These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes are even more delicious than they sound. A moist vanilla cake is filled with yummy edible cookie dough and topped with creamy frosting!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Oh mama mia, you are going to love these cookie dough cupcakes! When we were in Chicago for Kevin’s birthday, we ran into this little bakery that had cookie dough cupcakes. Yes, cookie dough in the cupcake! Hallelujah! I couldn’t figure out how the cookie dough was still, well, dough, inside a baked cupcake, until a sweet Facebook friend Denise informed me that you freeze the dough in advance so it doesn’t bake inside the cupcake. Brilliant! Thank you Denise!

I immediately and profusely professed my undying love for Denise, but I haven’t heard back yet.

I’ll keep you updated on that.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

So, you totally have to try these! Take your favorite vanilla cupcake recipe and fill your muffin tins 2/3 full. I used a 3 tbsp scoop and it turned out to be just right.


Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

The cake part itself is not actually the dominant flavor of these cupcakes, so if you wanted to use a box mix for these cupcakes, no one would ever know! :) Or you can try doctoring up a cake mix like this. How good would a vanilla cake mix with white chocolate jello pudding be?? :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

How to Make Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Here’s my frozen cookie dough. Make these the night before so they are good and frozen. I used my favorite cookie dough recipe for this. I never want to bake it, so I figured it’d be perfect for these cupcakes. :)

For this application, I substituted the eggs with milk (1 egg = 2 tbsp milk.) and used mini chocolate chips.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Now here’s the totally cool part. You just plop the frozen dough right on top of the cupcake batter. For real!

And you will not believe how these come out of the oven…

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Just. like. this. Seriously, right? You can’t tell at all! Love it!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

There is some very yummy cookie dough hiding in here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Hello, love. Can you see the little heavenly bites of goodness peeking through?

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Now when I read about this Cookie Dough Buttercream Frosting, I was so all over that.

I totally had to try it. It’s everything you love about buttercream… heavenly, light, whipped, buttery…

And it tastes JUST. like. cookie dough.

Cookie dough. Frosting!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

I am in love.

I am in love.

I am in love.

I am in love.

I am in love!

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Now I know you want to see how it looks on the inside! :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Smoosh! Cookie dough, baby!

Next time (oh there will so be a next time) I am going to try shaping the cookie dough in tubes. I’m betting it’ll turn out more like these.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Oh, and see these cute little cupcake holders? :) I made these using the Silhouette. So fun!

I printed out cute cupcake paper from my digital scrapbooking stash, but I also just saw some really cute cupcake paper at Hobby Lobby. Then I found this free cupcake wrapper pattern and converted it for use on the Silhouette. Or there are tons of really cute cupcake wrappers in the Silhouette store, too!

There’s still time to enter the giveaway (ends Wednesday night) so head on over there and check it out! :)

Enjoy these cupcakes! :)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Image of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes

  • Prep Time: 25 minutes
  • Cook Time: 16 minutes
  • Total Time: 41 minutes
  • Yield: 24 cupcakes 1x
  • Category: Dessert
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: American


These Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Cupcakes are even more delicious than they sound. A moist vanilla cake is filled with yummy edible cookie dough and topped with creamy frosting!



For the cookie dough

  • 2 sticks softened butter
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 3/4 cup brown sugar
  • 4 tablespoon milk
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • 2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  • 1/4 teaspoon. salt
  • 1 cup mini chocolate chips

For the cupcakes

  • 3 sticks softened butter
  • 1 1/2 cups light brown sugar, packed
  • 4 large eggs
  • 2 2/3 cups all purpose flour
  • 1 teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup milk
  • 2 teaspoon vanilla extract

For the frosting

  • 3 sticks softened butter
  • 3/4 cup light brown sugar, packed
  • 3 1/2 cups powdered sugar
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 2 tablespoon milk
  • 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


  1. To make the cookie dough, combine the butter and sugars in a mixing bowl and cream on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 2 mins. Beat in milk and vanilla until incorporated and smooth. Beat in the flour and salt until just combined. Stir in the chocolate chips. Using a 1.5 tablespoon scoop, shape the dough into balls or tubes. Freeze on a parchment lined baking sheet overnight.
  2. To make the cupcakes, preheat the oven to 350° F.  Line two cupcake pans with paper liners (24 total).  In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, combine the butter and brown sugar.  Beat together on medium-high speed until light and fluffy, about 3 minutes.  Mix in the eggs one at a time, beating well after each addition and scraping down the sides of the bowl as needed.
  3. Combine the flour, baking powder, baking soda, and salt in a medium bowl.  Stir together to blend.  Add the dry ingredients to the mixer bowl on low speed, alternating with the milk, beginning and ending with the dry ingredients, mixing each addition just until incorporated.  Blend in the vanilla.
  4. Using a 3 tablespoon scoop, fill the prepared cupcake liners 2/3 full with the cupcake batter. Place a frozen cookie dough ball on the top center of each cupcake.
  5. Bake at 350 for 16-18 mins.
  6. To make the frosting, combine the butter and brown sugar in a mixing bowl and cream on medium-high speed until light and fluffy.  Beat in the powdered sugar until smooth.  Beat in the salt, milk, and vanilla extract until smooth and combined.
  7. Frost the cupcakes and sprinkle with mini chocolate chips!


Cookie dough adapted from Picky Palate. Cupcake and frosting adapted from Annie’s Eats.

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287 Responses
  1. Michael

    Cupcakes consider as the real justice to the deserts of tea time. when there is a gathering of friends, mothers, or a family then people use to make the time better so that the time can spend an as unforgettable day.

  2. Vicky

    I love the taste of these and so does everyone I make them for. However, I have a question. Are you using a regular sized cupcake tin? I always have too much of everything. Today I halved the recipe to make 12 cupcakes. When I divided the cookie dough into 12 portions, they were closer to 3 tablespoons than 1.5. There was more batter than I could fit into the 12 cups in the tin. They always overflow the tin and while they taste great, they don’t look too attractive. Thanks.

  3. Sarah

    I can not even express the memories this cupcake recipe has for me! It was the first cupcake I ever made my (now) husband while we were dating. His favorite anything is chocolate chip with chocolate chip cookie dough being the tip top. This was also the recipe we requested and ate at our wedding as one of our cupcake flavors. GIANT hit!! “Thank you” just doesn’t seem strong enough!

  4. Kristen Hess

    I made these for the umpteenth time today!  They are always such a hit!  I decided I wanted to see if I could get the frosting a bit smother, so I put the packed brown sugar in the freezer for an hour.  I used my old school sifter and voila!  It created a slightly finer grain, resulting in a smoother frosting.  
    p.s.  you can also use the extra frozen cookie dough balls in brownies as well!!!

  5. Mama Schick

    I have been coming back to this recipe for years and figured it’s about time I send my gratitude. This recipe is fantastic! My kids love it so much that I always double the cookie dough centers and put half in the freezer. That way, when I’m in a hurry, I sub a butter cake mix into this recipe and plop in those dough balls – and within minutes have them in the oven. 
    I’ve also used the frosting to top chocolate brownie cupcakes. Any and all teens love this! 
    Thank you for sharing!! 

  6. Barbara

    I’ve made this recipe twice, and it’s a winner every time. Most recently, I made about 4 dozen for a bake sale, and everyone raved over the cupcakes (I also tried to make them look cute). Thanks for this recipe!

  7. Shar

    I made these this weekend for a celebration, and they turned out so wonderfully (I never comment on recipes, but I wanted you to know how amazing this recipe was) – thank you for your awesome work/guidance!

  8. Jessica

    These look wonderful and I will be making them very soon for my niece on her 17th birthday!! Can you please tell me if the cupcakes need to be refrigerated after they are completed? Thank you for a yummy new treat!

  9. Melody

    I am making these cupcakes for my little sister’s class since it is her birthday next week. The cookie dough is absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to see how the cupcakes turn out! Thank you so much for putting this recipe up!

  10. Sanchita

    I ran into this recipe while searching online! Made all these cupcakes and the frosting! Delicious! I am taking them to a birthday tomorrow! Do you recommend refrigerating them?

  11. Danielle

    Oh wow…I had to comment. I made these last night and they are ahhhhh amazing! Awesome recipe- thank you for sharing!!!!

  12. brenda

    First let me say these are absolutely delicious !!! But I have made them twice. And both times they come out very crumbly and break up when I frost. It certainly doesn’t hurt the flavor but they don’t look good. Not sure what I’m doing wrong. Any thoughts ?

  13. Susan Drummond

    They look and sound wonderful, and I was going to bake them for my grandson’s birthday, but the recipe has EIGHT STICKS OF BUTTER for 24 cupcakes!!!! Ai-yi-yi-yi-yi! :)

  14. Brie

    Made these today; they were amazing and everyone loved them! They were pretty easy to make too. We ended up with 34 cupcakes and extra cookie dough balls (we had to make ours a little smaller), so we got to eat some plain frozen cookie dough, which was an extra treat! Thanks so much for this great recipe!

  15. Tracy

    Do you store these in the refrigerator? I don’t want them to dry out but worry about the dough not staying cool! These look amazing though!

  16. Eric Jones

    The link to the frosting is broken. They must have reposted it, as the new link is nearly identical, but with a different date in the url. Here is the updated link.

    I’ve been making these for years, and everyone absolutely loves them. I was making a bunch for a big dinner party, and ran out of ingredients for the cupcake batter. I had triple chocolate fudge cupcake mix, and used it instead. I asked my wife if she thought it would be ok, and she said it didn’t sound like a good mix. I made it anyways, and she was foaming at the mouth for them to come out of the oven because they smelled so good! They turned out amazing, and it’s now the only way I make them.

  17. Valerie

    These look TO DIE FOR! That being said, how far in advance can they sit? Birthday party on Sunday afternoon, can I have them ready and waiting by Friday? Should I refrigerate them? How about the frosting?? (Sorry for all the questions, and thanks in advance for any answers!) ~VM :)

  18. Jennifer D.

    Skimmed through the comments but has anyone tried these with store bought cookie dough? Like Pillsbury rolled into balls and frozen? I noted that your cookie recipe has no egg but didn’t know if store bought would work.

  19. lesliemac23

    Made these to rave reviews. Do you push the cookie dough down into the cupcake batter or just rest it on top? Also in the cookie dough recipe you say 3/4 cup light brown sugar, is that packed or loose? Thanks for all your great recipes – I’m making the Bacon Pesto Gnocchi tonight!

  20. Lulu

    Hiii amanda ,,

    I liked your recipe .. And I want to try it so baaad
    But I have a question for you ..

    Can I make a red velvet cookie dough ( RVCD ) and chocolate cup cake instead?!
    And if I can .. Will you please guid me how to make the RVCD ?!
    Cause I tried to google it .. And nothing was helpful ..
    So pleeeeeease .. Guid me ..

    Thnx in advance =D

  21. Maria

    Hey, just out of curiosity, is it ok it I dye the frosting blue, and if I do, should I use regular food coloring liquid drops or paste, and how much do you recommend? I’m making cookie monster cupcakes with these haha. Thanks!

  22. Jackie

    Hi Amanda

    Nice Post. I want to make these for my 5 year old niece’s birthday. How to you make the cookie dough in tubes, also, where do you buy the 1.5 tbsp scoop at. Thanks.

  23. Anna

    These look absolutely amazing! I am bound to try these as soon as possible. However, I see that your cupcake recipe uses all brown sugar. Should I use all brown sugar for my regular vanilla cupcake recipe?

  24. Ashley

    Okay! I just made these and my cookies didn’t submerge to the bottom! They’re still on the top! I don’t know why they don’t look good like yours! ): Help? Tips?

  25. Ashley

    If you could please answer! It’s definitely okay to use just regular chocolate chips instead of mini? Would anything change at all?

  26. Eric Jones

    I’ve been making these for a few years now, and I absolutely love them! I wanted to make cookie dough flavored cupcakes, and came across your site in a search. This is so much better, and my favorite recipe! Thank you.

    I was making a ton of them for a big get together, and didn’t get enough boxes of vanilla cupcake mix. I made one batch of them using triple chocolate fudge instead, it’s even better! Insanely addictively good.

    I make them in these surprise cupcake pans so that the cookie dough doesn’t sink to the bottom.

  27. Yasmeen

    these are amazing! the only problem I’m having with them is that the cake is not going over the cookie dough, the first time did it thats what happened. so the second time I made the cookie dough smaller and still the same thing. any tips?

  28. Sarah

    quick question – rather than having to make the cookie dough from scratch – could i use the pre-made cookie dough from the grocery store and shape that into balls and freeze it for the cupcakes?

  29. Diana Browder-Owens

    OMG!!! Amanda …props to you girly!! These cupcakes are AMAZING!!
    & always looking for new recipes!! I tried these & made variations
    Like peanut butter chips to top the frosting ..also you can actually add marshmallows
    living in the south all my life ..from a long line of bakers!!!! My momma would have
    Have slapped me honey!!! & said deep fry them suckers !!! Lol!!
    Thank ya .. Thank ya ..Thank ya!!!! My customers thank you too!!
    I can remember as a baby lickin’ the bowl….now my whole heads inside of it!!
    Good to the last DROP!!!???

  30. Diana Browder-Owens

    OMG!!! Amanda …props to you girly!! These cupcakes are AMAZING!!
    & always looking for new recipes!! I tried these & made variations
    Like peanut butter chips to top the frosting ..also you can actually add marshmallows
    living in the south all my life ..from a long line of bakers!!!! My momma would have
    Have slapped me honey!!! & said deep fry them suckers !!! Lol!!
    Thank ya .. Thank ya ..Thank ya!!!! My customers thank you too!!
    I can remember as a baby lickin’ the b

  31. Christi

    I made these for my co-ed Bible study and was told “these are the best cupcakes I’ve ever had in my mouth!” Huge hit! Thanks for making me feel so loved :)

  32. Amruta


    I want to bake these amazing cupcakes! I have a question, did you use salted or unsalted butter for the cookie dough, cupcakes and frosting?

  33. Tim


    So besides from the little dimple (or depression) on the top of the cupcake caused by the dough, there’s also a little puddle of oil on top :(. I managed to blot the oil out with paper towel…
    However…the frosting is fantastic! I put it on the cupcake and you can hardly tell there’s a depression on top. Very delicious frosting! :)

  34. Tim

    Hi Amanda!
    I just made these, but the cookie dough wasn’t really concealed in the cupcake. You can see a little doughy blob on top of the cupcake. Is there something I might have done wrong?

  35. Chiaki

    Hi! I plan to make these tomorrow for my friend’s birthday. I have a few questions before I tackle these amazing-looking cupcakes. I prefer not to make the suggested buttercream frosting as it contains milk that might make the frostings spoil rather quickly. Do you have other frostings that you would suggest? Or do these cupcakes do the wonder without the frosting? (I have a tendency to mess up my cupcakes at the frosting stage, so skipping the step would be relieving! But truthfully speaking, what good is a cupcake without the frosting?) Let me know if the frosting doesn’t actually spoil that easily; then I’ll just go ahead and frost away! (and keep them refrigerated as much as possible.)

  36. Sara

    Hi , do you have any ideas how to cut down this recipe into half ?! I found that a lot of recipes for Cookie dough cupcakes make the cupcakes with oil , I was confused because in the past when I made cupcakes with oil and water , I failed every single time =( but now I find this recipe of yours , I’m really glad that the cupcakes are made in the usual way =) . As I can’t make 24 cupcakes at once , is it possible to cut down this recipe into half ?!

  37. Amanda

    These are absoutly delicious! Unfortunatly, when I made them, after I took them out, all of the cookie dough sunk and I was left with big holes in the cupcake :( Any tips on how to prevent that next time?

    1. Amanda

      I had frozen the cookie dough for 48 hours before hand, so it was definitely frozen! I think they might have been too large?

  38. Timmy :)

    These are gorgeous :) I will try them as soon as possible!
    Just one question though, what kind and where did you get your baking cups from? They are so cute :3

  39. LG

    I made these for a party yesterday and they turned out great! I used vanilla cake mix but made the frozen cookie dough and cookie dough buttercream frosting (sooo delicious) from scratch. Thanks for this amazing recipe!

  40. Heather

    I’m new to your site, but LOVE it so far.

    I tried this recipe this weekend, and am new to baking, so I figured something would go wrong! They turned out to be a big hit with my neices and nephews though. The only problem I ran into was with the frosting. Mine came out a bit gritty. I’m guessing from the brown sugar. Any tips on getting it smoother?


  41. Jenna

    I tried the recipe and they were soooooo yummy! Never even heard of cookiedough cupcakes and I love recipes with cookiedough in them and this way by far one of the best! Thank you!! The pictures made it that much easier to learn how to make them.

  42. Jenna

    I am a Sift Cupcake girl. I go to that bakery every chance that I get because they are so amazing….well. I just made these and I am not sure sift can compare. I used a wedding cake recipe for the white cake, and then fallowed the rest of the direction from you. AMAZING! I am hooked. thank you for the recipe

  43. Brennan Horner

    instead of making cookie dough from scratch do you think you could use raw cookie dough from the store as a substitute?

  44. Nan Kham

    Hi Amanda! These cupcakes look amazing!!! I just have a question, for the chocolate chip cookie dough, can I use ready make ones like pillsbury cookie dough?

  45. Tammie Curtis

    Hi! I made these and well….they fell through in the middle. I have a confession though…I thought I would make this a little easier and “buy” store bought cookie dough. I froze the dough balls like you suggested, but after putting the cupcakes together and baking them, when I took them out of the oven, over half of them have a gapping hole in the center. I am thinking it is not too big of a deal. I thought I might could fill the holes with the icing. What are your thoughts or suggestion for next time? Besides the fact….don’t buy store bought cookie dough. ;)

  46. Hannah

    This looks delicious! Can you use a cake mix instead of your cupcake recipe? I know it wouldn’t be as exciting or delicious. Just curious…

  47. Mary

    So just wanted to thank you for the great idea!
    I got the idea from this website and changed it around a bit. I used the cookie dough recipe and froze it for two hours. Made a vanilla cake mix according to box(I know shame on me…)then plopped the cookie dough on top and cooked it for 16 min at 350 despite what box said. Then I realized I ran out of brown sugar so I couldn’t make the frosting that went with them. So I i mprovised and made hersheys chocolate frosting. They turned out amazing! thanks again! and by the way the cookie dough recipe made twice as much as what was needed (24) so it worked out ok because I put them in the freezer until next time when I make them. (which will be very soon!)

  48. Sherrie

    Oh. My. Goodness. I stared at the butter content for a day before deciding to just make them and…

    DIVINE. So good. Amazing. Wonderful. I’m going to adapt it for my DIY wedding cake.


  49. Silvia Franconetti (AMIGASTRONOMICAS)

    I got here looking 4 a different cupcake!!

    It looks delicious gorgeaus and delicious!! Thanx 4 sharing!!

  50. angel

    I just tried making these. The cookie dough sunk to the bottom and left an empty hole in the cupcakes. What was the problem??

  51. Anna

    What will happen if I just plop in the cookie dough that’s not frozen? Or cutting the core out of a baked cupcake and stuffing the cookie dough inside? would that work?

  52. Nikki

    Help!! My cupcakes keep sinking in the middle! I think my cookie dough is melting more than it should, even though it was in freezer overnight! Any suggestions??

  53. Nikki

    I tried these tonight, but I don’t know what I am doing wrong. The cookie dough gets really melted in the center. They sink in the center where the dough is. Any suggestions on what I can do to fix??

  54. Nicole

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I made it today for my husband’s birthday, and they are a huge hit. You’re a gem!

  55. Eerie

    Are amazing!
    Admittedly, if I have had a stressful day, reading your recipes brings me so much joy!
    It’s seriously like comfort eating minus the food.
    I’ve tried at least 5 of your savory recipes, and I am never going to fall out of love with your ice cream recipe.

    Eventually, I will pluck up the courage to make these (I am not too fantastic at baking)
    Maybe when my son’s class party again :)
    LOL I think I will be rubbing the other mothers’ noses up the wrong way with such epic cupcakes XD

  56. Ginny

    I made these over the weekend for a friend’s birthday party and they were sooo good. I even got one “This is the best cupcake I’ve ever had in my life.” They taste just like cookie dough, and who doesn’t love that?

  57. Jolene

    Going to try to make these gluten free tomorrow for my brother with celiacs. I have made them regular and they were AMAZING!!! LOVE, LOVE the frosting!!!!

  58. Ashley

    My GOODness these look just fabulous!!! I am baking them tomorrow for my sons birthday Saturday! I have a few questions though-when I freeze the cookie dough do I need to cover them with anything or just place in freezer uncovered? When I place them in the cupcakes for baking should I leave them outside of the freezer for a few minutes?! Also-For the icing do I need to add flour-I saw some of the reviews stating to use flour. Thanks SO much! I am a cookie dough-a-holic! I cant wait to make these!!! :)

  59. Ailyn

    Can’t wait to try this out! They look so yummy. But I have a quick question, do all of the butter stated have to be unsalted or salted? Thanks for helping out!

  60. Mohammed Shaban

    I liked many of these beautiful items
    And I hope to be friend with you permanently I hope that I receive a response to this letter with best wishes
    My name is Mohammed Shaban
    Greetings with appreciation of the Website

  61. Sarah Myers

    Help! I made these and the cookie dough “melted” and made a hole in the center of the cupcake. I made the cookie dough balls and froze them for two days before baking the cupcakes. Took them from the freezer straight to the cupcakes, no thawing. After cooling they tasted fine and it was just like a really underdone cookie at the bottom of a hollowed out cupcake.

  62. Angela

    I made these last night for a church function tonight. They taste absolutely wonderful! Just wondering though, since it called for so much butter, did anyone else’s cupcakes turn out greasy?? I put paper towels on my cooling rack and then set the cupcakes on them to sop up all the grease. And my icing was a little grainy, probably from the brown sugar, too. Help!!

  63. Autumn

    I made these for work and they were a HIT….everyone loved them. They are so good and the house smells wonderful when they are cooking…

  64. Teresa Horner

    These look so yummmmmmy and I can’t wait to try them.. Thanks so much for sharing another fantastic recipe with all of us… you are- Awesome :)

  65. Courtney Zaugg

    Tried these for a baby shower and they were a total hit! Everyone kept asking me for the recipe, and the bonus is- they taste even better the next day! FABULOUS!

  66. Megan

    im cooking these a day in advance…d oyou recommend refridgerating the cupcakes over night or ;eaving them at room temperature?….

    1. Courtney Zaugg

      I left mine at room temperature and they were awesome! I know this response is delayed but I hope they turned out OK for you!

  67. Amber

    I just made these today and cannot wait to try them. I had to taste the cookie dough last night and it was quite tasty along with the frosting so I’m sure they are going to be delicious!! Now, I just have to wait until after dinner at our friend’s house.

  68. Meg

    Made these tonight and they turned out great! Only thing, when I made the frosting to your recipe it was watery so I knew something was wrong. Looked at the sources you got the recipe from and saw that you forgot to put the 1 cup of flour in the frosting! :) Just letting you know. Thank you for the recipe, they’re awesome!

  69. Elise

    Fabulous concept which definitely bears repeating – but I found the cupcake a bit dry and overly sweet (potentially a result of over-mixing) – I think I might try it with a chocolate or vanilla cupcake instead of having the entire cupcake be brown sugar-y.

  70. Lisa

    Why not go over the top if you are going to indulge! I am afraid to make these because they will surely make all other cupcakes pale in comparison!

  71. Jackie

    Making these for class tomorrow…. I cant eat any but other people can…. the poor kids wont know it has like 8 sticks of butter in it. They sound so good :)

  72. Christian

    I made these cupcakes as the recipe said. I froze the cookie dough for almost 24 hours but it still melted in the oven, rather than staying in dough form. The result was a very greasy, heavy, cake. I cooked at 350 for 16.5 minutes. Any ideas?

    1. Elise

      The heaviness of the cake might be caused by over-mixing or adding the flour too quickly (I made that mistake!).

      I was too impatient so didn’t add the frozen cookie dough. I kinda cheated my way to it – I chilled the cookie dough, used an apple corer (or you could just use the ends of a spoon or knife) to punch a hole into the cupcake and filled the hole with the cookie dough (helps to put it in a ziplock bag and cut off a corner to pipe it into the hole) and covered the cookie dough filled hole with frosting.

  73. Laura Jolicoeur

    Wow! I can’t even begin to tell you how absolutely excited I am to try to make these cupcakes! They look absolutely delicious!!! By the way, your blog is awesome, and I am so excited that I found it!

  74. Sophia @ TheFatLossAuthority

    These cupcakes are absolutely heaven!! One bite and I was hooked! I have made them several times for friends, family, and took a batch to work with me. There is never a crumb left! Warning: These are addictive!!

  75. Betsy Denham

    Hey there! These looked so good that I’m currently making them for my twin niece’s 11th birthday party today!! Question though….when you say this makes 24, are you talking about the extra large muffin pans you can buy? because I have enough extra batter to make at least a dozen more cupcakes! also, the cookie dough recipe yielded 43 scoops…did you have extra when you made them too? Thanks!

    1. Amber

      I had extra as well and was hoping the same thing. I also realized that I filled the cupcake papers a little too full.

  76. Allyssa

    I made the frosting and it tastes great, but its grainy from the brown sugar.are you supposed to be able to feel the texture of the brown sugar? I thought I whipped it enough…

  77. Molly

    So I made these today, and had a bit of trouble. In my oven at least, 18 min at 350 wasn’t even close to enough to cook the cupcake batter through! I ended up with cups that were browned on top, but completely mush inside! I think it must have been that 1.5 tbsp ended up with very large balls of dough, and since it was very frozen, it kept the cupcake batter from cooking! Next time I’ll take the cookie dough out of the freezer when I start making the batter (or a little before), instead of right before they were going into the oven! Anyway, definitely going to make these again, hopefully with better luck!

  78. Nicole

    My sister (graduated from CIA) and I made these cupcakes a few days ago. We made about 25 and they were gone in about 2 days. Everyone said that it was the best cupcake they have ever had. Amazing recipe!! Everyone is begging us to make more very soon!

  79. Jessica

    I just made these cupcakes. I tried freezing the dough in both bars and balls. The bars tended to causes bigger “dents” in the top of the cupcakes once they cooled. In general I was wondering how to prevent these “dents” or collapsing of the top of the cupcake. They looked like yours when I took them out, but then while they cooled collapsed in the middle. Perhaps I didn’t cook them long enough? I just covered up the dents with frosting and it was fine. Thanks for the recipe, they sure are tasty.

  80. Krystal Phillips

    Those were amazing and simple. I found this blog by chance after my 8 year old asked if there was such a thing as cookie dough cupcakes. I am so glad we did! Thanks for making me the best mom on the block!!!

  81. Bethany

    I made these for my sisters high school chorus bake sale and there wasn’t a cupcake in sight by the end of it. I did my own experimenting and found that if you take the cupcakes out of the oven halfway through baking and then put the dough in them it ends up just about dead center in the finished cupcake. There was a little empty space above the dough in some of the cupcakes but I just filled that with frosting.
    I also created a white chocolate macadamia version that was equally mind blowing. I substituted the vanilla extract in the frosting for almond and then used white chocolate chips on top. I will most definitely be making these again.

  82. Lydia Porter

    I set out on this cupcake making adventure with a little hesitancy. Mainly because I didn’t really think I could make them or if I did succeed in making them, the wouldn’t look or taste as good as the cupcakes in the picture. Well, I just finished! And while they definitely don’t look as good (too much cupcake batter + cookie dough balls that were a little too big [due to not having the proper instruments]), they are without a doubt, the BEST cupcake I have ever had in my life. They are meltinyourmouthmakeyourtastebudsscreamwithdelightandwonder kind of delicious. And should most definitely be served with a cold glass of milk!
    Amanda, this is my first recipe of yours and I cannot wait to try more!!!!

  83. Amanda

    Wow! I can’t even explain the thank you’s I have for you for posting this amazing recipe. The fact that you love the recipe as much as everyone else is amazing. Thank you

  84. Denise Afssa

    Oh what a lethal but good combo, you are kiling me! YUMMO. Cookie dough buttercream frosting?! Nectar of the gods!

  85. taylor

    Just made these on monday…. My boyfriend was still eating them Thursday;) I took them into work and my co-workers loved them!!! Great recipe!!!

  86. Jenny

    I just made these for a friends birthday – 6 dozen cupcakes. Even though I’m allergic to just about everything in them I had to try one. Oh, MY!! These are quite possibly the best thing I have EVER eaten!! I had TWO! I’m going to pay for it, but sooooo worth it!
    Thank you for sharing!

  87. Anna

    Hi, I’m wondering if you meant to leave out the flour in the frosting recipe? The site you link to for that recipe has a good deal of flour in the recipe. I didn’t realize this until after I frosted my cupcakes, but I did think it was too soft and buttery, that it needed some thickening up. Oh well, still tastes yummy!

  88. Joanna

    I love you recipes I’m from Peru and looking for some cupcakes recipes I found your blog and love each of your ideas. congrats! I have a cupcake bakery here in Peru and I think this cookie dough cupcakes could be a good idea for father’s day!…thanks for sharing!

  89. Shana Johnson

    OMGoodness! These look absolutely mouthwatering! I saw your site from another site that had a picture of your cupcakes so here I am—licking my lips. I want to let you know that my company has just opened submissions for ‘The Dough That Binds’ cookbook. You should definitely check it out:

  90. Alli

    YUM! I just made these this evening, we used a yellow cake mix (and followed the 3 eggs, 1/3 cup oil, 1.5 cups water) and instant vanilla pudding was added. I did beat together eggs and oil before adding powders, and finally water. However- my mix only made 23 cupcakes :) And I had a little leftover cookie dough… but who is complaining?! :)

    My SIL never eats frosting, but licked every last drop of hers, what an accomplished baker I felt!! :)

  91. Adamb

    I made these for my daughter to take into school for her birthday. Wow! They are delicious! The frosting pulls it all together. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Ginger

    I just made these for the first time and they are delicious. I planned it so that I made them right before a big play date so that I wouldn’t eat them all by myself. They are SOOOOO good!
    Thanks for sharing!!!!!

  93. becky6703

    I just had one of these that a friend made. BEST.CUPCAKE.EVER!!! Pure Heaven! =D Thank you for bringing this wonderful amazing treat to my world! =)

  94. Michelle

    I just made these and they are SOOO DELICIOUS!!! They are my next favorite after the snicker ones w/ the mousse inside. Love all your cupcake receipes Amanda …they totally rock!!! Thanks!!!

  95. Jessica

    These look so good! We have trouble baking the cookies becuase so much of the dough gets eaten before it gets to the oven. My husband would love this recipe, I will have to make them for him to suprise him with the dough inside. Thank you for a great idea!

  96. Crystal

    Thanks so much for this recipe! I made these tonight and my “taste testers” loved it. I tried to freeze the the cookie dough in tube shapes but they still ended up ad balls at the bottom of the cupcake. Oh well! Great fun. Thanks again!

  97. alana

    i just made them… so delicious. the icing actually tasted like cookie dough! each part of the cupcake individually was amazing but when eaten all together it was a bit too salty. i forgot to put vanilla in the cupcake batter so that might have been why, or maybe i accidentally put too much salt in. but all in all it was fantastic!

  98. Alex M.

    These look absolutely delicious! Does the cookie dough stay cool even though the cupcake gets baked? It just seems so unbelievably awesome!

  99. Cheryl B.

    I made these yesterday for a family gathering/going away party along with cupcakes using my mom’s recipe for red velvet cake with fluffy white frosting. For my family, the red velvet cupcakes were a bigger hit because the choc chip cookie dough cupcakes are just too sweet. I did get a lot of compliments on them especially the frosting. I think if I made these again, I would maybe try them as a mini cupcake. Two bites of this sweetness was more than enough.

  100. JaCobi

    Hey Amanda – So when I first saw this recipe I fell in love, but I’m not that adventurous when it comes to baking, so I didn’t do anything about it…until this week! I finally got up the courage to make these for a Christmas Party and they turned out great!! Not as pretty as yours, but they taste great! Oh, and I froze the cookie dough in tubes and it worked really good, but I think I may have made my tubes a tad too long. Anyway, just wanted to share my success and thank you for the fantastic recipe! Oh and this was the first time I’ve ever attempted any sort of cake not from a box! You are an inspiration to me! haha!! Thanks!!

  101. Amanda C.

    OMW! These are unbelieveable!! I’m a sucker for cookie dough but I don’t bake…I mean, at all. I’m not good at it so I leave it to the ones who God graced with that talent. Otherwise known as my dear friend, Melanie. I printed her the recipe and she brought these delicious cupcakes to school today (we’re all teachers). Let’s just say the teachers were on a sugar high after lunch!! They were fantastic!! Thank you Amanda for sharing this recipe and for your blog…its so fabulous!! Melanie’s trying the brownie ones next! Can’t wait!!

  102. Krys

    Hello Amanda,

    As I sit here writing out my shopping list for tomorrow morning (and adding all the ingredients needed for this amazing recipe). I was hoping someone had already asked this question, but no such luck. The butter you are using is it unsalted or salted? I’d hate to buy the wrong thing & end up ruining the entire recipe.

  103. Lindsay

    ok I am in the middle of making these now :)

    i just made my cookie dough, not sure if my scoop is 1.5 tbsp, it looks about that size, but i ended up with 40 balls of cookie dough, waaaay more than 24. i wouldn’t think they need to be any bigger…maybe i’ll just keep the rest frozen for the next batch of cupcakes?

  104. Ann

    I have finally gotten around to making these. They were delicious, although much better if you actually wait for them to cool. The only problem I had was after they were out of the oven for a little bit, there was a big indentation where the cookie dough dropped down and when you eat them there is an empty space above the dough. Do you think I didn’t make my ball of cookie dough big enough? I definitely have to get a set of those scoops that you always use.

  105. Misty

    Do you think I can color the frosting so I can make them fun for my Twins 5th Birthday?? I am just worried it will change the consistency.

  106. Jen

    Made these for my son’s 2nd birthday party and they were a big hit. Especially with the moms :) I can’t decide which is better, the cookie dough in the middle or the frosting that tastes like cookie dough. Thanks for another fabulous recipe!

  107. Meghan

    I made these today and they tasted great! They didn’t however look the way yours did. The batter didn’t cover the cookie dough. I don’t know if you have any suggestions. I love your site and I have tried nearly all of your recipes and they are all fab. I also love all of places you go and take pictures of the food. It looks so yummy! Thanks!

  108. Aggie

    Are you kidding me??? WOW. I’m going to go stuff my face with something from the pantry now…chocolate chips and peanut butter perhaps? I’m having serious cravings for these babies right now!

  109. Christina

    These are in the oven! My mother in law sent me an email with this blog attached! I had been eyeing a recipe like this on, but these tipped the hat for me! I can’t wait to see how they turn out! I did put this recipe in the Calorie Count website… about 486 calories per cupcake! Eek! Awesome planning since today I started counting calories! :)

    1. Christina


      3 tbsp was way too much for my cupcakes! I didn’t even use all the batter! Also, my dough balls did not get completely covered. Maybe hat’s a good thing though. I am frosting them anyway do it doesn’t matter. The look wonderful and smell delicious!

  110. Melanie Giant

    What a great idea! It is just like that you have chocolate chips cookie inside the cookie. This is such a creative recipe. I should try this one. Looks yummy and delicious too.

  111. brandi

    well, these look absolutely delicious! so, i made them. well, tried. not sure what went wrong, but they looked nothing like your picture perfect ones! i followed the recipie exactly, but i didnt have the scoop. when using your recipie, did you have any batter or dough left over after filling the cups??? maybe i filled them too full? but, i do plan to try again, because they look amazing!

  112. Summer

    I made these today and my husband loved them! I have only tasted a little bit of one and it was delicious. I can’t believe how good the frosting was. I plan to eat one tomorrow.

    Thanks so much for the recipe!

    BTW-he loved the brownies as well :)

  113. Dessert Darling

    OhmyGawd, these look ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. Dying. Your site is ridiculously adorable and I’m so glad I found it! I’m sharing with my Tweeps.. it’s way too cute! So glad you introduced yourself to me at BlogHer!!!!
    Dessert Darling~

  114. ashley nicole

    Oh geez…these cupcakes look amazingly good! I pinned the recipe to one of my pinterest board so I can bake them soon! Yum!

    Amanda, I noticed that you use the Silhouette…how do you like it? I have a Cricut Expression and I love it but I have to purchase the Sure Cuts A Lot software to use any .svg files. Do you have to purchase additional software for the Silhouette?

    Just curious if I should be investing in a Silhouette instead of my Cricut. ;)


  115. Rose Forever

    This is totally a yummy recipe! I will try this tomorrow. I can’t wait to taste and eat these yummy and delicious cup cakes. The chocolate chips make me more craves for more chocolate cup cakes.

  116. Emma

    I am so excited to read this post! I too have fallen in love with Molly’s Cupcakes, and couldn’t believe how genius theses cupcakes are! My boyfriend will surely swoon when he realizes I have a recipe for them and we won’t have to drive downtown for them anymore!

  117. Ashley Dantic

    Dear Amanda, Baked these this weekend…BEYOND PERFECTION!!!!!!!!! My family went Ga-Ga (not lady) over these!! I actually hid two in the laundry room because I know what will happen while I am at work….shameless kinfolk will wipe them out :-( …. tear. I adore your websight…cook almost all of your recipes…love them! THANKS!!

  118. Abby

    Yumm, I think i’ve melted in my chair.(:
    I am literally on my way to my kitchen to make these right NOW!
    Thanks Amanda!

    p.s. haha im so excited!(:

  119. Sara

    I so want to make these. I have a friend that says she is the cupcake queen and that she makes the best cupcakes ever. I think if I make these she will have to pass the crown over to me!
    Thanks for sharing!

  120. Ann-Margaret

    Oh, my goodness…I am thinking maybe I should NOT have seen this post!! I love me some cookie dough, girl, and can just imagine how delicious these treats are! I have got to try these for my hubby sometime SOON!!! I was going to let it be a surprise but just had to tell him about them last night. I’ll let him be my excuse for making them! And, I’ll just “hide” a few for me! :)

    I always enjoy your posts and share many of your loves…photography, furry babies, etc. :)

    Happy Saturday and thanks so much for sharing this yummy recipe!

  121. Michelle Simpson

    I am going to have to make these cupcakes soon. They look delish.

    You can also use an apple corer to take the center out of the baked cupcake and fill it with the cookie dough. This way you can make then in one day or fill them with anything yummy that you could not cook (lemon curd, jellies, marshmellow, ect..) The options are limitless.

    Thanks for the great recipe.

  122. Sara

    Oh my goodness! These taste just as good as they look :) We made this a family baking project, and my kids were so excited to see why we made the cookie dough the day before. This recipe will definitely be used many times to come, thank you :D

  123. marla {family fresh cooking}

    Amanda, these look amazing-no wonder you professed your undying love to your friend. Frozen cookie dough-geniius! Love your custom cupcake liners too. See you soon :)

  124. Jen

    Wow! I think I gained 15 pounds just reading about these cupcakes. Your pictures are fab… it’s like I’m right there in your kitchen with you. Scrumptious! thank you for sharing.

  125. Caroline

    Oh such a bad, bad idea. Just shown these cupcakes to my kids, and now I do not know how to make them focus on their homework. I’ve been asked to forget about all the things I have to do, and make this recipe my Number 1 Priority.

  126. heidi

    isn´t it just TOO MUCH? amanda never fails to amaze me with her wonderful ideas and recipes… i share this with all my friends and family! thank you SO MUCH! and here´s the next one… blow my mind can´t wait to try this one out on the family…

    where on earth do i find these precious little sleeves??? if there a download zo print? give me a tip, please!

    ps: i also use the plastic bags for piping, great for decorating with hot chocolate as well! zap the bag filled with chocolate, air out and knotted in a cup of water in the microwave, cut off a little of the corner and… voilá! super easy and no clean-up.

  127. Aileen

    Ugh…why, oh why did I have to see this!!! I HAVE to make them, it’s not optional. It it almost midnight and I am seriously considering heading straight to the kitchen…make them, and eat them while everyone is sleeping. Just discovered this blog and the few recipes I have seen so far are just amazing. Will be following you religiously!!!

  128. Lorrie

    I made these tonight… YUMMMY! I mean really, wow! I’m having my annual girls slumber party with my friends from High School (think Big Chill… we’re in our 40’s)… anyway.. made these for the girls right down to the wrappers you used. Mine aren’t as pretty as yours, but certainly yummy. Pics on my blog if you’re interested in seeing what you inspired! I’m still learning manual mode, I think I went overboard with the aperature, tried to get the background blur (like yours) but ended up blurring too much….it’s a process! :)

  129. Traci

    I think you should open a B & B, okay? So we can come eat your food. Dog friendly too please. (ha-ha) We’ll be your first guest. Thanks :)

  130. Liliana

    Amanda, those are the yummiest cupcakes I have ever seen. I SO need to try them!!!!! I saw the pics of the cupcakes you got at Molly’s bakery in Chicago and they are to die for!!!!!!!! Let’s all bake these puppies!!!!

  131. Vanessa

    Can someone tell me……

    What are those beautiful little paper things around the cupcakes with the little designs on them?… or where do you buy them? I have never seen them before I would love to know more about them! :D can not wait to try these awesome cupcakes out!!


  132. Pamela

    OMG! My mouth is just watering-if these taste half as good as they look. Love the cupcake holders – this is just one more reason why I need to win the giveaway. Love is in the eye of the beholder – I think I must be in love.As always many, many thanks for all you share – you;re the best.

  133. Shelley @ Green Eggs & Hamlet

    This is totally awesome – can’t wait to bake ’em. You always have the best recipes. I might have to profess my love for you like you did for Denise. We both love Boston Terriers and we both love cooking and cookie dough. Now I just need to learn how to be an awesome photog like you and we can order those “Best Friends” necklaces…

    And now I’m headed off to the rest of the interweb to shop for a 3 Tbsp. ice cream scoop and a pastry bag with frosting tip because I’ve decided I can no longer live without them. Oh, and of course the “Best Friends” necklaces. Just in case.

  134. heather

    o.m.goodness……these look like pure delish-ishness (i think i just made up a new word b/c of my excitement)
    my hubby and son LOVE cookie dough anything…i think i may make these this weekend as a surprise!
    thanks for sharing :)

  135. Danielle Woodruff

    Sounds delicious! I love the recipes from Annie’s Eats. I can’t wait to try these. My hubby loves cookie dough and I’m sure he’ll LOVE these.

  136. Tricia Richner

    I had no idea when I signed up to get some awesome free fonts, that I would get this amazing recipe for one of my fave things in the entire world! Yes (raising my hand high into the air). . .we here in this family are what I call “dough eaters”. We make cookie dough just to eat! Yeah. Now, cookie dough with cupcakes. . .that just screams my name! Going to the store now to acquire necessary ingredients. . . .


  137. Yvonne @

    Oh my HEAVEN on earth, these look absolutely amazing and to die for!!! I can’t wait to try them – and honestly, I’m not just saying this – I think yours look better than the ones from the bakery :)

  138. kjpugs


    This is just mean. You can’t go around posting things like this. Or I’ll post pictures of fried peanut butter nutella sandwiches with YOUR NAME ON THEM!

    I need these immediately. Cry cry cry!

  139. Ashley

    You’re killin’ me Smalls! I just told myself merely minutes before coming to read this post that I was going to skip the sweets for awhile.(which is crazy since there is no way I’ll be skipping the b-day cake next week!) I definitely will be making this for the next dinner we have at church because I know there are plenty of ladies there who love cookie dough (including this one!), and not only that but every other recipe I have used from here has been a major hit! I also won’t have to feel guilty for eating them all! haha

    I just love you! :D

    Lots of Smiles!

  140. Debbie Carbaugh

    OMG!! Amanda!

    These sound sinfully wonderful. Can’t wait to try them. And I’ve got to get busy on the Silhouette and make some of those decorative cups. How ingenious!! Thanks a bunch!


  141. Allison

    Another mega bonus about this recipe: the chocolate chip dough is egg-free, that means I can eat the whole thing somewhat guilt free, and know that I won’t get salmonella. I’ll get fat, yes, but I won’t die–yet.

    *The chocolate chip cookie dough is a-freezin’ in my freezer right now*

  142. cynthia

    OMG! My mouth is watering as I read this! I can’t wait to try this. My kids will absolutely love these!!! Thank you ‘as always’ for sharing all you lovely finds!

  143. Betty Townsend

    Hi Amanda…love your blog…your recipes are awesome and your stories are great!!

    I just found out that the Facebook friend you mention in this post, Denise, is my daughter. She is an awesome baker herself. Makes the most yummy goodies! :)

    These cupcakes are awesome…am going to try them sometime. :)

  144. teresa

    You so TOTALLY ROCK!
    These look PROFESSIONAL Girlie!
    I KNOW they are some kind of GOOD!
    Very LOVELY…just like all the treats you make!

  145. Dar

    Girl, do you ever sleep? I love chocolate chip cookie dough and know I will love this recipe. I’m just not sure when I will have time to whip it up…and if it will ever look at cute as yours! Thanks for sharing.

  146. Stacey

    Ok… so. I’m sitting here eating a salad for lunch and reading this recipe. I must try this NOW! Salad’s in the trash…. it’s cupcake time!

    1. Jessica

      My aunts name is Denise Lane :)

      And these cupcakes look sooo yummy, I cant wait to get my baking buddy over here and make these with our daughters!

  147. Allison

    O.M.G. Those look beyond heavenly! And I definitely know of three little youngin’s and one hubby who would love me til the end of time if I made those. My husband loves chocolate chip cookies with frosting in the middle and my kids are as giddy as Christmas Day when they see that I’m making cupcakes.

    Awesome. You rock Amanda!

  148. Rachel

    Love this! I will totally try this for my little girl’s birthday. Cupcakes always seem to work out better than a big sheet cake and to put cookie dough inside seems to make a good thing inexplicably better! Oh I will try this for sure!

  149. Southern Gal

    How in the world do you keep your weight off when you make all these fabulous, can’t-resist-it-if-I-tried recipes?

    You’re good, girl.

  150. Dalis

    OMG!!!! and you are telling me there is a little bakery only about 45 mins from my house that does this… I am afraid to click on your link, because…. I will want to be in that little bakery in less than 40 mins… LOL!!!

    — dalis

  151. Danielle

    I can’t wait to try these. Every recipe I tried so far from your website has been SUPER GOOD!!! Are your digital scrapbook paper free?

  152. Jessica

    OMG. Cannot wait to try this. My sister is addicted to cookie dough, and cupcakes for that matter, so I am going to bring these on a visit next weekend. I think I might get sister of the year award. I will give you the well deserved credit though. LOL :)

  153. Savannah O'Gwynn

    THANK YOU, Amanda! This sounds FAB! I just love visiting your blog and seeing such amazing creations and pics!! Those pics of these cupcakes just make my mouth water–LOVE IT! THANK YOU for sharing this amazing recipe:)

  154. Debbie Corbari

    Oh my glory these look YUMMY! I swear, following u is going to land some serious pounds on me! I just made the oreo brownies this past weekend and SHAZAM! Delish! I’ve eaten almost half of them! What?! Now I’ve GOTTA try this recipe out…i just gotta!

  155. Erin Beck

    These look so delish! I’ve made these before, but done them the lazy way. Lazy way = box cake mix and break and bake cookies! My favorite is strawberry cake mix with chocolate chip cookie dough in the middle and cream cheese frosting! SOOO yummy!

  156. Lana

    LOVE this idea! With two birthday parties coming up in November for our two girls, I know this will be the highlight of at least one party and school goodie treats!

    Thanks so much!

  157. Debbie Pugliese

    I’ve always meant to comment, but never have before, so I’m changing that today! So, I’m not a cook, but I do like to bake, and I swear, your dessert recipes always look so good. With the step-by-step photos, which, by the way, are gorgeous and belong in a food magazine, you make it look so easy. I always end up drooling over the incredible things you make!
    I’m also a scrapbooker, which is how I first found you (and your fonts!), so I was especially excited to see the adorable cupcake holders you used here. Would you happen to want to share the name and/or source of the digi cupcake paper you used? It’s so pretty and I’d love to be able to use it myself.
    Anyway, thanks for always being so inspiring. I love getting your e-mails, and I’m sorry I haven’t commented before. I comment in my head all the time! Things like, “Wow, that looks so delicious,” or “Oh, my GOD! I want some of THAT!”

  158. EBK

    whoa nellie! i need to get a scoop like that. it’s the little tricks that keep things looking picture perfect…not my current messy method :-)


    Amanda! I’m still trying to work off the 5 lbs I gained from the brownie recipe! Stop it!
    Psst…I’m off to the grocery store right now!

  160. Sherri C

    I can not wait to try out this one!!! I did the Oreo brownies and everyone ooooh’d and ahhhhhhh’d over them :) Thanks for giving me a reason to use my Kitchen Aid :)

    1. Doni

      Yeah! My daughters and I even make cookie dough just to snarf on that and not to bake any! Lol. Amanda, you are the greatest! :)

  161. Jenny V.

    Wow! You are my hero! I really cannot imagine how good those are! I can’t wait to try them. My daughter will have a blast helping me make them.

    Thanks Amanda – your recipes, tutorials, ideas, fonts, etc, etc, etc are always beyond amazing!

    1. Alesia

      YOU are killing me here, I don’t bake so need to find someone who I can talk into making me some of these! Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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