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Shortly after confessing my complete and utter (and neurotic) passion for bakery scents, I was introduced to a unique Etsy shop. The owner, Lisa, makes custom blended lotions, perfumes, and lip balms in – get out – yummy, delicious bakery scents. I think I died when I when I first saw all the fabulous fragrance combinations.

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

Frosted Pink Sugar Cookie. This is my new favorite lotion. It smells like cotton candy. With a hint of raspberry. And butter. And brown sugar. And cookies. It’s delicious, and not overpowering. I always get comments on it when I wear it. Which lately is just about every time I leave the house!

It also comes in a “perfume stix.” I wasn’t sure what the perfume stix were all about until I saw one… and carried one around with me in Chicago. Then I got it. They’re the size of chap stick – small enough to keep in your purse or pocket or anywhere for a light scent touch up whenever you need it. I just pull it out, rub a little on the insides of my wrists, and rub in. Perfect!

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

This. Oh my stars. Can you read that? It has been well loved. It’s Jelly Doughnut. Glorious. It smells like sweet, sugary doughnuts. It goes with me everywhere. I keep it right next to me on my desk. Every 5 minutes I pick it up to smell it. And close my eyes. And die. Please send help. When I leave the room, it goes with me. When I leave the house it goes in my purse. I love it.

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

Baby perfume stix! Tiny and perfect for portability. This is Blueberry Muffin, and it smells just like a streusel topped fresh from the oven blueberry muffin. Like the Jelly Doughnut one above, it’s a roller stix. It goes on with a roller. It leaves a little bit of a glowy, moisturizing sheen. Pretty.

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

Lava Lip Icing. This one is fun! It’s like a mini lava lamp lip gloss! And it tastes like a grape popsicle.

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

It’s fun to wear and watch.

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

Lemon Buttercream Lip Candy. This lip balm tastes like the BEST, sweetest, yummiest lemonade you have ever had. I’m hooked.

For Goodness Grape | Perfumes & Lotions in Yummy Bakery Scents

Sugared Blackberry Shortbread. I die.

Here’s where you can find these dangerously delicious lotions, perfumes, lip balms and lip glosses.

For Goodness Grape Blog.
For Goodness Grape on Etsy.
For Goodness Grape on Twitter and Facebook.

And if you think you might want some, head on over to our Facebook page. I’m giving away a $35 gift certificate to For Goodness Grape’s Etsy shop. To enter, first you’ll have to go here to “like” Kevin & Amanda on Facebook. Then go here to leave a comment and enter.

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17 Responses
  1. Beth

    You talked me into it..I ordered some :) I hope it’s yummy as it sounds. If so, i’m ordering for my girls for Christmas!
    Thanks Amanda!

  2. Amanda

    You should check out Pink Sugar by Aquolina. I bought the hair perfume and it makes my hair smell like french vanilla icing all day! I found it at and now I have the whole line of products! Love it!

  3. The Cutest Blog on the Block

    Hey Amanda! Just wanted to let you know we love your site and are now following you!! We use your fonts all the time:)All these products look delicious!

  4. Brittney Finnerty

    I LOVE LOVE Yummy smell good stuff like this! It is such a pick-me-up during the day! I hope I win the gift card so I can try some of these out!!!

  5. staci

    I am quite sure that I am going to “need” to pick up at least 5 items!! I would love to win the gc! Thanks for introducing me to such yummy things!

  6. Christy T

    Smelling yummy is always good. What cute names. I’m totally going to check out the shop. I like the little travel goodness. Hope I win. :)

  7. teresa

    Amanda! You are BEYOND adorable!
    You find the cutest things!
    I adore your FUN~LOVING SPIRIT!
    I too have always LOVED smelling like something YUMMY to nibble on! ;o)
    I think I have mentioned the Pink Sugar that I am totally addicted to!
    My hub loves it when I smell like Pink Sugar.
    You can find it at Sephora!
    I would ADORE to win this gift certificate!
    Popping over right now!
    Can’t wait to check out the Etsy shop!
    Happy Day!

  8. Lisa

    Oh my gosh, I couldn’t resist, I just ordered three items. I ordered the Jelly Doughnut perfume roller stix, Pink Sugar Cupcake Perfume Stix, and last but not least Buttercream Cupcake and Vanilla Icing Lip Candy. They sound delicious!! I can’t wait to receive them.

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