Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken is definitely one of Kevin’s top 3 favorite meals. I love it too, because it’s an easy way to amp up boring chicken breasts into an exciting, mouth-watering dish!

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Intrigued? Let’s get started. :)

First, let’s start by making our own bacon bits. Yes, you can use store bought bacon bits, but I just love making my own because real bacon adds such an amazing flavor that you just cannot buy in a bottle. Now, let me be honest with you. Frying bacon used to be the bane of my existence. I ruined at least the first 5 batches of bacon I tried to cook. I tried cooking it every way possible. On the stove top. In the oven. In the microwave. They all ended the same way. Everyone running out of out a smoke filled house gasping for air. :p Then, The Pioneer Woman taught me how to fry bacon and I will never, ever go back to using bacon bits ever. I absolutely LOVE frying bacon now!

Let me pass along her words of wisdom. The first trick is to cut your bacon in half. She does it while it’s still unopened in the package, just cut it in half so the bacon strips aren’t so long.

How to Make Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken

Arrange the bacon in a single layer in a large skillet over LOW to medium-low heat. On my electric stove, which ranges from 1 – 9, I put the heat on 4. Leave the bacon on one side (without flipping) until the fat starts turning translucent and the red part starts getting browned on the bottom (use tongs to lift up the bacon and check). You really just have to watch it and keep checking, but it’ll probably take around 10 mins. But that’s not exact so just keep checking on it. ;) When that happens, flip all the bacon slices over to the other side. In another 5-10 mins, the other side will be nice and brown and done. If both sides are nice and browned, drain bacon slices on paper towels (make layers of bacon and paper towels). If you need to flip the bacon over again, that’s fine too, I usually have to do that because I didn’t get the first side done enough the first time. :p

Okay! So now you have some awesome bacon!! Go ahead and try a piece, I never can resist. :D

In the skillet you used to fry the bacon, you have some bacon grease. Go ahead and pour most of it out into a coffee cup (or something, don’t pour it down your drain, that’s bad) but leave 1-2 tbsp of grease in the skillet (enough to make a thin layer of grease in the bottom of the pan). This is what we’re gonna use to sear our chicken! If you didn’t fry your own bacon, just use about 2 tbsp of olive oil and 2 tbsp of butter, like I said earlier, just enough to give the bottom a nice layer of oil. Using butter with olive oil will help it not smoke up the house so much. :) Heat the grease (or oil) over medium-high heat.

Preheat your oven to 350, and spray a 9×13 or 8×8 baking dish with Pam (depending on how much chicken you have, if you use more than 2 breasts, go with the 9×13).

Take a few boneless, skinless chicken breasts and cut them in half, right down the middle, and put them in the skillet.

Sear 4-5 mins each side until lightly browned. Like this:

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

With both sides of the chicken are browned, remove from skillet and place in baking dish that has been sprayed with Pam.

Now it’s time to make our bacon bits! Take the bacon slices from earlier, which should be cooled and drained by now, and stack them up:

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Using a big, sharp knife, slice up your bacon into bits! :D

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Yummy, flavorful bacon bits :D

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Back to the chicken. Pour about 1/4 cup of teriyaki sauce onto the chicken breasts.

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

I’ve made this so many times, I know about how much teriyaki sauce I like, so I just pour it straight from the bottle. But you may want to measure it the first couple of times because I don’t like the way it tastes if I use too much teriyaki sauce. I do just enough to cover the pieces, about like this:

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Next, cover the chicken with ranch dressing. :D I love ranch dressing :D

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

You can use plain old ranch dressing, but I like using Ranch with Bacon. Gives it a little something extra. :D

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Now top with cheese…

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

And your bacon bits!

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

If you have any left over bacon bits, just put them in a ziploc bag and stick them in the freezer. Bacon keeps *great* in the freezer, and now you have your own, homemade bacon bits to use whenever you need them! They’ll add so much more flavor to meals than store bought bacon bits. :)

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Now bake your chicken in the oven at 350 degress for 25 to 35 minutes, until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear.

Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken goes great with mashed potatoes!! :D

bacon cheeseburger chicken recipe blog

Image of a Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken

Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken

  • Prep Time: 15 minutes
  • Cook Time: 30 minutes
  • Total Time: 45 minutes
  • Yield: 6 chicken breasts 1x
  • Category: Dinner
  • Method: Oven
  • Cuisine: American


Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken is definitely one of Kevin’s top 3 favorite meals. I love it too, because it’s an easy way to amp up boring chicken breasts into an exciting, mouth-watering dish!



  • 2 tablespoon olive oil
  • 2 tablespoon butter
  • 6 skinless, boneless chicken breasts, split
  • 1/4 cup teriyaki sauce
  • 1/2 cup Ranch dressing
  • 1 cup shredded Cheddar cheese
  • 1/2 lb bacon (or bacon bits)


  1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C).
  2. In a large skillet, heat oil and butter over medium-high heat. Add chicken breasts, and saute 4 to 5 minutes each side, until lightly browned.
  3. Place browned chicken breasts in a 9×13 inch baking dish. Cover with teriyaki sauce and dressing. Sprinkle with cheese and top with bacon bits.
  4. Bake for 25 to 35 minutes, or until chicken is no longer pink and juices run clear.

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116 Responses
  1. TJ

    I’ve been making this for years always referring back here, I make 2 pans, one using teriyaki and one using bbq sauce, both varieties are great! It’s been a favorite of our house for yeeears.

  2. Judith

    This sounds great. I do make my own ranch-type dressing. I have always cut my bacon in half to cook because I cook mine in my microwave — takes 4-5 minutes per load (1/3 a lb package), takes less electricity and time, crispier,, no turning it over and checking, the grease falls down so the bacon doesn’t require paper towel blotting so no wasted paper towel, etc. I make a LOT of poppers and I use bacon, cream cheese, sriracha, grated onion (in my Ninja chopper) and shredded cheddar cheese for the filling. Great keto, low carb meal-type item that we snack on in place of a regular Sunday meal plan. Cooked jalapeños don’t taste as spicy as raw, each pepper is 4 calories and very high in fiber, Vit C, omega-3, potassium and the macular degeneration carotinoids lutein and zeaxanthin among just a few. Not quite half of the carbs are fiber in each pepper which is significantly more for the 4 calories each than the whole grains we keep being lied to regarding how much fiber they have.

  3. julie

    tried this recipie this weekend and was amazing.. thanks for sharing and I enjoy reading and trying your other recipies listed!! Thank you so much! happy cooking

  4. Yessy

    I tried this recipe today and it was so delicious. I have a picky eater at home, and she loved it. I was a little worried about the combination of teriyaki sauce and ranch, but it was a hit. It’s a keeper.

  5. Shannon

    Made this tonight. It was SO good. I have an even easier way to make the bacon bits. I take a stack of bacon slices, cut them in half and stack them. Then I hold the stack over my heating skillet, and with my kitchen shears, I cut small chunks off the stack right into the pan. Then it’s super simple to just sauté them, and drain them, with a slotted spoon. This recipe is a keeper!

  6. Ashley

    When you said Kevin enjoyed this recipe I did a double take. I have a friend named Kevin who would definitely eat something like this, it must be a Kevin this lol. Anywho, this looks great I’m going to give it to my gram to make next time Kevin comes to visit (me cooking=total disaster, I only look up recipes for her). Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Chloe

    The ONLY problem with this recipe is that you used Kraft Ranch Dressing. No one should ever buy anything other than Hidden Valley. Unless, of course, you make your ranch from scratch, in which case you’re eating far better than the rest of us.

  8. Beryl

    Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken hit my curiosity button so I had to try it. I was surprised at how tasty it is! I found it on Pinterest & very glad I did. It has been moved from Chicken Ideas to Tried & True Favorites. I thought I would pass on the way I do bacon for bacon bits. Using a sharp knife with slightly frozen bacon I slice it in thin strips like you did after you cooked it. Then into the pan where it cooks fairly quickly. I stir it like a stir fry. Then use a slotted spoon to remove it from the grease & drain on paper towels. I also keep extra in the freezer. Anyway, thanks for a great recipe!

  9. Ian

    Amazing! I’m a bacon lover that’s never been able to cook bacon well and this recipe was perfect. Cooked this for myself and five others and they all loved it. My 6 year old even asked for seconds and we usually have trouble getting him to eat a whole meal

  10. Anne

    Hello, I made this lastnight for dinner! It was amazing! I added onion whilew frying up the bacon….Just another topping for some extra flavour. My boyfriend loved it :)



  12. Deanna

    Just made this for dinner last night…delicious! You can never go wrong with anything that includes ranch dressing, cheddar cheese, and bacon! Thanks!

  13. Katie Lewis

    Wondering for the non-ranch likers out there, does it taste heavily of the ranch dressing? I don’t mind it in things I can’t really pick out the taste, but can’t stand it otherwise. Thinking of trying with Italian, but since the other 6 in the house are ranch eaters, just wondering :) Thanks! Looks so yummy!

  14. Beth Archer

    I found your site through Once A Month Mom and i made this recipe tonight…FANTASTIC!! This is a total winner! I am now perusing your site for more deliciousness and am finding TONS of things I want to try! Thank you so much for sharing with us all!

  15. Karen

    I cook the chicken enchiladas a lot so I decided to try something else from your recipe collection. I thought I had a favorite chicken dish but this could remain up there on top for awhile – it turned out so good! Love your website!

  16. Sarah

    This chicken was so delicious! I always have such a hard time trying to make chicken flavorful and this recipe definitely gives the chicken a flavorful twist!

  17. Anna


    Just love your website and all the great recipes you provide…please keep on providing us more of you greatly ilustrated recipes.:)

  18. Steven

    use caesar dressing and a smokey bqq/chipotle sauce. Don’t care for either ranch or teriyaki. Tried both ways at potluck and all my friends like caesar bbq one better too :)

  19. Kylie

    Mine didn’t turn out quite so pretty, but it tasted fantastic and my folks loved it as much as I did. It’ll definitely be a recurring dish on my monthly menu.

  20. DavidShag

    This sounds so great – I can’t wait to try it. I will probably use chicken thighs, though – I hate to miss any little bit of cholesterol that I might soak up.

  21. Angel

    Man oh man! I made this today for a late lunch~early dinner with some parmesan noodles & I have got to say it was a little peace of heaven right on my plate! Thanks SO much for the wonderful recipes :]

  22. Melissa

    I just made this and it was a HUGE hit!!! My super picky husband LOVED this and it was relatively easy to make, although mine wasn’t as pretty as yours. ;) Thanks for posting this!

  23. Dawn

    Just made the bacon cheeseburger chicken for my family of 5. I double the recipe,(I have 2 sons age 21 and 15 who eat me out of house and home and one daughter 22.)I have never seen food eaten so fast in my entire life! It was delicious and the sauce is great..I served it with yellow rice and biscuits. The biscuts were used to sop up the dressing my husband ate 2 plates!!! Yum, yum,yum my younger son told me he wants me to make the same sauce with hamburger meat to see how that tastes… I will definitely be making this recipe again! Everyone has to try this recipe…

  24. Allison

    I’m seriously gonna make some of this tonight. I showed this to my hubby last night and he about drolled, saying it looked fantastic.

    I think so too! Have you ever had Subway’s Bacon Cheddar Ranch on wheat? Ohhhh soooo yummmmmmy! And this reminds me of it!

    I might eat it like a sandwich like Pioneer Women…we’ll see.

    Thanks for the recipe! You’re the greatest!

  25. Erika

    Made this tonight, my 8 yr old said it was delicious! My only problem is that the ranch and cheese melted off the top so it wasnt as pretty as the picture. I love the step by step with images! Saved the website as a favorite, looking forward to making other recipes!

  26. Lisa

    This is a wonderful dish. My husband is in the kitchen right now, making it for the second time! We absolutely love it! Thank you.

  27. Kathy

    I made this recipe last week and it was a hit! With the ranch, cheese and bacon it was a little less healthy for us, but that made it so much better (in my opinion)! I loved it with salad on the side. This is a keeper!

  28. Ashley

    I just made this tonight and it was a hit! I am not the most experienced cook, but your directions made this so easy for me. My husband, 4 sons and I can’t thank you enough!

  29. Tanya

    I was looking for a chocolate cake recipe and it brought me to your site and to this wonderful chicken recipe. I went straight to the store to purchase the ingredients with the intentions of cooking this for dinner tomorrow evening. Needless to say I haven’t eaten all day and I felt compelled to cook this meal tonight. Yes, I know it’s 11:30 pm and wayyyyyyyyy too late to be eating anything, BUT this was delicious. I can’t wait to make it for my next function at our church and for my family. I was a little stingy on the Teriyaki because I didn’t want to put too much, but I know the next time. I give it a 5 star rating. Thank you so much for sharing. BTW, I love your blogsite.

  30. Rachel

    I made this last night and it was the most delicious chicken I have ever tasted! My Husband and I loved it! Thanks for all your great posts!!

  31. Kate Mueller

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your site!!! I love what you’ve done w. everything, esp the recipes. Thanks so much!!! You are inspiring!

  32. Candace

    I really love this recipe! We don’t have a lot of money to go out and buy fancy ingredients but this is real simple and cheap. Thank you! Oh, and I’m a HUGE fan of your website. You are a huge inspiration…keep up the awesome work!!

  33. Jeff

    Tried this out tonight and it was OK, nothing fabulous. I used Worcestershire instead of Teriyaki. The cheesy-bacony bites were flavorful and the chicken was juicy too, but, I’m just not a huge fan of chicken.

    I enjoy the site though and look forward to trying more of your recipes. You and the PW have inspired me to cook. I’m tired of eating crap every night for dinner! So, thanks!

  34. Susan

    Saw the recipe Friday and just had to make it… Made this Sunday night for the parents and hubby and got rave reviews! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT!

  35. SchuCo Designs

    Absolutely loved this! I’m making your Red Beans and Rice recipe tonight! Thanks for the inspiration, I love your site!

  36. Jenn

    Another recipe from you to give a thumbs up to!!!! Thanks for sharing!! I’ll be linking to you later tonight from my blog. It was oh so yummy!!!!

  37. Beth

    I’ve made this a couple different ways. First I did it your way, and it was great, but I do NOT like ranch dressing…so next time I did it with Kraft Zesty Italian dressing..and omg it was *drool* so good!!! I had to try it with the worcestershire sauce instead of teriyaki..wasnt as fond of it that way…but I do love my teriyaki sauce! I have 2 kinds, the kind you used, and also Kikkoman Teriyaki Baste & Glaze (its thicker and stays on the chicken better)..thats my fave way to do it now. Also, I use shredded colby jack <3

    Oh..ANNNND I’ve been cutting my bacon in half and cooking it that way for YEARS!! It really is soooo much easier!! :) Another thing I do though, is I cut the bacon up BEFORE I cook it (when I make bacon IN eggs) and it comes up great, and doesnt take as long to cook :) Just a thought ;)

    Thank you for all your…everything!! And all the time that goes into it!! I cant wait to try your chocolate cake..the ingredients are on the shopping list!

  38. Ashleigh Carter

    I’m not even sure where or how I found your blog, but I’m glad that I did. The recipes look awesome!!

    I made the Bacon Cheeseburger Chicken last night and my hubby said , “Man, that is the best thing that you’ve made in a LONG time!” “That’s a keeper!”

    Thanks again!

  39. Sally Heartmade

    Oh boy! This looks really yummy! My hubby loves chicken breasts and I like having new ways to fix it. I need to buy a little more bacon as I don’t have enough for the chicken and me. ; >
    Thanks again..another fabulous recipe.


  40. Jennifer

    MMMMM…..I made this tonight for my family and loved it! I did baked potatoes, creamed corn, and a salad for side dishes, DELISH! Thanks!

  41. Grace

    I made this for my boyfriend and I… we LOVED it. I think I did mine a little wrong because it came out a bit soupy or something. BUT the soupy stuff was awesome on our baked potatoes so it was a win win anyway. Fabulous recipe.

  42. John Eaton

    I have just come across this website and I am so excited. It looks great! I can’t wait to try your recipes. I was looking for 6×6 recipe card craft ideas when I found it. I love the step by step pictures. What a great idea for beginning cooks. I have been cooking for 28 years and still love it!! Have you ever thought about publishing a book? Maybe you have. I haven’t read all of your website yet. This is one I will add to my bookmarks!! Thanks so much.

  43. Karen

    I love yall’s site, I found you on Pioneer Woman and now have good things to cook. In response to one of the other comment’s from Jan.2008: I WILL NEVER USE TURKEY BACON..IT MADE ME GAG, AND I PERSONALLY DON’T THINK IT’S FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION!!!I don’t think it’s people food, it reminds me of dog treats, and I love dog’s but don’t want to eat their treats..I can’t wait to make this, and I love how yall take pics of each step…can’t wait to make more of your recipes.

  44. Sara

    **Me and some friends tried this out last night and we all thought is was A*M*A*Z*I*N*G. I will be trying some others out for sure now**

    Love your sight and I am slightly envious of your scrapbook room!!

  45. TankTop

    Thank you for posting this. My husband hates nothing more than being served a naked chicken breast for dinner.

    I will definetly add this to the rotation.

  46. Becky

    So I just “stumbled” upon your site a few days ago & I am soooo glad I did. I’m making this chicken tomorrow and I’m baking the BEST chocolate cake EVER on friday! I’m super excited!


  47. Jessie

    My husband found this recipe through StumbleUpon yesterday and I had to make it for dinner tonight (yes had to…it looked that yummy!) Well it was a HUGE hit and has been put in our “regulars” list. Thanks for the tip about the bacon…I must have missed it on Pioneer Woman somehow, but it turned out perfectly.

    Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful recipe!!

  48. Lynn

    WOW! I made this for my family last night and everyone gave it a thumbs up! It tasted as good as it looked in your pictures. This will now be a recipe cooked quite often in our house!

    By the way, i never really had trouble cooking bacon other than getting popped by the hot grease, but decided to try your idea of cutting it in half before cooking it. Well, you taught this old dog a new trick. I will now always cut my bacon in half before frying it….it was much easier to manage in the skillet. Thanks for the tip and for the recipe! Looking forward to more in 2009!!!

  49. Mike

    I am 15, and I randomly found this. I decided to make it on the spur of the moment, and It turned out great. I made some italian-style rice to go with it. Instead of Teryaki Sauce (we were out) , I lightly brushed it with hickory smoke sauce. Turned out great.

  50. Tara

    Thank you so much for this recipe! I just fixed it and my 13 year old son absolutely loves it :) I don’t cook very much and I really appreciate the very simple instructions.

  51. Maureen

    Just stumbled upon this… my boyfriend looked over my shoulder and asked “What are those things of beauty?” Guess what I’ll be cooking next weekend!

    I’d also be interested in a sub for Ranch dressing, I’m in the UK, was thinking of either white or cheese sauce?

    1. Amanda

      Maureen & Melissa, I am so sorry ya’ll don’t have ranch dressing!! It is seriously one of the best condiments ever. :D Do you have blue cheese dressing? If you have and like that, you could use that… Or, here’s a really good recipe for making your own ranch dressing from scratch. You can take a look at it and see if ya’ll have anything similar. Let me know how it works out! :)

      Homemade Ranch Dressing Recipe

  52. Jody

    Another suggestion for making bacon: don’t fry it.
    Put a wire rack on a baking/cookie tray to that there is space between the rack and tray. Then lay your bacon on the rack and put the whole thing into your oven.
    The bacon ends up laying flat and curls much, much less. The fat drains away so the bacon tastes less greasy. You do not have the splatter mess and the burning yourself that can come with that. Also the cooking time is less critical ie/ in a frying pan it can go from crispy to burnt much faster. This method gives you a much, much bigger window.

  53. Melissa

    I just tried this this afternoon, it was DELICIOUS! everyone loved it. I used blue cheese instead of Ranch, since I don’t care for it.

  54. matthew

    This recipe looks amazing, but I have never heard of ranch dressing. I live in Australia – is there an Australian equivalent I could use? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  55. Amanda

    Hey NL,

    I don’t think I’d substitute olive oil for the Teriyaki sauce… I have heard of people using worcestershire sauce though. Personally, worcestershire isn’t my thing, but if you like it.. Let me know how it turns out! :)

  56. NL

    I just Stumbled on this site — this meal looks fab, and I think I’ll try it tomorrow night. Could I use olive oil or something in place of teriyaki? We don’t normally have that on hand.
    Thanks for the recipe!

  57. Holly

    This looks pretty yummy and would be popular with the guys in my family. Who can resist bacon, cheese, chicken, and ranch dressing? I prefer to bake my bacon because it’s less messy and everybody eats it as quickly as I fry it. At least, when I put it into the oven they can’t pick at it as much! I love your pictures and your blog!

  58. Jessica

    I made this last night and LOVED it!!! I will definately be adding this to the “old favorites” rotation for dinner!!

    Thanks for the great recipe – I also LOVE your site!!!

  59. Jodi

    Love Love Love your website—-AWESOME!!!! I use your fonts daily as I have a vinyl design business—
    Check it out!!!!
    I am going to try this chicken soon—-looks very yummy!!!!
    Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work!!!

  60. Laura

    I made this for dinner last night. It was delicious!!! I will be adding this one to my regular menu. Thanks for sharing!

  61. amanda

    Thank you so much for sharing your recipe. My husband and I love it (him especially) I have a great hot chicken salad recipe I think you would like. It’s got mayo & sour cream, celery and is topped with potato chips & cheese. Easy and good! I love those kinds!!

  62. Trista

    What a treasure your website is. Cooking is not one of my favorite activities but your recipes are very inspiring!

  63. Constanza

    Thank you! I`m from Argentina, love your blog, recipes, fonts, photos..your Scrapbook room!!!!!…..everything.
    Tonight I will do this recipe.
    Kiss from far away!

  64. Helen

    I made this for dinner last night. It was wonderful!! My kids really enjoyed it. I made one change. Instead of teriyaki (my husband hates it) I used worcestershire sauce. Thanks so much for a wonderful recipe:)
    P.S. I love the design of your blog, it’s so fun!!

  65. mom :)

    We had this for supper tonight. It was wonderful! Such a nice change from the plain baked chicken with just S & P that i normally fix. And it was so juicy and tender! :)

  66. Lovespiggy

    I have an even better way to cook (fry) bacon that I took from Alton Brown on the Food Network. It is easy and much less mess. Take your broiler pan (usually comes with the oven in 2 parts) and line the bottom and top with foil. The top you will need to cut holes in the foil to match the broiler pan holes/slits so the fat will drain to the bottom. Then place your bacon onto the top trying not to overlap slices. Place into a cold oven and set temp on 375 degrees. For thick sliced bacon it usually takes about 15-20 min, for thinner sliced a little less. After it’s done drain on paper towels. I find that most of the fat has dripped to the bottom but some will remain and the paper towels will take care of this. Clean up is so simple, just wait for the foil/pan to cool and remove foil and throw away. The bottom pan should not be dirty at all, and the top is a quick clean in the dishwasher. No mess on the top of the stove, no splatters from bacon grease popping and burning your hands and arms. I LOVE this method!

  67. Megan

    I love bacon! But I recommend NOT trying turkey bacon. We tried to cook that every way possible (much, I’m assuming, as you did with regular bacon) and it doesn’t not taste great. Especially when you mistakenly by lowfat turkey bacon. Just not a good idea… and it definitely does not have the wonderful flavor of regular bacon.

    Do you prefer a type of bacon over another? Like hickory smoked, or any other type?

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