New Orleans Highlights

01a-snowballs-marla-meridith-52Left photo via Marla Meridith

Here are some things I did in New Orleans.

03-snowballs-marla-meridith-51Photo via Marla Meridith

I ate beignets at Cafe Du Monde.

This was my first stop with Jenny and Marla in New Orleans (after the lens freak out debacle). This must always be the first stop on any visit to New Orleans, but preferably without a lens freakout debacle.


Loved grabbing a plate of these fried, chewy beignets piled with mountains of powdered sugar!

06-snowballs-maggy-07Photo via Maggy

I had a life-changing omelet experience at Camellia Grill.

07-snowballs-jenny-flake-32Photo via Jenny

Camellia Grill was the cutest little hometown diner you can imagine. Totally reminded me of Luke’s diner from Gilmore Girls. Everything was cooked on the big griddle right in front of us and served at the counter. Eggs were constantly being whipped for the lightest, fluffiest omelets ever.

08-snowballs-jenny-flake-308Photo via Jenny

If you are ever in New Orleans, the western omelet and chocolate freeze from Camellia Grill are an absolute must, I can’t get over how good these were!

09-snowballs-maggy-296Photo via Maggy

I ate a snowball. That’s me in the white dress with the larger than life purse.

10-snowballs-maggy-330Photo via Maggy

I kept getting tweets that I must try a New Orleans snowball, and they did not lead me astray. Loved this photo of all of us bloggers snapping photos of this snowball, I don’t think any of us had ever had one before!

11-snowballs-marla-meridith-167Photo via Marla Meridith

It was very finely shaved iced (just like a real snowball), and you could get it “stuffed” with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for a “snow ice cream” taste.


Loved their interesting flavor combinations, mine was Wedding Cake. I can’t remember what Nate had, but isn’t he a doll?


And there were tons of topping options like whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk and even marshmallow fluff. Here’s Gaby with a chocolate snowball, I think this one was my favorite of the day!


Dan’s coffee snowball topped with sweetened condensed milk was a close second, and I loved Jenny’s ice cream flavored snowball!

There are still so many things left of my New Orleans to-do list, I’m already wanting to go back. Like get my palm read in Jackson Square. Have you ever had your palm read? How did it turn out? I always love hearing these spooky stories. Have a great Monday!

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27 Responses
  1. deQor8

    Gawd … I love New Orleans .. my wife & I visited last December and had a blast … Cafe du Monde, Emeril’s NOLA, Mother’s, and soooo much more. Thanks for taking me down memory lane.

  2. Hannah Gettys

    I love your blog! That food looks delicious!
    Check me out at
    Have a great day:)

  3. Talula

    I always love visiting your website as I know I’ll be in for a pleasant surprise every time! It is either great food, trip, outfit, your boston terriers …..

    I have one question though, how come your photos always look so sharp, do you have to edit them before posting them or in your opinion, does a great lens like the canon L lens makes a huge difference (of course, it also takes a great photographer) =)

  4. Joy

    I had my palm read by a lady in Cleveland, Oklahoma for a psychology project in high school WAY back in the 70’s. It was wierd how much she told me about my life at the time. She knew names of my friends, my family structure, and my life aspirations. I didn’t write down the things she told me about my future (and I don’t remember) so I don’t know if any of it came true but it was an interesting experience.

  5. Beth

    I just love looking at all your lovely pictures! What an amazing life you have what with all the traveling and eating you partake in! I have read your blog for several years and it’s been fun to watch you transform…I’ve always been curious if you plan on having children?

  6. pickmepam

    you so did not eat those beignets! you were too busy taking photos of them!
    never inhale while biting. learned that the hard way a long time ago.

  7. Carolyn

    Everything looks delicious. By the way I love the dress your wearing with the larger than life purse. Any chance you can tell where you purchased it. TIA

  8. creole wisdom

    GAH I love New Orleans! Of course this is making me want to travel there so badly. I’m glad you got your lens and all was good in the end!

  9. Melissa

    Ok now I gotta go to hansen’s for a snowball tomorrow! They are the best, (no matter what those Plum St people say! lol) Don’t you just love all the old pictures on the walls? beautiful pictures of such simplicity…shaved ice and syrup, fried dough and sugar…

  10. Vicki V

    I just got back from NOLA and lived there for many years. I didn’t know that Camellia Grill had a restaurant in the Quarter now! I wonder if they still have the original on Carrollton and St. Charles?

    New Orleans’ food is the BEST–Lots of great flavors that dance on your tongue!

    1. Amanda

      Thanks Sophia! You can click on any photo to see what camera and lens I’m using as well as the settings I used to take the photo. :)

  11. Michelle

    You are really making me miss my hometown. Your pictures are incredible. Can you tell me the secret of how you are able to focus on part of a picture and blur the rest out? I am able to do this if one subject is a lot closer or further than another in the same picture, but how did you do this on the cup from Cafe du Monde?

  12. Claire

    I’m from New Orleans and I gotta say that Plum Street Snowball Stand is the best one in the city (although I’m biased as I grew up around the corner from it). And I have actually had my palm read in Jackson square by an old gypsy lady called Miss Lena. She was far too tan, had bright pink hair, very wrinkly skin, and was chain smoking sitting under a rainbow umbrella. I was surprised that she got so much right about me! And then she told me my future and it sounded like a pretty good one. You should definitely get your palm read. It’s so fun!

  13. Dollie

    I had my Palm Read/cards read one time in Jackson Square, it was awesome and seemed pretty spot on (a few things were hit or miss though) There are a TON of fun things to do here (just moved to the area), and I love Cafe Du Monde!
    Thank you for sharing your fun adventures!


  14. Stewart

    Ironically, there is a “Luke” restaurant in New Orleans, where I had the most delicious pancakes I’ve ever eaten in my life. “Mother’s” is also to die for.

    If you want a snowball outside of New Orleans, there’s a place in Atlanta (Decatur) called SnoBall that’s really good, run by a woman from New Orleans.

  15. Ari@ThE DiVa DiSh

    I Love this! Such a great experience with Yummy food and good friends! I have always wanted to go to New Orleans. It just seems so pretty with the cool buildings and what not.
    And I am loving that shaved ice/ice cream thing :)

  16. ron

    That’s a fine looking group of bloggers and the food looks fantastic as well.Thanks for sharing…That Jenny is so B-E-UTIFUL!

  17. The Mrs @ Success Along the Weigh

    Mmm…beignets. Mmmm…Nate. Oh, huh?

    Never had my palm read and likely never will. I don’t need something to obsess over! LOL

  18. Jenny Flake

    This is one of my favorite re-caps! What fun photos, I think we are due for another adventure, lol :) Not sure how we can top New Orleans, but we can sure have fun trying. Talk soon! xoxo

  19. Phyllis

    Amanda: Thank you for always sharing your adverntures. Your pictures are absolutely wonderful. You always make me feel like I need to add these things to my bucket list. I am definitely adding this one since I’ve been thinking about a trip to New Orleans.


  20. Averie @ Love Veggies and Yoga

    Is it wrong to want Nate’s hair? It’s so funky, I love it :)

    And I love the shot of you and Jenny w/ your cameras. I *just* got a new camera. His name is Mark. And I am in love with him. I’ve only had him for 1 day and he’s my new BFF

    And I can tell that you and Jenny are such great friends and Gaby and Marla too…I love posts like this!

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