Autumn Bakery Scents

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

I love sweet, buttery, bakery-scented candles and home fragrances. They make the house smell like freshly baked cookies all the time! I’m so excited to stock up on some fun new flavors for fall. Bath and Body Works has a delicious new collection of sweet scents you might only find wafting from a Parisian bakery. I couldn’t have been more delighted when I came across these fun new candles last weekend!

Not a sponsored post! I just love candles and bakery scents so much and felt the need to be an enabler. Just in case you need some too.

I love their descriptions.

Cafe au Lait. A fragrance inspired by dreamy mornings drinking coffee in a Parisian cafe — warm caramel, brown sugar, and creamy vanilla.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

Hello Sweet Macaron! How perfect are you?? This one smells pink and sweet, with a hint of raspberry and lots of cookie and vanilla. I want to drink it.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

But this one? Oh my gosh, you guys. This one is amazing. I have never smelled anything like it. It is just like sweet, salty, crusty, buttery, warm, fresh-from-the-oven french bread. It smells JUST like freshly baked bread! There is nothing better than the smell of freshly baked bread! And they’ve bottled it. If you only get one, get this one. It’s worth a trip to the store just to go smell it!! Oh my gosh. I’m dying. I can’t put this one away.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

This one’s too fun! They’ve also got a new line of Parisian-themed bath and body products right now. They’ve got a romantic scent and a floral scent, but of course I went with the sweet scent! This is the Sweet on Paris Shimmer Mist and it comes in this cute Eiffel Tower shaped bottle. The scent reminds me of Pink Sugar and it is soooo shimmery!! I love it! It’s not my favorite scent in my collection (this is) but as summer is winding down, I keep finding myself reaching for this one over and over because it’s so fun and shimmery.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

How did I miss these this summer?! While you’re there, check the sale section and see if your Bath & Body Works has these gems on sale for 1/2 off. They’ve also got one that smells JUST like sunscreen, if you’re into that sort of thing! :)

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

This one’s your basic, sweet, vanilla flavor.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

But this one. This one is truly wonderful. Truly, amazingly, mind-blowingly wonderful. I would’ve reversed the sizes here — a big one of Summer Boardwalk and a little one of Ice Cream Shop, but these were the last two sizes my store had.

This powerful fragrance invokes sweet memories of the delicious medley of scents wafting up and down the boardwalk at a summer fair.

Not only does it have the sweet, creamy, rich vanilla and buttery caramel fragrances, but it’s completely taken to a new level with tangy undertones of crisp caramel and taffy apples.

I’m in love.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

Of course I had to pick up this little one too! Spicy pumpkin and sweet vanilla frosting. Perfect combo.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

Now on to the scented tart warmers! I always love browsing the candle aisle at Walmart. They’ve got a huge collection of yummy fragrances for plugin warmers — I use these in my Scentsy warmer — and they’re always coming out with fun new flavors. And at $2 a piece, they’re very budget-friendly!

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

Oh my gosh. This one. I put this one in, went outside to play with Miley and Howie, and when I came back in, I seriously thought to myself Oh my gosh, what deliciousness am I baking in the oven?! It took me a minute to remember it was just a warmer. It seriously smells way too fabulous. Like homemade cookies, all warm and fluffy in the oven.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

Whatever you do, don’t get this one. It smells way, way, way too good. Like better than cupcakes. If that’s possible. Ooh! It’s like sweet, buttery, fluffy Chess Squares. It immediately gave me a powerful, unrelenting craving for cookie dough. Which I happened to have in the refrigerator. And I ate it. So don’t get this one. It’s entirely too dangerous.

And hello! Look at the cute name. I am totally seeing stocking stuffer material here!

P.S. Mom, if you’re reading this, act surprised and touched, okay? A tear wouldn’t hurt.

This one’s all sweet and cherryish. It’s like candy.

Fall Candles and Bakery Scents

This one’s sweet and buttery, with a hint of oatmeal and spice. The perfect fall flavor.

What are you most looking forward to for fall? What fall fragrances are you loving right now?

Have a great Thursday! :)

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41 Responses
  1. Lindy@Itsy Bitsy Paper

    I thought of you today when I walked into Walmart and saw the fall display of the Better Homes and Gardens wax tart burners. I felt like it was an early birthday gift calling my name…I had to snag some of the great scents–s’mores, cranberry, fall harvest, yum. I am so addicted to the Better Homes and Gardens wax tart burners because they are so cheap and smell so amazingly yummy. I even did a blog post about it today.

  2. Dawn

    PS – While I was at the store the first time, I was able to take advantage of the 2 for $20 deal on the big candles and picked up the French Baguette and Cinnamon Sugar Donut. Love them both!

  3. Dawn

    I HAD to share this story with you!
    I went into Bath & Body, solely looking for the Summer Boardwalk candle because of your recommendation. I get there and they are GONE!! I must have looked distraught because the sales clerk came up and asked if she could help. Long story short, after telling her about your blog, she called the outlet store over an hour away and located a small Summer Boardwalk! I told her that I probably couldn’t make the drive, so she called the store back and it turns out a worker there is also a student in my town. So she DROVE the candle to the store the next day for me! Isn’t that crazy!?
    The craziest part is that all of this was based solely on your recommendation — I had never even smelled the candle at that point! I just picked it up, and am burning it at my home office and LOVE IT! You’re right — it’s just the perfect nostalgic combination! I would have never experienced it had it not been for your blog! Thanks girl!

  4. Lydia

    Oh my heavens! I just picked up sweet macaroon and it smells amazing! I also got the frosted cupcake since they were two for $20 and i am lovin’ both of them!!

  5. Kathy

    Love following your blog. This morning I went to the ScentSationals website to order these that you reccomended. The problem is, they are not even in their list of available scents!! None of them. :-(
    Also, the only ones that are priced at $2.00 are in the “Bargain Alley”. The list,prices start at $3.99!
    Where do you find yours that you can pay $2.00? I want to order!!

  6. Pech

    I just discovered your blog- your photography gorgeous! And I see you will be dangerous for me: I have successfully avoided Bath and Body works and controlled my candle fix except for Christmastime. But now I know there is a way to make my home smell like bread without the side effect of me eating all that hot soft bread… well I guess I’ll have to test that out. You’re trouble!

  7. TidyMom

    I swear you might be my sister!……..I don’t have one, so wanna be? lol

    I’m a HUUUUUGE bakery sent/candle/tart lover! I always have something filling my home with delicious sents!!

  8. Melissa M

    Now I want to run out and stock up on Fall scented things! I definitely prefer the tarts and electric warmers to the candle, especially for floral scents.

  9. Holly

    OMG I think I need to make a trip to the mall this weekend to pick up that Pumpkin Cupcake candle. I bet it smells fantastic!

    And I absolutely adore your photos. What is your backdrop here if you don’t mind me asking. The bokeh and colors are amazing!

  10. Jen AKA Jupiter

    haylee is right. Using other waxes can void your Scentsy warranty. I am also a consultant I am looking forward to the new French Toast and Apple Crisp scents. I plan on mixing these two together. YUMMY Apple French Toast!

  11. bridgit

    I’m such a scent fan! i actually just stocked up, yesterday, at BBW. got all new wall flower plug ins, soaps, scentpotables! It’s great to see how many other people really enjoy fun smells too.
    I’ve asked my husband for a wax warmer and waxes from Wal-Mart…with 2 little girls and a dog running around the house…little flames aren’t safe. Thanks

  12. Peaches

    Perfect timing. B&B is having a big labor day sale this weekend. The big 3 wick candles are 2 for $20 — about half price. I was already planning on going, but now I’ll take note of your recommendations for when I go in to shop. My favorite is Balsam — it’s too early to break it out just yet, but I’m stocking up for Christmas!

  13. yuki

    I can’t wait for Bath and Body Works to carry the Christmas candles again. I’m dying to stock up on the mint dark chocolate….OH EM GEE….

  14. haylee

    Using the WalMart wax does void your Scentsy Warmer warranty. Also, compare the amount of wax in a WalMart versus Scentsy bar. And how long a cube lasts… Yes, I’m a Scentsy Consultant, but after feedback from customers, I’m all about Scentsy!!! Nothing competes. ;) We have some seriously cute warmers coming out this season, and holiday warmers, too!! And don’t get me started on our new scents!! Caramel Pear Crisp, dulce de leche, French Toast, Transcendence, and lots of other yumminess!! Browse at, or contact me and I’ll send you a catalog!!

  15. Kari

    I’ve seen and smelled these amazing candles and I’ve resisted so far. I think your post pushed me over the edge and I MUST have them now!!

  16. Gena@BakeAllTheThings!

    I’ve recently gone Paleo and these are the PERFECT way to get my ‘fix’ of holiday sugary goodness without giving in to my MASSIVE sugar cravings!!

  17. Linda S.

    I love the scent of pumpkin anything! The scent I would love to try is the French Baguette although it would probably make me feel like eating a lot. lol

  18. Sarah

    Ahhh!!! I have a Scentsy warmer and didn’t realize you could get bars at Wal-Mart! This is SO exciting! I too, am a lover of all things baked-goods smelling. Running out the door now to pick some up!

    1. Alea

      You can’t get Scentsy bars at Wal-Mart, just the Wal-Mart brand. But it is not recommended (you will void your warranty) to put anything other than Scentsy in your Scentsy warmer. :)

  19. Becky

    I love the clean crisp air in the fall and the smell of leaves. Smelling the scent of anything spicey like pumpkin spice, autumn spice, apple spice, or butter rum makes me smile. Pumpkin pie is my fave dessert so I think that would be my fave scent also for the house. Happy Fall Y’all !!!!!

  20. Donna E.

    oooohhh!!! jst from ur description i “think” my nose can smell them too! lol!
    sad but we don’t have bath and body works here in this part of saudi arabia :(

  21. Erin

    That’s so funny, I was just at their store last weekend and I flipped over that french baguette candle! It really does smell like fresh baked bread! It’s amazing. I bought a ton of the mini candles just to try out all of their scents. The Mahogany Teakwood candle is also a great choice :)

  22. Elizabeth Rhyneer

    Went to the bar recipe and will have to bake this today. My husband all ways laughs about a gooey butter cake but I need this. Thank you for the memory and the scent review. Fall will be here soon.
    Have a good day.

  23. Anele @ Success Along the Weigh

    Girl, I love it when you do these posts! Pumpkin cupcake? Yes please! I’m so going there just to smell the french baguette candle. That would be the perfect candle to burn for an open house. :-)

  24. Dora Panariti

    I am a candle maniac! I love a warm candle next to me even in summer! (ok, with a/c on!)
    My favorite autumn scents are definitely pecan, chocolate and vanilla.. and that’s my favorite candle choices, too! I really love the easter-scented, as well, totally inspired by indian aromatic sticks!
    Do you like the sticks or burning oils?

  25. Megan Z.

    These scents look absolutely amazing! I was starting to feel the Fall vibes (before it started reaching 90 degrees again where I live!) and these would be perfect to compliment that feeling! Thanks for sharing such awesome finds!!!

  26. Susan Peoples

    Thanks for all the wonderful “scents” info. I need to check to see if Bath and Body has a mail order as I am in the deep woods of the Great Smoky Mountains through the fall with my son. This would be amazing as he love to smell the “Fresh Baked Cookies” in his warmer. I was amazed that he purchased one for himself. They are so safe too.

  27. A drop of ink

    Perfect post to get us all in the fall mood! I also just recently adopted a kitten so I am finding a need for stronger home scents, perfect timing for your post. I haven’t purchased a Scentsy warmer yet but am seriously considering it (especially now we have a litter box to combat.) Would you recommend?

    1. Amanda

      I definitely prefer the warmers to candles! I only buy candles if it’s in a fragrance I absolutely can’t resist :) But if I had the option, I would definitely get it in a warmer! :) I love just being able to turn on the candle and leave it on as long as I want without having to worry about an open flame. Also I like that you don’t have to blow out the candle, so it doesn’t “ruin” the nice fragrance you’ve worked up with all the smoke from the the candle. You can buy the warmers at Walmart too — I have a Scentsy one and a Walmart one and they both work great!

  28. Amanda Padgett

    These sounds heavenly! I’m a candle fanatic too and love the food & fruit smells best.

    Thanks for sharing these with us. Next time I’m near one of those stores, I’ll pop in and check the candles out.

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