Hello Monday

Happy Presidents Day! Do you have the day off? Kevin and my parents are back home in Alabama after an amazing week at Deer Valley, but I am staying here in Utah for another week hanging out with Maria! You can see what kind of trouble we’ve already gotten into on Instagram. :) She’s got ALL kinds of cupcakes and cookies and bakeries and macarons lined up for us this week, so I better go put on my stretchy pants now!! I hope the plane doesn’t have a weight limit… I might not make it back!! ;)

Hope you have a beautiful week!

Don’t forget to be awesome today. ;)


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7 Responses
  1. Kyra & Jocelyn @

    Hi Amanda – Just wanted to say thanks for sharing with us all at the BYB Conference in Salt Lake. It was so fun and you did a great job! So happy we got to meet you at Sweet Tooth Fairy! :) Enjoy your last few days in Utah!

  2. Amber @ Dessert Now, Dinner Later!

    Amanda, you are so cute & funny! It was great hearing from you at the Build Your Blog Conference this past weekend. Love your blog!

  3. Elizabeth

    What a gorgeous picture! Hope you are having a wonderful time! I have off today, but my husband still has work. Time to catch up on the house!

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