A weekend giveaway . . .

For the digital scrapbookers in the house!

This giveaway is for another amazing installment in the monthly Project 365 kits from Crystal Wilkerson. If your’re just joining us here at and this is your first Crystal Wilkerson giveaway- let me just tell you… These kits are huge. And awesome. And huge!!! There are tons of papers, tons of elements, brushes, borders, templates galore… just lots and lots of digital scrapbooking goodies! Much more than what would come in your average kit. These are MEGA MONSTER kits if you will! ;)

And every new design Crystal comes out with is my new absolute favorite. :) Not only are these kits huge and awesome, but I also think they’re great for beginners- especially if you’ve never digitally scrapbooked before. Crystal has awesome tutorials on her site to help you make your first page! And you don’t even need the full version of Photoshop, you can also use Elements. :) And … (as you can see on my blog :D) her kits make awesome blog layouts! So if you’ve been thinking of giving your blog a makeover… go ahead and enter! You might just win the perfect kit to do it with!

So! What kit are we giving away this month? Wellll…. There are TWO kits! And that means there will be TWO winners for this giveaway! :)

The first winner will get Crystal’s August 2009 Collection– the entire collection! This is just a few of the elements from the collection- the full kit includes much more! Check out all the pieces in her store.

Creativity by Crystal August 2009 Project 365 Kit - Giveaway

Isn’t it so cute?? :)

The second winner will get Crystal’s brand new, not even released yet, September 2009 collection. This kit is so brand-sprankin’ new, I can only post this one, teeny tiny, sneak preview teaser!

Creativity by Crystal Project 265 September 2009 Collection - Giveaway

But! You can see a little bit more on Crystal’s blog! So hurry over there and check it out! :)

And while you’re there, if you’d like a second chance to win this kit, Crystal has the same giveaway running on her blog right now, so you can enter over there too! :)

And don’t forget to check out the awesome charity kit Crystal has on her blog right now! Just look at this gorgeous thing!

Creativity by Crystal Wilkerson Charity Kit - A Kit for Kate

You can read about Kate’s cause on Crystal’s blog, and for a minimum donation of just $5, you can get that entire kit. That whole thing! Awesome deal! :) And all the proceeds go to a good cause! Aww… :)

Okay, so! To to be entered to win the August 2009 & September 2009 Project 365 Collections from Crystal Wilkerson, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. One entry per person, please! :) The two winners will be chosen by their comment numbers which will be picked by’s number generator. This contest will end on Sunday, September 20, 2009, at 11:59 pm.

Thanks so much for looking and GOOD LUCK!!! :)

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426 Responses
  1. Christine

    Hi Amanda:

    Your sight has inspired me in many ways…my cooking especially.

    I love your recipes and especially love your pictures!


  2. Nem

    Wow, I just stumbled across your blog to find a fabulous giveaway. I would love to win this, both of these kits look amazing. I’ll definitely be following you from now on guys. :)

  3. Angela I

    What an amazing website! I am not familiar with digital scrapbooking, but will now take a gander :) I found your site by doing some research on making my own wedding invitations…and all I can say is WOW! Thank you for sharing all of the wonderful ideas you have.

  4. ashlee

    Love love love your site!! Thanks everything wonderful that you do! I’m new to digi scrap and need some help getting started..

  5. Diane

    I don’t have a website….I want to though!! I just need to learn how AND find the time to do it!! I would love to win so I have something to begin with. PS. I love listening to Crystal’s playlist!!! The music she chose is awesome! :0)

  6. Mandy

    I {heart} Krystal’s kits! I’m still in the beginning stages of digital scrapbooking so I could always use more kits.

  7. Missty

    What a treat!!! Just fell in love with Crystal’s work. Pacing myself…can’t buy it all at once. One of these kits would get lots of use in all of my projects.

  8. Brianna

    I’ve been looking at your blog off and on for a few months now and I think it’s fantastic. The kits sound awesome, I would definitely put them to good use; I’ve always liked the creativity of scrapbooking but hate having to do everything on paper.

  9. Kim Basinger

    This is my first time on your blog. I was linked from a friends blog. I absolutely love your scrapbook room! I can’t wait to browse thru the rest of your blog.

  10. Sabrina

    I would so love these kits! I need to get my digi scrapping juices flowing again. It’s been a while since I’ve had time!

  11. April

    I love your site…I have downloaded tons of fonts and love reading your tutorials. They are one of the few that even make sense to me. Thanks for helping beautify my blog.

  12. Amy

    As we speak I’m baking your banana cupcakes and peanut butter frosting is ready to go (I died it orange for San Francisco Giants plus I’m drizzling it with a little chocolate! YUM-O). I can’t wait for everyone to try them. I’ll let you know how they go!!

  13. Karen

    I haven’t started digital scrapping yet but winning this is just what I need to get started! Thanks for the chance to win :)

  14. Donna

    Omigosh–I just love your blog! It’s sooo much fun to read and thumb thru:) and I am also in love with Crystal Wilkerson’s designs–so fresh and colorful:) I hope I win–

  15. Marcee

    Love your blog! I found you through Coffee Shop Photo Actions:) The digi kits are adorable! Off to check out the shops:)

  16. Melissa

    AWESOME scrapbook stuff!!! Thanks for a giveaway. And this is my first time entering any contests on your page so it was a nice surprise to see this tonight when I checked to see what was new on your site!! Also, I love your fonts…….have you on Twitter too so get updates when you post new ones!!

  17. Ashley Bird

    HI AMANDA! I am new to digi scrapbooking my best friend Samantha( got me hooked. This post got me really inspired and ready to create somemore pages. Thanks a bunch!!!!


  18. Lisha T.

    First off, I LOVE your site! You are AMAZING! Second, I’m new to the digital scrapbooking world and winning any of these cute kits would be heaven! Third, thanks for sharing! :)

  19. Heather

    How wonderfully generous of you! Really enjoy your blog and appreciate your free fonts, as well as the tutorials. :-)

  20. Paula

    hi ! what a great link youve connected me to :) thanks ! I havent ever tried to digital scrapbooking so i guess this give away will help :) wish me luck !

  21. Jody

    I’d so love to win one of these kits! My 30th b-day is Friday and I’m going to start a “thirty365” book to document my entire year! This would be a super kit to start with :)

    BTW – your fonts are amazing!

  22. krysta

    this is my first time entering one of your contests, Amanda! I just love your website – and your fonts!! I love these digital kits too…I hope I win! :)

  23. michiganhill

    I was just on Crystal’s blog and entered her give-a-way and low and behold, I come to your blog and you are giving away her kits too. I love her stuff! And I love your pea fonts too.

  24. Markay

    I just found your blog today. I love your living room! You’ve inspired me to make the curtains for my kitchen. I’ve got a red couch too and I will make some extra pillows for it just like you. Thanks for the great idea!

  25. Chloe Gordon

    Thanks SOOO much for doing this give-a-way! I am on the yearbook staff at my school, and our theme is scrapbook! I hope I win!! Thanks again!

  26. Yvette

    This is an amazing website. You’re doing an awesome job Amanda. This is my first comment. I’ve been saying I will leave a comment one day….why not today. Plus I might win a prize. But seriously, I love the website. It’s friendly, its fun, its fantastic. Thanks for sharing all that you do. I wish I had the time to learn a lot of what you teach us with your ideas and skills. Keep up the great work. Your family is lovely. Yvette

  27. Lisa Bell

    LOVE her stuff, thank you for sharing her with us. I am just getting into digital and LOVE her style. Gotta go check her out for sure. She is an amazing lady to do that for Kate. Not only does she have fabulous style, but a big heart. Amazing person! Thanks again for sharing her with us.

  28. thegirlMJ

    Thank you so much… what a wonderful website you have here! i will definitely be back for more! i love it!!! ~thegirlMJ

  29. karen

    I have just found this blog, and have decided..
    1. I am hopelessly lost in dream land, seeing such awesome displays of scrapbooking ideas, though I have never had the finances to begin this hobby. I am going to see what stuff I have here at home, though.. because you inspired me to at least begin. Thank you!
    2. I am hopelessly lost in thought about what possibilities there are to use scrap booking ideas in my quilting projects.. seesm you have alot of colorful ideas in your projects, and I am going to break out of my mold in quilting, and start using bright and funky designs/ colors.. Thank you .. I hope I am blesed by your giveaway, but even if I am not, I am blessed to think outside the box, and begin a new hobby in scrapbooking design .. and in how I can incorporate it into quilting design.. Blessings!

  30. Tina Marie Brown

    I would love to win one of these kits…my birthday is on Tuesday and this would be an awesome present…thank you so much!!!!

  31. abby

    What a great giveaway! This is my first time to your blog….looks so good…I’ve got lots of looking around to do….especially your recipes! Thanks!

  32. Leslie Kiley

    I would love to try this beautiful Kit. I have just found you on the web and have found some wonderful ideas here. I am keeping my fingers crossed and look forward to seeing more of your wonderful stuff.

  33. tami

    Dudette Crystal, your kits TotAlLy ROCK! They are AwEsOmE!! Pick me for one of the Winners, I soooo soooo have to have them! Peace Out! TAMBO

  34. Sharon Ivy

    These kits are awesome! Just like your site! Thanks for the chance to win and for all the fonts you give us for FREE!

  35. Mandy

    261 comments! that means a 1 in 261 chance O: The kits are awesome, especially the colors: bold, young, crisp, and fresh! :D

  36. Ashley

    I love your site!! I found it this summer. It has made the beginning of the school year fabulous!! I can’t wait to send parent letters/newsletters home so I can use a new font! I think there are so many that I haven’t repeated one yet!! Thanks!!

    WAR EAGLE!!!! I graduated Dec ’98!! :)

  37. Michelle Harden

    Found your site completely by accident…don’t you love when that happens! You are very inspiring and talented.

  38. amanda

    i LOVE these kits, i’m going to go pick up the cutsie charity kit asap! i use the elements a lot when i do pictures for my family members… i love adding little touches to collages and stuff to hang on my walls… LOVE IT

  39. Katy

    Haven’t ventured into digi scrapping yet, but would like to use this stuff to spruce up the ‘ol blog – thanks for the giveaway!

    Katy, CA

  40. Jessica

    I would love to win one of these for my personal scrapbooking! She is super talented. Thanks for the chance to win, Amanda!

  41. Isabel

    I usually just stare at the prettiness of all the scrapbook kits you giveaway.
    But for some reason, I felt compelled to leave a comment and test my luck!
    hahaha :) Thanks for this site! It inspires me to get creative :P

  42. angela m

    Oh my…. I can’t recall seeing Crystal’s work before, and its soooo darn cute! Thanks so much – am loving your blog. Angela

  43. Danielle Roe

    These are both so cute! OH! And I keep forgetting to leave a comment for you to let you know that I used all your awesome tutorials to pretty-up my blog! So thank you for those!

  44. Carolyn Wall

    Thanks Amanda for the chance to win one of these kits! I really love all the wonderful recipes you have on this website and have tried quite a few…they are all good!

  45. CindyP

    WOW!! What awesome kits!! I just started digiscrapping this past winter and I love it!!! I’m heading over to her site now!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  46. Melissa

    This is my very first time entering a contest on your site. Funny… just today I was looking up digital kits to purchase so that I could update my blog!!

  47. Susan Dingess

    Crystal’s kits are so sweet! Thanks for a chance to win.

    I am going out to check out the charity kit on her blog.


  48. Bonnie

    How cool! I’ve thought about digital scrapbooking but now with these ideas it looks like my thoughts need to become real! Hope I get lucky!

  49. Suzy

    I always love getting your emails especially when there are giveaways involved. I see lots of comments…but, I sure hope I win :) !!

  50. tchrtiff

    Crystal makes such wonderful kits! Would so love to win one to play with it since I’m recent to the digi world! The colors in the September kit look so yummy and I have two kids so the August kit would be perfect to scrap all their school (and non-school) events. Thanks, Amanda for the chance to win. :-)

  51. Tammy

    I made your chocolate peanut butter cake the other day and it was a hit. I was amazed that it was not too sweet. Yum! :) Thanks!

  52. KajunKJ

    Thanks for an awesome contest…her kits are fantastic! I so look forward to see updates about your family!

    Kajun Hugs!

  53. Maria Johnson

    What an awsome give away! I have been wanting to get into digital scrapbooking and this would be a good start. Thank you so much amanda for your great give away and chance to win! Crossing my fingers.

    Smiles, Maria

  54. Martha Fountain

    Just getting ready to make a scrapbook for my first grandaughter, Caroline and would love, love, love, to win this!!!!!

  55. Deanna

    Those are darling. I have been making myself wait until this fall to start digital scrapbooking. This kit would be so super fun to start with. Love it!!!

  56. peamissy

    Amanda, you’ve turned me into a big fan of Crystal’s! I bought that sweet charity kit, too cute and I love helping in an eensy way. But I sure do want a chance to win one of her other kits! Good luck to all. Thanks for the giveaway!

  57. TJ

    Huge? Beyond huge, I couldn’t believe all that I saw when clicked over to see the complete kit. AWESOME!! Thank you for the drawing.

  58. Janelle

    I LOVE Crystal’s stuff…the August kit is beautiful and I can’t wait to see what the Sept. kit has to offer. Cheers!

  59. Jae

    Those giveaways are so cute. I already have in mind what I could do with them! Love reading your blog. It’s inspiring!

  60. Mary Lynn

    I love your website and your tutorials and your fonts!!! Thank you for the giveaway and thank you to Crystal as well!!

  61. christi

    wow these are amazing!! also … i unsubscribed from the feebblitz because i prefer reading your posts from the site! keep them coming!

  62. Misti

    Love, love, love them! I would especially love to win the September collection as I already have her August collection. ;o)

  63. christy

    Those kits would be perfect for my family calendar this year! I love them! :) Your website is so inspirational, btw. :)

  64. Leigh Evans

    Love, love, love those kits!! Those are so cute!! I’m headed over to her post too!! Thank you!! BTW, darn you… I think of the peanut butter and chocolate cake hourly! I am going to have to make it so I can go ahead and OD on it and get it out of my system!!! :)

  65. Tammy

    I am new to the digi-scrap world, still trying to figure it all out! So many facinating things out there. Thanks for the insipration. I would love to win the fab kits!

  66. Suzanne

    Thanks, Amanda for this neat giveaway–Crystal’s kit looks like so much fun! I love your fantastic fonts. Thanks so much for doing them!

  67. Carol Amie

    Wow! I’ve never tried digital scrapping because it’s a little intimidating to me but these are so cute, I might just have to give it a try!

  68. Lydz

    Awww! The story about that little girl with cancer is SO sad!! That’s great that Crystal is donating to her cause, she has such cute stuff too! :)

  69. Carla

    Wow, I would definitely love to be picked. So I’m praying I’m the winner.

    By the way Amanda I took your advice and I ordered the Sony Cyber-shot DSC H-20. Thanks so much for the advice.


  70. Brooke

    Oh my goodess!! What as awesome giveaway!! I tell ya….I’m am so in love with this website!! You are awesome. Keep it up!!

  71. Amy Holt

    HEy Amanda,
    I love being updated on your blog! You have such great things you share with everyone! Thank you so much for sharing! I hope I win!!!

  72. Kristi

    These digi kits would be perfect for pages on my TWEEN.
    They are playful and fun and cross over from the young or older.

    Thanks for sharing these with us!
    Hope I win!!!!!

  73. Karen

    Thanks for the chance to win! This is my first Crystal giveaway and very exciting- the colors in both kits are gorgeous.


  74. Kim

    love them!! im trying to get started into digital scrapbook and so far i love looking at different kits to use for everything!

  75. Sharon

    Thanks for the chance to win one of these beautiful kits. Love your blog and all the free fonts! Thanks for that resource also.

  76. Harriet Hensley

    Wow what a giveaway and I am on my way to her blog…. this is a fantastic product…. thanks for this chance to win

  77. Roberta

    Been loving your blogs, your dogs, and your talent! Would love to win one of these kits. Gonna go check out Becky now! I love digi scrapbooking! It rocks! NO MESS!!!

  78. Diana

    so so so so cute. I would love to win a kit. I need some serious help with my digital scrapbook. I’m not sure if you want us to list a preference, but I would LOVE the September kit.


  79. Ness @ Drovers Run

    OMGosh your site is a feast for the eyes! I love *love* your blog template, so texturous!! Like real paper. Sometimes I really miss the feel of real paper!

  80. Meghan Tucker

    I love her stuff! I’m still “learning” all this digital scrapbook stuff but sites like this and her blog make it so easy! I would love to be picked :)

  81. Jaimie

    Hello Amanda! I stubbled across your site a couple of months ago and had to instantly put it in my favorites. It is so fun to look through! Your food looks fabulous and I absolutely love the fonts. Winning would be a plus but I also wanted you to know how much I LOVE your website! Keep up the great work.

  82. Sarai

    I’m not so good with the digital scrapbooking, but love using fun elements like this in my everyday projects! Thanks for offering such an awesome giveaway!

  83. Amanda Donaho

    I am in LOVE with your site!!! This is just what I’ve been looking for! I woul dlove to be entered in the contest that will be drawn Sept. 20!!! Thanks!!!

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