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10 Most Popular Tutorials of 2014

January 1, 2015
What settings to use for silhouette pictures!

Happy New Year!!! So excited for 2015!! On Monday I shared our 20 Most Popular Recipes of 2014. Today I’m sharing our 10 Most Popular Tutorials. These were the most viewed pages on our site in 2014. If you’re new to Kevin & Amanda, this post is a great way to familiarize yourself with our […]

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What Settings Should I Use for Silhouette Photos

October 28, 2013
What settings to use for silhouette pictures!

A few weeks ago I posted this photo on my Instagram account, and several of you requested a tutorial on settings to use for silhouette photos. I took this particular photo with my iPhone, so I decided I would share a tutorial for both! :) Below I will you show you my 4 easy steps […]

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How to Take Tack-Sharp Action Photos

February 5, 2013
How to Get Tack-Sharp Action Photos in Five Easy Steps

  You guys know I love taking photos of Miley and Howie running around like lunatics in the backyard. If you’ve ever wondered what the best settings to use to get action photos sharp and in focus were, here’s my go-to recipe for tack-sharp action photos. I use these five simple settings every single time. […]

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8 Tutorials to Get Beautiful Holiday Photos

November 21, 2012
8 Tutorials You Need To Get Beautiful Holiday Photos

  Happy Day Before Thanksgiving! In our family we always try to take our holiday card photos over Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is the perfect opportunity for family photos, because it’s when everyone is all together under one roof. If you’re planning on taking any family photos this weekend, or if you’d like a few good holiday […]

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My Favorite Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

August 16, 2012
Best Camera Apps for iPhone and Android

I love taking photos with my camera phone. While it’ll never take the place of my big camera, it’s great for those times when I don’t have my big camera with me, or when I want to share a photo instantly. I love that I can snap, edit, and upload a photo to share with […]

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Girls Week in NYC

April 3, 2012
forbidden broadway sundae serendipity

Last week I had such a fun opportunity to tag along with my sweet friend and neighbor Stephanie to NYC. She travels to all sorts of fun places for work, and when she slyly told me she was heading to NYC on her next fabulous trip, you know there was no way I was letting […]

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What Lens Should I Choose?

December 14, 2011
What Lens Should I Get?

Confused by all those numbers? Not sure which lens best fits your needs? Here’s a breakdown of what all those numbers attached to an SLR lens mean. If you’re thinking of adding a new lens to your camera this year, this quick cheat sheet will help you pick the right lens for your needs. 18-55mm […]

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What Settings Should I Use? Part 2

October 4, 2011

Earlier this year I added a new feature to my blog — you can click on any photo to see the camera, settings, and lens I used to shoot that photo. I love being able to easily share this info with you guys. In February, shortly after I added this feature, I wrote a post […]

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Finding the Right Light

March 3, 2011
Set of Three Splashing Fruit Photographic Prints for the Kitchen {Free High-Res Download}

Last fall, at the BlogHer Food conference in San Francisco, I was able to take a photography class from extremely lovely and talented White on Rice Couple, Todd and Diane. If you ever get the opportunity to take a class from this incredibly precious couple, go! You’ll love every minute. One of the most important […]

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What Settings Should I Use?

February 14, 2011

I recently added a feature to this blog where you can click on a photo and see the settings I used to shoot that photo. I’m thrilled to be able to easily share this information, but I also wanted to let you guys in on two very important secrets. 1. I don’t always use the […]

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A Quick Comparison of Aperture & Bokeh

December 7, 2010

Here’s a super quick experimentation with aperture & bokeh. When Jenny and I were taking pictures of cupcakes at Disney, we grabbed a table by the giant Christmas tree and positioned the cupcakes so the beautiful tree lights & decorations were the background for our photos. Below is a quick comparison of the different apertures […]

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Photography Tutorial: A Quick Guide to Understanding Your DSLR Camera

September 3, 2010

Hi guys! With Labor Day weekend coming up, I know a lot of us are going to be out there taking pictures! :) Since we have a long weekend to practice, I wanted to share with you this basic intro to SLR photography. If you have an SLR camera and are nervous to take it […]

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Must-Get Christmas Pictures Before the Tree Comes Down!

December 20, 2009
Christmas Tree Bokeh - Top Christmas Pictures to Get Before the Tree Comes Down!

The Christmas tree can provide an excellent background for some really unique photos- here’s a tutorial on how to get some great shots before that tree comes down. Pin It 1. The Christmas Tree Classic Bokeh Canon 85mm 1.8 f/1.8 1/40 sec 1600 ISO To get those big, beautiful, blurry lights, use your lens with […]

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