because my husband came to visit and proposed on the waterfront across from the Opera House.(which was under construction at the time.) Our dream is to go back one day! Thanks for sharing!

  10. Melinda @ Mom on the Make

    The photos are amazing and the colors are breathtaking. I agree, I love biking around new cities while traveling. You really get a better picture of the town from a bike.

  11. Line

    Oh, when I read you were in Sweden, I was hoping you would stop by Denmark too. I’m so glad you enjoyed our capital. And you took some amazing photos around Nyhavn and the rest of Copenhagen.

  12. Trina H

    Very jealous, Cophenhagen and Denmark as a whole are on my list of places I must see. Being from Australia we have a very strong bond with Demark as Crown Princess Mary of Denmark is Australian born and she met her husband here in Sydney (where I am from) during the 2000 Olympics. I am a huge fan of Princess Mary and I would love to see her new home country. Your photos are so beautiful and make me what to see it more. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Erin @ Texanerin Baking

    I’ve been to Copenhagen three times and you make it look way, way more amazing than I remember it being. I’ll definitely look at it differently if I go back again. Beautiful pictures as always! Sorry you didn’t get your sunset pictures. :(

  14. Carolyn

    My husband and I were in Copenhagen last year for several days. We too loved everything about it. You have managed to catch the beautiful colors and sights that we remember so fondly. Thank you for reminding me why we enjoyed it so much and why we will return again.

  15. A.R.

    Wow! Your photos are Art! One totally looks like a painting its just amazing!! How did you get the photos so crisp? It looks like my monitor is a clean window right into Copenhagen. Sigh, I’ve got to go work on my photography skills some more….

  16. Diane | An Extraordinary Day

    The color and lighting is spectacular!
    It looks like I’m adding Copenhagen to my travel list!!!

  17. Anne

    Once again, Amanda, your photos could not be more stunning! I would love to see these places you photograph as all of them look so beautiful.

  18. Ann

    I have been following along on your Sweden journey. I just love all your photos. Could you share your editing secrets? I love how your colors just pop off the page. Have thoroughly enjoyed all your travels aver the years.

  19. Melanie Kelly

    So great to see the city in the summer months through your photos! I went in a snow storm in January 2003. It was so cold!!! I could barely look up to see the architecture! I’ll have to go back!

  20. marla

    Looks like a very smart idea that you added on to this trip!! I have never been to Copenhagen, the color alone makes me want to travel there!

  21. Susan

    I’m glad you loved Copenhagen! Did you visit the Tivoli Gardens? That’s my idea of the perfect fairground, especially during the ethereal dusk.

    I’ve never been to Sweden, but that is now on my list of places to go, after seeing all of your wonderful photos. We’ll be in Norway, though, during early autumn.

    May I please ask which camera you were using to produce all of these amazing photos? I think it helps that you obviously have such a wonderful eye for composition and quite a bit of skill, I should imagine.

  22. mhn7700

    Waaah!! Even if you didn’t have time to meet up, I’m so happy you came to Copenhagen and fell in love with what I think is one of the greatest places on earth ^__^ Even though I know it like the back of my hand it was still exciting to see it through your eyes, and sure, it might have been cloudy, but unfortunately that’s a good day this summer :/
    Thank you for this wonderful portrail of my town that I love so much. I do hope you come back again~^^

    Tip for next time – although I’m sure you’re more than used to stuff like this over there, but it’s pretty unique for DK:
    Food market, a little kitchenware, small eateries with tons of yummy stuff made on the spot (I recommend the tapas!), and I’m sure some strong people actually leave with the same amount of money they came with! LOL

  23. Josefine

    I have never written on your site before, even though I have been a follower for quite a while now, however since you have visited my part of the world, I just wanted to leave a quick comment and say hi, and also wish to welcome you back to Denmark again soon. It is really nice here in the summertime (when the weather is behaving nicely ;-), so I am glad you decided to visit after your stay in lovely Sweden. Hope you enjoyed it all :o)

    Many regards – Josefine

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